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Comments: A sex adventure story with a BDSM and Fdom slant. This is written to be a standalone story but also to lead into future chapters if developed.

Stephanie Romanov as Lilah Morgan (Angel)
Scarlett Johansson as Silken Floss (The Spirit)
Halle Berry as Jinx (Die Another Day)
Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Meadow Soprano (The Sopranos)
Eliza Dushku as Echo (Dollhouse)

Codes: F-dom, BDSM, NC, FF, cons.

Angel/Die Another Day/Dollhouse/Sopranos/Spirit: Fuck Another Day
by Dbud (feedback requested, email [email protected] or through the message boards)

Click Klak Click Klak Click Klak

She liked the sound of her heels on the marble floors of the long hallway leading to her boss's office. She walked this way several times a day and she always made an extra effort to make the clicking of her four-inch heels extra loud so they echoed off the walls and pillars as she passed.

Her name was Silken Floss. She was a stunner and she knew it. But unlike most beauties, this woman had brains to go with her curves. Her last employer had been blown up, literally. She had worked for The Octopus, a criminal mastermind and unstable lunatic, who was supposedly immortal but as it turned out a grenade stuffed down their pants will kill most men, even immortal ones.

After being out of work for about a year and failing in her attempts to clone her former boss, she had found a new job. Silk, as she liked to be called instead of her full name of Silken, was an assistant to one of the most powerful women in the city, and with the right help, soon the world. One thing about Silk, she was ambitious, but she found it easier to ride others coat tails until the very end.

Silk teetered on her spike heeled boots down the hall. She was built like an hourglass; with a chest that looked like it might burst free from her thin blouse if she took a deep breath. And if the slit in her skirt were any higher anyone watching as she walked would be able to see she was completely shaved 'down there' and would know she preferred to 'go commando'.

Her hair was platinum blonde and not one strand was out of place. The only color on her face were her lips; thick and full and luscious and red as blood; even more striking against the paleness of her skin. Perched on the tip of her pert little nose was a pair of horn rimmed glasses which she played with as she walked.

Silk approached the tall beautiful woman sitting behind a large desk at the end of the hall. She tried to remember her name but it didn't really matter. Her boss went through receptionists like she did lovers; sometimes they were one and the same.

Every few weeks, Silk would walk down this same hall and find a new woman who looked like she could be a supermodel sitting behind the desk, usually trying to figure out the very complicated phone. Most times, they were Swedish or Brazilian; those were Lilah's favorites. But there had been a few Asians and several stunning all-American blondes that looked like they had run right off an episode of 'Baywatch'.

This one though had skin the color of mocha and jet black hair, cropped short with a curl in front. She had high cheek bones and Silk had to admit, this one was even more gorgeous than most.

'Oh. A black one. First one off those I've seen here,' Silk thought to herself.

"She in?" Silk's tone was demanding and matter-of-fact. As the number two around here she enjoyed being as bitchy as she could to the underlings.

"Umm, yeah..."

"What?!?!" Silk responded curtly and with a harsh look.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I mean yes, she is...Miss Floss." The woman pushed an intercom button on the phone and listened for a response.

Silk simply rolled her eyes. 'Yeah, this one will be gone in a week that's for sure.' She suppressed a smile as she thought of what was in store for her after she was fired.

They both waited for nearly twenty seconds, neither of them wanting to interrupt their boss unnecessarily. "Oh, I think she might be..." there was a pause as the woman seemed to get uncomfortable, "...occupied."

Silk simply turned and opened the large double doors that led to the outer sitting room of her boss's office. The ceilings were over thirty feet above her head. The walls were lined with paintings; Monet's and Picasso's and a few large vases from the third, or maybe the fourth century. They belonged to one of the Chinese emperors, but she couldn't remember which one. At any rate, they were very old and very expensive.

As Silk passed she reached out and poked one of the vases with her finger, just enough to tip it. She moved on as it rocked back and forth, from edge to edge of its base. As she reached the second set of double doors, she looked back to see the tall light skinned African woman race from her chair and throw herself under the vase before it fell and shattered. She used her body to break its fall and she had a terrified look on her face until she realized it was safe.

Both she and Silk knew who would be blamed if it broke and what would happen next. Silk looked at the woman lying on the floor with her skirt up around her waist; her long luscious legs and red thong showing. She opened the doors and as they closed behind her Silk was laughing, "Nice catch."

Once the doors were closed and the woman on the floor was sure Silk was out of earshot, she muttered, "Bitch!"

Silk moved into her boss's 'office. It was expansive and one of the most luxurious and opulent rooms she had ever been in. It was on the 100th floor of the building, looking out over the city. While the artwork in the hall and outer room were worth millions apiece, that stuff was crap compared to what was in here.

All the furniture was antiques. Plush sofas and leather bound chairs and a desk that had belonged to Alexander the Great were scattered around the room. Along with these items were intermixed pieces of technology that few had ever seen before.

Silk walked past all these things that would amaze most people without giving them a second look. She moved towards the desk and reached underneath. Finding a hidden stud, she pushed the small button and on the opposite wall a foot wide panel in the wall slid open revealing a small lighted square underneath.

Silk walked across the office and pressed her thumb against the panel, which grew brighter for a second. Silently, a large section of the wall then retracted, revealing another chamber.

As the door was in the process of opening, she heard a loud 'SWHAP' sound which was followed by a man's voice crying out in a loud moaning cry, "YAHHHHHHH!"

