Angel: The Darkness Within Part 1 (MF,BDSM,anal,ws,scat,snuff,ncon,cons)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Wesley Wyndham Pryce. Everyone knows him as the quintessential goody-two
shoes. First, he was a Watcher. He was assigned to Buffy Summers and Faith
in Sunnydale. One went rogue. The other went... oh, hell. He came to Los
Angeless and teamed up with good-guy vampire Angel and ex-high school
cheerleader turned amateur model/actress Cordelia Chase. He helped fight
dark forces. He is always the good guy. Always in the background. Always
the best man's sidekick but never "the man". Well, that can get to a guy.
Wesley Wyndham Pryce goes bad-ass in this delectable little story. No one
can escape the wrath of this good-boy turned bad-ass mofo.

Wesley is an individual who has been repressed all of his life. He has never
really lived. As a result, he has many fantasies inside his head. Sometimes,
those fantasies take on a life of their own. This resulted in a split in
Wesley's personality. Wesley developed an alter ego that calls himself Master
P. Wesley Wyndham Pryce just takes abuse. Master P is an Abuser. Wesley
Wyndham Pryce gets beat up. Master P is a Batterer. Wesley Wyndham Pryce is
a runner and a peacemaker. Master P is a fighter and a destroyer.

Wesley Wyndham Pryce went to Wolfram & Hart on behalf of Angel
Investigations. He needed some info that only the evil law firm had. So, he
infiltrated it under a new identity. He called himself Mister Paul. Mister
Paul went to Wolfram & Hart in the files and records division and went to
dig up some dirt. He was doing quite well. He went inside the firm and found
what he was looking for. He found the info. Unfortunately, he ran into the
evil super bitch lawyer Lilah Morgan.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Working." said Wesley.

Lilah looked at him with contempt in her face. "Did you really think you
could have entered this firm without my finding out about it?" she asked.

"I'm doing work for Angel." said Wesley.

Lilah came close to Wesley. She looked him right in the eye. She slapped him.
Wesley flinched. They were alone in the files and record room. Lilah smiled
cockily and walked away.

Wesley barely felt the slap but that was beyond the point. He didn't like
being hit or humiliated. He had been hurt by both his mother and his father.
Also, his best guy friend and his first girlfriend. A lifetime of abuse was
reflected in what Lilah did to him. A deep anger rose inside Wesley Wyndham
Pryce. The anger felt by many men toward the female sex. Females were
difficult to deal with. They claimed to want equality yet demanded special
treatment. They were a man's nightmare. Wesley's anger sent chemicals inside
his brain. A chemical reaction occured. All of his reason and intellect
vanished. An omnipotent rage rose in him. The rage felt by every man who's
ever been emasculated, humiliated or otherwise wronged by a woman. That rage
liberated another side of himself. The dark side.

The man who looked at Lilah Morgan was not Wesley Wyndham Pryce. Pryce had
fears and dreams and goals. This man had no such things and lived for the
moment. "Who the hell do you think you are, you silly bitch?" the man who
looked like Wesley asked.

Lilah Morgan turned around. She was halfway out of the room. "What did you
just say?" she asked.

"You heard me, bitch!" Wesley shouted. "Don't pretend you didn't." he said.

"You got no right to talk to me this way." said Lilah Morgan.

Wesley laughed. It was a harsh sound. "Oh, I don't, do I?" he asked.

Lilah looked at him. "What is your problem?" she asked.

Wesley walked up to her. He grabbed her by the arm. She gasped in surprise.
He spat in her face.

"oh." she said, shocked.

He slapped her face with all his might. Lilah screamed. Blood came out of
her mouth where Wesley had hit her. Wesley laughed maniacally and punched her
square in the face. She fell on the floor, unconscious.

Wesley looked at her body. He spat on it. "Bitch!" he said.

The Basement

Wesley took the bottle of lotion and rubbed some of it on his sleek fingers.
He looked at the attractive figure of Lilah Morgan. The beautiful lawyer was
on all fours. She was completely naked. He looked at her lean, athletic body.
Her breasts were full and cone-shaped, naturally so. Her waist was slim and
her pussy was almost entirely shaved. Only a neatly trimmed bush could be
seen. Her ass looked outright spectacular. Nice and round and full, not at
all the kind of ass you would expect to find on a white woman.

