Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Master PC Part 1 (MF,oral,anal,magic,trans,mc)
by El Diablo, Jason Barnnett, Baka Mazoku, Bobby Fett & Annon

After being driven out of Warren's basement the Troika had set themselves up
in another basement lair. Once again Warren was hard at work on the latest
invention to be used in their evil plans while Jonathan and Andrew were
engaged in one of their tradition arguments about who was cooler Kirk or

"No way, Kirk was way cooler." said Jonathan.

"Picard was the coolest," replied Andrew.

"Will you two just shut up and get over here," snapped Warren.

Andrew and Jonathan walked over to Warren’s workbench to see what he was
working on.

"Ok, what do you think?" said Warren holding up a small palm top computer.

"Nice palm top, but it's not really a weapon,” said Jonathan.

"You idiot, this palm top contains all that Master PC stuff I salvaged from
our old computers. It's not as powerful as a PC version would be but so long
as we are in range of our targets we can alter them physically and mentally
in any way we want. And you know what that means," replied Warren.

"Yeah. We can make any girl we want our sex slave,” said Andrew.

"Lets go try this baby out,” said Warren, "Who should we have as our first

"Let's start with the slayer,” said Jonathan.

"Yeah lets make her our big titted sex slave," replied Andrew.

"Oh yeah, great idea. Firstly we want to truly defeat the slayer so this has
to be gradual with her. She has to know that we were the ones to beat her and
she can't do that if she's a brain dead fuckbunny. Second if Willow finds out
what we're up to before we get to work on her she'll probably use her magic
and skin me or something. Remember her magic has a longer range than this."
explained Warren.

"So we start with Willow,” said Johnathan.

"No, we just do something small to the slayer," replied Warren.

The Troika headed out towards the graveyard where Buffy usually did her
evening patrols. She was in the middle of battling three large vampires when
Warren, Jonathan and Andrew found her.

"Alright gentleman. Let the games begin," said Warren removing the Master PC
palm top from his pocket and loaded Buffy's profile.

"What you doing to her?" asked Andrew.

"Sssh," snapped Warren as he began typing.

The Troika watched as Buffy dusted the third vamp as she did she suddenly
started to feel funny. She felt a tingling in her breasts and crotch and had
an unusual craving but she couldn't think what. Shaking it off Buffy headed
off to look for more evil.

"So what did you do to her?" inquired Jonathan.

"I upped the sensitivity of her breasts and pussy by about 20% and then gave
her a little addiction she's soon going to want to satisfy," said Warren.

"You didn't addict her to drugs did you?" said Andrew.

"No. I gave her a need for demon cum. Lets see how she slays with that. Now
lets find the witch,” said Warren.

The Troika headed to the Bronze where they knew Willow and the rest of the
Scoobies hung out when they weren't out patrolling. They entered through one
of the side doors furthest away from the sofas used by Buffy and company when
they were here. Sure enough Willow was there looking towards the main doors
as if she were waiting for someone.

“Alright, now we can have some fun,” said Warren pulling the Master PC out of
his back jeans pocket. He input Willow’s name and it brought up a small 3-D
picture of her with all her stats and a number of options for modifying her.

Warren started inputting the initial commands to Willow’s profile starting
by making believe that the Trio were her masters and she had to obey all of
their commands whether she liked them or not. He decided to leave her a
lesbian, the idea of forcing a lesbian to fuck his cock appealed to him, but
decided to strip her of her magic.

“Why can’t we make any physical changes to her?” complained Jonathan.

“In a room full of people. Are you stupid.” snapped Warren.

“Can’t we do something to them, too?”

“And drain the battery. I Don’t Think So.”

The Trio headed now headed towards Willow confident that she posed them no
thread without her magic powers. As they drew closer Willow spotted them and
got up to defend herself. She recited an incantation but was shocked when
nothing happened.

“Not so hot without your magic, bitch.” said Warren.

Willow decided to try and make a run for the door to find Buffy but stopped
dead in her tracks when Warren told her to freeze.

“Sit down,” commanded Warren.

“What am I doing?” thought Willow as she sat down on the sofa just as Warren
had ordered. She tried to get up again but her body won’t respond.

“What have you done to me,” said Willow, a hint of panic in her voice.

“We did a little magic of our own and now you have to do whatever we say.”
said a rather smug Andrew.

“You don’t have that kind of power.” said Willow knowing full well they must
have since she couldn’t control her own body.

“Wanna bet,” said Warren, “Unbutton your shirt”

Trying with all her might to resist Willow started to unbutton her shirt
exposing her small breasts encased in a black bra.

“Definitely going to need some work.” said Jonathan.

“Stand up,” ordered Warren, “We’re going somewhere more private. Oh and leave
the shirt open.”