This was followed by a woman's voice yelling out, "Oh, come on! That wasn't even that hard. My god! You are such a pussy!"

Once the door was fully open, Silk walked into the room that her boss referred to as her 'Playroom.' Inside were two people.

Lilah Morgan was almost completely naked. She was topless, her full heavy C cup tits hanging free. Her dark brown hair was pulled back in a sleek tight ponytail. She had on only open-toed spike heels and a black leather thong which disappeared between her firm round butt cheeks. That was all she wore, other than a few pieces of very expensive jewelry around her neck and wrists.

Lilah was tall and had a lean and strong body. Barely an ounce of fat on her, her legs, stomach, buttocks and arms showed the hours she spent working out. She wore little makeup but her face didn't need it; she was beautiful by most anyone's standards.

If she had one flaw, it was that her features were quite hard and cold. She rarely smiled and usually she didn't actually look at anyone, but rather she glared at them; like she might punch them in the face at any moment.

Lilah had been the lead counsel for a law firm that had engaged in supernatural activities, Wolfram & Hart. But it had been destroyed; not closed mind you; actually a dragon; which then ate most of the paralegals. But Lilah had always been a survivor and so she had dusted off the old resume and moved on.

Eventually, she had set up her own shop providing legal services to some very seedy people. But seedy people were willing to pay and pay well and pay in cash. This had led to her becoming quite wealthy. Through her connections, she had become very influential in this city and beyond. Currently she had a plan in place that would increase that influence and maybe give her all the power she ever wanted.

But that was down the road. Now she was having some fun. And for Lilah, fun was usually one sided.

The other person in the room as Silk entered was a man. He was hanging in front of Lilah, strung up by his wrists with his ankles chained and his legs spread wide with his tip toes barely touching the floor. He was very well built and athletic. He appeared to be in his late twenties with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. He was also completely naked with not a stitch of clothing on him.

As Silk walked in she couldn't help eyeing him up and down. Her boss, Lilah, was a devoted lesbian and hater of all things phallic. But while it was a job requirement to at least be bi-sexual to work for her, Silk had to admit that she still had some cravings for cock which she could not ignore.

The man was Oliver Queen; former owner and CEO of Queen Industries.

Lilah stepped away from him. She held a thick and heavy leather strap in her right hand. She stepped to a small table and took one of several shot glasses from it. Tossing her head back sharply, she downed the brown liquid in it. Next she lifted a lit cigarette from an ash tray and took a long drag.

Lilah was ignoring her assistant for the moment as she entered. Silk walked around Oliver, waiting to be acknowledged. His back, chest, stomach and buttocks were crisscrossed with red streaks and welts. His ass cheeks were both bright red and from the way they both quivered, Silk surmised that the sound she had heard when she walked in was Lilah bringing the strap down across his rear. Oliver was breathing in short puffing breaths as he fought through the intense stinging.

As Silk passed in front of him her eyes fell to his manhood. His cock was large, a good ten inches, although she was sure at least an inch or two of that was due to the swelling from Lilah's mistreatments, but still, one of the biggest Silk had ever seen. Suddenly she felt even hornier than usual.

At the base of his cock was a thin leather strap tied around the shaft. It was pulled tight, constricting his organ. Acting like a cock ring, it cut off the blood flow to make sure his erection did not fade. A second leather band circled the top of his scrotum, pinching off his balls.

As Lilah took another long drag from her cigarette, Oliver spoke to her, "You'll never get away with this Lilah."

Lilah turned to face Oliver again. She could clearly see Silk but ignored her as she began walking around her captive; circling him like a shark.

"Oh really. It sure seems like I am."

"You'll never get control of my company this way."

Lilah laughed, "You silly little boy. I already own your company."

Oliver's head snapped around as he suddenly forgot about the pain in his ass, "Y-you're lying."

"Really? I took control of your company earlier today when I acquired the last million shares of stock to give me fifty one percent."

She grabbed him by the hair, "That's a controlling interest you asshole, in case you didn't know."

Oliver's face told the two women that he understood and he didn't look happy about it. "Even so, the board of directors will never..."

She cut him off, "Oh please. You'd surprised how quickly they sold you out once I started adding zeroes to their bonus checks. Hell, most even took my first offer. I had expected a few hold outs, even had a team ready to kill a few if needed, but nope. They all signed."

Oliver couldn't believe it. He had known some of these men and women his entire life, since he was a child. He had been at a charity function earlier in the evening. He remembered checking out cocktail waitresses' tits as she handed him a glass of champagne. He took a sip and then, next thing he knew, he woke up here, with Lilah Morgan leering over him.

Lilah turned now to face Silk, her assistant. "So, is everything ready?"

"Yes and no," Silk responded but before she could explain further...

"YOU FUCKING BITCH!!" Oliver Queen screamed at Lilah. "I'll swear you'll never get away with this!"

"WHAT DID YOU FUCKING CALL ME?!?!" Lilah screamed back at him, her face twisted into an evil sneer. She lunged forward and drove her kneecap up between Oliver's legs, smashing his testicles.

"OH FUUUCCCKKKK!!" He screamed as he felt more pain than he had ever known before. It felt like she had broken his balls. Even Silk winced at her ferocity.

Lilah turned and grabbed a large red ball with a leather strap connected to it from a table nearby.

