Archie: The Untold Story Part 3: Veronica's Fall (fff,mc)
by DW Lust ([email protected])

Next Morning

I am so excited. Having Betty as my personal sex-slave is great, but the
thought of adding Veronica to my harem is extremely appealing. That
bitch Is the only girl I know that had more money than myself, and that
pisses me off. She thinks she is so special! I'll show her.

I went to the adult store today and bought a few special toys: Handcuffs,
whip cream, a large vibrator, a double ended dildo, a butt plug, a black
strap on cock, and a black mistress outfit for me. The outfit came with black
boots, a tight black dress, black stockings and a whip. I put the outfit on.
I look incredible. Mistress Cheryl, I like that. I look at the clock, it is
only 6:00.

I am already horny thinking of the things I plan to do tonight. I grab the
vibrator and decide too give myself a quick orgasm. Hmmm, that feels good.

After a couple orgasms, I finish my make-up and head out the door.

Oops, almost forgot the perfume. I go back into my room and grab my perfume.
On my way out I hear "Your dressed rather slutty sis, another night with the
football team?"

It's Jason, my useless brother. "Fuck off Jason," I reply as I head out the
door. As I jump into my car I think to myself, I might have to do something
about that piece of shit. If I give him a smell of the scent he will want to
please me forever. Incest is disgusting, but having him want to fuck me would
be fun and would make his life a living hell. Tomorrow, yes that will have to
wait till tomorrow. I get to Veronica's a little after seven and give myself
a heavy dose of my special perfume. I grab my bag of gifts and head to
Veronica's house.

To my surprise, Betty answers the door and whispers "Hi mistress."

I smile and walk into her house. Betty is dressed stunningly. Her long,
blonde hair, that is usually in a ponytail, is curled and down. She is
wearing a tight red skirt, with matching red heels, a see through white silk
blouse and matching white stockings. My slave is extremely hot. I notice I
can see her nipples through her blouse, she is not wearing a bra. That turns
me on. I want to throw her on the ground and devour her whole, but I resist
remembering why I am actually here. I ask "Where is Veronica?"

"She saw me all dressed up like a slut, and went to her room to change. You
know how she must always outdo me."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her, that you invited me and her to a social party at your place in
return for me helping you with math. She fell for it easily. She really wants
to check out the men on the other side of the tracks."

"Good thinking Betts. You are a bright girl."

"Thanks mistress," replies Betty.

"Let's go upstairs and check out Veronica."

"Are you going to make Veronica a slut too?"

"Yes, I am slave, does that bother you?"

"No mistress, I have always wanted to see that bitch be treated like the
whore she pretends to be."

"Really? Does she turn you on?"

"Well, I never thought of her that way before, but she is very pretty, has a
great pair of hooters and a great ass. She is the only girl I know, besides
Midge and you mistress, that shaves her box. Ya, I suppose she is a sexy
little thing."

"Would you like her to be your slave?"

"Hmmm," moans Betty as she blushes. I know what she is thinking. "Act normal
when we get up there OK, the plan will take a bit of time." Betty shakes her
head obediently as she opens the door to Veronica's room. The room is bigger
than mine, bitch. She is in her closet, pulling out a dress or something. She
is currently half naked, wearing only a garter-belt, black stockings and a
black bra. I am wet. I walk over to Veronica and give her a hug, a long
lingering hug.

The perfume rubs off onto Veronica. I say "Not ready yet?"

"I don't know what to wear? Betty is dressed to tease, you are dressed to
please, I need to find something that makes a similar statement."

I say to Betty "Why don't you go and get us a couple drinks, looks like we
will be here for a while." Veronica shrugs her shoulders as she goes back to
her closet and Betty leaves the bedroom to go and get the requested

Veronica tries on a red dress and asks me "Cheryl, could you come and zip
this dress up for me?"

I walk over to her and slide my hand on her ass. A slight moan escapes
Veronica's surprised lips. My other hand goes to the zipper and slowly I zip
up the dress. While I do this I breathe softly on her neck. Veronica stands
still, almost scared to move. When the dress is zipped up I say "You look
good enough to eat."

Veronica laughs awkwardly as she looks at herself in the mirror. She
continually checks herself in the mirror, using many different sexy poses. I
walk up behind her and place my hands on her breasts and push them up. I say
"This dress does a great job of showing off your tits."

Veronica quickly moves away as she says "Cheryl, what are you doing? I-I..."

"You what Veronica? You are a sexy piece off ass. Doesn't it feel good to
have my hand on your breasts, my hand on your tight ass, my hot breathe on
your neck."

"No," replies Veronica a little unsure.

"Really, don't you want me to through you on your bed, spread your legs and
finger fuck your pussy till you scream in joy?"

