Archie: The Untold Story Part 1: Betty's Corruption (ff,mc)
by DW Lust ([email protected])

I have, for a long time, been studying the fine art of mind control. Through
I drug my father's firm made I have perfected mind control, I think. I can't
wait to test it. This should be the perfect way to prove to the Riversdale
losers that I always win. Yes, this should be fun. Who should I start with?
The innocent, pure, sweet Betty; or the stuck up, deceitful, bitch Veronica.

Oh, by the way, my name is Cheryl Blossom, I am a senior at a rival school
to Riversdale. I am 5 foot 5, have long, tanned, firm legs, long red hair,
green eyes, and a firm pair of tits. If I don't mind saying so myself, I am
one hot looking woman. Also, I love sex. I have wanted Archie forever, but
everytime I get close one of those Riversdale bitches gets in the way. On
the other hand, Betty and Veronica are two really hot looking girls and I
wouldn't mind getting a piece of their pussies. That does it! I am going to
test it on the girls first. Betty or Veronica? Betty or Veronica? Betty is
so sweet, it will be a blast to turn her into a submissive, lesbian who is
begging to suck my cunt. Veronica is such a bitch, it would be a blast to
shove her rich, stuck up tongue up my ass. Hmmmm.....

The drug has been mixed with my perfume. If it works as I believe it should,
the aroma will stay on me for up to 12 hours. One whiff of the perfume will
alter the individual's sexual appetite and turn him/her into an eager
submissive slave to the next person he/she sees. It will also make them horny
almost immediately and unable to resist their sexual urges. The only thing we
are not sure of is how long the drug will last. It may last only hours, or it
may be permanent depending on the person's psyche. Oh it is so deliciously
sexy and evil. Perfect. Betty, it has got to be Betty. She will be first.

Well, I have spent hours pondering how to make this plan work. How to get
Betty by herself. I have been sitting in my car for the past couple hours,
waiting for Betty's parents to head out for their usual Thursday bridge
night. AH, there they go, about fucking time. I spray my whole neck with the
perfume. I smell wonderful. I get out of my car, {oh I am wearing a rather
simple outfit: a bikini top and Jean shorts(no panties, I never wear panties,
there such an inconvenience) and walk to Betty's house. I knock on Betty's
door and after a couple seconds Betty opens the door. She is wearing an old
Riversdale sweatshirt and tight gym shorts.

Betty looks at me perplexed and says "Cheryl?"

"Hi Betty, how are you?" The smell of my perfume slowly makes its way to
Betty's nose.

"Uh, fine Cheryl. What can I do for you?"

"Oh, I am failing math really bad. If I don't pass, I won't graduate. And I
know you are a whiz at math and thought I could pay you to tutor me."

"I don't know. I am kind of busy."

"Oh please," I reply, "I will pay you 20 bucks an hour. I really need to
pass the test tomorrow." Betty can never say no. She is such a sweet girl.

"OK. Come on in," Betty says reluctantly. The odor of my perfume is becoming
extremely strong as I walk into Betty's house. A cute house. Poor girl, she
never had a chance. "That perfume of yours sure is nice. What is it?"

"Oh, it is a new creation of mine, it's called Submission," I reply coyly.

"Submission, I like that," she says. It seems to me that the drug is already
taking effect.

Trying to pick up the pace I say "Take a closer smell. It is a completely
beautiful scent."

Betty smiles and comes and takes a long sniff at my neck. She lingers there
for a while takin' in my the arousing odor. I move away and ask her "Penny
for your thoughts, Betty?"

Betty shakes her head to break herself from the trance "I-I-I-what exactly do
you need help in Cheryl?"

"Oh, polynomials. I just don't understand them," I reply as I sit down on the
couch and pull out my books. "Betty come and sit down here," I demand. Betty
quickly sits down beside me and I wonder if the drug is working. I put my
hand on Betty's leg, nonchalantly, as I continue discussing my math problems.
Betty sighs under her breathe and her cheeks turn red. I move my hand up her
leg a little more and Betty moans out loud.

She gets up, embarrassed, and says "Cheryl, what are you doing? I-we-we-can't
do this."

"Do what?" I reply innocently.

"You know-your hand was on my leg."

"Was it?" I reply.

"Yes, oh I'm sorry I thought you were coming on to me for some reason."

"Betty, I am shocked."

