Synopsis: Angel and Gunn go on the hunt for a mystery demon and end up having
an odd night out with strange company. Angel gets a surprise from Nina at his
office and Harmony gets her comeuppance from a very horny Fred. Gunn does
some unethical things to Eve and solves the Firm's problems in a very fitting
"Gunn" manner.

Angel: Getting Bi In Hollywood (MMM,MF,FF,inter,drugs,reluc,cons)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Early evening in Los Angeles, CA.

Night fell over the city of Los Angeles. The city became a glittering facade
of glamour and wealth. Its stars came out as did its ordinary citizens.
Unfortunately, so did its demon population. Lucky for us, the champion of
the people was there on the prowl.

Angel ran after the demon. Somehow, the thing outran him. He had never seen
that breed of demon before. It was huge, over six feet tall and muscular,
shaped like a man and covered with green scales.

The thing was strong. He ran after it and saw that his fellow huntsman Gunn
was also on the trail. Gunn aimed his crossbow at the demon and fired. The
wooden shafts pierced the thing's hide but didn't stop it. It charged Gunn
and attacked him. Gunn tried to defend himself but apparently too much time
spent as a lawyer had softened him up. He fell under the attack and would
have perished right in the middle of the alley if it hadn't been for the
newcomer. A tall, slim man with white hair. He came practically out of
nowhere and charged the demon. He fought the beast, returning blow for blow.
The demon roared in pain as the slim man penetrated its tough hide with a
steel blade. The great demon fell and lay still. Angel came to help Gunn get
up. Both of them looked at the slim man who stood victorious over the demon.

"Spike." said Angel.

Spike smiled. "Hi, Angel. I missed you." he said with a grin.

Gunn extended his hand and Spike took it. "You're welcome, man." said Spike.

Angel did not like to owe anyone anything, especially Spike. But even he had
to admit that Spike had done a good job, saving Gunn's life and slaying the
demon. That's why he did not decline when Spike invited him to come to a bar
and chill for the night. They went to the Club Daschle. It was a very
cool-looking club full of young men and some women. The three men went in
there and drank and had a nice time.

Unbeknownst to them, they were slipped a brew that affected them mentally and
released their inhibitions and hidden desires. Its effect would last three
days and for the duration, they would become carriers of this psycho-virus.

Spike got a VIP pass to the club's VIP room. Angel followed suit and so did
Gunn. They were under the effect of the inhibition-releasing drug. The rest
as they say is history.

Angel grunted as Spike took his cock in his mouth. Spike was on his knees,
sucking Angel's cock. Angel thrust in and out of Spike's mouth. Spike almost
choked on the large cock inside his mouth but somehow managed to take it all
in. He was just getting used to having a large cock inside his mouth when
Charles Gunn came behind him. Gunn grabbed Spike's ass and parted his
asscheeks. Gunn spat on his hand and used the spittle to lube his cock then
began to penetrate Spike's ass. Spike groaned as Gunn's large cock entered
his ass. Gunn grabbed Spike's hips and began to fuck him, thrusting deep
inside of him. Angel grabbed Spike's head and forced him to suck his cock.
Spike felt like he was going to pass out. A hard cock in his ass and a second
one in his mouth. The two men took him like this, going hard and deep into
him. They switched around. Gunn was on all fours, his firm asscheeks spread
wide while Spike had a go with his ass. Spike's hard white cock slid in and
out of Gunn's ass.

Angel positioned himself behind Spike and was thrusting in and out of Spike's
ass, which caused him to fuck Gunn harder. Gunn made sexy grunting noises as
Spike fucked his ass. Finally, Spike came, sending hot cum deep inside Gunn.
Gunn squealed as hot white cum filled his asshole. He then got on his knees
and took Spike's still throbbing cock in his mouth, cleaning it. Spike loved
the feel of Gunn's mouth around his cock but he didn't like it as much as he
liked the feel of Angel's hard cock up his ass. In and out it went. Going
deep to the bowels then pulling almost all the way out. Spike bent over and
Angel's firm hands grabbed his hips and Angel began to fuck him even harder.
Angel felt it coming. The rush deep inside of him. He grunted and came,
shooting his load deep inside Spike. Spike screamed in pain and pleasure and
at the same time shot his cum all over Gunn's face. The black man cleaned him
up good, licking up all that cum and not spilling a drop.

