Animorphs (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The place was Brockwood. At first glance, it looked like any ordinary town
in the USA. A suburban town. But appearances could be deceiving. This town
had seen many things.

Like horrors. And wonders. It was in this town that the alien prince
Elfangor Sirinal Shamtul came. Elfangor was an Andalite. The Andalites were
a technologically advanced race. They were strange beings. Like the centaurs
of myth, only blue, with stalk eyes and long, wicked tails. They were
fabulous creatures of an awesome intelligence.

Elfangor was once an Aristh, a cadet in the Andalite Fleet. The Andalite had
all their spaceships out there in the cosmos fighting the evil Yeerks. The
Yeerks were a race of small, worm-like sentient parasites. They took over the
bodies of other species. When a sentient creature is taken over by a Yeerk,
he becomes a Controller. The Yeerks had taken over the small, clumsy,
humanoid-like Gedds. They had enslaved the whole race. The Yeerks also took
over the Hork Bajir. The Hork Bajir were a race of seven-foot tall reptilian
creatures of amazing strength and speed. Their strong and resilient bodies
made dangerous and capable Hosts for the parasitic Yeerk.

The Andalites fought the Yeerks on many worlds. They lost the Taxxon world to
the Yeerks. The Taxxon were a race of gigantic worms of awesome ferocity and
of a voracious nature. The Yeerks continued to enslave world after world. The
Taxxon. The Gedd. The Hork Bajir. All these sentient species had been
infested by Yeerks. When a Yeerk entered a Host body, it seized total control
and the creature was helpless under its command.

The Andalites kept fighting. They had superior technology. But the Yeerks
were ruthless and had superior numbers. Still, no Yeerk ever managed to take
over an Andalite body. But a Yeerk named Ennis 225 did. He took over the body
of Elfangor's personal friend Alloran Semitur Corass, a veteran of the
Andalite Fleet. This was a victory for the Yeerks. Alloran and Ennis became
one being, the evil Visser Three. The greatest enemy of the Andalite People
and all the free species of the Galaxy.

Elfangor quit the war. He came to Earth on a spaceship. His people had
something called the Morph Technique. An amazing technology that allowed
anyone to become any living creature they touched - for a period of two
hours at a time. There was a snag in the Technique. Anyone who stayed in
one Morph for more than two hours was trapped forever.

Stuck in whatever form they were in. The process was irreversible. Morphers
had to be careful to return to their true forms prior to the two-hour limit.
Elfangor used the Morphing Cube to assume human form. He became a human male
and called himself Alan Fangor. He fell in love with a woman named Lauren.
They got married and the result was a son named Tobias. Shortly after Tobias'
birth, a mysterious being named Ellimist came to Alan Fangor and told him how
Visser Three and the Yeerks had thousands of battleships and were fighting to
destroy the Andalie People. This saddened Alan Fangor and he allowed the very
powerful and immortal Ellimist to change him from a human male to an
Andalite. He took his ship and left his human family to fight for his people.

The war between Andalite and Yeerk went on for a long time......and the
Andalites were losing. The Yeerk Fleet came to Earth, led by Visser Three.
Elfangor, the former Alan Fangor tried to stop them but only succeeded in
getting his own Battleship destroyed. He fell to Earth, in the town of
Brockwood. It was a dark November night and a group of kids were walking

They were: Jake, a tall, slender blond guy. His best friend Marco, a
wisecracking Latino kid. Cassie, a shy but cute black girl. Rachel, a
beautiful, headstrong blonde girl and Jake's cousin. And finally, shy
Tobias. The son of the man formerly known as Alan Fangor, also known as
the Andalite Warrior Elfangor.

The wounded alien saw them as his last hope. He gave them the Power to Morph.
He knew the Yeerks had come to enslave Humanity. They wanted to take over all
humans and use them as shock troops against the ever-strong Andalite People.
The Yeerks needed warrior bodies as Hosts for their parasitic presence. So
Elfangor gave five ordinary teenagers the ability to become any animal they
touched for two hours. The kids were quite shocked by the Alien's Gift. Then
they saw the Yeerks come down from their spaceships and descend upon the
helpless Elfangor. They hid behind trees as the evil Visser Three, also
gifted with the Morphing Power turned into a monster and devoured Elfangor.