"Fine, mother-fucker! You don't want to shut-up, then I'll make you shut-up." She shoved the ball into Oliver's mouth and pulled the straps behind his head, securing them and driving the red ball deep between his teeth, nearly choking him.

Grabbing the leather strap again, she stepped back in front of him and swung it down from over her head. The leather came down across the top of Oliver's dick with a loud 'KRAK!' sound.

Oliver's entire body jerked as he tried to move out of the way of the second blow she was about to land. He screamed, but with the gag in, all that came out was a muffled groan.


The room was filled with a second loud 'KRAK' as Lilah connected with his tender manhood again. Tears streamed down Oliver's face as he squirmed and tried to escape, but he was securely bound. Over and over Lilah whipped his cock with the strap, showing no mercy.





After about a minute, she stopped and stepped back, panting at the exertion. Oliver's head drooped forward; he was inhaling deeply through his nose and his body was quaking. His cock was a deep red and even more swollen than when Silk had first seen it.

Lilah turned to address Silk, "You were giving me a status report?" She seemed to have calmed down.

"Oh, yes, of course." Silk's voice was quivering as she opened her portfolio and tried to pretend this was a normal business meeting. "Uh, as I was saying, we have located the database in Mr. Queen's archives but it is heavily encrypted. Our current estimate is it will take several weeks to break the codes protecting it."

"SHIT." Lilah put her hands on her hips, still holding the wicked looking belt she had just used on Oliver. "We don't have several weeks."

Silk became worried; suddenly a vision of her hanging by her wrists with red welts covering her body next to Oliver sprang to mind. Luckily though, Lilah seemed to be taking the news well. Silk always found it was a good idea to give her boss bad news while she was whipping someone. It gave her a convenient target for her frustrations.

"Don't worry," Lilah raised her hand, "I know just who to call."

Lilah laid the strap down on the table and turned to walk out of the room, "I have a call to make."

As she was about to leave, she stopped and turned back to Silk, "Feel free to have some fun with him until I get back." Then she walked back down the hall towards her office.

Silk moved quickly as she didn't know how long she had until Lilah returned. She pushed a red button mounted onto the wall and a door in the back wall opened a few seconds later and two tall muscular and nude women walked through it. They had on heavy leather boots, laced up to the knee, but nothing else.

"Yes ma'am?" they waited for orders.

"Cuff his hands and seat him."

The women worked quickly and as a team. They unhooked Oliver's wrists from the overhead chains and as he struggled they rebound his arms behind his back. One of the women then slid a metal chair behind him while the other forced him into it. Lastly, they tied his ankles to the legs of the chair he was seated in.

"That's all. Leave."

With Silk's command the two women left by the door they came in. She stepped over to him as Oliver looked up at her with wide fear filled eyes. She ran her fingers through his hair, "Just seems a shame to let this go to waste."

As she spoke, she leered down at his enormous erection. With her other hand, she grabbed it and began stroking it. Oliver winced. His cock was extremely tender from the whipping it had received from Lilah.

"MMMRRRRRRRFFFFFFFFF!" he let out a long grunt through his gag.

"Oooooo! Sorry. I guess you might not enjoy this as much as I intend to."

Silk stepped back and hiked her skirt up to about mid-thigh. Oliver saw her cleanly shaved pussy as she wiggled her hips. Grabbing a small tube from the table, she squirted some of the clear gel into her hand and then worked the lube down over the head and shaft of his organ.

Once coated, she lowered herself into his lap and with her right hand guided his cock into her hungry snatch. Oliver shook his head from side to side as he was forced to enter her.


"Shut up! You know you want this! Man, Lilah was right, you really are a pussy."

Silk began grinding her hips back and forth as she worked his cock deeper into her cunt. Once it was securely inside her and wouldn't slip out, she reached up and pulled open her blouse, revealing her bright red lace bra. She closed her fingers around her massive pale tits and pulled her bra down, spilling her breasts out and digging her nails into the soft flesh.

Silk tossed her head back as she pinched her own nipples and felt his cock sliding even deeper into her.

"Oh fuck that's big," she moaned as he stretched out her pussy.

Oliver was grimacing as she rode him harder and faster. His cock was extremely sensitive and her movements were causing him a good deal of pain. Silk reached up and put a hand on his shoulder and used it to prop herself up as she began humping him in earnest.

"UGH, Oh god, yeah. Man that's deep."

Silk was grinding her hips back and forth and up and down, taking every inch she could inside her, working his cock for all the pleasure she could get from it. Beads of sweat began to form on her porcelain skin and they started to drip from her forehead. Silk's eyes became glossy and her face dull as her breathing quickened and her pale skin began to become flushed.

She leaned back, holding onto his broad shoulders to keep her from falling backwards, as she worked her hips back and forth on his lap.


Silk was nearing a full orgasm. She pushed her boot heels into the marble floor to get more leverage and she began bouncing up and down on his manhood; driving her body straight down onto the shaft so she could feel every inch slide in and out of her.


She screamed out as a wave of pleasure surged over her.


Silk bit down on her lip and kept grinding on his cock as she experienced the best orgasm that she had had in weeks. She fell forward, her face buried against his neck and shoulder as her body trembled and shook as she felt the pleasure tear through her.

After several long minutes, Silk leaned back; a dazed look on her face. Her eyes met Oliver's. His face was twisted and grimacing. He obviously had not enjoyed their encounter as she had; the cock ring prevented him from ejaculating and Lilah working over his genitals had made their fucking quite painful.

