Angel: Lights, Camera, Damnation! Part 6 (troll/f,ncon,torture)
by Pred ([email protected])

"Well, this is it, Ms. Chase," Scratch swept his hand through air and twirled
around. "This is where we make the magic." He indicated the empty set,
filled with weird, futuristic-looking torture devices.

"Oh, goody," Cordelia's voice dripped with sarcasm. "I'm going to be a movie
star." She looked at the skeleton crew of two demonic-looking cameramen and
a grip that looked like a troll.

"You don't seem very enthusiastic," Scratch observed with a wry smile.
"Hardly the kind of attitude I'd expect from a girl who's just about to get
her first break."

"The only thing that's about to break around here is your head," Cordelia
spat back defiantly. "Um... guys, ANY TIME NOW!"

"Obviously you think someone is at the other end of that microphone you have
hidden in your handbag," Scratch laughed. "Well, who is it, Ms. Chase. Just
who exactly is your cavalry? Funny, I don't seem to see them busting down
the door and saving the day."

"Oh, you just wait," Cordelia tried her best to sound brave. "They just want
to make a dramatic entrance. I am an actress, you know..."

"Come now, Ms. Chase," Scratch jeered. "You're no more an actress than I'm
one of Jerry's Kids."

Before Scratch could react, Cordelia lashed out with a sharp blow across his
face. "Don't EVER make fun of the handicapped!" she hissed. "And I am so an
actress!" she added, kicking the demon in the nuts and doubling him over.
"I'm the Ponds Hand Cream Girl, and pretty soon the world will see the rest
of me, too."

"I don't know who you are, cunt!" Scratch snarled, his human form giving way
to his demonic visage. "But you're dead!" He lunged at her, and Cordelia
wasn't fast enough to avoid his hands. He grabbed her by her hair and swung
her around in a dizzying circle before hurling her against a table.

Cordelia's body crumbled in a heap. Her side had struck the edge of the
table at full force, knocking the wind out of her and possibly rupturing a
kidney. She tried to fight her consciousness through the dark haze obscuring
her vision, but she felt herself slipping into the darkness.

Scratch's razor sharp clothes shredded her form-fitting black dress, exposing
her toned statuesque body, which was still scarred from the werewolf attack
the night before. "Are you getting all this?" Scratch asked his cameramen as
he lifted Cordelia's limp body and exposed her naked, bruised skin for a full

With her last vestiges of strength, Cordlia tried to squirm away from his
pincer-like grip. But the demon only shook her like a ragdoll, his razor
claws biting into her tit flesh and drawing blood. While she moaned, he
licked the crimson moisture from his fingers and winked at the camera. "It's
playtime," he cackled.

He hoisted her body up onto the table. Pinning her on her back, he smiled as
shackles emerged from the tabletop and locked around her wrists and ankles.
"Spread her legs," Scratch ordered the table, and the shackles complied,
splaying her thighs as wide as they could go. Scratch then turned around
and pointed to the trollish prop man. "The hellfire ants," he snapped.

The troll appeared a moment later with a dark black canister, which he handed
to Scratch. Scratch took the can, unfastened the lid and showed Cordelia the

Thousands of red, glowing ants teemed in the hollow darkness of the can.
Cordelia screamed as Scratch poured them on her belly. Each leg of each ant
seared her flesh as they swarmed across her tanned, tender flesh. Half of
the ants worked their way up her torso to her mouth, while the others headed
south, towards her other exposed orifices. Cordelia had never experienced
such utter, soul extinguishing terror in her whole life. The pain itself was
unbearable, but the knowledge that these foul, fiendish bugs were going to
invade her body was unbearable.

"Get her face!" Scratch told the cameraman. "I want to see every moment...
every soul shattering sensation." He turned back to Cordelia. "These little
babies will devour you from the inside out, Ms. Chase, and you will stay
conscious the entire while. The ordeal can sometimes last days, and you
will never grow numb or pass out. You will see, feel and experience every
excruciating second."