They all changed that night. They were ordinary kids with an amazing power.
They were also the first, last and only defenders of Planet Earth against
an alien invasion. The Yeerks would conquer Humanity by covert means.
Infiltrating human government and society to take over and control them.
That was their Plan. The kids decided to call themselves Animorphs and do
whatever they could to defend the world against the evil Yeerk Empire.

* * *

It had been two years. Two years of fighting the Yeerks.

She could not believe it. The girl who sat in her bedroom looked every bit
like the average teenager. Well, not every bit. Her name was Rachel. At
eighteen she stood six foot one inch tall and weigh 160 pounds. Her hair
was long and blond-white. Her eyes were blue.

Many would have found her beautiful. But her mind was on other things at the
moment. Rachel was not an ordinary girl. She was one of the Animorphs. It was
crazy. Five kids against an alien empire that spanned scores of star systems.
Yet they kept fighting. Rachel had a life to lead other than changing into an
animal at night to go off fighting an alien threat. She was a teenage girl.
At Brockwood High, she was one of the most sought after girls. Many guys
wanted her, and a few of the girls. All of this she was well aware. Her
mother Deirdre kept insisting she date. So she dated. She went out with a guy
named Kurt Donovan for awhile. He was a point guard on the basketball team.
He was so typical. They went out a few times, had sex a few times then broke
it off.

After Kurt, she met a guy named Harold. He was a drama club kid. One of the
few straight ones in there. They dated, had sex, but no one got close to
Rachel so she dumped him after awhile. Her mother had no idea she led a
double life. Captain of the Girl's Volleyball Team by day, shapeshifting
alien-huntress by night. She often wondered what her fellow Animorphs were

All were fighting the Aliens. Jake had become the leader of the group. He led
them many times on the Yeerk Bases and in their strongholds and even once, in
a spacecraft halfway across the galaxy to do battle against the Yeerks. Jake
was so bold, a natural leader. He was her cousin and her friend.

Then there was Cassie. A shy, skinny black girl who liked animals and took
care of them a lot. Cassie and Rachel were best friends. Marco was a natural
born comic and Jake's monkey boy pal. Then there was Tobias...

Tobias who had always been shy and quiet. At school, he used to get bullied.
He was a skinny, black-haired kid with dark eyes and very pale skin. He had
no parents and kept living with foster ones. The foster parents usually did
not care about him at long as they got their check from the state.
Sometimes she felt sorry for Tobias. Especially after what happened. The
first time they decided to attack the Yeerks, Tobias morphed into a
red-tailed hawk. He stayed longer than he should have and was now stuck as
a hawk. Forever. He was more alone than she could possibly imagine.

Rachel enjoyed her powers. Her favorite morph was the Grizzly Bear morph.
She loved being huge and virtually unstoppable. Jake and the others loved
morphing too. It was the good thing about the alien power. It gave them
freedom to do things and feel things no human had ever done. But they could
return to their human bodies whenever they pleased. Tobias could not. He
hung out with them. The thing about morphing is that it allowed Telepathic
communication between a morphed person and whoever was nearby. She could
still talk to Tobias. She could hear his thought-speak voice in her head.

Rachel was unaware that she was being watched. The person who did the
watching was not even a person. It was Tobias. The teenage boy stuck in
the body of a hawk. He had flown all day like he usually did. It was not
bad being a bird. No school, no homework, no curfew. He liked it a lot
sometimes. He was free. Yet he felt alone. He could not be with his
friends, at least not like he wanted. He was a great help in the war
against the Yeerks. Often he would fly over a place and check things out
and tell his fellow Animorphs when it was safe to move. He was good like