"I'm sorry, lets get back to work." Betty sits back down beside me and starts
explaining something, I'm not listening. I am staring at her lips, they are
so sweet. She is so pure, so innocent. I can't wait to have her begging to
lick my box. I again place my hand on her knee. Betty pauses, but continues
talking. My hand slides up her leg again and stops at her thigh. Betty stops
talking and looks at me. She says "Your hand is on my leg again." This time
she doesn't get up.

"Do you want me to remove my hand?" I ask.

"I-Yes-No-I don't know," answers an obviously confused Betty.

I slide my hand up all the way to her breasts. "Your not wearing a bra

"I-I-I never do at home," replies Betty all flustered.

"Am I getting you horny," I ask.

"Yes," replies Betty quietly.

"Look at me Betty. Tell me how much it turns you on."

Betty looks at me helplessly and awkwardly says "It felt odd, but my-my-my"

"Your cunt?" I assist.

" cunt was tingling."

"Are you a lesbian?"

"No!" replies Betty adamantly.

"Well, why are you so horny right now?"

"I-I-I-I-I don't know. This has never happened before."

"Do you want me to eat your pussy?"

"No, I-I-I am so confused" replies Betty shockingly, yet oddly excited.

"Ask me to eat your pussy Betty," I demand.

"Uh, Cheryl," says Betty hesitantly, but extremely horny and trying
desperately to control her hormones "would you, Uh, Uh, eat my pussy? No,
don't, why did I say that?"

"Oh Betty, do you really want me to suck on your pussy? To lick your box. To
fuck your juicy cunt with my tongue."

"Hmmmm, yah, no, I-I-"

"Betty, beg me to eat your pussy."

"Hmmmm, Uh-oh please-Cheryl, come and suck my cunt, please I need to orgasm
so bad."

"Take off your shorts slave," I demand. Betty quickly takes off her shorts.
She is not wearing panties which kind of surprises me. "Rub your cunt bitch."

Betty, without hesitation, slides a finger to her clit and rubs frantically.
She moans loudly, temporarily forgetting that I am watching her just a few
inches away. I am completely turned on watching this sweet girl, rub herself.
I get on my knees and open her legs wide. I move my head towards her pussy
and am surprised when Betty grabs my head and shoves me into her pussy. I
begin sucking her pussy as she continues to rub her clit faster. I slide a
finger into her pussy and she begins to buck her cunt on my face. Man she
tastes good. She sure is on fire. I slide my finger out of her pussy and she
sighs and moves her cunt towards my finger.

"Put it back in, hurry please," moans Betty deliriously.

This perfume works even better then I could have imagined. She is horny as
hell. I smile as I put my finger at the entrance of her cunt. Betty quickly
pushes forward and my finger goes deep into her dripping pussy. She fucks my
finger passionately and orgasms intensely as she cums all over my finger. I
then move my hand to her ass and place my finger at her anal entry. Betty
looks at me confused and asks "What you doing?"

"Ever thought about having something up your ass?"

"Um--not till now."

"Really? Beg me to finger fuck your ass. Convince me that you really need

Betty turns all flushed again, but her sexual urges take over and she begs
"Oh pleeease Cheryl, fuck my ass with your finger. Fuck it hard and fast.
Please penetrate my ass now."

I obey her wish and slide my finger slowly into her ass. Usually the first
ass fucking hurts, but she is so horny that she orgasms on the spot and cum
drips from her pussy as I start to slide my finger in and out of her ass.

Betty, extremely horny, says "Faster please, fuck my ass faster." I pick
up the pace as Betty also begins to buck her ass back on my finger so it
penetrates her completely. "Oh my God Cheryl, it feels so good, I don't know
why I am doing this, but it feels so good. I can't help myself.
I'm cumming!!!" I slide my finger out of her ass and take off my shorts. I
am so horny.

"Betty, now it is your turn to pleasure me. Get over here and lick my pussy."

There is no hesitation from Betty as she moves her body towards me and
awkwardly moves towards my waiting sex. She looks at my pussy, then my face
and then extends her tongue to my pussy. I'm on fire. She slowly licks my
pussy, gentle and tender. This feels good at first, but I had to orgasm. So
I demand "Slut, pick up the pace, pleasure me."

Betty begins to really work on my cunt and in only moments I orgasm all over
this sweet girls face. I decide to complete my domination of Betty as I
demand "Lick my asshole, slave."

Betty doesn't even blink as she positions her tongue at my shithole and
begins to lick tenderly. Betty's obedience really turns me on and I begin to
finger myself frantically. After a couple of quick orgasms I stand up and
look at my submissive slave.

Betty looks at me, still horny and eager to please. I get dressed and walk
out the door, leaving Betty horny, naked and confused.

To be continued.


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