Silk climbed off him, sliding his organ from between her legs. She stood and from behind her heard a voice, "You have fun?"

Silk spun and saw her boss standing in the doorway, smirking at her. "When I said enjoy yourself I assumed you'd use the bullwhip."

"I, ah, it's ah, not what it looks like."

"It's okay. I'm not mad. Consider it a little bonus from me to you."

'Whew.' Silk was relieved.

"I just reached out to an old friend. She is sending a specialist, a hacker, to break into Oliver's systems and get us the location we need. Unfortunately, she won't be available for several hours, so I guess you have the rest of the night off."

Since it was after midnight already, Lilah's dismissal was not as generous as it seemed. But this was a twenty-four seven kind of job after all; Silk know that when she signed up. Not much of a personal life, but a chance to rule the world.

As Silk slid her skirt back into place and smoothed out the wrinkles, Lilah spoke again. "Make sure the team is ready to go on a moment's notice. As soon as our operative gets the location, I want to be on the move."

"Understood Ms. Morgan."

With that Silk started to leave. She pushed the button on the wall and the hidden doorway slid open. As she stood there, she looked back and saw Lilah picking up a long device from the table. Stepping through the straps mounted on it, she shimmied her hips and worked the dildo up her thighs and tightened the harness so she could wear it.

Lilah turned to face Oliver with a twelve inch dildo now mounted between her legs. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled him from the chair, forcing him to his knees and bent over on the floor. She unhooked the straps holding the ball gag in his mouth and he spit it out onto the floor.

"NO! WAIT! LILAH! You can't do this! PLEASE!"

He was begging as she mounted him from behind.

"Awwww, what's the matter? You got fuck Silken. Now I get to fuck you!"

Silk watched from the doorway as Lilah shoved the tip of the thick red dildo into Oliver Queen's asshole.


Grabbing him by the hips, she braced her legs and with a hard thrust of her hips, she jerked his body back with her strong arms, reaming his rectum as hard as she could.





Silk stepped into the hall to head home as Oliver's squeals echoed through the room. As she walked past the receptionist, the woman sitting at the desk spoke, "Is everything okay Miss Floss? It sounded like some...commotion."

"Yes, everything is fine," Silk smiled sweetly and turned to leave.

"Before you go Miss Floss, I need your signature."

Silk turned back. The receptionist offered her a pen and held out a folder. Silk quickly signed the paper inside. Without another word, she walked back down the hall to the elevator which she took her to the ground floor before climbing into a waiting limo for the fifteen minute ride back to her penthouse. It wasn't until she was halfway home that she realized her tits were still hanging out.

Silk had been home for about a half hour and she was now walking out of her bathroom after taking a much needed long hot shower. She had her hair up and a towel wrapped around her with the top tucked just above her massive rack.

She took a sip of coffee when from behind her, "Hi beautiful."

Silk turned quickly, startled. "Oh shit!"

She nearly spilled her coffee as she saw the woman who had spoken sitting on the edge of her large plush bed. The woman was sitting with her long tan legs crossed at the knee, her short skirt showing plenty of her thighs. Her light blue silk blouse had the top three buttons unbuttoned revealing the edges of a black lace bra that held two perfectly shaped B cup breasts.

The woman had an ethnic look to her, Greek or Italian. She had thick flowing brown hair and deep full brown eyes. She was kicking her foot up and down impatiently as she had been waiting for Silk to get out of the shower for several minutes.

"It's about time. I was about to come in and join you."

Once Silk realized who it was, she calmed down. "What are you doing here?"

Meadow Soprano stood and slinked over to the blonde. She wrapped her arms around Silk's neck and cocked her head with a pout on her lips, "What's the matter? You not happy to see me?"

Silk's expression softened, "Of course. It's just I wasn't expecting you. You know we have to be careful. With all we have going on; Lilah is super paranoid and watching all her employees like a hawk."

"Don't you worry your pretty head about that. I had my guys check the area out before I came up. It was totally clear. Besides, I just had to see you again. I can't go another night without you in my arms. It's been too long."

Meadow leaned in and gave Silk a long deep kiss as she pushed her tongue between her lover's full red lips and felt the warm wetness of her lover's mouth.

After several long seconds, she pulled away. Silk seemed flustered. "A-all I'm saying is we have to be careful. If Lilah found out what we were up to, I don't know what she would do."

"Please!" Meadow took Silk by the hand and guided her over to the bed, pulling her onto it. "If she found out about us, I'd have her wacked before I'd let her hurt you baby."

Meadow Soprano was the daughter of famed New Jersey Crime Boss Tony Soprano. Just over a year ago, Tony had been gunned down, along with all his lieutenants. It was assumed to be a gang war. But then Meadow's brother, AJ, was found with his throat slit. No one suspected sweet little Meadow had decided to take over the family business and had killed her own father to do it.

Since then, Meadow had ruled her organization with a hand more ruthless than her father ever had. She combined her Master's in Finance with a mobsters' brutality. In six months, she had eliminated most of the other East Coast crime families and tripled her organizations profits.

Meadow pushed Silk onto her back on the mattress. She was licking her lips as she pulled the bath towel from Silk's perfectly shaped body. Meadow inhaled deeply as she watched Silk's huge tits spill out. She ran her hands up Silk pale smooth skin until she reached her boobs and took two big handfuls of them, gripping and playing his her breasts like they were toys.

