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Angel: Finding Comfort (Mf,Mff,F-dom,bond)
by The Fan

Angel the vampire with a soul was tired.

He had been fighting all night. The gang was officially disbanded. Connor was
gone with Cordy. Wesley was solo since Lilah's death. Gunn and Fred were gone
as well. Lorne the Host had gone to another dimension since L.A. was taken
over by the Beast and the vampire armies. This left the big city's citizens
as the sole responsibility of the dark avenger.

Angel recalled his last nights.

He had attacked a vamp nest by himself. There were twenty vamps in there.
Using fire and stakes and traps he'd taken them out. He very narrowly
escaped. Right now his body was healing from a lot of wounds. There were a
lot of demons out there as well. L.A. was a demonic paradise.

In times like these he felt truly alone. The city was his respnsibility, he
couldn't go away. Not now, or ever. He was immortal, and this meant he would
live forever unless someone or something destroyed him. It did not by any
means make him invincible.

Angel sat on a rooftop, bleeding all over the place. He looked at his watch.
It was seven o'clock, a monday in March. Yet no sunlight. An eerie darkness
covered the whole city. Sign that it was a battleground for the forces of

Angel hated it. Sometimes he hated life. He had lost his family many times.
His mother, father and sister had been killed by his sinister alter ego, the
legendary vampire Angelus, the One with the Angelic Face. This was in 18th
century Ireland. In 20th century California he loved Buffy Summers the
vampire slayer and her friends. Willow, Xander, Oz and Cordelia as well as
Giles had been a family to him. He had to leave them. Destiny commanded it.
He hoped he would never lose a family again. He was wrong. He lost Gunn,
Fred, Cordy, Lorne and Connor, his own son who hated him for things he
couldn't change or control.

Vampires were not a suicidal lot. Angel sometimes wanted to end it all. Today
felt like a good day.

He stood atop the Mayfell building, forty stories high. He looked down below.
The building had been home to wealthy folk. He'd seen what the vampires did
to them. Not a pretty sight. He should have fought, well, he had. One strong
vampire cannot defeat a hundred. Soul or not. At night whenhe allowed himself
a few minues of rest. Angel could hear Angelus laughing inside of him. The
evil alter ego of the world's number one champion of the Powers That Be
mocked him. He said he'd do a better job at killing the vamps, if he so
chose. Angel hated him but Angelus was right. The bastard had no rules, no
constraints and no scrupules. He respected nothing and no one and served
himself only.

At the time the vampire with a Soul was unaware that he was being watched.

Nicolette Bilotta stood atop another building.

She was tall, slim, with long blond hair and blue eyes. She wasn't a day over
seventeen. She was holding a pair of binoculars to her eyes and glaring at
the man standing atop the other roof. Looks like a man, anyways. She knew he
wasn't human. For several nights she watched him. He killed many vampires but
against their infestation his strength was useless. She watched him fight
demons, Tharrolves at that. He was so strong and fast. Even for a vampire.
Tharolves were nine foot tall humanoids with muscled bodies covered with
green scales. They had horns, sharp teeth and claws. A single Tharolf had the
strength of ten men. Plus the Tharolves could regenerate. Yet this vampire
guy slaughtered them like sheep.

She saw him save a few humans and work very hard at finding a refuge for
them. This wasn't normal vampiric behavior. Not by far. Who was this guy and
what the hell was he doing?

"Hey, can I see him?" came a voice.

Nicolette turned toward the person who had spoken. It was Kyra. Kyra was a
somewhat plump black girl with long black hair which was braided. She was
almost Nicole's height though younger. Kyra was sixteen. The two had been
best friends, with one difference.

Nicolette was half Magyar demon and half human. She wasn't weird looking or
anything but had the Magyar demon's strength and speed. Kyra knew this and
was ok with it. They went to the same school in Bel Air. Then the long night
came and they were suddenly two teenage girls in a world filled with vampires
and demons. Nicolette did her best to keep them alive. Kyra was no novice
either. Her father had been a werewolf hunter. She followed him on many hunts
until he met his end at the hands of a vampire named Spike somewhere in New
York. Kyra took the binoculars and looked at the man.

"Wow," she said. "He's majorly hunky, Nicole." She looked intensely as the
man or rather vampire took off his shirt, revealing a muscular and lean upper
body. He looked good. "Man," Kyra said. "He's pretty fine for a white guy."

Nicole rolled her eyes. "Yeah, whatever. Look, we've gotta contact him."

Kyra smiled. "Oh, yeah, I'd like some contact with that."

Nicole laughed and snatched the binoculars. "Not like that, ok?"


They kept watching.