Spike turned and kissed Angel on the lips. Angel returned his kiss. Spike
knew what that meant. Angel leaned back on the bed, legs spread. Spike
held Angel's legs up in the air and parted his fabulous buttcheeks. Then,
he slowly slid his cock inside Angel's asshole. He began to fuck Angel
carefully, going in and out in slow strokes. Gunn came and positioned
himself opposite Spike so that Angel's face was at his groin level. He
unceremoniously put his huge black cock inside Angel's mouth. Angel sucked
Gunn's cock, taking in as much as he could. Spike began to ram it up Angel's
butt. He fucked him hard, going in deep. Angel was not inactive. He was
giving Gunn the best damn blowjob he could give. Gunn closed his eyes and
grabbed Angel's hair with his hand. He was loving what Angel was doing to

Spike continued to fuck Angel up the ass. He loved the feel of a tight ass.
The sensation soon proved too much for him and he came, shooting hot cum deep
inside his lover. At the same time, Gunn came all over Angel's face. Angel
gobbled up the cum and cleaned up Gunn's cock. The three men made love in
many ways that night.

"That was awesome, guys." said Gunn.

Spike laughed. "Oh, I know. I was there."

Angel grinned like a fool. "We should do this again some time."

The three men went to shower and then got dressed and went for a drink. Then,
they decided to split.

Angel went back to his office at Wolfram & Hart. There, a surprise awaited
him. A surprise that came in the form of Nina. Nina. The tall, beautiful
blonde woman who got turned into a Werewolf. He looked at her. God, she was
beautiful. She was waiting there for him, in his office. He didn't know how
she got in and didn't much care. "Hi, sweetheart." he said.

"Hello," she said.

He walked over to her and gave her a kiss on the lips. Nina kissed him back
with an intense, palpable passion and didn't waste any time getting down to

Nina lay on Angel's office desk, completely naked. Her slim hands were
caressing her breasts. Her long legs rested on Angel's shoulders. He was
fucking her like this, his hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy. In
and out he went. She looked up at him. He looked so fierce.
His hard cock was going in and out of her, igniting a slow burning fire
in her most intimate regions. He was plowing into her pussy, striving
relentlessly to achieve greater and greater penetration. She moaned and
grunted as he fucked her, gyrating her hips and moving with the flow to
allow him deeper access into her. He closed his eyes as he came, his long
hard cock sending hot cum into her pussy. He bellowed in victory. She

Still not satisfied, he made her get on the floor where she went on her
hands and knees. He positioned himself behind her, parting her asscheeks.
He saw her pink little asshole and rubbed his cockhead against it. Then he
spat on it and having lubricated both his cock and her ass, he began to
penetrate her asshole. Angel's cock went in slowly. Nina grunted. She was
so tight down there. He went in gently at first, letting her get used to
having his cock in there.

He felt the walls of her anal cavity tighten against him and he applied
pressure, which caused her to scream but the walls of her ass gave in and
he was in. Once inside her ass, he began to fuck her slowly and gently. She
was still new to this. He went in and out. His cock slid inside her ass and
out. He went in as deep as he could, which caused her to whimper then pulled
out completely. She breathed a sigh of relief then begged him to put it back
in. He did, going harder and faster this time. She rocked back, loving the
deliciously hot pain that blazed where the sun don't shine. He grabbed her
hips, holding her into place as he fucked her. In and out he went, his
massive cock widening her anal entry. He shoved his cock in, going deep to
her bowels. She bucked wildly as he fucked her ass and caressed her tits.
Angel's hands left her hips and toyed with her pussy. He pinched her clit
which caused her to gasp and shudder, recoiling instinctively and driving
his cock deeper into her ass. He came, violently. His hot cum went deep
inside her ass. He pulled out as soon as he came and had to support Nina,
who had almost passed out.