Wesley liked seeing Lilah like this. She was no longer the bitchy lawyer. She
was no longer in control. He was in charge now. He slapper her behind and she
gasped in shock and almost bolted. She could not. There were bindings that
bound her to the place. Her hands and feet were bound. She was not going

"Do you like this, bitch?" Wesley said. Only a whimper came from Lilah.
Wesley grabbed her hair and yanked it. She grunted. "I said, do you like
it, bitch?" he asked.

He smacked her ass again. He loved touching that ass. It was his way of
punishing her for having such a tempting ass. Wesley removed his belt from
his pants. Lilah heard the noise and turned around. Wesley smacked her right
in the face. Lilah's eyes widened. Wesley grinned. He looked at her sternly.

"I didn't tell you to turn around, bitch!" he said. Lilah only nodded. Her
face turned a nice shade of red. "What did I tell you about the dress code at
work?" Wesley asked.

Lilah said nothing.

Wesley folded his leather belt and raised his arm. He brought it down on
Lilah's ass. He heard a satisfying whack! That was quickly followed by Lilah
Morgan's scream of pain.

"I said 'What did I tell you about the dress code?'" Wesley asked. Lilah
whimpered. Wesley hit her ass with the leather belt a second time. Her cute
little ass was turning red now.

"You said to only wear pants at the office!" squeaked Lilah.

Wesley looked at her. "Good, you have been paying attention." he said calmly.

"Yes, master!" Lilah said. Her terrified eyes were watching his every move.

Wesley rewarded her words with another whack of the leather belt on her
shapely ass. "It's master P to you, bitch!" he said.

"I'm sorry, Master P!" Lilah screamed.

Wesley laughed and repeatedly beat her ass with the belt. She screamed and
tried to flee as he beat her ass. Unfortunately for her, the chains held her
into place. Wesley beat her ass with the belt. She thrashed in all directions
and tried to avoid the punishing blows. She couldn't. Wesley went on with the
whipping for a few minutes. He made sure to hit all the sensitive spots. He
whacked her across her back, legs and face. She screamed and yelped and
gasped but could not escape. Finally, he stopped. He listened to the sobs and
painful wails of Lilah Morgan.

"I'll teach you the meaning of obedience!" Wesley said.

"Fuck you!" Lilah said.

Wesley looked at her. "What did you say, woman?" he asked her.

"I said 'Fuck you!'," Lilah shouted defiantly.

Wesley smacked her hard across the face. She grunted. She looked at him with
defiance in those pretty eyes of hers. Wesley liked that. "Finally, a
challenge!" he said.

He turned her on her back so that she could see him. He slapped her on the
face a few times. She struggled against him, even bound. She spat but her
spittle came back down on her face. Wesley took out his cock. Her eyes
widened. Wesley laughed and positioned himself. Lilah Morgan struggled in
her bonds. Wesley closed his eyes and pissed all over her face. She screamed
in shock and rage. Wesley grabbed her face and forced her mouth open.

"Drink my piss, bitch!" he said. She refused. He pissed inside her mouth.
Still she struggled. He smacked her face repeatedly. She relented and drank
his piss. He smiled. "That's a good bitch!" he said.

He left the basement momentarily and Lilah Morgan thanked her lucky stars for
the small respite she had gained. Wesley was a woman-hating maniac!!! How in
hell had she gotten herself into this?

Wesley walked back into the basement. He was smiling like a kid at Christmas.
He walked in with a gallon of water and some plastic tubes. Lilah had seen
the like before and screamed.

"No!" she said. "Please don't!"

Wesley laughed. "You don't get any say in what goes on down here!" he said.

Her protests were rewarded with a slap on her face. She closed her eyes
against the pain. No one had ever hit her so hard. He came to her and spread
her legs. She tried to resist but found out that she couldn't. Wesley was
gonna give her an enema! He parted her gorgeous butt cheeks and inserted the
plastic tube. He shoved it deep inside her asshole. He linked it to the
gallon of water then began pumping water inside her stretched rectum. Lilah
screamed and tried in vain to close her stretched asshole. Wesley watched
her, laughing as she struggled. Wave after wave of cold water was poured
into her ass. A nice, clean enema.

Lilah Morgan's incessant scream was music to Wesley's ears. He grabbed her
hair and yanked it. He slapped her ass a couple of times. She just kept
screaming as icy-cold water filled her asshole. Lilah was in pain. She felt
like she was gonna explode. It was like having ice inside her. The pain was

"Shut up, bitch!" said Wesley.

