Angel: Lights, Camera, Damnation! Part 4 (werewolves/f,ncon)
by Pred ([email protected])

"Um... Angel?! Doyle?!" Cordelia called into the front door of the house.
Yellow police tape covered the doorway, and she could only open the door a
crack. The door was unlocked, so she knew someone had to be there. The
police just didn't leave crime scenes unlocked. There were no cars around
Anthony Gabriel's bungalow, though. So maybe Angel and Doyle hadn't arrived
yet. * Well, standing out here is just going to get me in trouble, *
Cordelia Chase thought to herself. She opened the door as far as it would
go without breaking the tape, and then she slithered in the door crack

The house was dark and poorly furnished. There was a chalk outline on the
floor where she imagined Anthony Gabriel had been slain. There was lots of
blood, too. * Definitely vampires... * she analyzed the scene and tried to
step further into the room without touching or disturbing anything.

Shuffle... shuffle...

The sound of footsteps crossed the ceiling above her. "So you are here,"
she shook her head and sprinted up the stairs. "I got here as fast as I
could, but the traffic on the San..." she stopped when she reached the top
of the stairs. Five leather-clad werewolves snarled at her. "Okay," she
tried to smile. "Down boys... good doggies..."

The leader of the pack crouched and sprang at her. Cordelia tried to run
back down the stairs, but the werewolf's jaws clamped on her leg and wrestled
her to the ground. These werewolves were even bigger and uglier than Oz, who
had been Sunnydale's resident werewolf and the only such creature Cordelia
had ever seen up that moment.

In a split second, the whole pack was on her, their claws ripping at her
Tommy Hilfiggers, their slavering tongues and sharp teeth finding every naked
inch of her toned, tanned body. She'd been mauled and assaulted by demons
once before... *Nooo... * she howled to herself. Images of the snarling
faces burned across her mind, joined by body memories of the pain and shame
she'd felt during that assault. It had taken place two years prior, and a
demon named Legion had raped her in front of Xander. Worse yet, she'd been
fucked into a gurgling, babbling oblivion. The demon had raped her so well,
that she'd begged him to violate her further. * NEVER! NOT AGAIN! * she
screamed to herself. "NOOOOO!" she shrieked aloud and kicked with all her

But her struggle was useless. The werewolves were inhumanly strong. They
pinned her like an insect to the floor. "EWWWW...!" She felt a long, hairy
tube brush against her cheek, and when she looked up she vomited. One of
the werewolves had taken out its hard, hairy... EWWWW... and was now rubbing
it across her bawling lips. She heard more zippers launch into the down
position, and caught the sight of more bestial cocks snap to attention in the
twilight. She retched when the werewolf's hairy, hard cock tore through her
gasping lips. The werewolf rutted about in her mouth, squishing the vomit
back down her throat as it brutally humped her tonsils.

Claws tore into her thighs and lower stomach as she kicked about in a mad
frenzy. She felt her silk panties stretch and tear, thoroughly exposing her
totally vulnerable pussy. Werewolf tongues panted and lapped at her labia,
which -- much to her horror and shame -- quickly moistened into an inviting

Sharp teeth sunk into the warm, firm flesh of her aerobicized tits. Lapping,
panting tongues teased her nipples into jetting flesh bullets. She retched
some more over the hairy beast-cock slamming into her windpipe. Claws bit
into her flat tummy, as the werewolf removed his tongue from her pussy. He
barked and then pressed the head of his hairy were-cock into her sopping wet

She swiveled her hips out of the way, and the were-dick butted against her
thigh. More claws ripped into her tummy. She tried to squirm away, but she
was pinned down. "Ngggllhh," her muffled cries elicited more barking from
her were-rapists. Unable to move at all now, she felt the beast's hairy
cock-head once more slice into her mound. This time the were-dick slid in
easily. The werewolf let loose a howl of triumph. The were-prick hunching
her mouth suddenly fired a volley of hot were-spunk down her throat. She
heaved again, but the werewolf kept on humping and pumping its foul issue
deep into her esophagus.