"Ooooooooo," Silk was nearly purring as Meadow fell on top of her. Wrapping her lips around Silk's right nipple, Meadow began sucking hard.

"Oh god!"

Silk grabbed the back of Meadow's head, letting her fingers run through the silky strands of her hair.

The two women rolled back and forth, intertwined. Suddenly their foreplay was interrupted by Silk's cell phone ringing.

"Leave it," Meadow pleaded.

"Sorry babe. I have to answer." Silk picked it up. The name on the display said 'Royal Bitch'. She took the call. "Yes ma'am."

Lilah's voice came from the other end, "She there?"

Silk was on her back with Meadow kneeling over her. The brunette took her sleek leg and pulled it up in front of her. Pulling her foot to her, she began sucking on Silk's big toe, letting her tongue slip between it and the next one. Silk's head fell back and her eyelids fluttered.

"Umm. Yeah. I mean, yes ma'am."

"And she doesn't know that I know about you two, correct?"

"Ohhhhhh, ahhhh, no, no, I'm pretty sure not."

Meadow was reaching her hand up the inside of Silk's soft white thigh.

"Good," Lilah said, "Make sure she doesn't find out."

Meadow slid three of her fingers inside Silk's pussy and drove them up to the third knuckle. Silk's entire body tensed.

"Oh FUCK! I-I w-won't."

Silk snapped her cell phone shut as Meadow began licking and sucking her clitoris as she fucked her girlfriend with her fingers.

About a half hour earlier...

As soon as the elevator doors closed behind Silk as she left for the night, the woman called Jinx went into action. She had gotten this job posing as a receptionist as a cover while she waited for the perfect time to strike, which was now.

She took out a small device that looked like a Blackberry from her desk. She switched it on and the screen on it lit up. On it was a picture of Lilah Morgan's office. The micro camera that she had hidden earlier was working perfectly.

Jinx was former CIA. She had quit after she got tired of her so-called superiors constantly taking her to task for racking up too many bodies during her missions. Finally, she had had enough. She punched out her section chief and went freelance. There was always good money to be made for a woman of her skills. Plus, it was a lot more fun to be on her own and to play by her own rules.

She pushed a button and the screen changed. She was now looking through a camera in Lilah's secret sex chamber. She saw a handsome blonde man who she recognized as Oliver Queen on his back on a large padded table. His hands were bound and his legs were chained pointing up at the ceiling in a wide 'V'. Lilah Morgan was on top of him, a large dildo mounted between her legs and she was fucking his asshole while she looked down at him with an expression of ecstasy on her face.

She was standing on the table and had his ankles in her hands and was thrusting the dildo deeper and deeper up his ass.

Jinx turned up the volume on the device so she could hear them.

"UGH UGH UH!" Oliver was grunting as she fucked him.

"OH FUCK! I'M GONNA CUM!" Lilah screamed as she tossed her head back as her orgasm hit its crescendo. Jinx watched as Lilah reached down and grabbed Oliver by the testicles and twisted.


Jinx turned off the device, not needing to see any more. She stood and walked into the women's restroom. Entering one of the stalls, she stepped up onto the edge of the toilet then reaching up she moved one of the ceiling tiles and pulled down a satchel; the one she had hidden there earlier.

Setting it on the counter, she opened it and pulled her gear and clothes out. A few minutes later, she had changed. Gone were the short skirt and blouse of the receptionist. She now wore red leather pants and a form fitting, body hugging top that clung to six-pack stomach and cradled her full breasts. She snapped her belt onto her hips and slung the satchel with the rest of her equipment over her shoulder.

Jinx took a moment to check out herself in the mirror. The leather cupped her ass cheeks and her pants were cut low enough to see the very tip of her ass crack and the tramp stamp tattoo she had just above it. Jinx pulled a tube of bright red lipstick from her belt and applied a coating to her lips. She blew herself a kiss in the mirror. Satisfied that she looked good enough to finish the job, she left.

Once back at the desk, she lifted the pen that Silk had used before she left. Pulling a small device from her belt, she moved it over the pen. Jinx could see Silk's thumbprint highlighted by the machine. She scanned it and a few seconds later a thin clear oval came from the scanner. Jinx pressed her own thumb onto the copy as she entered Lilah's office.

She had been hired to get information that Lilah had stored in her systems. She went to the desk and pressed her thumb to the small scanner next to the computer. It flashed red.

"Shit!" Jinx realized the thumbprint of the assistant did not work. Whether it was because of a bad scan or because Lilah was a paranoid bitch who didn't even trust her most trusted employee with access to her computer, she was not sure.

"Probably doesn't want anyone finding her lesbian porn collection," Jinx muttered with a pissed off tone.

She stood up and pulled a small automatic pistol with a long thin silencer on the end from her belt. She chambered a round and checked the gun to make sure it was ready to go.

"Guess we'll have to do this the hard way."

Jinx slipped over to the hidden panel that lead to the chamber where Lilah was having her little party with Oliver. She checked her monitor and saw that Oliver was still on his back with his legs in the air. Lilah was standing at the between them and was swinging the leather strap that she had used on him earlier down and onto his manhood. Jinx had the sound off so she couldn't hear what Oliver was saying but from the look on his face after Lilah connected with his balls and the tender underside of his cock, it was probably not poetry.