Lilah couldn't help herself. Wesley took out his belt and whacked her ass
with it a couple of times. She wailed.

"Just shut up and take your punishment." Wesley roared.

Wave after wave of water pumped into the female lawyer's stretched asshole.
She screamed as the icy pain filled her insides. Wesley laughed maniacally
and increased her pain by beating her all over with the leather belt. When
the gallon of water was empty, Wesley took the plastic tube out of her ass.
Lilah's ass was ready to let loose the liquids it held but Wesley prevented
that. He inserted a plastic gag into her rectum, effectively blocking her
anal efforts to expulse the nefarious liquids that tormented her insides.
Lilah's once beautiful face was a mask of bruises and pain. Her lip were
swollen. She had marks all over the place.

Wesley thought she was about ready for phase two of the plan. He walked away
and came back with a bowl. He went to her butt and unplugged it, taking out
the gag. Almost immediately her asshole let out the liquids that had filled
it during the enema. Lilah gasped in relief. Wesley accumulated all of her
rectal liquids in the bowl. The liquids accumulated in the bowl were a nice
brown color. Hmm. Hershey highway. Wesley smiled to himself. He turned Lilah
on her belly. "Now, I think you need some respite." he said in an almost calm

She looked at him. Could this malevolent man show mercy? She saw a gleam of
perverse delight in Wesley's eyes and threw the mercy idea out of her mind.
She was not getting any such respite. He offered her a bowl with a liquid in
it. Lilah Morgan was thirsty but something about the look of the contents of
the bowl just weren't right. "What is this?" she asked.

Wesley rewarded her question with a slap in the face. She winced. It stung
like hell. "No questions." he said. "Just do as you're told, woman!"

She hesitated. He pried her mouth open with his strong fingers and poured
the content of the bowl into it. Lilah was helpless as the cool liquid rushed
into her mouth. She almost threw up. Something about the smell or taste just
wasn't right.

"It comes from your ass." Wesley said with a wicked grin.

He made her drink the bowl of ass-water. She had no choice but to drink it
as he threatened to do some serious damage to her if she didn't. Lilah drank
from the bowl until it was empty.

"That's a good girl." said Wesley. He looked at her with something very much
like sympathy in his face. "Feel better?" he asked.

"No." she said.

He looked like he wanted to hit her but didn't. She glared at him. He
pushed her back down onto the cold hard floor. He left and came back with
two metallic pincers, a rope and two pieces of wood. He stretched each side
of her mouth with the pincers. They clamped on her flesh. He attached the
pincers to a rope. The rope itself was between two pieces of wood edged into
the floor on either side of Lilah Morgan's head. Her mouth was pried open
and she couldn't move.

Wesley Wyndham Pryce unzipped his pants and dropped them on his ankles. He
took off his underwear and came to Lilah. He stood over so that her face was
directly underneath him. He held his long and thick cock in his hands and
rubbed it. He held it directly above Lilah's face. She squirmed, trying in
vain to avoid the humiliation she knew was coming. He pissed on her face and
although she quirmed and tried to escape, she could not dodge the golden
shower that landed straight into her open mouth and down her throat. Wesley
laughed at Lilah's futile efforts to evade his piss and he lowered himself.
He squatted over her face and let out something he had been holding onto for
some time now. Lilah screamed in rage and humiliation as Wesley farted on her
face. She breathed the foul stench of his fart. Right on her face!

"How do you like that?" Wesley said.

Lilah Morgan furiously struggled in her bonds. Wesley's hairy ass filled her
vision. He appeared to be doing something. He was grunting like crazy. She
thought he was getting ready for another fart and readied herself for another
stench-filled moment. She closed her eyes since she could not close her
mouth. Something wet and sticky dropped onto her face. She gasped. Wesley was
taking a dump on her! He was shitting on her face!!!

Outraged beyond what she could take, Lilah Morgan struggled. She found new
strength and tried, in vain to break out of her bonds. She tried to turn her
face away from the shit dropping out of Wesley's asshole but the pincers and
ropes held her face into place and her mouth was open. She prayed that
nothing fell onto her mouth. Droppings fell on her cheek, and another on her
chin. A slippery piece of crap fell on her ear. Maybe none would fall into
her mouth after all. No such luck! Wesley kept taking a dump on her face and
a piece of shit fell... right into her mouth! Lilah screamed in outrage. More
scat fell into her mouth and soon her mouth was filled with Wesley's shit.
He grabbed her long black hair and used it to wipe his ass.

