Don't read this if you're under 18 and don't try this at home. Well, "Buffy
the Vampire Slayer" already has plenty of mc stories. I thought it was high
time the spin-off got a shot. Sorry about the exposition, but the back
story's a little more complicated than Buffy. Enjoy.

Angel: City of Devils (M/F,creature,ncon,mc)

The rustling of leaves was the only sound made in the small greenhouse.
The young woman clumping through it was not in a good mood. She was quite
attractive, with long dark hair framing a nice face, wearing a dark blouse
and white pants that weren't quite of the quality she had long been
accustomed to. Her name was Cordelia Chase and the circumstances involving
her being here were quite unique.

Until her sophomore year of high school, Cordelia's life had been simple.
She was the wealthy daughter of wealthy parents, member of the elite snob
clique of school, a woman much more interested in what other people thought
of her and her outfits than anything else. However, all that changed when
Buffy Summers came to town and Cordelia soon discovered that sleepy
Sunnydale was home to vampires, werewolves, demons, goblins and a portal to
Hell. Needless to say, that changed a few things for her.

She soon found herself pulled into the group that fought off these demons,
the Slayerettes, she still called them. Buffy, the Slayer; Rupert Giles, the
librarian who served as her mentor and Watcher; Willow Rosenberg, a shy
brainy girl; and Xander Harris, a goofball who seemed out of place. Cordelia
found herself in danger more than once. She also found herself in a
relationship with Xander, the complete opposite of what she was, a sarcastic
guy who seemed more interested in sex than anything else. Cordelia kept going
out with him, despite being dumped by her elite pack. They had almost nothing
in common, but they made a great couple, particularly when there was a broom
closet around.

Senior year changed everything. First, she found Xander kissing his best
friend, Willow, an encounter that ended with Cordelia taking a piece of metal
through her gut, landing her in the hospital. Then, a throwaway wish resulted
in a nightmarish alternate reality where vampires ruled a Buffy-less
Sunnnydale and Xander and Willow were vampire lovers who actually killed her.
Actually, since everything was set right, Cordelia didn't know all this until
Willow's doppelganger came to Sunnydale a few months later, but that was a
different story.

Then, the final blow: Her father's decade-long tax dodging finally caught
up to him and the IRS seized the Chase fortune, house and everything else,
leaving her penniless. The one good thing is that she managed to get into a
truce of sorts with Xander, who not only kept secret about her new poverty
but actually bought her a dress for Homecoming.

After the mess with Graduation, with Dad in jail and Mom drinking, Cordelia
decided that the place to go was L.A. She could make it there, right? She'd
actually tried acting, but so far nothing promising had come up, which was
why she was now working for Angel.

Angel. Talk about long stories. Turned into a vampire in the 18th century,
he'd spent over a hundred years as a soulless demon, causing death and mayhem
in a brutal, but creative manner, and spreading it across three continents.
But when he killed the beloved member of a Gypsy clan in Romania, the clan
cursed him by returning his soul, causing him to realize the thousands of
horrific acts he'd committed since. He spent the next few decades setting
the world record for brooding over his sins before a demon named Whistler
directed him to Sunnydale.

Angel fell in love with Buffy at first sight. He helped her out in her
battles and managed to explain his unique "condition" to her. They grew
closer over time and one rainy night, they made love. Unfortunately, what
neither of them knew until it was too late was that there was a loophole to
Angel's curse. If he ever achieved a moment of true happiness, the curse
would be broken and his soul would be lost. The moment achieved, the evil
Angelus came back and spent the next few months making Buffy's life a living
hell, murdering her friends, scaring her mother, trying to drive her mad.
Their ultimate battle came when Angel tried to suck the world into Hell and
Buffy had to fight him to the death. Before she could kill him, Willow
managed to cast the spell to give him his soul back but in order to save the
world, Buffy had to send her beloved to Hell.