"Cheryl, I"

"Shut up," I say. She does. "Don't you want to get on your hand and knees,
crawl over to me and kiss my boots."

Veronica looks at me stunned, but obviously the perfume is doing its job,
because she looks like she is about to break. Her hand has slid under her
dress and she is currently rubbing her pussy.

"Why are you masturbating in front of me?"

"I-I_I don't know," replies Veronica as she takes her hand off of her pussy.

"Do I turn you on? Do you want to eat my cunt? Suck on my breasts? Succumb to
my every demand?"


"Get on your hands and knees now," I demand. Veronica quickly obeys. "Now,
crawl over to me and lick my boots." Veronica begins crawling towards me, her
mind is obviously wrestling with her sexual desires. Her sexual desires are
winning. She gets to my boots and begins licking. The sight is sexy.

Veronica, super stuck-up bitch, licking my boots. At this moment Betty walks
back into the room with the drinks. She doesn't seem all that surprised as
she places the drinks on the dresser and walks over to us. "Hi slave Betty,
why don't you get between your friends legs and make her cum?"

"Hmmm, yes mistress," Betty replies as she eagerly gets on the floor and
between Veronica's legs. "The tramps wearing panties."

"Slide them off," I reply.

"Betty what are you doing?" asks a stunned Veronica.

"I am following the orders of our mistress, I am going to suck your shaved
cunt till you cum all over my face."

Veronica wants to say something, but is speechless. The drug is almost
completely in control of her now. With some difficulty, Betty gets the
panties off of Veronica. Betty starts licking Veronica and she moans. I unzip
my boot and take it off. I demand "Now kiss every part of my foot and leg."

Veronica takes my toes in her mouth, one at a time, sucking through the nylon
fabric. I slide the other boot off and lay down on the floor as Veronica
slowly makes her way up my thigh. Just as I think she is going to get to my
box, she quits and starts back at the foot of my other leg. That tease. I say
to her "Why are you kissing my nylon covered legs Veronica?"

She looks at me not sure what to say.

"Why are you letting your best friend eat your pussy?"

Again she is speechless.

"Do you want to eat my pussy?"


"Tell me how much you want to suck my clit and swallow my love juices as I
cum all over your slutty face."

"I-I," she says as she her head tries to win over your sexual desires, "I
want to lick your pussy till you cum," she screams finally.

"You can do better than that slut," I reply.

She is completely overtaken by the cunt licking that Betty is giving her.

She screams "OK, I am yours dammit, let me suck your cunt, let me pleasure
you till you orgasm all over my tongue."

"You are a slut aren't you Veronica?" I say coyly.

"Yessssssssss," she screams as Betty brings her to an orgasm. "I am a slut,
a fucking cheap tramp, a whore who's only purpose is to cum over and over
again. Now please, please let me suck your juicy pussy, I'll make you cum."

I grab her head and shove it into my already drenched cunt. She feels so
good. I get the hunch this isn't the first time she has done this. Her tongue
is almost like a small cock as it slides in and out of my cunt. Oh my God, I
am cumming. I reluctantly lift her head up from my pussy and say "Not the
first time you've ate twat is it whore?"

"No," replies Veronica as she dives back into my cunt. I begin to grab her
head to ask her more, but her tongue feels to good and I let her work me

After another orgasm I pull her up again and say "Tell me, who have you all
been with."

Veronica looks embarrassed as she says "I am still a virgin. But I have been
with a few woman. Me and Midge go at it all the time. Probably three times a
week. About six months ago Midge was fucking me with a cucumber in the locker
room after a cheerleading practice when Miss. Grundy walked in on us. The
only way she wouldn't tell on us was if we would eat her box once and awhile.
The only other woman I have done it with was a client of my fathers. We were
there for a small party and while the men were making the details for the
deal, the wife came on to me. She taught me how to pleasure a woman. She was
my first."

"Why haven't you ever added Betty to your lesbo love?"

"Well, we thought she was a little to uptight, a goody-goody. Although, I
have always wanted to taste her sweet pussy."

"Really? Betty."

Betty quits sucking on Veronica's bush and says "Yes, mistress?"

"Veronica wants to return the favor. She is now your slave as well. Tell her
what to do. Veronica you will obey everything that Betty tells you too,

"Yes, mistress," replies Veronica as she looks at Betty.