"You're not good for nothing after all."he said. He cleaned himself up,
wiping his ass using her hair.

Lilah Morgan, with her mouth full of crap couldn't take it anymore. She felt
tears well up in her eyes. She tried to fight them back and, blinking in
disgust, she swallowed Wesley's shit. She would not give this woman-hating
bastard the satisfaction of seeing her weep. He caressed her belly in a
gentle gesture.

"You have such pretty skin." he said.

Wesley got up and left. He came back not long after. He came back with a bowl
of water and some towels. He methodically cleaned up Lilah's body until she
was clean.

"What do you want to do to me now, freak?" Lilah asked. Even though her body
was bruised and battered, there was some defiance in her eyes.

"I just can't break you, can I?" Wesley said. "Don't worry, I'll get there."

He took a towel and used it to blindfold her. Lilah Morgan felt truly
helpless now that she could not see her maniacal tormentor. A few moments
later, she heard his footsteps. He came back. She felt sleek hands touching
her. Rubbing some kind of liquid on her. She smelled blood. She also heard
something heavy and metallic fall down around her. Wesley took off the
blindfolds. Lilah looked and saw that there was a cage around her now. She
was separated from her tormentor by steel bars. Wesley was walking around
her. She saw that he had loaded dozens of small cages into the room.

"What's all this ?" she asked.

Wesley looked at her. There was a brief sadness in his face, replaced by
maniacal glee. "Lilah Morgan," he said in a solemn voice. "I am a man, just
what God made me. No more and no less. I thought that I could teach you a
lesson in manners." he paused for effect.

Lilah heard the sounds of animalistic noises coming from the cages and she
felt a shiver down her spine. "What's in those cages?" she asked.

Wesley went on. "A man can only do his best." he said. "I thought that if I
taught you to respect people, then you might become a productive member of
society instead of a man-hating feminist whore." he sighed. "Apparently, I
was wrong." He rubbed his hands together. "Sometimes, no matter how depraved
a man may be, he is incapable of certain things."

"You want to make me feel like I am under your power?" Lilah screamed. "You
want to conquer me, take me by force?" she glared at him. "Come on, Wesley.
Be a man. Take the pussy." she taunted him.

"What neither man nor God can do is bring civilized behavior into women."
Wesley said. "But perhaps this is a job for neither Man nor God." he said.
"Perhaps when a woman has a had a taste of the beast, she will return to
Man and thus to God." he said.

Lilah looked at Wesley. He smiled at her.

"I am not a Rapist nor am I a killer." he said. "Those things are acquired
tastes and I haven't acquired them, nor do I wish to."

He walked away from her. Lilah felt cold sweat run down her body. She
struggled in her bonds. The steel bindings held. She heard the threatening
growls of many animals. Wesley picked up a rope that was on the floor and
yanked it. The rope was attached to the door of the dozens of small cages.
Lilah saw what was inside and her mind went numb. Rats, she thought. She
was looking at dozens of rats, not the tiny house variety but the enormous
black rats that lived in the sewers. She knew at once what he had in mind
for her but refused to believe it.

"No, Wesley, don't." she said. She began to beg for her life. "I'll do
anything." she said.

Wesley shook his head. "I'm afraid that time is passed," he told her. "A man
would not beg for mercy. It's unmasculine and unbecoming. If you are a true
feminist and want equality with men, then do as a man would and accept your
fate." said Wesley in a steely voice.

"But I'm not a man." she said pathetically.

Wesley smiled. "I will nevertheless treat you like one," he told her. "My
friends the rats have not been fed in over a week." he said. "They're about
to have a long-awaited meal."

Wesley smiled maniacally at Lilah and the woman's eyes widened. He pulled
the rope one more time and the cages sprang open. Dozens of rats came out of
the first cages. Dozens more came out of the remaining cages. At first, they
were surprised to find themselves outside and took on their surroundings.
They smelled the blood and their beady little eyes went to the woman in the

"No!" Lilah screamed.

