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you Mormons and other religious types out there, so read it especially

Angel: Visiongirl (MMF,inter,bond,ghost)
by Taisto Vähäjärki

Gunn opened the door to Cordy's bedroom and stopped in his tracks. The
bedside lamp was on, and in its dim light an erotic scene was laid bare. From
where he stood in the doorway Gunn was afforded a magnificent view of Cordy's
ass, as she was on her hands and knees on her bed, naked except for the
leather straps binding her legs and hands to the bedposts. From the back of
her head Gunn could see she was gagged and blindfolded.

Hearing the door open Cordy tried to protest, but the gag muffled her voice.
She was writhing, and there was a large black dildo vibrating and moving in
her pussy by itself. It took a moment for Gunn to understand what was
happening, but then it hit him.


For a moment Gunn stood still and wondered what he would do. The correct
thing would probably be to leave discreetly and let his friend to be fucked
by the ghost. On the other hand, Gunn could feel the sight of Cordy's juices
running down her leg and the swinging of her bare tits harden his cock. He
had never been particularly interested in bondage, but now it presented
distinct possibilities. The black man moved closer and to the side of the
bed. Apparently Dennis didn't mind.

Cordelia's hair was held back by the twin straps of the blindfold and the
gag. Her elbows were tied together, preventing her from lowering herself on
the bed. Another rope circled her waist and was connected to both of her
spread knees making it impossible to straighten her legs.

Gunn reached a decision. He carefully opened the strap holding the gag in
place and removed it from her mouth. He wanted to hear her. The ball gag was
large and Cordy had drooled around it so that it and her jaw was slick with

"Dennis? Who is this," she asked with a voice colored with trepidation and
lust. Dennis was still fucking her with the dildo, and she had difficulty

"It's Gunn," said Gunn mere inches from her ear.

"Fuck, Gunn, ugggh, Dennis! Open the straps..."

"I was wondering..."

"Gunn, aahhhggh, don't you..."

"Would you mind if I fucked your ass?" Gunn asked innocently.

"What? Fuck yes I'd... Oh Dennis, yes! ggh..." Dennis was speeding up and
Cordelia was nearing orgasm.

"I'll take that as an affirmative; just a sec," said Gunn and left for the
bathroom to find something to lubricate with.

Meanwhile Cordy was straining against her bonds, screaming bloody murder,
lust and delight. Suddenly Dennis stopped. Cordy tried to continue her
bucking motion and begun to plead.

"Ahh, Dennis please. Fuck me please. Why'd you stop?"

Two clothes pegs floated to the room. One was attached to her left nipple.

"Aggh Dennis I thought we agreed..." Her sentence was cut short as Dennis
attached the other peg to her right nipple and she was reduced to moaning.
Her nipples hurt like hell but the sensation was made erotic by her extreme
arousal and want. Pain and pleasure mixed deliriously as she tried to beg
Dennis to continue fucking her.

The dildo floated around Cordy so that it pointed to her mouth. It was
dripping with her juices. At first it had to force its way to her mouth
but then Cordy started sucking and throating it willingly, the tears of
frustrated lust streaming from below her blindfold. Her expression was
bothered and she tried to buck her hips so that they would connect with
something, anything. The pegs on her nipples grazed on the coverings of
the bed and sent delicious sensations to her nipples. She sucked the dildo
all the way in to her throat and tried to push her chest closer to the bed.

It had taken a while to find anything slick enough. Cordy's range of
cosmetics was too exotic for Gunn to understand so he had to rummage around
her kitchen. Finally he found some vegetable extract oil, and returned with
the bottle.

He stopped at the door to take in the wonderful scene of her headstrong
workmate bound, hot and bothered trying desperately to cum sucking and
throating a large black dildo. Gunn approached silently, and took off his
clothes. He spread some of the oil on Cordy's asshole, and she started
bucking twice as wildly. Slowly he worked his oiled fingers to her asshole,
first one, then two, then the rest. She was trying to fuck his hand. Finally
Gunn was satisfied that she was slick enough and withdrew.

Gunn took hold of the dildo and removed it from Cordy's mouth.