"Please... kill me..." Cordelia heard herself pleading. "Please just kill

"Eventually, my dear," Scratch mocked her. "Eventually. First I want to
hear you beg some more. Now who's your daddy?" he chucked her chin. "Who's
your little snuggums wuggums?"

"Arrggkkkrhhhhhh!" Cordelia screeched.

"Say you love Satan!" Scratch teased her.

"ACCCKKHHGGHH!" Cordelia gagged as the hellfire ants assaulted her clenched
mouth, burrowing between her lips and into her gums. "AHHHRRGGGHH!" she
howled, unable to keep her jaws locked and allowing the hellfire ants to
march blindly into her gasping, gagging mouth. "OOOWWWGGHHFFF!" she wailed
when she felt the rest of the ants begin their assault on her labia and
sphincter. The fire in their tiny legs was now creeping into every tender,
frazzled nerve in her succulent flesh.

The pain was all-consuming and unrelenting that she expected to die at any
moment. But she was to have no such mercy. Each agonizing, terrorizing
second stretched on for an eternity of tortuous anguish. The ants were in
her womb, her intestines, her stomach, her lungs - every last corner of her
being, and they were devouring her, morsel by morsel, atom by atom. And
instead of growing inured to the devastation, each second's assault grew
more intense, the torment more acute.

"Can I have a piece of that?" the trollish grip asked Scratch.

"It's all yours," Scratch nodded.

Cordelia could only shriek as the tiny demon climbed on the table, a spiked
cock almost the exact size of a beer can looming before the lips of her
infested pussy. "I never raped a cunt filled with hellfire ants before," he
spat in Cordelia's face. "I hear it makes for one helluva ride." He jabbed
his spiked troll-dick into her infested snatch and barreled into her womb,
shoving even more ants deep inside her flat, tanned tummy.

Her body twitched and writhed with every new, and even more horrific
violation. She could feel the lights from the cameras burning her brow. She
was finally going to be a star. * PLEASE JUST LET ME DIE! * she howled to
herself as the ants burrowed deeper into her soul.

"Oh, fuck, that's good," the troll pressed his putrid lips to Cordelia's, and
she helplessly felt his spiny tongue stroke at her own tongue. "Your fucking
pussy is so hot and wet, you little cunt. That's it. keep jerking your body
like that. You have no idea how good that feels on my cock."

Cordelia tried to fight the familiar urges that now began bucking at her
hips. It was always the same when her cunt tasted infernal cock. It felt
SOOOOOO good. It eviscerated her, bored a hole in her being, then filled it
with an all-consuming fire. She felt her thighs spread even wider, her hips
begin pounding her pelvis hard into the troll's thrusting, spiked cock.

The troll's unbelievable thickness was stretching her to inhuman dimensions,
and his spiny spikes tore at her every exposed nerve in her cunt. It was
like being fucked by a French tickler dipped in LSD. Every thrust brought a
new rush of agonizing nightmares and ecstatic visions. The hellfire ants
featsing at her insides only heightened the cosmic, orgasmic spasms ripping
through her belly and igniting her soul.

Cordelia Chase was being TURNED once and for all. She'd tasted demon-rape
twice before, and nearly escpaed with her human soul intact. But this time
it was different. This time she was ready to surrender that last small shred
of humanity in her wounded soul. All she wanted now was demon-cock. Even if
she died a second later, at least her last moments would be filled the
indescribable ecstasy of demon-cock obliterating her pathetic humanity.

"Come on, you fucking troll!" she snarled, her soul scant moments away from
complete demonic possession. "FUCK ME! FUCK ME TO HELL!" She bucked her
hips up meet the troll's thrust, but she suddenly felt his body go limp and
collapse on top of her. "NOOO!" she howled, somehow instinctively knowing
who had cut her orgasmic thrill ride short.

The troll was lifted off her body, and Angel stared into her eyes.