Angel was never comfortable talking about what happened to him there.
Apparently, while a single summer passed on Earth, Angel spent over a hundred
years in Hell before being released. He and Buffy managed to patch things up,
but Angel knew a relationship just wasn't meant to be. Although it broke his
heart to do it, he broke if off with Buffy and after Graduation headed to Los

At first, he was content just going around staking vampires. But then Doyle,
a half Irish human/half demon got in touch with him. Apparently, Doyle
received visions from "The Powers That Be" that enabled him to know when
others were in trouble. Angel had been chosen to aid others and, in that way,
achieve redemption for his sins. His very first assignment allowed him to
rescue Cordelia from a sadistic vampire and it was Cordelia's idea to set up
a private investigative agency as a cover for Angel as well as a way to make
some money.

The three worked together for a while, Cordelia not knowing of Doyle's
half-demon nature, and helped quite a few people. But that changed when
Doyle's vision led Angel to help a group of half-demons being attacked by
the Scourge, a genocidal race of racist demons. During the encounter,
Cordelia learned of Doyle's heritage but accepted it well. But before they
could begin anything resembling a relationship, Doyle sacrificed his life
to save the demons as well as Angel, leaving the two without a friend.

Soon after, Cordelia learned that the good-bye kiss Doyle had given her
before dying was also his way of passing on the visions to her, meaning that
she now periodically received a mind-blowing, body-shaking vision of danger,
many of which she could barely interpret. About the same time, the two met
up with Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, a former member of the Watchers, a secret
society who helped the Slayers fight demons. Actually, they let the Slayers
do the fighting, and dying, while they just advised. Wesley had been assigned
to watch Buffy when the Watchers dismissed Giles for breaking their code
(never mind that it had been to save Buffy's life). None of the Slayerettes
took Wesley seriously, especially when he was more likely to run or faint in
a moment of danger than anything else and his arrogant attitude didn't make
any friends either.

Wesley and Cordelia had been attracted to one another and even flirted, but
when they kissed, they realized there really wasn't anything to build a
relationship on. Wesley had been injured during the fight against the Mayor
at Graduation and sent back to England, where he had been dismissed by the
Council for failing to keep a rogue Slayer, Faith, under control. Since then,
Wesley had become a rogue demon hunter, his journey bringing him to L.A. and
Angel. Seeing a chance to truly make something of himself (and get a regular
paycheck again), Wesley had taken a job with the group and had managed to fit
in well, his research skills coming in handy and even holding his own in a

Although she put up a show of still being self-involved, Cordelia had
changed a lot since coming to town. She had found an apartment with a ghost
for a roommate, the first man she had made love to left her waking up the
next morning eight months pregnant with demons (that was going to be hard
to put on her next physical) and her acting debut had left something to
desire. Given all that, it wasn't hard to believe that Cordelia took life
a little more seriously. However, that didn't mean she had to like her
current assignment, as had been evidenced when she told Angel and Giles of
her latest vision.

* * *

"And you're sure this is what you saw?" Wesley said, holding up a large
volume with a drawing of a snake-like creature upon the page.

"Yep, that's it."

"Are you sure?"

"No, I confused it with the other reptilian creature from a mind-blowing
premonition of danger," Cordelia said in the sarcastic tone she had

"So, what is it?" Angel asked, careful to stay out of the shaft of sunlight
that fell into his office.

"A Serpanton demon," Wesley said, reading from the book. "According to
legend, it was one of their kind that tempted Eve with the apple and led to
her and Adam being forced to leave Paradise. Exceptionally strong, deadly,
possessing telepathic powers, feed on human flesh."

"Great, another snake," Cordelia said, shaking her head. "First it was the
frat guys trying to sacrifice me to one, then the mayor trying to eat the
whole town, now this. What, is there something about me that draws snakes
to me?" She watched as Wesley and Angel shared a look. "Don't say it, all

"So, what does it want?" Angel asked.

"To feed, no doubt," Wesley said. "It tends to lie in wait for its prey, then
strike quickly, immobilizing it with venom before feeding."

"That's pretty kind-hearted for a demon," Cordelia said.

"Actually, there are quite a few out there with manners," Angel said. "They
all tend to stay away from L.A., though. Where do we find this?"

"According to this, it would tend to stick to a jungle environment."

"Hello, Los Angeles!" Cordelia pointed out. "Not a lot of jungles out here,
you know?"

"Not necessarily," Angel said. "It just needs the environment, so a simulated
one will do, right?"

"Theoretically, yes," Wesley nodded.