The werewolf mounting her had managed to butt his entire hairy cock inside
her sopping cunt. She shrieked when he stuffed the last few inches in,
forcing inside the softball-sized knot that graced the end of his beasthood.
Her cunt walls instinctively contracted about the huge bulb, locking her
pussy to the beast's savage fury. He sank his canines into her throat and
shook her head like a ragdoll as he ravaged her tight, hot cunt with a rabid

Another were-cock now stabbed into her gasping, retching mouth, and more
teeth and tongues worked over her tender, toned tit-flesh. One werewolf bit
into her breast and shook it back and forth like a chew toy. * Oh, yeah... *
she howled to herself despite her utter agony. * It's happening again. Just
like the last time. Ohhhh... please... please... * "YESS!!" she gasped when
the werewolf in her throat let up for an instant. "Oh FUCK, YESS!"

She hated herself, hated her body, her mind, her soul. She was being
savagely raped by monsters, and all she could do now was wrap her thighs
tightly around the beast violating her and urge him onto more savage,
furious strokes. Her tummy tightened, and then her whole lower body
seemed to explode and gush out her ravaged pussy lips. She was cumming
in a tidal wave, just like the last time she'd been demonically raped.

She sucked on the were-dick shoved in her throat with a predatory hunger.
Cordelia Chase was hungry for more cum, more demonic cum. She bucked about
wildly, riding the crest of her climax to a succession of multiple cum-quakes
that frazzled every nerve ending in her succulent, statuesque body.

"Arrrooooo!" the werewolf buried deep in her pussy howled as he spurted jet
after jet of scalding were-cum deep into her belly. The werewolf in her
mouth fired, too, and her insides were now drenched with infernal cum. It
seeped into her every pore. Her entire being drank it in like nectar. She
humped her body furiously into the beasts, trying to drain every last drop
of were-splooge from their hairy, pulsing were-dicks.

"Oorrgghh," the werewolf in her mouth suddenly yelped. She felt his weight
lifted off her head. The werewolf in her pussy made a similar sound. She
felt his were-knot being torn from her tight cunt. Her skin shredded around
his hairy shaft as it was yanked from her aching womb.

CRASH!! CRASH!! The sounds of struggle clanged in her ears, and through the
rape haze she could make out dark figures engaged in combat. She caught a
glint of teeth and the demonic visage of Angel tearing a werewolf's hairy
limbs from its howling bodies. Then, with a clamber of scurrying paws, the
beasts were gone. An eerie, preternatural calm descended over the scene.

Cordelia looked into Angel's eyes. They glowered with an infernal fire, and
his teeth gnashed like castanets. The bestial vampire looked ready to spring
on her, to tear into her supple, succulent body and ravage what remained of
her soul.

"Come and get it..." Cordelia heard herself hiss. Unable to control the
lusts ignited by the werewolves, the ravishing brunette spread her slender,
muscular thighs as wide as she could. She licked her fingers and strummed
them across her inflamed clitoris before she parted the pink petals of her
sopping, bloody cunt lips. "COME ON, you vampire bastard!" she egged the
demon on, frustrated at his stillness. "TAKE ME!"

At that moment, Cordelia Chase desired nothing more in the universe than to
be taken and savagely obliterated by the gruesome, hunky demon. She noticed
the bulge in his tight pants press against the denim crotch. She licked her
lips, imagining the fierce, unrelenting demonhood threatening to tear through
the rough fabric. She saw herself stuffed completely and brutally. Her cunt
ached to be skewered, the vampires hard hellish cock impaling her wetness
like a sharp stake.

"You asked for it, WHORE!" he spit in Cordelia's face, leaning over slowly
and resting his fangs against her throat. Then he paused.

"Do it..." Cordelia gasped.

"No!" the voice and the cross came from nowhere. Doyle's face appeared
through the twilight. The enigmatic half-demon brandished the crucifix in
Angels' eyes, and the vampire suddenly scurried away. "No!" Doyle repeated
as Angel started again momentarily. "NO!" Doyle's last ultimatum did the
trick, and in an instant the vampire had reverted back to his human-looking

"I'm..." Angel's face was contorted with anguish. "What did I almost... I
don't know what..." he stammered, trying to regain complete control of the
bloodlust that raged through him.

"Don't get all tortured..." Cordelia gasped, the fire searing her cunt now
subsiding into a warm afterglow. "I was kind of asking for it..." She felt
nauseous when she considered what had almost transpired, what she had almost
brought upon herself. "Now I know what that whole 'moment of absolute
happiness' thing was all about," she mused aloud. "If Buffy set you off,
imagine what I would have done to you."

