Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 5 (FF,F-dom,voy,magic,trans,mc)
by El Diablo, Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku, Bobby Fett & Annon

While the Trio were busy working on Harmoney down on the main street, Tara
was at UC Sunnydale library. She had just finished working on an assignment
and was heading back to her dorm room. As she walked along the path she
spotted someone walking up ahead. She could see the woman had a very
impressive ass, shown off by a very tight pair of lycra shorts that didn't
leave much to the imagination. She had nice long legs enhanced by her high
heels. Tara found her slutty walk rather hypnotic.

Tara began to catch up with the woman as she stopped to talk to two large
guys from the university football team. As she drew even closer she was able
to hear what was being said.

"You wanna fuck Anya. Anya's very cheap."

"Get lost whore," said one of the guys pushing past Anya and carrying on down
the path.

"Anya?" said a very surprised Tara trying hard not to look at Anya's huge
chest, "My god what has happened to you?"

"Do you wanna fuck?" Anya asked Tara.

"What are you doing?" inquired Tara.

But Anya didn't answer she just carried on walking away from Tara looking
around for potential clients, heels clicking with every step.

"I better find Buffy." Tara said to herself heading in the direction of the
Summers' home.

"No wait," she thought, "This looks like the work of magic. I'd better find

Tara took out her phone and tried to ring Willow but there was no reply. She
tried several times but still no answer. Starting to worry Tara sat down on
one of the path benches and recited an incantation. The green ball of light
of the guiding spell appeared before her awaiting her commands.

"Take me to Willow, she said.

The light headed down one of the paths towards the residential area's of
Sunnydale. Tara followed it along a street to a house that resembled Xander's
parents home. The light moved round the side and passed through the door
for the basement. Tara tried the door and found that it wasn't locked. She
quietly opened not wanting to be seen.

Looking around she saw all the sci-fi and computer stuff that decorated the
place and someone dressed as a French Maid cleaning the screen of the large
TV. Tara leaned in closer when the maid turned around. The first thing that
caught Tara's attention was her 42DD's barely contained in her outfit then
she saw who the maid was.

“Willow!" she said rushing down the stairs, "What have they done to you,

Willow didn't respond and just continued with her cleaning.

"We have to get you out of here," said Tara.

"My Master's have not permitted me to leave." said Willow.

Tara grabbed Willow by the arm and started pulling her towards the door. She
thought she might be able to find something at the Magic Box to reverse what
ever had been done to Willow and Anya.

As they reached the bottom of the stairs the basement door opened.

"Hmmm looks like someone’s abducting our maid boys." said Warren.

"What we going to do with her?" asked Andrew

"Grab her." snapped Warren.

Andrew and Jonathan grabbed Tara by the arms holding her in place while
Warren walked down the stairs inputting Tara's profile to the Master PC.

"Now what will we make of you?" Warren asked the frightened Tara.

"You're scared." said Warren reading the information on Tara that the palm
top was giving him.

"N..N..No." stuttered Tara.

"Don't lie. This tells me everything." Warren said flashing the palm top in
her face, "It tells me that you’re the passive submissive of your little
super hero gang. So I know exactly what to do with you."

Warren again began typing into the palm to then hit the enter key.

As Warren hit the enter key Tara began to change. Her chest began to swell up
to large firm set of FF's, her long blonde hair shortened to shoulder length
and turned pitch black, her lips turned a dark, dark red and her eyes were
now made up with a dark eye shadow. Her fingernails became longer, sharper
and were painted as black as her hair. Her top changed to a tight black
leather corset, shrinking her waist down considerable and barely containing
her new breasts. Her jean began to shrink changing into a pair of black
leather hot pants and her trainers were replace by a pair of six-inch thigh
high leather boots.

Tara's mind was also altered. No longer was she the passive and submissive
one. Her new nature was one of dominance. She was loyal to the Troika but not
in the same way as Willow and Anya were. Her role was to train and discipline
the Troika's harem. She would take great pleasure in forcing women to submit
to her will especially straight women still in possession of their free will.

"Alright boys let her go,” said Warren, "I think we should let our new slave
trainer have some fun with the maid."

Warren, Jonathan and Andrew sat down as Tara went over to Willow grabbing
and violently twisting her nipples through the maids outfit, their intense
sensitivity caused Willow to orgasm in no time. Tara then ordered Willow to
remove her top and skirt while she went and picked up some chains.

Willow's wrists were handcuffed and securely attached to a hook in the
ceiling with the chain; the weight of her breasted pulled her forward putting
extra strain on her arms. Tara then picked up a cane an circled round behind


The cane was whacked against Willow's naked ass prompting screams of pain
from Willow but Tara did not relent.