"Gunn please fuck me oh god," Cordy whimpered and tried blindly to pinpoint
him. Gunn lowered himself on the bed and kissed Cordy suddenly on the mouth.
She responded with forlorn hunger. Gunn started to fondle her breasts, first
cupping them, then pulling on the pegs. His dick was starting to respond to
the way Cordy tried to give him better access to her tits.

He gave one final pull on her breast and one final kiss on her forehead and
rose. He went on his knees in front of Cordy and guided her mouth to his
dick. At first Cordy touched the tip gingerly with her tongue, but soon she
was drawing it to her mouth. With the ministrations of Cordy's mouth Gunn
soon hardened to his impressive full length. He started to slowly fuck
Cordy's throat while holding her head in place with his hands. Cordy started
to gag as he forced his dick to her throat, but he wasn't particularly
concerned. She seemed to have experience with this.

Eventually Gunn decided to go for the main event and gently removed his cock
from Cordy's mouth and made his way to the back of the bed. Before she could
speak, the dildo maneouvered itself gently to her mouth again and started to
fuck her face as Gunn had done.

Gunn took up position behind Cordy, spread her ass cheeks wide and pushed
his erect dick in her with one long, practiced stroke. Her ass was tight,
possibly even virgin and resisted, but Gunn didn't stop at half measures.
Cordy tried to scream around the dildo, but her hips were bucking.

At first Gunn fucked her with slow, long strokes. After he had reached around
her to finger her clit her screams had turned to moans. After fucking her
throat Gunn was on the edge, and soon tired of the gentle rhythm. He rammed
faster and harder and took hold of Cordy´s hair to force her to meet his
strokes. Cordy spit the dildo out and started to scream.

"No, don't aargh fuck fuck yes! harder fuck no yes! don't..."

Gunn pulled out just before he came, sprouting his mightly spurts of jism
all over her back, ass and hair. As his orgasm slowly subsided he could see
his sperm collecting in a small pool on the small of her back. Cordelia was
sobbing in frustration. She still hadn't come. Gunn collected some of his
cum from her back and gently forced her to slurp it down. He knelt in front
of her again.

"Lick me clean and I might make you come," he said and Cordy took his
cock in with a whimper. She licked and sucked until no trace of her anal
secretions, cum or oil could be found. Gunn stood, stretched and headed for
her living room. Cordy could hear him pick up the phone and call someone.

"Dennis please, finish me off." Her pleas went unheard.

Meanwhile by the phone Gunn was speaking to the phone, explaining to Wesley
why he should come immediately.

* * *

"Cordy! I'll make a deal with you," Gunn said as he walked back to the

"What?" asked Cordy miserably.

"I'll make you come now and in return you'll do both me and Wes as soon
as he arrives."

"No!" Cordy protested. Gunn moved to the side of the bed and started to
slowly stroke her pussy.

"What was that?"

"Y-yes, yes, I'll let you fuck me just make me come."

"Ask nicely."

"Please let me fuck you and please let me just come," Cordy sobbed in

"I didn't hear you," Gunn teased.

"Fuck! Me! Please!" Cordy shouted.

"Okay. Dennis, would you do the honors?" Gunn said as he started to rummage
through Cordy's bedside cabinet's drawers. The black dildo floated to the
entrance of Cordy's pussy and after a moment of teasing plunged in and
started a frenzied rhythm. Cordy started to scream, moan and buckle like

"Hey look what I found. This should keep you quiet," Gunn said and picked
up a gag with a long, plastic dildo. He took hold of Cordy's head and forced
the dildo to her mouth. After the ball gag was behind her teeth and the dildo
in her throat he closed the strap around her head.

Cordy was whimpering in lust and want and delight and the dildo went into her
pussy and out again with loud smacks. Gunn sat on Cordy's back, as if to ride
her and started to fondle and grab and pinch her breasts in rhythm with the

"Yeah! That's like it! Whoa! You're just a mare in heat aren't you?" he
shouted gleefully and mimicked rodeo motions.

Finally Cordelia's body tensed, she made a series of muffled, high-pitched
screams made incoherent by the dildo on her throat and fell motionless. The
black dildo withdrew from her pussy. Gunn quickly rose from her back, removed
the pegs from her nipples and removed her dildo gag to the accompaniment of a
long, langurous "ahhhhh" from Cordy.