Other times, he was not so good. He missed being around Rachel. Like now.
She sat on her bed, brushing her long, beautiful hair. She was just the most
beautiful girl. Tobias liked Rachel a long time before he became an Animorph.
He kept it to himself and satisfied himself with being friends with her. She
was way out of his league. Actually, what league was that? Was being a high
school outcast-turned-alien-fighting-superhero-turned-hawk even a category?
If so, Tobias was the first of his kind. Yeah, right. He had a long time to
think while adjusting to his new existence as a hawk. He had grown without
parents. His dad and mom were gone when he was very little. He was taken care
of by foster parents in the Brockwood area. He met Jake and Marco and Rachel
and Cassie in junior high. They had gotten their powers while he was a
sophomore in high school. He'd fallen in love with Rachel long before that
but she was always seeing some rich kid or some jock. She had it all. Her
mother was a lawyer turned activist, her father was the manager of Mason
Hotels, in the state capital.

Tobias was a kid who worked two jobs just to have pocket money and had to
struggle even for that. He had gotten used to having a tough life. Being a
deadbeat did not make him popular at school. He'd gotten roughed up by a
bully named Jack Ryder. Basically, he'd gotten his head shoved down a
toilet. Tobias fought Ryder a few times but the guy was huge and had lots
of friends so fighting was useless. His life revolved around passing
classes and dodging bullies until he met Jake, a cool guy who played
baseball for the school and wasn't a jerk.

Jake and Tobias became buddies. He introduced Tobias to Rachel. Cassie the
black girl was a decent friend to Tobias and to pretty much everyone else.
Marco the jokester made fun of Tobias but never in a real mean way. Even now
he called Tobias "Mr. Beak" and Tobias "accidentally" pooped on his head.
Tobias watched Rachel. He knew he was intruding. He couldn't help it. Being
a hawk hadn't taken away his all too human needs. Damn it, he was a
seventeen-year-old stuck in the body of a bir ! He would have laughed at
it....if it wasn't so sad. At least as a hawk he could never cry...

Suddenly, he felt tired of it all. Tired of the fighting. Tired of
everything. He took one last look at Rachel and flew away. He flew over
Brockwood. He looked at things with his amazing hawk eyes and saw. He
saw people leading their lives. Businesssmen. Freeloaders. Musicians.
Technician. Teachers. Students. Men, women and children. Teenagers. For
a moment he felt an intense longing... he flew over a certain park...
and saw a strange scene.

He saw a parked car, and peered inside from a distance. There were two people
inside. A blonde girl and a guy. They were in the throes of passion, as they
said. Tobias looked. He wasn't a voyeur... mind you. He was not a peeping
tom. He was just... curious. The guy had dark hair and was pumping into the
girl whose spread legs entwined behind his back. Tobias turned away...
disgusted. He wasn't a prude but...ugh. Still, he wondered what that would
be like. For a moment, his all-too-human mind drifted and he pictured himself
as the dark haired guy and the blonde as... Rachel. He shocked himself. He
did not daydream anymore. These days he pretty much felt empty. He loved
Rachel and knew deep inside he always would but to dream like that was
crazy... she was always seeing some guy... and he was a bird... even when he
was human, she would not have gone for him... but still... nah, wishful

Yeah, like he was ever gonna be with Rachel. The odds were overwhelming...
he tried to picture them together... a hawk and a girl... yeah, right. It
would be grotesque. Beauty and the Beast. The new age version. Beauty and
Boy-turned-beast by mishap of alien technology. Yeah, that was some idea
for a movie. Not even Spielberg could turn it into a movie....though it
promised to be a real tear jerker. He flew away...

He went to the Meadow he claimed as his own in the place he now called home,
in the woods near town. He stood, perched on a branch. He wondered what was
going to happen next. He thought about how he lived, how he died (the day he
became a hawk, sacrificing his humanity for the good of the human race) and
how in hell he kept on going. How come he was not stark raving mad? Maybe
his superior hawk brain, as he often told his buddy Marco.

He was deep in thought when he heard a voice calling....


