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but to Joss Wheldon/David Greenwalt and Mutant Enemy Inc productions. This
story contains some graphic lesbian sex and violence and is not suitable
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Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Cordy and Harm

Spoilers: Angel Season 2

Summary: How 'Disharmony' might have worked out

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Friends Forever
by Gool Captain

Harmony sucked on Cordy's breast with overwhelming enthusiasm. It was
delicious, a gorgeous ripe fruit exploding in her mouth. She straddled her,
pelvis to pelvis, pinning her to the bed. Her fingers explored Cordy's lean,
well-toned body, delighting in the shapely flesh she found there, thighs,
cunny, spine, and hips. She guided her lover's hands through her nightgown
to her own breasts, the nipples pert and swollen with excitement.

"Ha..Harm.." Cordy's voice was a hoarse whisper.

She broke off and looked at her, licking Cordy's blood off her lips. She was
pale. Harmony could sense her heart slowing, her body increasingly growing
cold from shock. Just a little more and she'd make her drink. Then they could
be best pals forever. Only this time she'd be the sire so she'd demand just a
little bit more respect from Ms Chase, thank you very much.

She stroked the side of her face with her hand, even in her death throes
Cordy couldn't help but instinctively rub her cheek against the fingers like
a petted cat.

"Don't worry, Cord," she assured her. "Soon you'll have a little sleep and
when you wake up you'll be just like me." She saw the look of horror on
Cordy's face and decided to have a little fun with her food. "Yeah, that's
right. You'll be blonde!"

She laughed. Cordy fought the rising wave of panic she felt inside her.

"Only kidding of course, you know that, you'll be a vampire," Harmony
reassured her with her most earnest sincerity.

"Christ no, please, anything but that," thought Cordy. She could feel the
life slowly draining out of her, feel herself sinking into the abyss from
which there was no return. "To walk amongst the living but not know life,
to have a heart in your chest but not feel it beat, to feed of humanity
like some sort of parasite, shunning the daylight like something that
lived beneath a stone. To put up with Harmony for eternity. Please God,
let me die and just rot, that's all I ask."

Then Dennis opened the curtains.

She gripped Harmony's wrists with every ounce of strength she had left. The
flames burned her palms in what seemed like the most vicious agony she'd ever
known, much worse than the dull punch of the spike through her torso. Her
fingers locked instinctively around the smouldering flesh and she dragged
them beneath the covers, smothering the fire but hanging on with everything
she had. She bucked wildly as her thighs seared where Harmony's skin touched
hers. She screamed uncontrollably, not keeping anything back, her cries
drowned out by Harmony's deafening shrieking. Cordy looked at her friend's
face, the expression almost beyond pain, a look of pure betrayal filling her
face as it disintegrated.

She had only a second before she was talking to a pile of dust but she got it

"I love you, Harm."

And then she was gone.

Cordelia lay back on the pillow, the bedsheets smouldering, the smoke alarm
piercing her ears. She watched idly as the bedside phone floated off the
receiver by itself and heard the three-digit tone as the number was dialled.

"Emergency 911, which service do you require?"

" me."

It was all she could say. It was enough. They would trace the call. She would
lay there and collect her strength whilst she waited for the police to break
down the door and the paramedics to save her life. She would lie there amidst
the dust and the ashes, the sole earthly remains of Harmony Kendall.

Cheerleader. Blonde. Cordette.


Cordelia began to cry.


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