Betty slides her tight skirt off her curvy figure and lays on the bed, legs
spread wide open. "Bitch, get up here and suck my cunt." Veronica obeys
instantly as she climbs on the bed and begins eating her best friends pussy.
I walk over to my bag and grab the double-headed dildo. I rub it on my cunt
and slide it in while I watch the two girls. It is obvious that Veronica is
doing the tongue thing as Betty shakes uncontrollably on the bed, an obvious

I take the fuck stick out of my box and through it on the bed. "Girls, fuck
yourselves with this." Betty grabs the dildo and slides off her red shoes.
She places the dildo at her cunt and shoves it in her pussy. Veronica grabs
the other end and with a bit of difficulty gets the dildo in her box. The
two girls are stockingfeet to stockingfeet, as they move in motion to the
massive, plastic cock. What can I say, this is hot. I pull out the video
camera and start taping this beautiful sight. The girls continue to fuck
themselves hard as their cunts actually hit each other as their pussies
engulf the whole dildo. I am impressed.

Veronica struggles to take off her dress and bra and begins playing with her
huge tits. My mouth waters as I become envious of those gorgeous melons. My
tits are nice and firm, but not compared to those things. Hmmm-hmm. I place
the recorder so it will cover the whole bed and I go to those jugs. I suck on
the nipple and squeeze them. Veronica moans loudly. I am getting extremely

I turn to Betty and say "Go grab the strap on. I want you to fuck me slave."

Betty stops fucking herself with the dildo and reluctantly goes and puts on
the strap-on. I continue sucking on Veronica's tits as I feel a hard cock
enter my pussy. I moan as Betty's cock goes deep into my love canal. It feels
so good.

As I play with Veronica's breasts, my right hand slides to her cunt and I
slide two fingers into her wet hole. Veronica's pussy is drenched and she
cums again. Moments later I too cum as Betty begins to fuck me hard and fast.

"Please mistress, please eat your slave," begs Veronica. I go down and begin
to eat out my newest slave. I try to replicate the technique that Veronica
used on me earlier. I believe I am doing a pretty good job as I hear Veronica
scream "Oh mistress, you are making me cum, make your slutty slave cum." I do
as I continue to fuck her with my tongue.

"Betty go and grab the butt plug," I demand. Betty slides the cock out of my
pussy and goes and grabs the plug. She comes back and hands it to me. I take
it, place it at Veronica's anal entrance and begin too slowly slide it in.

Veronica looks up at me worried, but I say "Don't worry slave, it will feel
good, relax."

Veronica lays back down as Betty straddles her friend's face and drops her
pussy on Veronica's mouth. The plug slowly makes its way into Veronica's ass
till it is completely in. A muffled moan comes from underneath Betty.
Veronica is enjoying the ass fucking. I begin to slide the plug in and out of
the slave's shithole. Betty is riding Veronica's face ferociously.

I slide three fingers into Veronica's cunt as I continue to plug her ass.
Veronica pushes Betty off her and screams "Mistress, I love you, fuck my
ass, use me, fuck, fuck, fuck...."

I slide the plug out of her ass and say "Here you go slave, suck this plug."
Veronica doesn't even hesitate as she swallows the hole plug. I grab the whip
cream and through it to Betty. "Here I want you to cover me with whip cream."

I lay down on the bed as Betty sprays the can of whip cream all over my naked
body. The coldness of cream feels good against my body. I demand "Slaves,
come and lick the cream off your mistresses' body." Both girls come toward
me. Each girl takes a foot and begins licking the cream. The feeling is
sensational. Having these two Riversdale sluts pleasuring me is just to good
to be true. Both girls slowly move up my leg, licking the cream off my legs,
slowly, tenderly.

Both slide pass my yearning pussy and continue to my breasts. Each takes one
and lick them clean. My pussy is on fire. I push Veronica down to my cunt and
she begins lapping the cream, until she reaches my cunt. Then she uses her
expert tongue to penetrate inside my hole and I cum almost instantly. Fuck
she knows how to work a cunt over. Betty continues licking the cream off my
neck and then presses her lips onto mine. We kiss passionately, her tongue
slides into my mouth and I orgasm as Veronica 's tongue slips deep into my

After another orgasm, I get up and grab the handcuffs. I say "Veronica, get
your slutty ass on the bed and put your hands behind that bar."

Veronica obeys and I put the handcuffs on my newest slave. I grab the
vibrator and turn it on. I rub it up and down Veronica's moist fuck hole.

Veronica begs "Please mistress, fuck your slave. Shove that cock in my cunt,
or my ass, I don't care, I just need to be fucked, please."

I shut the vibrator off and lean it up against her box. I grab the strap on
cock and put it on. "Betty, bend your ass over, let Veronica see your slutty

Betty comes close to Veronica and wiggles her ass in front of Veronica.

Veronica licks her lips and says "Mistress please let me orgasm. Please."
I go behind Betty and rub the plastic cock up and down her fuck hole. Betty
moans and grabs a hold of the bed, her lips just inches away from

I then place the toy at Betty's anal entrance. Betty says "Mistress, don't
tease me. Just shove that massive cock up my ass. Fuck your slave like the
whore she is."