It was a booming voice that seemed to come out of nowhere and seemed to be
everywhere at once. He saw a strange glow of energy appear not far from where
he was perched and immediately knew who or what he was about to meet. The
Ellimist. The super-evolved, super-powerful, immortal entity that had taken
an urgent interest in the War between the Yeerks, the Andalites and the
Human Species. The Being that had saved the Animorphs once for no apparent
reason... only to drop them in a situation worse than the one they faced
before. Presently, the enrgy faded and was replaced by a human figure. The
Ellimist appeared in the form of a man. A tall, lean man with black hair and
a week's stuble. The Ordinary Man, that was the human disguise of the
decidedly god-like Ellimist.

"Greetings, Tobias," said the Ellimist.

Tobias glared at him. He was scared out of his mind. Here was a being with
powers he could barely imagine.... and it was greeting him! He managed to
squeak, "Hey, man. what's up?"

The Ellimist smiled. "Not much," he said with a perfect smile. "I am here to
speak to you, Tobias."

Tobias decided to play cocky. If the bastard thought he was impressing him,
he was surely mistake. "No kiddin," said Tobias. "What about?"

The Ellimist grinned. "About you."

Tobias' hawk heart beat faster in his chest. "Really?" he said. "What do you
want?" he asked bluntly.

The Ellimist stared at him coldly. "It's all about you, kiddo."

"Not interested," Tobias said. He remembered some show in USA in 1999 that
said deals with the devil were bad.

The Ellimist looked at him. "I see," he said. "The life you lead right now shall I say, pleasant?"

Tobias would not give in. "No taxes, no foolish neighbors, man, you should
try it."

The Ellimist smiled. "I think I'll pass, young man." He looked around, then
his eyes focused on Tobias. "What do you want, Tobias ?" he asked calmly.

"What are you offering?" Tobias the bird-boy heard himself say.

The Ellimist smiled and suddenly Tobias felt a strange feeling. He felt like
he was sick all over. Then he felt weird. And then he felt the place around
him begin to change....rapidly.....everything was spinning......and then it
stopped. He was perched on the Ellimist's shoulder. They were flying over....
something................the sea of Time.

The Ellimist showed Tobias things he wished he saw and things he did not want
to see. He saw his slain Father, the heroic alien Elfangor. He saw the evil
Visser Three. He saw the mighty Andalite Fleet destroyed by the Yeerk
Battleships. He saw the mass enslavement of the human race. Yeerks came....
en masse. They destroyed cities from orbit, Independence Day-style. They
infested people's bodies. Billions were enslaved. Millions were killed.
Civilization ended. He saw the future of Humanity. Billions of humans, their
bodies taken over by Yeerks, serving on a multitude of Battleships, traveling
the galaxy in search of worlds to conquer. What he saw horrified him. He
asked his fellow time traveler how could this happen and what became of the
Animorphs...... He saw it.

The Animorphs were finally found out by the Yeerks. The Yeerks hunted them
down. He saw Jake, the leader become a Host to a Yeerk parasite, a fate worse
than death. He saw the deaths of Cassie and Marco. They were burned alive by
the evil Visser Three. He kept asking for Rachel. The Ellimist looked at him
gravely and showed him. Tobias saw what became of the girl he loved more than
anything in the universe. He saw Yeerk troops invading town, the burning
cities of the USA, and in all the confusion Rachel, leading a ragtag group of
humans against the Yeerk armies. He saw her fighting against overwhelming
odds, a fiercely beautiful warrior. He saw her militia, a few dozen strong
take a stand against thousands of Yeerk warriors somewhere in what remained
of NY after the Yeerk spaceships burned it all. He saw her cornered by many
Yeerks, watched her morph for the last time. She morphed into a strikingly
beautiful tiger. He saw her cut down by laser fire from Yeerk guns.

"Rachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed.

The Ellimist looked at him. Tobias was frantic. Suddenly, they were back in
the meadow.

"What the hell was that?" he asked.

"A possible future," said the Ellimist. "One that will be shaped by you."

Tobias gasped even though he did not have a human mouth. "You telling me I'm
responsible for all this?" he said.

The Ellimist looked at him. "Yes and No, Tobias," he said. "The future
depends greatly on a decision you will make today," he said.

Tobias glared at him. To save his friends and the girl he loved, he would do
anything. He nodded at the strange being.