Even for Jinx, who had been known to enjoy some pretty wild sexual escapades, Lilah was one kinky bitch.

Jinx then watched as Lilah stepped away and picked up her cell phone from the table. She opened it and appeared to be making a call. Not wanting for anyone to hear her through the phone, Jinx waited until she was off to make her move. After a minute or so, Lilah tossed the phone aside and went back to work on Oliver.

Jinx pressed her thumb up to the panel next to the doorway and it slid silently open. The sound of Oliver's screams suddenly filled Jinx's ears.


Lilah had her back to Jinx as she stepped into the room and raised the gun, pointing it at the back of the statuesque woman's head. She was preparing to pull the trigger when she had a change of heart.

"I'd be careful who you threaten mother-fucker! I still haven't decided if I'm going to castrate you or not!"

Lilah swung the belt again. 'THWAP!' Oliver's entire body tensed and his back arched sharply as even more agony rushed through him as the belt connected with his nuts.

Lilah was totally focused on Oliver and she didn't even realize that the door had opened much less that someone had entered the room. Jinx slipped up behind Lilah and quickly put her in a choke hold.

"URK!" Lilah began struggling as she was jerked nearly off her feet by the powerful black woman. It took less than a second for Jinx to secure Lilah in her arms and only ten seconds or so more for her to render the woman unconscious.

Lilah slipped to the floor and Jinx knelt down to finish her mission. She pulled her scanner and copied Lilah's thumb print, just as she had Silk's.

About this time, Oliver realized what was happening as he began to regain his senses. "H-help me please! You've got to get me out of here."

Jinx ignored him as she waited for the scanner to finish.

"Hey! Please. I can pay. Just let me go."

Jinx stood and looked down at him, "Sorry Mr. Queen, but you're on your own. I have a mission to complete, and you're not part of it."

She turned to leave, "What?!? NO! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE!"

"Quiet!" Jinx realized that his yelling might alert the guards. Thinking quickly, she grabbed a ball gag from the table and shoved it into his mouth.

"No, you have to...UUUGGGNNHHHH!"

Next to the ball gag was a very large black dildo and suddenly Jinx had a wicked idea. She grabbed the sex toy and moved between Oliver's legs. He looked up with a terrified look on his face as Jinx pushed the tip of the dildo into his asshole. He couldn't believe what was happening.

Jinx held the dildo with one hand as she brought her knee up hard and slammed the dildo home, driving the entire length up into Oliver's rectum.


He began to buck wildly.

"Just a little something to remember me by."

Jinx blew Oliver a kiss as she turned and ran from the room leaving him squealing with the entire dildo pushed up his ass.

She moved back to the desk and, using the new thumbprint, she activated Lilah's computer. Jinx slipped a small disk storage device into one of the USB ports. The device quickly began to copy and download the data she was after from Lilah's machine.

It took only a matter of seconds for Jinx to get the data she was after. As she stood and began to get ready to leave, she noticed a small red flashing light on the underside of the desk.


Jinx sprinted to the middle of the office and looked into the sex chamber. Lilah was still on the floor but she had apparently woken up and had managed to crawl to the other side of the room and press an alarm.

Jinx knew she didn't have much time. She pulled two small discs, each not bigger than a quarter, from her belt. She tossed one towards the main doors where it landed on the floor in front of them and the other she threw at the large windows on the rear wall. Just then, Jinx heard movement outside and the double doors flew open.

Jinx lunged over the desk, her pistol in her hand and firing at the four large burly guards who burst in, spraying the office with gunfire. As the guards weapons tore up Lilah's desk and the surrounding office, one of them took a bullet through his forehead as Jinx sailed over the desk. In her other hand, she pulled the detonator from her belt and pressed the button.


The disk at the feet of the guards exploded, shredding them into chunks of flesh. She quickly reset the detonator and pressed it again. This time the charge on the window blew outward. Papers and debris began to fly and swirl as the wind surged in.

Jinx heard more guards coming down the hall as she launched herself out the window. She pointed herself at the ground and freefell for more than 50 stories before she engaged her parachute and glided to the roof of another building and to safety.

Across town...

Meadow was curled up against Silk's body, using her ample bosom as a pillow.

"But why not? Then we could be together."

"For the last time no," Silk responded as she took a long drag on her cigarette. She and Meadow had both just had several intense orgasms and she was trying to enjoy one of the few moments of peace she got. But as usual Meadow wanted to ruin it with pillow talk.

"But if you'd just let me kill the bitch we could have it all. I would still be head of the mob and you could take over all of Lilah's holdings."

Meadow rolled on top of Silk so their bodies were smushed against each other. She rested her chin right between Silk's tits and looked up at her. "But..." Meadow had the look of a teenager who had been told she couldn't go to a party.

"But nothing. Lilah may be a royal cunt but she is too powerful. She has people in place for just that sort of thing. If we took her out, trust me, there would be repercussions. Most likely bullet to the brain like repercussions. Besides, Lilah is good at what she does. She's too useful."

Meadow seemed to accept this, "Okay. For now."

Silk pushed her lover off her and rolled out of bed. He was pulling a robe on when her cell phone rang again. Picking it up...


There was a pause as Silk listened to the voice on the other end, "O-oh my god! When? Of course, I'll be right there."

She closed the phone and turned to Meadow who was sitting up in Silk's bed. She could tell something was wrong.

