Disclaimer: These characters belong to Joss Whedon and the geniuses at Mutant
Enemy. I only borrow them to have fun.

Rating:NC-17 (Lesbian,Oral,F-Dom,inc hint,Violence,and of course Sex)

Parings: Cordelia/Connor, Cordelia/Lilah, Fred/Gunn

Note: The rewriting of Angel Continues now at the start of Season 4.

Setting: Cordelia has used Connor to trap Angel. Meanwhile Lorne knows Wesley
has been following apart because of his feelings for Fred.

Angel: Cordelia Unleashed Part 10 - The Rescue
by Robbins ([email protected])

A group of vampires are on the town.

Fred and Gunn appear with weapons. They attack the vampires.

Two are dusted. Gunn gets into a fight while Fred dusts another one.

Gunn and a Vampire continue to fight as Fred dusts another one.

"Charles!" Fred says.

Fred fires a stake into the Vampire with a crossbow.

"Oh Shit!" The vampire says,and dusts.

"I could have handled him Fred" Gunn says.

Fred gives Gunn a look. Gunn knows to shut up or his Mistress will be angry
with him.

* * *

Cordelia Chase lays on the bed nude in her apartment. Lilah Morgan has her
face buried into her pussy. She now serves Cordelia. And Cordelia likes her
giving her pleasure. Lilah is giving tongue action to Cordelia's cunt.

"Your so good at this, bitch" Cordelia says.

Lilah continues licking Cordelia's cunt.

* * *
Gunn and Fred return to the hotel. They see Darla and Connor.

"How did it go?" Connor asks.

"Some more people helped" Gunn replies.

"More Vamps dusted?" Darla asks.

"Well, yeah" Gunn tells her.

Fred decides to change the subject. "Anyone see Lorne?" she asks.

"I think he decided to join Wesley at the drinking" Darla says.

* * *

At a bar Wesley and Lorne wearing a trench coat and glasses with a hat are at
a table.

"I think we are close, Wesley" Lorne says.

"Good" Wesley replies.

* * *

Darla finds Connor in the room she shared with Angel.

"What's wrong?" Darla asks.

"Do you miss him, Mom" he asks Darla.

"He choose to leave, Connor" she tells him.

Darla goes up to him.

"Besides I have you with me. That is a wonderful trade off." she tells him.

Connor thinks if only she knew he was responsible.

"Did you know you were conceived in this very room" Darla tells him.

"I was?" he asks.

"Yes. This is our home. You must always remember that" Darla tells him.

"Thanks Mom" Connor replies.

Darla hugs Connor. She withdraws. Suddenly she moves in close as if she is
about to kiss him. Then suddenly she pauses. Darla suddenly realizes a part
of her wanted to kiss her son on the lips like a lover. Darla pulls away.

* * *

Gavin Parks goes into his car in the parking lot of Wolfram and Hart. He
turns the car on. The car explodes.

* * *

Lilah goes into Linwood's office. She puts posion in his liquor. She leaves.

* * *

Fred and Gunn are in the lobby when Wesley and Lorne walk in with a weakened
Angel. They are stunned.

"Angel!" Fred says.

"Where is Connor?" Angel asks.

"Upstairs man" Gunn replies.

"Stay here" he says.

Angel goes upstairs alone.

* * *

Connor is in the room Darla shared with Angel. He turns around to see Angel.
He is stunned.

"Hi there, Son. Long time no see" Angel says.

He punches out Connor hard.

* * *

Linwood walks into his office. He pours some liquor into a glass and drinks.
Suddenly he drops dead on the ground.

* * *

Darla comes into the lobby. Wesley, Lorne, Fred and Gunn are there.

"Where is Connor?" she asks.

"Upstairs with Angel" Lorne says.

"So, he's back?" Darla says.

"Connor had Angel trapped with the help of Cordelia" Wesley says.

"That bitch tricked him" Darla says.

Fred moves forward.

"He did it himself and lie about it" Fred says.

Darla runs upstairs.

* * *

Connor wakes up to see Angel there. Suddenly Darla bursts in.

"Don't hurt him, Angel" Darla says.

"He set me up, Darla" Angel says.

"He is still our son, Angel" Darla tells him.

Angel laughs.

"You see Connor. No matter what you do she always thinks of you. A shame you
can never think like that" Angel says.

"You get what you deserve" Connor says.

"Maybe I should trap you like you did me. But,for someone reason I don't
think Cordelia will be looking for you the way Lorne,and Wesley did for me."
Angel tells him.

Angel grabs him.

"Now get out of my place boy" Angel says,and throws him out of the room.

Darla starts to follow him but Angel grabs her.

"Let go of me!" Darla says.

"No Darla! I have to make some decisions here" he tells her.

* * *

Lilah is on the phone in her office.

"It's done" she says.

* * *

Cordelia is on the phone. She is in her apartment.

"Excellent. it has gone perfectly" Cordelia says.

She puts the phone down. Connor walks in.

"What happened, Connor?" Cordelia asks.

"Angel returned" he says.

Damn it she thought. She wanted Angel out of the way till she was ready. She
goes up to him.

"It doesn't matter,Connor" she tells him.

Cordelia kisses him hard. Connor gives himself over to Cordelia.

To Be Continued


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