"Cordelia, I didn't mean to .. you have to believe me," Angel was actually
crying, his whole body shaking with tears. "You have to..."

"You've still got a demon inside you, mate," Doyle slowly slipped the
crucifix back into his belt. "No one ever said this kind of thing was going
to be easy."

"But I almost... I almost..."

"Forget it," Cordelia snapped. "Now could someone get me some clothes." She
glared at both Angel and Doyle.

Angel jumped up and ran into one of the bedrooms. Cordelia looked around and
spotted one of the werewolves bloodied, broken and in a heap at the bottom of
the stairwell. Doyle followed her eyes and spotted the gasping beast-man as
well. He slowly descended the stairs, a silver dagger drawn.

The werewolf appeared to be halfway between his human and beast form. He
was alternating between howling and sobbing. Doyle thrust the silver dagger
before his eyes, and the werewolf cringed. "You got some answers for me.
Pooch?" he asked. "Or do I gut ya right here?"

"Go to hell .." The werewolf stopped short when he felt the cold silver nick
the skin of his neck.

"You got three seconds, pooch," Doyle snarled. "Three, two, one..."

"Mr. Scratch sent us here," the werewolf gasped.

"That's the head of H.R. Snuff'n'stuff," Cordelia called down the stairs.
"The agency where I tracked the Gabriels."

"I know who he is," Doyle answered. "I had another vision." He turned back
to the werewolf. "Why did Scratch send you here?" He rested the blade of
the dagger at the bottom of the werewolf's rib cage.

"Old man Gabriel has the girl's birth certificate and other records. Scratch
told us to get the stuff... no matter what."


"I don't know," the werewolf shook his head, almost totally human now. "He
does that with all the girls he recruits. He can make it so that they never
even existed."

"Did you get the papers?" Doyle asked.

"We'd just found them when the cunt interrupted us," the werewolf hissed.
"We smelled some fresh pussy, so we went for it. The papers are still

Cordelia and Angel now descended the stairs. Cordelia was dressed in sweats
and a tee-shirt. She looked almost comical clacking down the steps in her

"Did you catch any of that?" Doyle asked Angel.

"Most of it," the vampire nodded. "I'll go up and get the papers. See what
else he knows."

"You heard the man," Doyle waved the silver dagger in the werewolf's eyes
again. "Spill it."

"They're shooting a scene with the girl tonight," the werewolf gasped. Angel
stopped on the stairs and turned back down.

"He's right," Cordelia added. "They invited me to be in the test shoot, too.
That's what I was TRYING to tell you on the phone. But know, you needed me
to get here right away..."

"I didn't know..." Angel interrupted her. His expression was still
anguished. "This is all my fault. They could be killing her right now."

"Not tonight," the werewolf shook his head. "They want to get some scenes
out of the cunt first. Then they'll either snuff her or vamp her, like they
did to that Gelman cunt."

"Sarah Marie Gelman?" Cordelia was shocked. "Oh my God, she's a vampire,
too?! What a major disappointment! That than MUST be fake. I wonder what
she's using..."

"Do you think you can get back in that studio?" Angel cut-off Cordelia's
self-absorbed monlogue. "Do you think Scratch will give you another

"Cunt who looks like her?" the werewolf laughed. "Scratch'd sell his soul to
shoot a snuffer with a piece like you, baby." He leered at Cordelia. "Fuck,
you raped good, just like a bitch in heat."

Before anyone had a chance to react, Cordelia casually lifted the silver
dagger from Doyle's hand. With one clean quick stroke, she sliced off the
werewolf's cock and balls. The man-monster howled in pain and rolled around
the floor in agony, clutching the hole where his severed member used to hang.
Cordelia grabbed him by his hair and turned his face up so they were looking
eyeball to eyeball. "I think you lost something," she snapped. "Here you
go!" She stuffed the hairy were-dick and were-balls into the manbeast's
wailing mouth, instantly muffling his cries.

"Ouch!" Doyle said in disgust as the werewolf choked on his own bloody

"Don't look at me like that," Cordelia snapped at Angel. "You've done a lot

Angel nodded. "You've got me there." He paused and looked at Doyle. "Come
on, let's get going. We've got a little girl to save."


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