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Archie: Archie Comes Home From College Part 1 (MF,oral)
by The Wingman

After returning to Riverdale after being away at college for a year, Archie
and Betty were finally alone for the first time in months. It seemed that it
was always something...Jughead needed help with his chores, Archie's jalopy
needed fixing or Veronica was making excuses to keep Archie away from Betty.
But tonight they had finally managed to make some time for themselves and
Betty's folks were away for the weekend. The last time they were together
was to celebrate Betty's 18th birthday just 3 weeks before. Archie had turned
18 while away at college.

Betty was busy making popcorn and Archie was finding a movie on the TV.
Archie was hoping that he'd finally get a little "action" with Betty. They
had fooled around before, but Archie was hoping for more. The most they'd
ever done was kiss and a bit of light touching. Betty has always gotten
nervous if Archie's hands had come anywhere close to her breasts.

Betty walked back into the room carrying a big tub of popcorn. She was
wearing her cute pink tank top and a denim mini skirt. She looked amazing
as always with her blond hair pulled into a pony tail. Archie could see the
slightest little push of her nipples through the fabric of her tank top. She
must have been standing with the fridge open, he thought.

Betty sat down next to Archie and cuddled up next to him. She was so happy
to finally get some time alone with him. Betty loved Archie so much and
desperately wanted to go steady with him. She knew that Veronica would always
be a threat and she assumed that Veronica put out more than she did, at least
that's what Reggie had told her. Betty had always planned to save her
virginity for marriage, and didn't even allow boys to get passed kissing with
her, but in her mind she knew that she wanted more with Archie.

As the movie began, Betty snuggled closer to Archie and began to lightly run
her hand up and down his chest. Archie was wearing a plaid, button down shirt
and jeans. Betty gently began to slip her index finger between the buttons
and teased his chest just a bit.

Archie was enjoying the attention and could feel things begin to stir in his
pants from Betty's touches. He turned to look at her and Betty leaned up and
kissed him on the lips. She gently opened her mouth and began to run her
tongue against Archie's lips. As they kissed Archie ran his fingers up and
down the sides of Betty's bare arms. The sensation sent shivers through
Betty's body and her nipples got hard instantly. Normally Betty would pull
away and try to hide her erect nipples, but tonight she simply enjoyed the
kissing and the light caress. Archie opened his eyes a bit and glanced down.
Betty's tank top was low cut and Archie could see down her cleavage. Betty
wasn't wearing a bra and Archie could see her erect nipples poking out. This
made his already semi-hard cock grow another 2 inches. Betty was really
getting into the kissing, her eyes closed tightly as she played with Archie's
tongue. Archie slowly moved his hands from Betty's arms and began to softly
run them up and down the sides of her breasts. Betty's moaned softly as
Archie's thumbs circled closer and closer to her hard nipples.

Archie worked up his nerve and finally allowed him thumb to slide completely
over Betty's right nipple, causing a jolt of passionate electricity to shoot
through Betty's body. On instinct, she broke the kiss and pulled away from

"We can let this go too far", she said. "I love you Archie, but we need to be

Archie looked disappointed, "I'm sorry Bets, I didn't mean to make you feel
uncomfortable. It just felt right. I love you Betty".

Betty couldn't believe her ears. Archie had finally told her that he loved
her. She had waited years to hear those words.

"Oh Archie, I love you too and I trust you. I've never let a boy touch me
before, but I want you to. We can play, but we can't go all the way, ok?"

Archie smiled, he knew he was finally going to get a bit of action with
Betty. "Trust me Bets, we will only go as far as you want to."

They began to kiss again and Archie wasted no time in running his hand over
Betty's breasts. He could feel both nipples hard and erect. Each time his
thumbs made contact with them, Betty could feel herself becoming more
aroused. She had never felt this way from a boys touch. She could feel
herself tingling between her legs. It felt good.

As they continued to kiss Archie's left hand found it's way beneath the
bottom of her tank top. He worked his hand up and under the fabric and was
now fully cupping her right breast his hand. He could feel the hard nipple
pressing against his palm. Betty softly let out a moan and Archie smiled.
Archie had to see those breasts...

"Betty, can I take off your shirt?" he asked softy in her ear.

"Yes Archie" she said, "I want you to, but please be gentle with me."

Archie slowly pulled the pink tank top up over her breasts and off of her
body. Betty instinctively reached up and covered her breasts with her hands.
Archie smiled and gently pulled her hands down. Her full, but firm 36C
breasts we on full display. Archie just sat and looked at her milky white
skin and her rosy red nipples fully erect win the cool air.

"My God your breasts are beautiful Betty" Archie said.

He reached out and cupped them in his hands, feeling the weight and fullness.
He watched as her nipples got even harder under his gaze.