He undid the straps holding her legs to the bed and her knees to her waist,
undid her elbows and freed her hands from the bedboard. Cordy sank slowly to
the bed and righted herself so that she was on her back. Fumblingly she
removed her blindfold and looked at Gunn.

"Gunn, you fuck. What you just did was rape," she said with a level voice.

"You loved it, a black man knows these things. Besides, you still got to do
me and Wes again."

"What makes you think I'll do any of that," she said and Gunn was starting
to detect a hint of a smile in her voice.

"I've read that fucking is a great workout," Gunn stated innocently as he
laid himself beside her.

"And cum is the best facial cream," Cordy replied, rolled on top of him and
kissed him hard. Gunn could feel her breasts squashed against his chest and
decided that he loved his life after all. Cordy rolled back on her back and
sighed. Her body felt wonderfully used. She hadn't had this good a fuck since
her times as a Sunnydale cheerleader. She opened her eyes and saw the black
dildo floating in the front of her face. She stared at it puzzledly.

"It's Dennis. He wants to you to suck him," Gunn explained.

Understanding dawned on her face and she took the dildo in her mouth and
started giving it a slow and sloppy blowjob. It bucked gently against her
face. It didn't take it long to make one final thrust in her mouth, and
then Cordy felt warm, salty liquid spruit from it, much like sperm. She
let it out of her mouth. It was still cumming and great gouts of slightly
purplish sperm hit her on the side of her nose, on her cheeks and her
mouth. She licked what she could. The dildo settled on the bed.

"Think I should shower before Wes?" Cordy asked as she looked at herself in
her bedroom mirror.

"Nah, he's British. The cum on your face will just turn him on."

Cordy appeared to accept this and settled back on the bed.

"Didn't know you were into bondage," Gunn asked.

"Oh, that. No, I'm not."

"You're not," Gunn asked incredulously and rose to look at her.

"No, it's just that Dennis is and he's been so nice I thought I should
accomodate him," replied Cordy levelly.

"Right. Whatever," Gunn said rolling his eyes.

* * *

Cordy had dozed off when Wes knocked on the door. A naked Gunn opened it for
him and Wes stepped back in shock at the sight of Gunn's cock.

"Relax, British. You can't go prudish on me, not when you've come to fuck
her yourself," Gunn remonstrated.

"Right," said Wes, came in and quickly closed the door behind him.

"I came here because phone call was too vague to make any sense of, that's
all. Where is she and what's going on?" Wes continued.

"Your getting laid, that's what's going on," Gunn replied and led Wes to the
bedroom. As Wes beheld the sight of a sleeping Cordy, her face crusted with
cum, her naked body spread lewdly on the bed, he stopped, breathed in deeply,
and supported himself on the door.

"Wake up, Cordy! Wes's here," Gunn shouted.

"What, Wes? Wes!" said Cordy, brightening as she saw both of her colleagues
standing in the doorway. She rose from the bed and dropped on her knees as
Gunn opened Wesley's belt and lowered his pants. Before Wes had time to
protest, Cordy had his dick in her mouth.

"Could you keep his hands away from me?" Cordy asked as she licked the
undershide of Wesley's shaft and Gunn forced Wes's hands behind his back
and held him still as Cordy teased his cock.

Wesley was instantly hard, and Cordelia teased him for a long time, licking
his shaft and fondling his balls before slowly throating his whole length.
Wes tried to fuck her face, but Gunn held him steady. She took her time,
mixing just enough quick strokes to keep him hard and otherwise making it
painfully slow. Wesley tried to plead incoherently, and even tried to get
free, but Gunn held him securely.