"I have to go baby. Let yourself out."

Silk got dressed without another word and left.

Twelve and a half minutes after Silk had received the phone call in her apartment...

The elevator doors opened and Silken Floss stepped out and into the hall. She was dressed to the nines with not a hair out of place, as always. The doors to Lilah's office had been blown off their hinges. What was left of several security guards littered the floor and hung from the ceiling.

Silk stepped through the carnage, trying not to ruin her $1000 heels. Lilah was standing at the edge where there had been a window but now there was only night sky. Lilah was still completely nude except for her knee high boots.

Several large burly men in tailored suits and sunglasses stood all around her while several more men and women wearing white lab coats went through the ruins of her office. As Silk stepped up, Lilah was screaming into her phone.

"I don't fucking care who you have to kill. FIND OUT WHO THIS CUNT IS!" She snapped it closed.

"No one does this to me and lives. And where is Jacobs?"

A man in his mid-forties stepped forward, "I'm here Miss Morgan."

Jacobs was Lilah's head of security. He was former NSA and very good at his job.

Lilah turned to face him. He tried hard to keep his eyes on her face.

"And where the fuck were you?"

"Umm, it's three AM, I was at home asleep."

"Well, now that you have decided to come into work perhaps you could explain how my receptionist, a receptionist that you hired by the fucking way, could do all this and nearly kill me?"

As she spoke, Lilah waved her hand, indicating the carnage around them.

"Well, Miss Morgan, we did all the standard background checks. Whoever this woman was, she was very good at..."


Lilah snapped her fingers and before Jacobs could finish speaking, Silken stepped up and fired a small pistol into the back of his head. A splatter of blood sprayed across Lilah's tits.

"Oh sorry boss."

Lilah ignored it.

Just then, from behind them, "Holy shit. Someone had a party."

Lilah, Silk and the guards all turned to see a petite brunette standing where the double doors to her office used to be.

"GOD DAMMIT! Do I not pay for security around this fucking place!?!?"

The guards, all fearing they might get their brains blown out or worse yet find themselves strapped down in Lilah's 'Playroom', immediately scattered.

The woman stepped forward looking around the room. She was about five feet five inches tall and maybe one hundred and ten pounds with a shapely figure. She had long brown hair and she wore a small pair of round, red glasses. She was dressed casually, with jeans and biker boots and a tight black T-shirt on. She had a heavy looking satchel slung over her shoulder as well.

As she approached, both Lilah and Silk eyed her up and down. She had an ample chest and shapely ass and a pretty face. She appeared to be in her mid-twenties. The fact that Lilah was butt naked did not seem to faze her at all. She spoke again and Silk noted her raspy sexy voice.

"Adelle sent me. Said you needed a hacker..."

Lilah didn't look convinced, "I was expecting someone more...older."

"Trust me, I'm your girl. Not a program or security system been designed I can't crack. Name's Echo. But if you don't need my services I can go." She started to turn to leave, "Because it sure looks like you people have everything under control."

"No wait. We do need you."

Echo stopped and Lilah waved her for her to come closer. Once she approached, Lilah spoke in a softer tone that only she, Echo and Silk could hear, "Did Adelle give you any other instructions?" Lilah almost seemed meek about the question.

"Oh yeah. She said to tell you that I am everything you need and to give you this."

Echo pulled a small envelope from her pocket and handed it to Lilah who took it but did not open it.

"Silk, take Miss Echo here down to the computer room and let her get to work. We need this system cracked ASAP. No stopping until it is done."

Echo stood straight and snapped to attention. She lifted her hand in an exaggerated salute, "Aye aye captain." The girl certainly had attitude.

Silk walked out with Echo following her.

Two days later...

Echo stood in the middle of the living room of Lilah's penthouse. Lilah Morgan was sitting in a large armchair examining some files.

"So, you get what you need?" Echo asked.

"Yes, it looks like everything we wanted. Thank you. Silk is as we speak making arraignments for my team to leave to find the item in question. If that asshole Queen had just sold me the location, then none of this would have been necessary."

Lilah reached over the flipped open the lid of a small wooden box sitting on her side table. She looked at the contents but Echo could not see them.

"And, he would still have these as well of course." Lilah smiled wickedly as she closed the lid and returned to Echo.

"You did extremely well."

"So, that's it then. If you ever need anything more, don't hesitate to..."

"There is one more thing." Lilah picked up a small piece of paper that she had gotten from the envelope given to her by Echo when she first arrived. It was a note from her old friend Adelle DeWitt. It read...

'Echo has been programmed to your specifications. After she has finished retrieving your data say the following phrase to her. I am sure you will not be disappointed.'

Lilah held the paper up and read the phrase written on it to Echo, "Do you know what color the sky is at twilight?"

Echo looked at her with a perplexed look on her face but she did not move. For nearly ten seconds, the brunette simply stood there staring straight ahead as if frozen. Just as Lilah was about to become concerned, Echo picked up her bag and spoke.

"Is there somewhere I can get changed?"

Lilah wasn't sure what to make of her; she seemed the same as before.

"Ah, yes, right back there," Lilah pointed to the bathroom off the short hall behind her.

Echo approached Lilah who was still sitting. She grabbed the older woman by the back of her hair and snapped her head back. Leaning in, she kissed her deeply and Lilah felt a hand reach into her blouse and grab her left breast. She winced as Echo raked her nails over the soft flesh.

