Angel: What Women Want (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Lilah Morgan was in the elevator at Wolfram & Hart. She was possibly the only
person there. She was one of the firm's few female lawyers. A tall woman with
long black hair and dark green eyes. She was a regal beauty whose model-like
body housed a fierce intelligence and ruthlessness. Lilah Morgan lived in a
dangerous world. She was a lawyer at Wolfram & Hart. Regular law firms are
bad enough but one like the one she worked for, there weren't many. Wolfram
& Hart was run by a group of immortal beings collectively known as the Senior
Partners. They controlled most of Los Angeles. There was a side to Los
Angeles that most people never saw.

The city was home to many elements of humanity. It was also home to the
demons, vampires, werewolves, monsters and all sorts of supernatural beings.
The firm tried to control these things because they had the raw power. One
of those things was exactly the reason why Lilah Morgan was working late.
She was gonna look at the company's files on Angelus. Angelus was the
legendary vampire who ruled the vampire community for centuries. He was the
fledgling of Darla, a female vampire who was once the consort of the ancient
vampire Heinrich Joseph Nest, also known as the Master. The Master ruled the
vampire world and Angelus was once his right handman. Angelus had been cursed
by Gypsies and given a soul. Once inhabited by a soul, Angelus became Angel.
Angel was the world's only Vampire With A Soul. He fought against the
darkness instead of for it.

Angel was a thorn in a lot of sides. Recently, Angel had lost his soul and
reverted to the state of Angelus. Angelus was the charismatic, handsome,
alluring and destructive lord of the night. The one all vampires feared and
respected. Angelus was loose, the world was a little less safe. Wolfram &
Hart wanted Angelus to work for it with the same intensity that Angel had
worked against it. This vampire's fate had been tied to that of the world.
He was a Champion. Whatever side he fought for had a serious ace up its

Lilah Morgan walked into her office. She turned on the light. She had taken
the Angelus files from the vault and hidden them there. Now, she was gonna
read them.

"Hello, pretty lady." came a voice.

Lilah's heart beat faster.

"Hello there." said Angelus. The handsome vampire was sitting behind her
mahogany desk. " I've been waiting for you, babe." he said.

Angelus walked up to Lilah, who had frozen in place. "Don't be such a stiff."
he said.

She looked at him. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "This is my office."

Angelus grinned. "Yeah, but you got my files." he said. "That makes it okay."

She looked at him nervously. This was the vampire who had terrorized the
night for centuries. One of the princes of the dark side. A powerful force
of evil. Somehow...that made him seem

Angelus sensed the change in her. Lilah Morgan's scent had changed. She was
no longer the cold lawyer but a real bitch in heat. He grinned and tapped the
desk. "Come to me." he said.

Lilah knew she shouldn't do that but he was so damn irresistible...Angelus
just laughed as she came to him like the bitch she was.

Lilah Morgan lowered herself onto Angelus's thick cock. She felt the big
prick's power as she basically sat on it. It entered her pussy. Damn,
Angelus's cock was so damn big! Angelus held Lilah by the hips and began
thrusting his cock into her. He fucked her, hard and fast. He licked her
breasts and removed one hand from her hips to pinch one of them. Lilah
gasped. Angelus laughed and smacked her cute little ass, which made her
jump a little. He withdrew from her and took her and put on the floor so
that she was on all fours. He looked at the female lawyer's hot little
ass and grabbed it in his hands. He slapped Lilah's hot ass and she purred.
Angelus held his big cock in his hand and parted Lilah Morgan's ass. He
looked at her pink little asshole. Nice ! He said.

He spread her buttcheeks apart, and inserted an index ginger into her tight
anus. Lilah grunted. Angelus let his finger explore her anal opening. When
she got used to it, he added another. Angelus pulled his fingers out, and
put the head of his dick to her gaping asshole. He eased the head in, slow
and careful, to let her get used to him.

"It hurts a little," said Lilah. "Be gentle!"

Angelus thrust his cock into her ass. He started fucking her, slowly at first
then harder and faster. Lilah shrieks as Angelus's big cock invades her tight
ass. He is grunting as he fucks her ass, shoving it real deep inside her. She
screams. He fingers her pussy as he fucks her ass. Lilah's pussy cramped hard
around the big tool it was riding, and she came, groaning and shouting.
Angelus picks up the pace and thrusts his cock real deep inside her ass. He
grips her hair and shoves his dick far down into her bowels. Lilah feels the
hot cock throbbing inside her. She feels like she is being torn in half. She
grunts. Angelus roars. Lilah could actually feel his cock erupting like a
volcano, shooting a flow of hot cum deep inside her. She screams at the top
of her lungs.

Angelus pulls out of her. Lilah just lies there, spent. His cum is leaking
out of her ass. She can't move. Her ass is sore and hurts like hell. She
takes some time to recuperate. Although she would never admit that to anyone,
she needed that. Just a great big fuck up the ass. That's all Lilah really
needed, and Angelus had given it to her. When she got the strength to get up,
he was already gone. Without so much a word. Surprisingly, she was okay with
that. Chit chat after sex was lousy anyway.

The End


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