The ravenous black rats rushed toward the lawyer in the cage. They were
famished and driven wild by the scent of blood. Lilah struggled in her bonds.
She could not free herself. The mass of black rats came at her. They bit her.
They chewed through her flesh as she screamed like a banshee. She struggled
against them but there were too many of them. Even as they chewed through her
flesh, she fought back. They soon covered her.

Wesley watched. Underneath the mass of rats, the female lawyer was still
struggling. Her screams filled the room. After awhile, she stopped struggling
and lay still. The rats feasted on her flesh. All that could be heard in the
basement was the sound of biting and chewing.

Wesley walked out of the basement. He had hidden lots of explosives all over
the place and leveled it. There was nothing left of the woman that Lilah
Morgan had been, or of the rats that feasted on her flesh. Wesley Wyndham
Pryce walked away from the place. He felt satisfied, like a man feels after
a job well done.

He took the bus back to east L.A. where Angel Investigations was located.
Wesley Wyndham Pryce walked into the door. As Wesley headed toward home, he
once again calmed down and his dark other personality receded to his deepest
inner mind and let out his normal self. The "normal" Wesley was back. He had
no recollections of anything that happened over the past few hours. All he
remembered was going to Wolfram & Hart, encountering Lilah and finding the
documents... oh, well. He had them in his hand so he assumed all was well.
He had been having a lot of black-outs lately. Maybe he should go to the

He found his friends gathered around the meeting hall. A tall, dark-haired
man in a black leather coat. Angel, the Vampire With A Soul. A pretty
brunette in a business suit. Cordelia Chase. A tall young African-american
male. Charles Gunn. A slender young woman with horn-rimmed glasses. Winifred
the Scientist aka "Fred".

"Hey, Wesley." said Fred. She came to him and gave him a hug. Wesley smiled.
"We were worried about you." she said.

She sounded so sincere. Who could tell with women? Wesley was surprised by
his own thoughts. Fred offered him a cup of coffee and he refused it. In
corporate America, asking a woman to get you some coffee could be considered
grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit. Just another example of the crazy
times people lived in. Fred looked sad. Wesley didn't care.

"What's the plan for the documents?" Wesley asked Angel.

Cordelia looked at Wesley. "We fight the bad guys." she said.

Wesley stared at her. "I asked Angel." he told her. "Not you."

Cordelia looked at Wesley, shocked. She came closer to him. Wesley's whole
body tensed. His fists clenched. Gunn stepped in between them.

"Guys, the man is tired."

He touched Wesley's shoulder. Wesley found Gunn's touch offensive. Who did
this nigger think he was? He smiled at both Gunn and Cordelia. "Yeah, I am
tired." he said. He thought privately that he was tired of them all.

Angel looked at Wesley. "You okay?" he asked.

Wesley nodded and got himself some coffee. He climbed up the stairs, heading
toward the exit. "The file contains everything you want." he said.

"Where are you going?" asked Fred.

Wesley turned and looked at her coldly. "Out." he said.

He was gone.

A few minutes later, a terrifying explosion rocked the entire east side of
Los Angeles. The police came around. They went in. All they found were the
remnants of the bodies of two Caucasian women, a black man and a
suspicious-looking pile of dust. All that remained of Cordelia Chase,
Winifred, Gunn and the legendary vampire Angel. The police had no leads as
to who destroyed the old hotel or why. They blamed it on gang violence.

A man stood not too far away from the explosions and the police and
ambulances. A tall, slim man in a dark coat. Wesley Wyndham Pryce. Or,
rather, his Misanthropic alter ego. Master P.

"A job well done." he told himself. He walked away. He drove into the
streets of Los Angeles. He went to downtown L.A. and saw the law offices of
Wolfram & Hart. He smiled to himself. Before he took on Wolfram & Hart, he
would need to consolidate his power. He took an ancient tome known as the
Book of Powers. He wwent to the top of a high and began to recite passages
and incantations from the book.

Above him, thunder roared in the heavens. Mystical forces were awakened. Dark

"Give me the power that is mine!" Wesley shouted in an ancient language.
"And let me rule this world in your name."

Almost immediately, something that vaguely ressembled lightning fell from the
skies. It struck the body of the man known as Wesley Wyndham Pryce. Mystical
energies entered his body and filled him up. Arcane powers, some older than
this world whirled about in the air. The man screamed as incredible powers
pierced his body and flew about around him. The feeling was unlike anything
he had ever seen before. The power filled him up. Wesley screamed until the
incredible sensations died down.