After a few seconds, she spoke, "Good. I can't give you what you deserve dressed like this."

She turned to leave to change, "When I get back, your ass better be naked."

Lilah stood, flustered and flushed. It took a lot to surprise Lilah and even more to turn her on, but Echo had done both. She quickly stripped and waited impatiently for her to return.

It took nearly ten minutes but it was worth the wait. Echo walked back into the room and Lilah literally had her breath taken away. She could barely believe this was the same cocky girl who had cracked Oliver's security files.

Echo was wearing spiked heeled leather boots that came up to her mid-thigh and were laced up the front. She had on a tiny black G-string that covered none of her firm round ass. She also wore a red bustier which pushed her already nice rack up and made them even fuller. Her hair was pulled back into a tight pony tail.

Echo approached Lilah and examined her body. Lilah was not used to not being in control. She was incredibly excited.

"On your knees bitch!"

Lilah immediately dropped to the floor as Echo walked around her.

Lilah opened her mouth to speak, "Echo, I..."


Lilah took a hard slap across the face and then felt her head jerked back, "Did I say you could speak?"

"N-no, I just..."


Echo backhanded Lilah across the face again, nearly knocking her to the floor.

"My name is Mistress Echo to you cunt! SAY IT!"

"Mistress Echo. I am sorry Mistress Echo."

Lilah Morgan had a very high stress job. She was in charge of everything and everyone in her world. Sometimes, she liked to have these little sessions where she played the submissive in order to unwind. Of course, she could not trust anyone who worked for her even though she would have loved for Silk to be standing over her right now. She had tried a few prostitutes but once one of them tried to blackmail her she had to stop using them, after she had the girls eliminated of course.

Then she heard that her old friend Adelle had taken over a new venture in Los Angeles and it seemed like the perfect match. She had used one of Adelle's 'actives' several times now. But she could already tell that Echo was going to be her new favorite.

"Stand up."

Lilah complied and Echo pulled a pair of handcuffs from her bag and snapped them on her slaves' wrists, cuffing her hands behind her back. She grabbed Lilah's hair again and pulled the tall woman down so she could look in to her eyes. With her free hand, she grabbed Lilah's right tit and dug her nails across it. Lilah's eyes rolled back in her head as she nearly had an orgasm.

"You had better fucking learn some respect!" Echo snarled at her.

"Yes Mistress Echo. I am so sorry."

"You fucking will be. Now walk!"

Echo shoved Lilah toward the bedroom.

About an hour later, Lilah was lying on her bed. She was on her stomach. Her hands were still cuffed but they were in front of her with the chain of the handcuffs worked through the slats of her headboard. Lilah's face was turning red and she was kicking her legs as best as she could.

Echo was on top of Lilah and she had a large strap-on dildo shoved up Lilah's ass and had been fucking her hard for the better part of twenty minutes. This was after a good half hour of Lilah being strung up between the bedposts and Echo whipping her.

Echo pulled the plastic bag she had over Lilah's head tighter. The plastic stretched over her face. Lilah was squirming, unable to breathe. She was also experiencing the best and most intense orgasms of her life as she was ass fucked and choked by Echo.

Finally, as Lilah's eyes began to close and she started to pass out, Echo yanked the bag off her head. Lilah inhaled deeply and Echo slapped her several times across the face to revive her.

"You're not getting off that easy bitch. You're done when I say you're done."

Echo grabbed Lilah by the hair and pulled back as she shoved the dildo deeper into her rectum.


"You like that huh whore?"


"You want more?"


Echo began pounding Lilah asshole with the dildo, giving her all she could.


Echo shoved Lilah's head forward into the pillow. "SHUT THE FUCK UP! I'm tired of your voice."

Lilah was screaming in ecstasy as she was ass reamed by her new toy.

The next morning...

Lilah Morgan stood in the hanger in front of the large transport plane addressing her team. She was giving them a rundown of their mission; telling them how they were heading to Egypt to find a lost artifact which the location of had recently been discovered. Behind her, Silk stood talking on a cell phone while her team listened intently.

As Lilah finished, she dismissed them to finish checking their gear. Silk approached, "What's she doing here?" she asked, referring to Echo who was leaning against the plane.

"Her? I thought she could be helpful."

"Our mission op doesn't call for any computer specialists, besides we have those on our payroll already."

"Oh, uh, yes, but I was very impressed by Echo and I want her on this mission."

Silk didn't seem convinced but acquiesced, "Okay then."

"I'll be on board. Get everything finished up out here. I want to be in the air in twenty."

Silk watched as Lilah walked towards the rear cargo door of the transport. She noted that Lilah was walking gingerly and limping and she surmised that it was the lingering effects from Jinx's attack a few days earlier.

About a hundred yards away, Jinx watched through binoculars as Lilah Morgan's team packed up and got ready to leave. Her cell rang and she answered, "Yeah. I see them now."

"No. I can't stop them. They have too many guns. My best bet is to get there first and get the package before they can."

"Uh-huh. Yeah I can do that. But I want double."

"Well, that was before this whole thing got more dangerous. Double or you find someone else to do your dirty work."

"Good then. Talk to you soon."

Jinx hung up.

About a thousand miles away sitting in a large office, Tess Mercer, CEO of Luthorcorp dialed accounting to order a payment to Jinx's bank account.

The end.


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