The Ellimist grinned at him. "Glad to see we agree on things," he said. He
told Tobias that he was to help his friends. Tobias was ready to do anything.
"It will mean giving up your life as you know it," said the Ellimist.

Tobias' mind raced. He had nothing to lose and would not want to live in a
world where all the Animorphs were gone and the Yeerks ruled. "I am ready,"
he said.

The Ellimist grinned. "I was hoping you'd say that," he said.

Tobias was suddenly caught in a vortex of light and energy. He felt odd sensation. It was weird at first but his mind soon
recognized it as morphing. He felt his body grow and become huge. He felt
his wings shrink and his body twist and change. Suddenly, he knew what was
happening. His heart soared with joy. He suddenly was.....human.....he
collapsed onto very weak, very human knees. It was an all-too-different
Tobias that was in the clearing. This one was tall and skinny, with dark
hair and eyes....and completely naked.

"The decision has been made," said the Ellimist. "Live with it."

With that, the strange entity vanished.

Tobias lay in the clearing.....naked....panting.....he felt strange and
new....and Human.


It was Saturday night...

As usual, Deirdre was away on a trip. Something about animal rights in
Kentucky. Rachel was home alone. Her mother had left her plenty of cash and
the usual chit chat about no parties or boys or whatever.....geez, moms!
She sat in her living room, flipping through the channels. On TV, lots of
exercise and weight loss crapola. She sighed and kept surfing. Finally she
came to a show she liked. America's favorite nerd. In this episode, Steve
was proposing to Laura. At the same time, she'd gotten proposed to by Stefan,
the smooth-talking alter ego. She smiled. She never got that show.

Steve reminded her of someone. Yep. Someone not quite nerdy. But along those
same lines. Tobias. Shy, sweet-ish Tobias. She wondered what he was doing at
this very moment. Probably flying around, checking things out. He was a hawk
now, with a meadow to defend. He was also a human being trapped in the body
of a wild creature. She tried not to imagine what his life must be like. She
felt lonely sometimes though she could not tell you why. She should be happy.

Although she was single right now, she usually had a great boyfriend around.
She was great-looking and had considerable wealth. She had gotten accepted to
one of the state's top private colleges....on a scholarship! The Yeerks were
the ever-present danger in every Animorph's life. But she learned to deal
with it. Like she learned to deal with everything else. She was still
thinking about this when she heard a knock on her door. "Just a minute," she

She got up and went to get it. She got ready to morph just in case it was
something never knew these days. She unlatched and opened...
and gasped. Nothing could have prepared her for the sight she saw. A tall,
slim young man with dark hair and eyes. His skin was bone-white. It took
her a second to recognize....Tobias! Tobias? In human form? How could this

"Tobias?" she said.

Tobias looked at her with nervous and alert eyes. "Rachel?" he said.

He came in. Still in shock, she made him sit down. Then she pressed him with
questions. He was....human? How had this happened? Where did he come from?
They were sitting in her living room. He was just looking at her with that
dreamy look he sometimes got in his eyes.

He told her about the Ellimist. He omitted the part about the dark Future
and the death of the Animorphs. Rachel listened to all this and was quite
surprised. Like all the Animorphs, she had met the Ellimist and knew him to
be mysterious and immensely powerful... but she had no idea how he did what
he did for Tobias....or why.

"How do you feel?" she said. It was so good to see Tobias in the flesh again.
She had spent two years without seeing anything more than a hawk. It was
better than nothing....but still.

"I don't know," he said. "It's so awkward being human again, I've forgotten
so much." he smiled. "So many things I dreamed of doing, when I was still a
hawk, and now....."

Rachel listened to him talk. She hadn't realized how much she had missed
hearing his voice. Tobias' voice. Warm. Slightly edgy. Like Tobias himself.
She kept asking him questions and he answered as best as he could. "What did
you miss most about being human?" she asked finally.

Tobias looked at her in the eye and said, "Being near you."

The answer shocked him as much as it shocked her. Maybe he had been a hawk
too long. Back when he was still a normal guy, he never would have been so
bold as to state his feelings like that. But hey, here he was, human and
all. He realized how much he had missed Rachel, and being normal. He
anxiously awaited her answer. Rachel looked at him. She reached out to
touch his hand. "I missed you too, Tobias."