Wesley Wyndham Pryce looked at the world. He still looked the same. A new
power resided inside him, though. He walked away from the park. He saw the
world with the eyes of something old and powerful. He could feel the power
inside him. He willed himself into one of the places he despised the most.
A night club. A night club! The place was packed, filled with young men and
women. They were young and nubile creatures. Wesley had always despised
clubs. They allowed women to come in at the age of eighteen while the men
had to be at least twenty one. If the situation had been reversed, women
would have sued the night club for age and gender discrimination. Since this
was discrimination against men, it was okay. Wesley sighed. Ah, the horrors
of living in a Misandry-filled culture controlled by the wicked Feminazis.
He was vaguely aware that every female in the club and some of the males
were looking at him. They could not see the power he had but their instincts
did. The power that lived inside him had been around for a long time. Once,
it ruled the world and men and women bowed to it. The conscious minds of the
men and women inside the night club could not fathom of what they looked at
but their primal instincts and baser natures remembered it well.

It was....their master.

Wesley ordered a drink and the bartender hastily complied. Wesley watched the
scene. He was approached by several women, but had not yet seen anyone he
fancied. Not that women mattered at all to him, or that men mattered for that
matter. Men and women meant nothing to him. He was approached by something he
found rather pleasing to the eye. A tall young woman with long black hair and
pale green eyes. Her skin was dark bronze. She was athletic, with nice, round
and cone-shaped breasts. Her waist was slim. Her ass was nice and round. A
Latina's booty. Wesley smiled at her. She came to him.

"My name is Nisa." she told him. "What's yours?"

He looked at her. "I am your Master." he said.

She smiled. "What are your wishes, master?"

Wesley smiled. "Follow me." he told her.

They went into a darkened room. She stood facing him. He looked at her. She
was stripped naked. He admired her beautiful sexy body. He communicated his
wish to her and she complied. She went on her hands and knees and took his
cock into her hands. She started to lick his cock and balls and then sucked
him off. Wesley looked at her as she sucked his cock. She was not that bad
of a cocksucker. She accidentally nipped his skin and he gasped. He felt no
pain and he was not hurt. Yet he felt something. His body had become
invulnerable. He continued to fuck her mouth until he came. She drank all
of his come.

"Did I do it well, master?" she asked him.

"Yes." he told her. "Now get on all fours."

She complied. He parted her delicious butt cheeks and rubbed his cock against
her ass. He slid his cock inside her ass. She grunted when he entered her
ass. She was so damn tight. Wesley pushed past the resistance and started to
fuck her ass. She whimpered. She was a backdoor virgin. He continued to fuck
her. Nice and hard thrusts deep inside her tight asshole. He was taking a
beautiful young woman's anal virginity and loving it. He continued to fuck
her, loving the feel of a tight ass around his cock. He came and filled her
ass with his come. She screamed as his hot seed entered her. Wesley pulled
out of her ass. She turned around and licked his cock clean. He dismissed her
right after. She put her clothes on and walked away like the bitch she was.

Wesley willed himself elsewhere. He was at the top of a building adjacent
from Wolfram & Hart. He looked at the law firm. A lot of power, both legal
and magical resided in there and he wanted some for himself. He would take
over the place tomorrow. For now, he would have some fun. He leapt into the
air and soared through the heavens under his own power. Wesley smiled to
himself. He was enjoying his powers. Flight and Invulnerability, along with
the Power of Persuasion over any man or woman on the planet. He would become
the master of this world and the men and women living in it would obey him.
First, he would conquer the supernatural forces, starting with Wolfram &


Something moved underneath the pile of rubble. Something that had remained
hidden while the cops and firefighters were around. A tall man emerged from
the pile. He was bruised and broken but alive...well, undead anyway. His
name was Angel. The vampire with a soul. He had just witnessed the death of
his friends. He was not a happy camper. He felt sad and angry. He felt alone
in the world as he looked at the devastation caused by whoever bombed him
and his friends. He thanked God that his friend Wesley had made it out in
time. Angel had suspects in mind as far as whoever just bombed his place
and killed his friends. Chief among them was Wolfram & Hart. Angel would
find Wesley and together they would have their revenge against the firm.

To be continued...


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