Archie bend down and kissed each breast before wrapping his lips around her
left nipple and sucking it into his mouth. Betty moaned and pulled his head
into her body. Archie continued to suck on her nipple running his tongue over
and around, tasting the sweetness of her skin.

At this point Betty was on her knees on the sofa and Archie was sitting next
to her. Archie got down onto the floor and pulled Betty with him. He watched
as her bare breasts bounced slightly as she got down onto the floor. Archie
was leaning against the couch and pulled Betty to straddle him so he could
have better access to her beautiful breasts.

As she climbed on top of Archie and her legs straddled his, her mini skirt
rode up on her hips. Betty's white cotton panties were now against the fabric
of Archie's jeans. As she sat on top of him, she could feel his erect penis
against her now damp pussy. On instinct Betty began to rub gently against
Archie's cock, enjoying the sensation against her clitoris.

Archie was busy with Betty's breasts, kissing them and stroking them.

"Archie" Betty moaned, "This feels so good....too good..." She continued to
rub against his crotch. "Archie we should.....we should be careful....maybe
we should stop."

Archie sucked Betty's right nipple into his mouth and pulled gently.

"Do you really want to stop Bets?" He asked as he slid his hand down her bare
back and softly cupped her ass in his hands. He began to run his hand up and
down her ass cheeks through the light cotton of her panties.

"Yes...No...oh God, I don't want to stop but maybe we should" Betty said, but
she didn't sound convinced herself.

Archie was enjoying the sensation now of Betty rubbing herself against his
crotch. He grasped her tight ass more firmly and began to guide Betty's
movements against his cock. He could feel her pressing in against his cock
as he rubbed her back and forth against him. He began to move her hips faster
and pulled her in harder. As she pressed in against him he continued to kiss
and lick her hard nipples. Betty began to move faster against him and he
could feel her warmth and wetness against his cock through the fabric of her
panties and his jeans. Betty began to moan and her body tensed up. Archie
kept up the rhythm of her gyrations, guiding her movements with his hand on
her hips, pulling her against his hard cock. Betty began to breathe heavy,
almost panting and whimpering at the same time.

"Betty, are you cumming?" Archie whispered in her ear.

"Uhhh...mmmm...oh...yesssssss..." Betty whimpered softly. Betty began to
climax, enjoying her very first orgasm. The feeling was intense and

Betty's rhythm slowed her breathing began to return to normal. Archie let go
of her hips and gently stroked her ass.

"Oh my God" Betty said, "I can't believe you made me cum". Betty kissed
Archie hard on the lips. "I've never had an orgasm before"

"Not even by yourself" Archie asked?

Betty turned bright red, embarrassed at what Archie was suggesting.

"No, never" she said, "I mean I've played a bit, but never had an orgasm".
She couldn't' believe that she'd just admitted to Archie that she's
masturbated before. "Archie" she asked shyly, "Have you ever had an orgasm?"

"Well yeah" Archie said, "I have, but only by myself. All guys have. I bet it
would be better though if you helped me have one."

Betty turned even redder. She knew what Archie was asking, and she had talked
about his kind of thing with Veronica, but she had never done it. Heck, she
had never even see a boys penis before.

"Archie let's keep making out and see what happens..."

Betty was still in a haze from having her first orgasm. She kept thinking
about how good it felt and how much she loved Archie. I bet he's never made
Veronica cum, she thought to herself.

She began to kiss Archie again and was enjoying the soft feel of his lips on
hers. She could still feel his hard cock pushing against his jeans. She
slowly moved off his lap and began to softly touch the bulge in his pants.

"Betty do you know what you're doing to me?" Archie asked.

"Not really, but I want to make you feel good. I love you Archie" Betty

Archie got up off the floor and sat on the edge of the sofa. He pulled Betty
up to a kneeling position in front of him. Her mini skirt was still bunch up
around her waist and she was topless. He bend forward and kissed her again,
running his hands over her full breasts. She gently reached forward and began
to stroke his hard cock through his jeans.

"Unbutton my pants Bets" Archie urged.

Betty shyly reached up and began to unbutton Archie's fly. After the button
was released the zipper came down quite easily. She reaching inside and felt
his swollen cock for the first time. Archie had to help her get it out of his
pants as it was wedged against his boxer shorts. With a little effort his 7
inch cock was now sticking out of his pants, erect and throbbing.

"Touch it Betty, don't be afraid" said Archie as he continued to stroke her

Betty reached out and softly wrapped her right hand around Archie's hard
cock. She could feel it's warmth and noticed that it felt almost like velvet.
She began to stroke it gently up and down. Archie couldn't believe that after
all these years, after all the dating, after all the kissing and fooling
around that Betty was finally touching his cock. As Betty continued to stroke
his hard cock, a bit of pre-cum formed on the top. Archie had been hard for
over hour now from having Betty rub against him and the pre-cum was merely
a result of all that stimulation.