Finally Wes was almost snarling,

"Release him," Cordy said between mouthfuls and Gunn let Wes go. Instantly
the former Watcher took hold of her head with both hands and started to fuck
her as fast as he could, as deep as it would go, with no regard for her
comfort. Cordelia steadied herself on Wesley's legs and enjoyed with perverse
delight the animalistic rage she had worked the British man to. Gunn stood on
the side, watching the show and applauding Wesley. It didn't take long for
him to come. His thrusts quickened to a frenzied pace, and then he suddenly
stopped. A smile and sigh of contentment spread his face and he buried his
cock deep in Cordy's throat. He came long and copiously. Cum went down
Cordy's throat and dribbled down her chin. She couldn't breathe and tried
weakly to get free, but Wesley's hold was made of iron. Sperm spurted from
Cordy's nostrils and she felt lightheaded from the lack of oxygen.

Just as Gunn was starting to get worried Wesley finally let go and Cordy
pulled his dick out of her mouth and breathed in with force. After getting
her breath back she sat on the floor and looked up at Wesley. He started to
harden as he saw the traces of his own cum splattered on her face and running
down her nose.

"Oh Cordelia, I'm so sorry, I don't know what went in me," Wesley stammered,
hands waving ineffectually, looking for something to do.

"You've been without for a long time, haven't you?" Cordelia asked with a
smile on her face.

"Wes, take it easy. She's okay. She asked me to release you," Gunn said.
Wes slowly quieted as he understood.

"You wanted that?" he asked incredulously.

"Yeah! Duh! Now come on, I want both of you in me!" Cordelia replied brightly
and moved to sit on the bed.

"You have to suck us hard first, Cordy. And I don't think that the British is
up to it just yet," Gunn said.

"Oh yes he is. He's hardening already. Wesley, take off your clothes,"
Cordelia replied.

Cordelia moved to suck Gunn to full hardness as Wesley hurriedly tore off his
clothes. As soon as Gunn was erect Cordelia motioned him to lay on the bed,
so that she could mount him and suck Wes at the same time. Gunn did as he was
told, and was soon thrusting langurously into Cordy as the sucked Wes again.

"Don't hold back, Wes," she admonished as he moved uncertainly to the back
of the bed and looked around in confusion. Gunn was pounding her pussy from

"In my ass, you fool. The oil's on the table," Cordy shouted, her voice husky
with renewed lust. Wesley started to get into it and lubricated Cordy's ass
clumsily. He mounted her and slowly pushed his cock into her ass.

"That's right Wes. Fuck my ass, yeah! ooohhh no arggh it hurts, yes!" Cordy
yelled as he worked her unrelentingly.

Both Gunn and Wes had recently come and as such it took a much longer time to
get near orgasm. Cordelia continued to scream as slowly but surely both Gunn
and Wesley increased their pace.

"Fuck, not again," Cordelia said as Wes took a hold of her hair to better
force her against him. Cordelia had to bend backwards, and Wes started to
grope for her breasts crudely and forcefully. Gunn took it easy and enjoyed
the show as Cordy did most of the thrusting.

Suddenly Wesley lost his footing, plopped out of Cordy and momentarily fell
of the bed. Cordelia made most of it and turned around on Gunn so that they
could sixty nine. Wesley, quick on the uptake this time, presented his cock
to her to be cleaned. The sheer nastiness of licking her own shitstains from
his cock made her hotter than ever. As soon as his dick was presentable,
Wesley moved to Cordy's rear and plunged his dick to her pussy, while Cordy
started to lick Gunn.

Wesley and Cordelia came almost at the same time, both driven at the last
moment to a wild thrusting, Cordy neglecting Gunn's cock in her throes of
passion. Wes let his cum collect inside her and dribble down her legs as he
pulled out and sat down on a nearby chair, exhausted.

"Hey, what about me?" Gunn protested, and Cordy came out of her post-orgasmic
reverie and started to eat him out. She grunted slightly as the Dennis-dildo
rose to the air and started to fuck her up her ass. It was only after twenty
minutes of relaxed sucking, licking and ass fucking that Dennis and Gunn
came, spilling their seed all over Cordelia.

* * *

"Hey Cordy, I just remembered something," Gunn said as all three laid on
Cordy's bed, tired but happy.

"What?" Cordy replied.

"I came here 'coz you asked me to. You phoned me and said that you had had
a vision," Gunn continued.

"Yeah. I saw that you were going to give me the fuck of my life. Just had to
prod things along a little," Cordy finished smugly.

The End


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