"You don't want to do this, Cordelia," Angel tried to speak calmly to her.

"HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WANT, YOU DICKLESS LOSER," Cordelia's teeth gnashed.

"You have to fight it," Angel continued. "You can't let the demon inside
you. You have to fight it..."

"She's mine now, you pathetic excuse for a vampire," Scratch emerged from the
shadows brandishing super-soaker squirt gun and a sharp wooden stake. "Now
back off!" He blasted a jet of water at Angel, and it burned against the
vampire's exposed skin.

Angel leaped backwards to avoid another stream of what he now knew was Holy

"That's it, Scratachy," Cordelia hissed. "Fry his lame, vampire ass."

"That's not you talking, Cordelia," Angel kept at her. "That's not even you
feeling. That's a demon who's trying to possess you. You have to fight him,
Cordelia. Think of everything you've experienced... remember Sunnydale...
remember all your friends..."

As Cordelia Chase felt the demon seeping into the last few recesses of her
soul, a vision suddenly flashed across her mind. It was the face of Xander
Harris, his mouth curled in mockery. "What a surprise," she heard him say.
"Cordelia Chase possessed by an evil demon. Anybody here able to tell the

* Fuck you, Xander Harris, * she hissed at the vision. * When I return
triumphantly to Sunnydale, I will feast on your broken heart! * Her body
shook with rage, her mind fixated on the image of Xander, Willow, Giles, Oz
and, of course, little Miss Perfect Slayer herself, Buffy. * I'll show you.
I'll show you all! * Suddenly a cold, visible calm passed over Cordelia's
trembling, naked body.

"Sunnydale?" she spit at Angel. "Friends? They were never my FREINDS," she
spit in Angel's eye again. "They were all jealous of me. Just like you.
I'm better than all of you, and now I'm going to prove it." She looked up at
Scratch. "Let me up," she hissed. "Let me up so I can rip his fucking heart
out and shove it down his fucking little oh-I'm-so-tortured-pity-me throat.
I'll show you pain, you self-righteous bastard. I'll show you a whole
universe of pain."

"This could be very interesting," Scratch snapped his fingers, the shackles
withdrew, and Cordelia sprang off the table.

"Give me the stake," Cordelia snarled at Scratch. "When I'm done killing
him, we're going to bump uglies over his cold, rotten corpse."

"Can't pass up an offer like that," Scratch handed Cordelia the stake. She
whirled around to face Angel.

"Come here, pretty boy," she mocked him. "I'm a demon now, so you have to
try and kill me. Come on! Or are you afraid of me?"

Angel cocked his head to the side and his vampire visage appeared. "I was
really hoping this could have turned out differently, Cordelia. I really
thought we could be... friends..."

"When I'm done with you, I think I'll bop on down to Sunnydale and see all
my old friends - Willow, Xander, Giles, Miss Calender..."

* Miss Calender, * Angel stopped at the name.

"...and of course Buffy," Cordelia prattled on. "Won't they all be so glad
to see their friend, Cordelia. They'd never ever think poor stupid Cordy is
there to kill them. SURPRISE!"

Angel moved in now. Doyle, who had just finished disposing of the two
cameramen, now thrust himself in front of Angel. "No, you can't..."

"Out of my way," Angel shoved Doyle hard to the floor. "This isn't Cordelia
anymore. She has to die."

"Come closer, come closer, said the spider to the fly," Cordelia snarled,
waving the stake before Angel's glowering eyes. Angel was now within
striking distance. One blow to his midsection, and she could kill the
unkillable vampire. She poised her hand, cocked her arm, then suddenly at
the last second spun around. The stake stabbed straight into Scratch's
midsection, and she drove it down hard. "Oh, I was ACTING," she threw up
her hands and stepped out of the way. "He's all yours now," she nodded to
Angel. "My work is done here."

Angel smiled, gave Scratch a double karate chop on both sides of his neck.
There was a vicious crackling sound, and then Angel tore off the demon's
head with a savage fury.