"Archie, you're leaking" she said once she saw the small amount of clear

"Betty that's only pre-cum sweety, it's totally natural from you making me so
aroused. It's actually kind of sweet if you taste it".

"Taste it?" said Betty. "I don't know...."

"It's ok Betty, I only want you to do what you're comfortable with", said

Betty continued to stroke his cock and some of the pre-cum dripped down onto
her hand. She tentatively put her hand to her lips and licked a bit off. It
was kind of sweet! Betty decided to be a bit adventurous and bent forward.
She stuck her tongue out just a bit and licked the pre-cum from the head of
Archie's cock.

"Hmmmmmm" said Archie as Betty's tongue touched his cock. He reach up and put
his hand gently on Betty's head, right behind that blond pony tail. He pulled
her head down, further to his cock...

"Please Betty, oh God please, put it in your mouth!"

Betty was nervous but wanted to please Archie. She had talked about blowjobs
with Veronica and Midge and she knew that Midge liked giving head to Moose.
Midge had said it was because Moose's cock was big and she would rather give
him head than have sex. The girls had discussed how to give blowjobs, but
Betty never thought she'd actually be doing it.

Betty opened her mouth and gently took the head of Archie's cock inside. She
could still taste the sweetness of the pre-cum and she like it. She began to
suck gently on the head of his hard cock. She had her hand wrapped around his
shaft and slowly allowed more of his cock to enter her mouth. As she took his
cock into her mouth, Betty looked up at Archie. She could see the look of
pleasure on his face and this made her feel sexy and powerful. She removed
her hand and took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could.

Archie's hips jerked a bit and he cock touched the back of her throat.
Betty's gagged a little and pulled back.

"Sorry" said Archie, "your mouth feels so good, please don't stop"

Betty leaned forward and took him into her mouth again. She'd heard from
Midge that if you relaxed your throat muscles you could take more of a cock
in your throat. Midge had showed her in the cafeteria with a carrot. She said
it felt great for Moose and that when he came she didn't even taste it that

Betty decided to try to take Archie's cock deeper. She arched her neck and
relaxed her throat. She lowered her mouth further onto his cock and felt it
slide past her tongue and into her throat. She began to slide her mouth up
and down his cock and could feel it pulsing in her mouth.

Archie was in heaven. Never had he felt anything like this before. He
couldn't believe that Betty was giving him a blowjob. He kept playing with
her breasts and rubbing her nipples as she sucked his cock in and out of her

Archie took his right hand off of her breast and put it on the knot of her
pony tail. He began to guide the movement of her head and mouth on his cock.

At first Betty was worried that she would gag again with Archie guiding her
head up and down but she soon adjusted to his rhythm. She loved hearing his
moans of pleasure and feeling his cock swell in her mouth.

Archie was getting very turned on and knew that he would cum soon. He wasn't
sure if he should cum in Betty's mouth or pull out and cum on her tits. He
certainly didn't' want to upset Betty because this was her first blowjob.

He decided that he should let her know he was going to climax soon.

"Betty, I'm going to cum soon, do you want me to cum in your mouth?"

Betty looked up into Archie's eyes with his cock still in her mouth. She
kept sucking his cock, taking him in and out of her throat. She could feel
his hips begin to buck off the sofa and sensed that something was going to
happen. She pulled back just a bit and wrapped her hand around his cock
again. The head of his cock was still in her mouth and she began to pump
his cock with her hand. She stroked him faster and faster and his hips were
bucking wildly.

"I'm going to cum!" yelled Archie and with that the first spurt of his white
cream jetted out of his cock. Betty felt the salty liquid hit her tongue and
pulled his cock out of his mouth. His cock kept squirting stream after stream
of white, thick cum. The second blast hit her chin and began to drip onto her
breasts. She kept stroking his cock and three more streams of hot cum
splashed onto her tits. Archie kept convulsing until he'd blown his whole
load onto Betty's beautiful virgin breasts. She could taste the cum that had
landed on her tongue and was strangely aroused by it. Archie was spent and
fell backwards and was leaning back on the sofa.

"My God Betty that was incredible". Archie couldn't believe how amazing the
blowjob had been, "I'm sorry I came a bit in your mouth."

"Don't apologize Arch", she said, "It was ok, I kind of like the taste" and
with that Betty scooped some cum of her breasts with her index finger and
sucked it into her mouth.

"I can't believe you just gave me a blowjob" said Archie.

"You can't believe it? How do you think I feel" said Betty. "I never thought
I've put a cock in my mouth, even when I was married."

"But now?" asked Archie.

"Now I can't wait to do it again" said Betty, "I'd also like to know what it
feels like to have your tongue on my pussy."

"What about my cock in your pussy?" asked Archie.

"One step at a time Arch, I don't know that I'm ready for that yet", said


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