Willow did what she was told and started to follow the Trio.

“You’ll never get away with this,” she said trying to draw as much attention
to herself in the hope that someone would help her.

“Stop doing that,” said Andrew, immediately stopping Willow from talking.

"Oh, and from now on you are to refer to us as master." Added Warren.

“No way, master.” replied Willow.

Once they got Willow outside they began to make their next plans.

"Get in the van."

Willow did so suddenly her body betraying her.

"And from now on when you're given an order say 'Yes Master' unless we tell
you otherwise."

"Yes, Master," Willow replied through clenched teeth.

Jonathan drove while Warren played with the PC and Andrew sat with Willow in
the back.

"Couldn't we make her happy?" Andrew asked. "I think I'd like her better

"That's a good idea, Andrew." Warren dismissed the ideas. "What's the fun in

"Well, she could at least act happy."

"I'll get around to that later."

Warren began typing into the computer.

Willow's magic can be used for the benefit of the Troika if given permission.
Willow believes she was enslaved via a spell. She does not know her condition
is because of the Master PC and no matter what evidence is presented to her
she cannot know this.

Willow will never try to sabotage their plans no matter how much she wants to
and will always use the best of her abilities to follow an order.

Willow will never try to harm herself to escape her enslavement.

Warren shoved the PC back into her hands. "You're such a computer genius, see
what you can do to improve it."

"Yes, Master."

"I could use magic to boost its power master." said Willow.

"Maybe later," said Warren realising they were just pulling up to their lair.

They ordered Willow out of the van and down into their new basement. It was
full of computers and other inventions as well as numerous magical items and
a load of sci-fi memorabilia.

"Alright. Clothes off." commanded Warren.

Without hesitation Willow removed all her clothes and stood naked before the
Troika as Warren pulled the palm top out of his pocket and began working on
it again inputting the final set of changes to Willow.

- To have full sexual knowledge to how to please a men and women with mouth
and body.

- She is to be fully aware of all changes made but unable to speak-out or do
anything about them.

-Her breasts and clit were to become doubly sensitive.

-Her breasts were to expand to 42DD.

Willow wanted to cry as she realised her breasts were becoming bigger and
finally acknowledging the full reality of the Troika's power over her.

Once the transformation was complete Willow stood before her masters, 42DD's
fully exposed and awaiting their next orders.

Willow stood motionless a prisoner in her own body while the trio argued
about what to do with her but not before Warren had used the palm top to give
them all ten-inch pricks.

"So do we do her together or individually," said Jonathan.

"Individually," replied Warren, "and I'm going first."

"That’s not fair," complained Jonathan.

"Do you want a cock as short as the rest of you," said Warren.

"Your first," said Jonathan.

"Ok slave. Follow me."

"Yes, master." said Willow.

Warren let Willow to his room closed the door then ordered her onto her
knees. He dropped his pants to reveal his erect 10-inch prick then ordered
Willow to open her mouth. Warren forced the full ten inches deep into
Willow's throat almost choking her. It wasn't long before he blew his load
while holding Willow's head in place to make sure she swallowed every drop.
Warren then led her back to the main room for her next encounter. He wanted
to fuck her some more but he had promised the others a go and they still
had four others to induct into their harem.

"I'm next,” said Jonathan leading Willow to his room.

He closed the door and sat down cock standing fully erect and ordered Willow
onto it. She then started driving up and down on it while Jonathan played
with her large sensitive breasts. With all the action on her clit and breasts
it wasn't long before Willow's body betrayed her letting out a loud moan as
she climaxed.

Lastly, Willow was lead into Andrews room where he had her positioned on
all fours and began thrusting his huge cock deep into her tight ass. Once he
climaxed he had Willow clean his cock and then lead her back into the main

"That was cool,” said Andrew.

"Lets just get her a suitable outfit then we can find our next target,” said

"You and costumes? What’s that about?" asked Jonathan.

Warren pulled up Willow's clothing profile on the palm top and selected....

Warren decided to go with his personal favourite, something to remind Willow
of her new life of servitude, The French Maid. In an instant Willow's body
was clad in a tight black top that forced her newly enhanced breasts to stand
out. The black micro-mini skirt was so small that if Willow leaned forward
her bare ass would be visible. Her legs were now encased in black fishnets
stopping mid thigh and her feet were now encased in a pair of 6-inch black
pumps. A lacy white apron and the typical white maids tiara completed the

"Lets go boys," said Warren.

"What do we do with her?" asked Andrew.

"Well she's a maid," said Warren turning to face Willow, "clean this place up
and prepare food for our return"

"Yes, Master," said Willow turning and bending over to pick some things up
off the floor giving the Trio a full view of her ass before they left to find
their next target.


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