I then push hard and am quickly deep inside Betty's ass. Betty moans loudly
and grabs Veronica's head and pulls her to her. Their lips meet and they
kiss. It looks hot. I continue fucking my bitch's ass. I reach over and turn
on the vibrator that is still leaning against Veronica's cunt. I move it so
the tip of the toy is at the entrance of Veronica's shaved love channel.
Veronica bucks her hips, trying to get the toy into her pussy.

Betty screams "Harder mistress, fuck my ass harder." I decide to tease my
slave and I slide the cock out of her ass. "Mistress, no, put it back in,
please, put it back in." I rub the cock around her anal entrance, teasing
her. Betty, pushes back and the cock easily slides back into her ass. She
continues to buck her ass against the cock.

Veronica is bucking her hips up and down, desperately trying to get the toy
in her cunt. She cries "Mistress, I need it bad, the vibrating is making me

"Betty shut up the slut," I demand. Betty shoves her tongue into Veronica's
mouth as I start to fuck Betty's ass hard.

"Oh yes mistress, that's it, fuck your slaves ass, treat her like the slut
she is," moans Betty as she slides her hand to her pussy and rubs her clit
furiously while I pound her shithole. I look at Veronica, to my surprise,
somehow she had got that vibrator in her box. She was now using her foot to
push the toy into her cunt. I was impressed. What a slut.

I pull out of Betty's ass and tell her to get on top of Veronica into a 69.
Betty quickly follows the order and they are eating out each other's box. I
search for my clothe. Where the hell did my other boot go. Oh, there it is.
I slide the boot on my foot as I watch the two friends become dykes in lust.
I go to the tape recorder and videotape the action for a few minutes.

I finally stop the tape and say "Hey Betts, the keys are on the table here.
She is your slave now. Use the bitch as you so desire. I will want a full
report of your activities tomorrow. We will meet here again tomorrow, but
this time bring Archie."

Betty smiles and says "Yes mistress. Slut, slide a finger in my ass as you
eat me whore." Veronica obeys as I see two fingers disappear between Betty's
creamy ass cheeks. I contemplate joining the girls again, as I feel a tingle
down below, but I slip out the door as I hear Betty scream "That's it tramp,
suck it, make me cummmmmmm."

I get home and see that Jason is still up. Hmmm, maybe I will get him under
control now. I spray some perfume on my neck and head in the house. I walk
into his room. He is on the bed jerking himself off. He tries to hide his
cock under the blankets, but he is too late. I am surprised at how big my
little bro is.

"What the fuck are you doing Cheryl, get out of here?"

I walk up to him and lean right next to him. "I just needed to ask you

"You smell good. What the hell do you want, can't you see I'm busy."

"Yeah, I see," I laugh, "I was curious if you still wanted Veronica."


"I don't know, I was just curious. I bumped into her today and your name came
up." The tentpole his cock is making under the blanket is turning me on.
Maybe I should have stayed at Veronica's.

"What did she say?"

"Well, are you horny right now?" I ask. He is staring at my chest.

"Well, you did get me in the middle of something?"

"Middle of what?" I toy.

"You know."

"No, what?"

"I was masturbating Cheryl. Look I am rock hard," he says as he flips the
blanket off his cock. I take a long hard look at his piece and say "My
brother, what made you so hard?"

"I just jerking off over Betty Rubble," Jason replies embarrassingly. I laugh
and say "Really, nothing else?"


"Well what," I toy.


"You want to fuck me don't you?"

"I-I-I can't stop staring at your tits. I feel like I want you to suck my

"Really," I say as I bend over and lick the top of his dick. "You want to
fuck your sister. The one you always treat so poorly."

"Yes, please, I-I"

"I place my foot on his chest and say "Here slave, suck my toes."

Jason looks at me, but doesn't say anything. He takes my foot and slips my
toes in his mouth. He quits briefly and says "Your feet taste like whip
cream." I laugh and say "Shut up slave, suck my foot." Jason obeys. I grab
his dick and stroke it gently. I switch to the other foot and he takes it
into his mouth.

"Do my nylons taste good slave?"

"I-yes-yes" he replies.

"Will you do anything for me Jason."

"Yes, just please let me cum."

I swallow his cock for one stroke and then I get up. I say, "Now then, you
will do anything I say for now on, you are my slave, you will always want to
please me, hoping that one day I will let you fuck my tight, moist fuckhole.
Or, that I will shallow your cock whole until you shoot your load down your
sister's throat. You will constantly dream of such an event. Now play with

Jason goes to his dick and quickly shoots a load in the air. I take a bit
off his chest and seductively slip it into my mouth. I start to leave and I

"Jason, grab your own cum and swallow it." I laugh as I think of making
Jason's life hell. But, that cock, I just may have to try it one day.

To be Continued


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