Angel went inside to rest. He found himself a room and went in. He needed
time to heal. Even an immortal body needed time to heal after so many cuts,
bruises, slashes and what nots. He drifted off to sleep. In a matter of
minutes he was snoring.

Thirteen hours later ...

He was very surprised when a noise woke him up. It was a very faint noise,
one human ears could not pick up. But Angel wasn't human and whoever or
whatever had dared to penetrate his refuge just made a big mistake. He felt
a little better, though. His wounds were gone. That vampire healing worked
well. He was starving, though. Lately he'd become sort of a rat hunter. Not
to mention a cat and dog hunter. He liked animals but still had to feed.

He moved quickly.

His vampire's speed was returning. If he fed, he'd be at almost full
strength. He really hoped he'd find some prey... and soon. He entered the
vast hall. His nose caught a scent. Female. Young. He zeroed in on it and
ran. Pretty soon he caught up with it.

A girl had her back to him. He could not tell what she was. He ran at full
speed and landed right behind her. It was only then that he realized what
was going on. The girl was recoiling from something. Angel looked at it.

It was some kind of snake. Only bigger than any snake he'd ever seen. It
looked like an anaconda, only its eyes glowed a fiery red. A demonic red.
The snake lunged. Angel went and grabbed the black girl. He threw her away
without a second thought and stood there facing the snake.

The thing was big, at least thirty feet long with very thick coils. "Hey,
snake boy," Angel said. "I'm gonna kill ya."

The thing only glared at him then charged. His full vampire's speed was what
saved him. The snake's huge jaws flew right past him and would have bitten
his head off hadn't he been fast enough. He kept moving and dodging. This was
no ordinary snake. This was a Serpentene.

A snake possessed by a demonic entity. Angel attacked. He flung himself
at it and grabbed its body. The thing turned on him and very thick coils
ensnared him. Angel fought back. He punched and kicked and morphed into
his vampire face. There was surprise in the thing's face, if that could
be called a face. It squeezed and squeezed. Angel did not need to breathe.
But his skeleton could be broken, although it was almost impossible to
crush it. The strength of the snake was beyond his own. He looked around
for a weapon.

The black girl was there. "Hey, kid," he said. "Throw me that sharp piece of
wood." She did. Angel caught it and waited until the snake moved in for the
kill. Massive jaws stretched, ready to swallow him. He waited and suddenly
the stake was in his hand and he slammed it into the snake's head. The thing
hissed. It was no snake hiss but a demonic fury-filled hiss. The beast
thrashed around and struggled and Angel hung on for dear life but it fought
and squeezed even as it was dying. Then all was still. The great reptilian
body stilled and the coils were like steel around the vampire with a soul.
Still squeezed up inside, Angel lost consciousness.

When he woke up there was someone kneeling over him. Someone with a wet piece
of cloth which she was putting over his bruised form. The black girl. "Hey,"
he said. She smiled.

"Hey, angel," she smiled.

He looked at her. "How did you know my name?"

The girl looked at him. "Your name's Angel? For real? Hey!" she said to
someone Angel couldn't see. "His name's Angel, told you I'm psychic."

Angel heard a faint chuckle from someone he couldn't see but smelled. His
eyes followed his nose and he found himself looking at a tall, beautiful
young blonde. His heart leapt. "Buffy?" he said.

"No," the girl said. "Not buffy, the name's Nicole."

"Okay, Angel said.

Nicole came to him. "That was a very brave thing you did back there, mister
Angel, you saved my friend's life. Thank you."

He looked at her. So pretty and so young. So very much like Buffy. "You're
welcome," he said.

"De nada," said Nicole. They talked. She was very curious about him. Then
she talked to her friend. For a long time.

Then they both looked at him. "Hey, Angel," said Nicole.

"Yeah?" he said.

"I've decided that Kyra owes you her life and body and I want you to have

Angel gasped in surprise. Kyra was positively glowing and giving him the
looks a cat might give to a mouse.

"That's not necessary," he said. "Really, I was glad to help."

He tried to get up to leave but the snake had taken all of his strength away.
he was weak. Kyra looked at him and started undressing. Angel could not take
his eyes off of her as the black girl took off her clothes, revealing a full
and beautiful body. She was curvy and round in all the right places. He felt
something in him stiffen. She came to him and her hands went to his pants.
Angel did not resist as she pulled his pants off. She saw his cock and beagn
stroking it. Kyra looked at Angel's dick then at her friend. "He's big," she

Nicole nodded and watched with interest as Kyra began to suck on Angel's
cock. The vampire leant back and watched her work. Her lips were warm and her
throat too. It had been a long while since anybody sucked him. He looked at
this beautiful black teen and wanted her. He readied himself and held her. "I
want you," he said. "Now."