"You're not..." Doyle looked at Cordelia in dumbfounded awe.

"Of course not," Cordelia snapped. "What do you think I am, some kind of
loser. Now get these creepy ant thingies out of me! NOW!" she gave him her
demonic voice.

Doyle picked up the black canister that had originally housed the hellfire
ants and opened it again. The rim of the can glowed, and a cylinder of light
emerged. It bathed Cordelia, and an instant later all the hellfire ants
began scurrying out of her mouth, pussy and asshole. Doyle set the can on
the ground, and within a minute's time it was filled with every last demonic

"EWWWWWWWWWW!" Cordelia shook her body and flapped her arms about like a
madwoman. "Again... EWWWWWW!" she repeated the spastic ritual while Angel
and Doyle watched in fascination.

"You knew she was faking?" Doyle asked the vampire. "How the hell did you

"I didn't... really," Angel's face had returned to its human form. "It was
something she said, the name Miss Calender. Jenny Calender was from the
gypsy tribe that cursed me, gave me back my soul. I killed her. There was
no way Cordelia could have forgotten that. I guessed she was trying to give
me some kind of message, and I just had to... trust her."

"Pretty Gwyneth, if I do say so myself," Cordelia smiled to herself. She
suddenly realized she was naked and her partners were gawking at her body
again. "Um... do you mind?"

"Sorry," Angel looked away with a grin and started scrounging around the set
for something Cordelia could wear.

"I just don't know how the hell you did it," Doyle was still shaking his
head. "I've been around a long time, and I've never seen anyone resist that
kind of possession... EVER," he added for emphasis. "How the hell did you do

"Negative b plus or minus the old square root of b squared," Cordelia started
humming to herself, "...minus 4 a c and you put the whole thing over 2 times

"What the hell does that mean?" Doyle pressed her.

"Negative b plus or minus the old square root of b squared," Cordelia
repeated the annoying song again, "...minus 4 a c and you put the whole thing
over 2 times a..."

"You're nuts, lass. You know that? Nuts." He shook his head and backed
away as Cordelia approached him, mindlessly repeating the Quadratic Formula
song over and over again. "GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME, you crazy loon," he
shouted, scrambling up the stairs to escape her.

"Here," Angel tossed her what appeared to be one of the costumes from
Scratch's wardrobe department - a set of loose fitting, pale blue scrubs.
"Their not Versace', but I think they'll do in a pinch."

"Thanks," she smiled at him. "Around," she suddenly scowled and twirled her
finger in a circle.

Angel nodded and turned around. "You know, Buffy once told me never to
underestimate you. I'm glad I listened to her, because I really could have
killed you back there."

"But you wouldn't have," Cordelia replied in her cocky, sing-songy voice.

"And why is that?"

"Because I would have killed you first." She finished dressing and flicked
the back of Angel's hair. "Negative b plus or minus the old square root of b
squared," Cordelia started the song again and skipped up the stairs,
"...minus 4 a c and you put the whole thing over 2 times a..."

Angel listened to her voice fade, and then let the silence settle over him.
He looked at the bodies of the dead demons and smiled. Gabrielle was safe
now with Kate down at the police station. The poor girl had lost her mother
and father, but she was alive, and she wasn't a vampire, and that was a good

What had Spike yelled to him, that he was a killer and could never be a
savior...? Angel nodded his head slowly. Well, maybe he wasn't a savior.
Maybe that wasn't the point. Maybe it was all about the small victories.
Maybe that's how the war was won. Maybe that's what would eventually heal
his soul and finally give him peace.

"Negative b plus or minus the old square root of b squared..." Suddenly
Cordelia's annoying song and even more annoying singing voice started
reverberating through his mind. "...minus 4 a c and you put the whole thing
over 2 times a..." He tried to shake it off, but the tune had possessed him,
droning on over and over again. He heard the demon inside him howling to be
let out. He smiled and walked up the stairs.



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