A while later, they had put their clothes back on. Angel went behind his
office and Nina left.

Harmony Kendall sat behind her desk near Angel's office. She was a beautiful
blonde girl. She was also a vampire and had been one for a few years. She sat
there, typing fast on her computer. Everything was so boring and tedious at
Wolfram & Hart. One of the most powerful law firms on the planet. She worked
for Angel. He was a lot of things. A hero. A fighter. And one hell of a lover
judging by the look on Nina's face. Harmony sniffed the air when Nina exited
Angel's office. Boy did she get it. Hmm. She also caught another scent. Oh
my, she thought. It seemed Nina had given up the booty. Big time.

Harmony smiled, looking forward to her lunch break when she would meet her
co-workers to gossip. She was very surprised when Fred summoned her to the
lab. Harmony was a bit worried. Fred was a nerdy kind of girl. She was also
one of Angel's closest friends and one of the most powerful members of the
scientific community.

Harmony marched her five-foot-even and one hundred and thirty pounds into
Fred's lab.

She was half expecting the geeky girl to be wearing a lab coat and glasses
and was surprised to say the least. Fred stood there. She wore a black
leather jacket, black leather pants and boots. What the fuck? Harmony
wondered. Why was she dressed up like that? Fred looked at her and asked
her to come closer. She looked at Harmony in a way that made Harmony shiver.
What can I do for you? asked Harmony. Fred grinned. Take off your clothes,
she said. Harmony thought she heard wrong. What ? she asked. Fred glared at
her. Take off your clothes ! Harmony did as she was told, taking off her
blouse and her dress. She stood in her bra and panties before the geeky
scientist girl turned punk goth. Very nice, said Fred. She was looking at
Harmony like she was a piece of meat. She came closer and Harmony recoiled.
Fred planted herself in front of Harmony. "You can't hide," she said. "And
you can't run."

Harmony struggled but there was a look of hunger in Fred's eyes. In spite of
herself, she felt oddly aroused. Fred must have noticed this for she leaned
closer and kissed Harmony. Harmony kissed Fred back and put her arms around
the brunette woman.

"I've never kissed a girl before," said Harmony.

Fred smiled. "I'll show you."

She began to kiss and caress Harmony, letting her hands run all over the
blonde female vampire's body. Harmony moaned under Fred's expert touch.
Fred took her to a convenient bed and took off her bra and panties. Then,
she began to suck Harmony's tits and finger her pussy. Harmony lay there,
emitting little cries of pleasure as Fred aroused her body with kisses,
caresses and a gentle probing of her most intimate place with her sleek
fingers. Fred came to Harmony's pussy and began to lick and probe it with
her tongue.

Harmony grabbed Fred's head and writhed on the bed as the brunette woman
ate her out. Fred loved the taste and feel of Harmony's pussy. There was a
sweetness to it she simply loved. Her tongue did wonders for Harmony's
inexperienced flesh. The blonde girl was screaming her name. Fred began to
lick that pussy like lollipop and Harmony Kendall howled in sheer pleasure.
Fred soon brought her to an orgasm and Harmony came, her juices flooding
her pussy and leaking all over Fred's face. Fred licked Harmony's cum and
ate her pussy, biting the clit and toying with it. She brought Harmony to
the heights of ecstacy and back. When they were done, Harmony lay in bed,
cradled inside Fred's arms.

"That was amazing, Fred. Thanks." Fred said nothing and just lay there.