The black girl smiled and took Angel's hard cock from her mouth. She went
on all fours and awaited him eagerly. Angel knelt behind her. His cock was
trembling with anticipation. It had been a while since his last fuck. He
contemplated the possibility that he might lose his soul but this was no
concern at the moment. He entered her pussy gently. He slid his cock in and
out. The black chick's cunt was unbelievably warm and tight. He fucked her.
Kyra sighed happily as Angel's giant prick filled her womanhood. He fucked
her deeply while her whole body was heated. Sweat began to pearl all over
her and he kept fucking her. They grunted in unison as their bodies united.
They changed positions. Angel fucked the girl while she lay on her back,
her sweet beautiful face looking at the vampire with lust and adoration. He
loved the feeling of her tight cunt. They changed positions again. He knelt
on her and she sucked his cockhead while it was in between her tits. Angel
was in heaven, he hadn't felt anything like this in a long, long time. He
tried but could not hold himself any longer. He came, and in long jets of
white cum. Kyra smiled and licked all of it. The girl's thirst for cum was
incredible. He continued to fuck her pussy for what seemed like forever.

"Yes, that's it," she said. "Fuck me!" He did. He fucked her with all the
brutality and strength he could muster, grabbing her hair and driving himself
through her until she cried and cried. "Yes, fuck me! I love it!" This was
music to Angel's ears.

Meanwhile, Nicole was watching. Her hands were moving in her panties, finding
her sweet spot. She wouldn't normally do this but the sight of Angel fucking
her black friend was incredibly arousing. Especially now...

Kyra was on all fours again, her face buried in the pillows. Angel was
holding her firmly by the hips. He held his cock with his free hand and
slowly guided it into her. The moment it went in, Kyra gasped and brought
her face up. She was facing Nicole and the girl blushed for being seen
masturbating. But Kyra had other problems now.

"Where is it?" Nicole managed to ask.

Instead of answering, Kyra's eyes bulged. "Inside my fucking ass!" she said.

Nicole went behind them so she could have a better view. Angel slid his dick
inside Kyra's ass. He went in slowly at first and picked up speed. Kyra
gasped as he did so and screamed. "Owwwwww!!! That Hurts!"

Angel didn't listen. He kept fucking her. Fucking women in the ass wasn't
something Angel was really into. But Angelus was really into it. He fucked
Darla in her asshole when they were together. The blonde vampire woman was
a real screamer. Angelus used to bend her over and fuck her ass all night.
He loved the look of surrender women had when a big cock was in their asses
to the hilt. Angel still had those memories and they were acting upon him.
Angelus was in charge now and NOT HIM. Angelus fucked the black girl in her
tight ass as she screamed. She tried to resist and he laughed as she
clenched her ass. It tightened around his cock which got bigger and only
doubled her pain. He could tell Kyra was no anal virgin but she wasn't used
to monster cocks sliding in and out of her most private - and intimate
orifice. That is why she screamed. She offered no resistance now. He held
back the cum for a few more minutes then let it out. He came deep into
Kyra's ass. He pulled out. She screamed in pain and delight.

Ninety minutes later....

Angelus was sleeping. The body of Angel was tired. Very tired. The absence
of a soul within him filled the demonic vampire with a fierce joy. He was
free at last. Angel had given into temptation and lost his soul. He would
enjoy himself from now on.

Meanwhile ...

Nicole and Kyra were in their room. Nicole was observing the bruises left
on the black girl's flesh by the vampire's lust. He was a wild one. He
deserved to be taught a lesson. The two girls smiled at each other. Vampire
or not, Angelus was a male. And all males had a weakness. Ego and Pride.

Angelus woke up to find himself tied up. He lay on his back on a large stone
bench. He found himself bound and was enraged. "Who dares to bind me?" he

Two girls materialized from the shadows. One blond and slender, the other
black and plump. Both of them were naked. Except for one exception. The
blonde one had a weird implement strapped around her waist.

In a flash Angelus realized what they were going to do to him. He was
revulsed, and scared. "Noooooo!!!!!!!!" he screamed. "I am the vampire
Angelus, no one makes me their bitch!"

"We do!" the girls said in unison.

Kyra held Angelus's legs apart, exposing his arse. Nicole positioned herself
in front of him. "I am going to punish you for what you did, boy!"

Angelus watched helplessly as the blonde girl began to rub an oily substance
on her strap on dildo and she applied some on his ass as well. Long, sleek
fingers probed his asshole. The girl introduced one then two fingers up his
ass. He snarled and struggled in his bonds. Kyra put something over his
eyes and he stiffened as he felt something cold and hard press against his
asshole. The dildo. With a savage yell, Nicole drove the strap on dildo into
Angelus's asshole. The soulless vampire gasped in pain.