Whack. Whack. Whack.

"Are you enjoying yourself bitch?" snapped Tara.

"Yes" squealed Willow her ass in great Pain.


"Yes What?"

"Yes Mistress." replied Willow receiving another whack.

After the full ten whacks Willow's ass was bright red.

Next Tara moved round front of Willow and ordered her to spread her legs
apart. Tara then moved the cane between Willows legs and in one swift motion
brought it up impacting hard on Willow's pussy. Again and again until her
pussy had received five hard whacks.

"Beg for what's next slut" Tara said gesturing towards Willow's breasts.

"Please Mistress abuse my tits" said Willow, tears of pain rolling down her

Tara then made a start on Willows breasts. Ten hard whacks five across each
breast. Willow's nipples were swollen and her breasts red with pain yet still
she reached orgasm through this process.

Tara then removed the chains and handcuffs from Willow and pushed her down
on her back. She then slid the leather hot pants down over her boots. Tara
sat on Willow's stomach and bent over to suck her breasts, she did so for a
couple of minutes, their sensitivity causing Willow to orgasm. Then Tara
moved up to Willow's head and put her naked pussy in Willow's face. The Tara
commanded Willow to eat her out incredible speed. (Figures Willow would be a
pro at this).

Tara couldn't hold out any longer, she came hard forcing Willow to lap up all
her juices.

Tara then got up off Willow’s cum covered face and approached the Trio Andrew
and Jonathan were surprised when Tara fell to her knees.

"That's a place you don't expect to see a Dominatrix." Said Jonathan

"She's submissive to us, moron. That’s the whole purpose of her dominance. If
she weren’t then why would she want to break women to our will? What do you
want, slut?" replied Warren.

"Master, I feel something funny around Willow. She's obedient, but I can
smell the free will on her." Said Tara

"She's a puppet. She has her own mind but her body obeys our commands."
Warren told her.

A sadistic smile appeared on Tara's face. "Please release her Master. Allow
me to break her properly."

Warren shrugged. "Okay." He typed in some commands rebinding Willow's magic
and a command to prevent escape attempts. "Go for it slut.

"Thank you, Master."

As Willow regained her mind she pleaded as Tara repositioned her on all
fours. “Tara baby, please you don’t want to do this.” She said.

But her pleas were in vain as Tara went over to a bag of sex aids and put on
a twelve-inch long two-inch thick strap on.

Tara positioned herself behind Willow and rammed the strap on deep into her

"Does that feel good Slut,” yelled Tara thrusting the cock deeper into
Willow’s ass.

Willow felt the cock enter her anus and she screamed. Her body tensed as she
tried to expel the cock from her asshole. She tried to flee but Warren’s
power held her in place.

"No! Tara! Please!" Willow cried. "Not there! Please! Take it out! It hurts!
It’s too much! God no!"

“Does, this please you bitch?” yelled Tara not relenting in her punishment.

“Yes.!” Screamed Willow just hoping to stop her ordeal.

“Yes What Bitch!” replied Tara.

“Yes Mistress!” Willow again screamed tears streaming down her face.

With that Tara prepared herself and with a powerful thrust, she rammed the
full length of the strap-on up Willow’s ass. Willow howled in pain as her
rectum was stretched to the limit. But despite the pain she was being caused
Willow orgasmed as the cock was driven right into her ass.

The orgasm pushed Willow over the edge tears streaming down her face as she
realized what had happened. Her will now broken, Willow began to move her
body to the rhythm. She suddenly shoved her thighs backward and then forward
continuously and the next thing she knew she was fucking the strap-on and not
the other way round.

“That’s it bitch, fuck my cock!” commanded Tara slapping Willow’s sore ass

Willow moaned and humped her ass back then forward then back again. She
couldn't believe what she was doing. She was actually fucking the cock that
seconds ago was raping her ass. Willow was so ashamed but she was so horney
that she couldn’t help herself from bucking back and forth and worst of all
she could feel she was on the verge of climaxing once again.

Defeated Willow did not resist as Tara moved round to her face and ordered
her to suck the strap-on clean.

Of course the sight of the two lesbians on the floor caused the Trio to cum
in their pants several times. It was one of the most entertaining things
they'd see.

"Clean your master's cocks slut." said Tara withdrawing from Willow’s mouth.

Willow began to get up but was forced back to the ground by Tara.

"On all fours like a good slut," said Tara slapping Willow on the ass.

Willow crawled over to the trio still naked, large breasts dragging beneath
her and proceeded to clean them off before they returned to their evil plans.


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