"So there's zoos, conservatories, greenhouses, maybe even movie lots," Angel
said. "Your vision didn't give any hints to the location?"

"Just vines and plants. Least, that's what I could make out through the

"All right, we'd better split up. Wesley, you and me will check out the zoo.
Cordy, I'll give you a list of greenhouses and conservatories to check out.
You find anything, get out and call us right away. Don't stick around, all

"Hey, I've seen the entire 'Scream' trilogy. I know when to leave when
there's danger around."

"All right, let's go," Angel intoned as he and Wesley began to pull weapons
out of the drawers of the office. They took a moment to look at the daggers,
swords and other items bundled together in a mess, then looked at Cordelia.
"Hey, don't blame me if we can't afford a cleaning service."

* * *

It was all of this that had brought Cordelia to the small greenhouse, the
fifth one she had checked out. It pretty much looked like the others, but was
a bit more crowded with plants, the flowers and vines apparently a little
more rare, catering to a more affordable clientele. Cordelia glanced about
the greenhouse, unaware of the sound of a body being slid on dirt or the soft
hiss of a creature. Cordelia had a can of mace out, ready to use it on anyone
or anything, regardless of the fact it didn't work that well.

A sudden rattle got her attention and Cordelia spun about to see the
Serpanton standing before her. Actually, "standing" wasn't quite the right
turn. It had no legs, the entire lower half of its body a massive
green-scaled tail, ending in a large point. From the top up, it appeared to
be a normal, well-built man, save for green scales. It was bald, his bright
green eyes looking Cordelia over, a forked tongue zipping in and out of its
mouth. "Well," it said in a hissing tone. "What have we here?"

"Um, hi!" Cordelia said, backing up. "I guess you wouldn't know about my
flower order, would you? Supposed to be by today? No? Oh, those darn delivery

"Wit," the reptile said, its eyes never leaving Cordelia's body. "And beauty.
A nice combination."

"Yeah, yeah, my last casting director said that before he tried to get me in
the hot tub," Cordelia said. "Say, aren't you supposed to be hissing? You
know, dragging out the 's' and 'z' all the time?"

"I despise that stereotype," the Serpanton said. "Why does being a snake mean
you can't enunciate?"

"Well, I'll be sure to put that in the records for you," Cordelia said.
"Well, gotta go, I've got things to do, you've got people to kill, everyone's
busy, so I'll just----"

"I'm afraid I must insist you stay," the Serpanton said. Its tail lashed out,
longer than Cordelia thought it was, wrapping around her waist, pinning her
arms and rendering her immobile. The Serpanton brought Cordelia up until she
was inches away, futilely struggling to get free. "Look into my eyes, child."

Cordelia had lived in Sunnydale long enough to know that when a demon asked
you to do that, you looked away. She tried to, shutting her eyes as she
turned her head. The Serpanton brought the tip of its tail to her face and
forced her to face it as its tongue lashed at her nose. The impact caused
Cordelia to involuntarily blink and the moment was all that was needed. The
moment she caught the glowing green eyes, Cordelia couldn't look away. She
felt a wave of dullness wash over her mind, her body relaxing as she stared
into the glowing eyes, her will slowly being robbed until her mind and body
were bent to the demon's will.

The Serpanton slowly lowered her onto her feet and gazed at her, eyes wide
but unseeing, swaying slightly as he removed his coils from around her body.
"Disrobe," it commanded and watched as the mindless Cordelia obeyed. As her
body was revealed, the snake-being nodded. It had fed earlier but it had been
a while since it had partook in another experience. Too long.

The Serpanton was impressed by Cordelia's body, the way her dark hair
partially hid her large breasts, her nicely trimmed bush glistening in the
moonlight from the paned windows. The Serpanton reached its tail around and
over, pushing Cordelia gently onto the floor. She stared at the ceiling with
blank eyes as the reptilian body moved down towards her. The Serpanton leaned
down and let its tongue fly loose. It slid it's way past Cordelia's pussy and
under her body, sliding into the crack of her ass. As its tongue reached
around, the tip sliding into Cordelia's lips, the Serpanton began to move it
back and forth, the tongue sliding over both Cordelia's pussy and ass, the
tip forking in and out of her pussy. Cordelia let out a moan as her entranced
mind reacted to the pleasure she felt on both sides of her lower half.