She suddenly leaned forward and Tobias went close to her, until their faces
were.....close. They kissed. They went to bed. It was a long, passionate
kiss. Tobias leaned back on the bed and Rachel was suddenly on him.....
touching him......Tobias felt his old self come back. He felt Rachel's expert
fingers touch him and his clumsy hands held her waist as she did so. He
looked up at her. To see her beautiful face so close to his.....this was a
dream come true. He was gonna be with things proceeded, he
suddenly remembered something. "Rachel," he said.

She smiled as she unhooked her bra and unzipped his pants. "What?" she asked.

He looked her in the eye. "I've never done this before," he said.

Rachel smiled. Such a cutie. "I am glad you told me, Tobias," she said.

He looked at her, not knowing what to expect. She broke the silence by
whispering sweet words in his ear while pulling his pants off. Her hands
found his erect manhood. Tobias gasped when she touched it. Rachel grinned.
Then she took him in her mouth. He gasped when he felt her tongue against
his cock, licking and teasing. He caressed her long blond hair and closed
his eyes. Rachel went to kiss his chest. Tobias held her in his arms and
kissed her lips. He did not know what he was doing, he was aching with
desire and he wanted so desperately to hold this young woman he loved so

Soon they were both naked and panting.....she planted her lips onto his and
lay flat against him, his cock sliding into her pussy easily. Tobias gasped
against when he felt his cock go inside her. Rachel watched his face,
fascinated by him. She knew he was experiencing the joys of sex for the first
time. She rode him, hard and fast. He held her waist with his hands and she
supported herself by holding his shoulders. All other sensations were
forgotten save for the deliciously hot pain she felt in her wound. She felt
like Tobias's cock was a hot spear, piercing her insides. Finally, she felt
it coming. So did Tobias. A rushing in his loins and a tickling sensations
in her womb, followed by a feeling of electricity and then an explosion....
Tobias shot his seed deep into her at the precise moment when her orgasm hit.
They screamed simultaneously. Tobias and Rachel lay in each other's arms.
They were both tired and panting. Wow, was all he could say. Rachel smiled.

"That was amazing," he said. He looked at her. "Did you enjoy it ?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah," she said. She snuggled against him. He held her in his arms and
kissed her forehead.

"Rachel," he said.

She sensed some tension in his voice. "What?" she asked.

"I love you. I've thought about you long before I became a hawk, and many
times after." Rachel began to say something but Tobias went on. Finally, he
stopped. "I just wanted you to know," he said.

She looked at him. She was slightly overwhelmed. "I know," she said. "Thank
you." She kissed Tobias and rested her head on his chest.

He was soon fast asleep. Rachel lay very awake and deep in thought. She
thought about everything Tobias had just said. He was so brave to tell her.
And the things he went through, for years. She knew no one strong enough to
go through all that and still be decent....and care. And the way he looked
at her. She knew she had feelings for Tobias. Strong ones. She just didn't
know how strong......he loved her, he told her as much. She believed him.
Did she love Tobias? Sure. But it was all so sudden.....he had just come
back......still....she still hadn't told him he featured in her dreams....
what about the others? What were they gonna think? Tobias was human again,
without his Morphing powers. Was she ready to enter a relationship with
Tobias.... She tried to imagine her and friends and
classmates by day, superheroes and lovebirds by night. She had to admit she
found the thought.....exciting.

She looked at Tobias. He was still asleep. He looked so peaceful. A beautiful
boy her own age. Would that be so bad to be with a boy who loved her? And one
she knew she loved....even though it scared the hell out of her? Nah,
probably not. She kissed his cheek and went back to sleep. Tomorrow, they
were going to have to tell the other Animorphs. Tomorrow, they'd face the

Tonight was theirs. She watched her lover sleep. He smiled in his sleep. God,
she would have given anything to know what he smiled about. Finally she went
to sleep. Tobias was smiling in his sleep because.....he had finally nabbed
the girl of his dreams.....and she loved him back!

The End


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