"Now that's more like it!" Kyra yelled. "Fuck his ass, Nicole, fuck him

The blonde dominatrix happily obliged. The girl fucked Angelus's ass. She
drove the dildo in long and deep. The vampire struggled but for all his
strength he could not defeat the power of the chains that bound him or the
fury of the dildo that penetrated his ass. His ass was fucked with no mercy.
She thrust all the way to his bowels then pulled out and fucked him again.
The dildo she used was made of silicone and easily ten inches long and two
wide. She was determined to have the whole thing inside of him. So she did.
She fucked him senseless for several hours uninterrupted until the vampire
passed out from the pain. She pulled out. The dildo was dirty. Angelus had
a nasty ass, in more ways than one. She woke him up and had him suck the
fake cock.

They subjected him to punishment and humiliation for several days. Angelus
was broken. He asked for mercy. The girls laughed. They knew he was evil.
They also knew somewhere in there was a good man. One they kind of liked.
Kyra actually felt bad about fucking Angelus since they were also hurting
Angel. They went to a magic shop and used a spell to return his soul.
Angelus put up a fight. The curse was back and Angelus was gone. Instead
of him, Angel was there.

Kyra looked at Angel. He was handsome and hurt. He could not remember much,
except that he seemed to think Nicole was someone named Muffy or Buffy or
something. He simply grabbed the blonde girl and kissed her. "Oh, Buffy,"
he said. "Oh, I love you."

Nicole actually blushed. She had to pry herslef from the loving arms of this
stud who had a memory probem. The original curse said that he would have his
soul until he felt happy. The new curse gave him his soul forever, he was
free to love. The two girls traded glances. Here was a handsome man with
eternal life not to mention stamina who only wanted to make them happy.

Kyra begged. "Please, I love him, Nikki, can I keep him?"

"Sure," Nicole agreed.

Angel got in between them and led them to the room. They had a love fest.
Angel fucked Kyra in her pussy and ass. The room was full of swears and
soft words and kisses. Kyra looked at Angel with true love in her eyes as
he fucked her asshole. They invited Nicole in. She hesitated then the
interracial lovebirds started pleading and she got naked. Things intensified.
Nicole fucked Kyra with the strap on dildo while Angel watched, stroking his
dick. Then Angel ate Kyra out while Nicole watched. She was starting to
really like those two. They insisted upon pleasing her. Nicole refused to
fuck Angel in the ass. She hated the idea of hurting him. So she sucked his
cock. Kyra looked at her friend and boyfriend lovingly as they pleased each
other. After a lot of begging from Angel and Kyra, Nicole let them have her.
She ate kyra's pussy while Angel ate hers. Kyra left to get a camera and
videotaped the whole thing. She watched as the moment she was really hoping
for took place. Angel positioned himself behind Nicole but the girl kissed
him and said she wanted to watch her first man as he did her. Angel was
careful when he entered Nicole's pussy. The girl was so delicate. And
sensitive, no matter how butchy she acted. They got a good rhythm. Angel
fucked Nicole's pussy gently then increased his motion. He got to know her
taste and did what she liked. Kyra was very happy to see the two people she
loved most in the world getting along so well. Their cries of passion filled
the room. Nicole, as it turned out was a screamer. She got scared when Angel
wanted her ass but Kyra used KY Jelly to ease things up. It was she who
guided her vampire boyfriend's dick up her best friend's virgin asshole.
Nicole gasped as Angel entered her. A while ago she never would have let a
man touch her, let alone fuck her. Now shw as lying on her back with a man's
prick up her ass. She burst out laughing.

Angel took it the wrong way. "No," she said. "I am not mocking you, it's just
that this is so funny."

"What?" he asked.

"A man is fucking me!" she laughed.

Angel increased his tempo and let all of his ten inches in. Nicole gasped as
she was filled to the breaking point. That's when the fun began. As Angel
fucked her, the pain receded, to be replaced by a curious feeling. She felt
her body respond to his touch. She watched him. He was so beautiful. She read
his expression as he came, filling her ass. For a moment she feared he would
pull out. She wanted to hold him in. As if reading her mind, he stayed. He
was looking at her intently. She stared at him. Slowly their faces joined for
a kiss. He finally pulled out. Kyra was overjoyed. "My lesbian's friend's
first time with a man!" she laughed. "And she also lost her anal cherry!"
Both Angel and Nicole smiled at her.

She left the room. They were still looking at each other. Angel finally
kissed Nicole on the forehead and she tried to hold him. He left to join Kyra
in the next room. Nicole was having curious feelings. Over the next few weeks
Angel and Kyra would grow closer and closer. And she would still look at him.
She wanted him.

The End


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