As the Serpanton continued its unique tongue-lashing, its tail slid up to
Cordelia's breasts. It wrapped itself around them, circling both of the
generous mounds, then squeezed, the tip sliding over the nipples as it
increased the pressure. Cordelia moaned, a bit of pain in her voice, although
she couldn't react to it otherwise. The Serpanton continued to work at her,
the rope that was his tongue cutting into Cordelia's asshole and womanhood,
the tip jabbing in and out of her lips, building her to orgasm despite
herself. Given the amount of pleasure and pain being given to her like no
human could, Cordelia couldn't take it any more and was soon coming. Her
juices stung a bit to the demon's tongue, but the actual reaction was better
than any taste.

The Serpanton pulled his tongue back into its mouth and released its hold on
Cordelia's tits. It moved over her and smiled. Slowly, a slit in its crotch
area opened and from it came a massive pair of balls attached to a giant
penis. The Serpanton was looking forward to creating more of its kind.
Impregnating the human would be fast, the pregnancy only taking days, with a
new brood of its kind coming forth. Of course, Cordelia would not survive,
but that hardly mattered. "Prepare for my seed," the demon whispered to its
mesmerized prey.

"Prepare for my fist," an Irish brogue announced and suddenly the Serpanton
jerked back as a blow struck it along its head. Spinning, it saw a strange
man standing before it, wearing a bright white outfit. "I think you've done
enough to the girl already, mate," the man said. "Why don't you try me?"

"Gladly," the demon said, launching its tail at the figure. The tip jammed
right into his stomach but instead of collapsing in mortal pain, the man
simply looked down and shook his head. "You know how hard it is to replace
these things?"

Surprised, the Serpanton yanked its tail out and tried again, smacking the
man with enough force to snap his neck. There was a loud crack and the head
hung at an unnatural angle before snapping back into place. "Good game, pal,"
the man said. "But you can't kill what's already dead. You on the other
hand....." He reached out and grabbed the Serpanton's tail. "You're a
different story."

The Serpanton tried to yank its tail away but the man's grip was like a vise.
A bright light seemed to come out of his hands and into the demon's body,
riding up the tail, burning like fire. The Serpanton screamed as the glow
rushed up his body, covering him completely. He had time for a massive cry of
anguish before his body exploded in a pile of green goo and scales, remains
splashing around the greenhouse.

The man knelt down to where Cordelia lay, her mind beginning to clear from
the spell. "Take it easy, lass," he whispered. "Be thankful the Powers That
Be still need you for a while." He reached down and kissed her gently. "I
have to go. See you soon, though." He turned and walked out as Cordelia's
eyes half-opened, his blurry face coming into view. She had time for one word
before passing out.


* * *

"Cordelia? Cordelia, can you hear me?" Cordelia's eyes slowly opened and
focused on Angel kneeling before her. Behind him, she could see Wesley, his
eyes wide behind his glasses, trying to put a sword in front of his crotch.
Cordelia suddenly realized she was naked, lying on the greenhouse floor among
the remains of the demon. "Um, Angel, can I have some clothes?"

"Wesley, grab her clothes." Wesley still stood there, staring at Cordelia's
naked form. "Wesley?"

"Oh, oh right." Wesley quickly moved and grabbed Cordelia's clothing from
their pile on the floor. He handed them over, turning his red face away.

"What happened?" Angel asked as Cordelia pulled her shirt on.

"Well, I found the snake guy. He put some sort of whammy on me, then he...

"Go on," Angel said, his tone letting Cordelia know there was nothing to be
ashamed of. "What happened to it?"

"I don't know," Cordelia frowned. "Someone came and killed it. I don't how."

"Did you see who it was?"

"...No," Cordelia said after a pause.

"Well, thank goodness you're safe and the demon is dead," Wesley said, trying
to will himself back to a proper mind set. "We can figure out what happened
later. For now, I suggest we get out of here."

"Sure," Cordelia said as the two helped her up. As they walked out, Cordelia
spared a glance back into the room and could swear she caught a glimpse of a
familiar figure waving to her and letting her know she had more than one
angel looking out for her.


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