She didn't know why she just had sex with Harmony Kendall but knew she had
desired the other girl for awhile now. She was just bi-curious and not really
a lesbian. Just experimenting, at least that's what she told herself.

* * *

Charles Gunn came back to Wolfram & Hart feeling weird. He couldn't believe
what he had just done. Oh, it felt great and he had been wanting to do it for
a long time but damn, this was very weird. He felt good. Like a weight had
been lifted off his shoulders. He was walking back to his office when he saw
someone familiar walking by. In spite of some minor changes in appearance, he
could tel that it was Eve. The slender brunette woman who for awhile had been
their link to the Senior Partners of Wolfram & Hart. She betrayed the Firm by
allying herself with ex-lawyer turned super villain Lindsay. He wondered what
she was doing around. She wasn't exactly on the Firm's welcome list. He
walked up to her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

Eve's eyes widened when she saw him. "Oh, hi, Gunn." she said.

Gunn wasn't fooled for a minute. "I asked you a question, silly bitch !" he

Eve winced. "I just wanted to talk with Angel." she said.

Gunn eyed her coldly. "Anything you gotta say to Angel you can say to me."
he said.

Eve looked him up and down. "Is that so ?" she asked coyly.

He grabbed her hand and dragged her into his office. "Explain yourself," he

Eve sat down on a chair and after a brief hesitation began to tell her story.
Gunn looked at her. He knew she was a sniveling little liar, a bitch of the
worst caliber but dam she looked hot! She must have read the desire in his
eyes for she said. "Are you alright?"

He looked at her like a wolf would a lamb. "I think we should let bygones be
bygones." he said.

Eve looked at him. This was not like him at all. "What?" she asked.

Gunn grinned. "Providing you can do some services for me, I can convince
Angel to get off your back."

Eve grimaced. "What did you have in mind?" she said, although she kind of
already knew.

Standing and looking at her confidently, Gunn grinned even wider.

Eve lay on the floor on her hands and knees. Gunn knelt behind her, his firm
hands parting her buttocks. He was stroking his large black cock with one
hand and caressing her butt with the other. Eve parted her buttcheeks,
exposing her pink little asshole. Gunn rubbed his black cock against it.

"Like this, bitch?" he said. "Like having my cock in there?"

When she didn't answer, he smacked her. Eve swallowed her pride. Gunn slowly
entered her ass. Inch by inch. Once inside, he began to pump it in and out
of her. Eve winced. His cock felt huge inside her ass. He was fucking her
roughly, shoving his cock deep inside her and squeezing her butt with his
rough hands. He pinched her nipples and once more smacked her. In and out he
went. He fucked her hard. Her anal cavity was awfully tight but Gunn fully
intended to change that white bitch's ass from a tight end to a wide
receiver. He plowed into her ass, ignoring her screams of pain. He fucked her
like this for awhile, then listened to the sounds she made as he fucked her.
She was no longer screaming but instead making sexy grunting noises as he
fucked her, matching each and every single one of his thrusts with a sigh or
a moan. He thrust deep into her bowels, then shot his load.

"TAKE THAT YOU BITCH!!!" said Gunn.

A few minutes later, Gunn and Eve had rearranged themselves. Gunn was back
behind his desk and ignored Eve who was using a small mirror to readjust her
makeup. "Are you going to talk to Angel?" she asked.

Gunn looked at her. She was a fine piece of ass but she was not too bright.
"Maybe. I'll call you." He flashed her a fake smile and she walked out of his
office. The moment she was out, he called the head of special operations and
ordered that she be shot tonight. No need to keep that bitch alive when it
was unnecessary. She was a danger to the Firm and most importantly to him.
Hmm. Eve was as good as dead. He could live with that.

As Eve exited the Wolfram & Hart building, a sharpshooter tailed her for ten
blocks before putting a bullet in her skull. The sound was heard for miles.
But this is twenty first century America. No one cared. Minus one bitch in
the streets, that was all.

The End


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