Angel/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Future Heroes (mf)
by The Fan ([email protected])

It's not easy being related to a legend. Just as Dawn Summers. Her big sister
is Buffy Summers, the Vampire Slayer. Not an easy name to live down. Young
people like to have their own identities, try to make their own mark in the
world. When your sibling or parent is a legend, it's not easy. One day,
something happened that changed Dawn Summers' life.

A magic spell of lesbian witch Willow Rosenberg went wrong, and suddenly Dawn
Summers inherited all the powers of a vampire. The vampire in question was
Spike, one of two Vampires With Souls. Suddenly, Dawn had the strength of
five men and she could run faster than an Olympic athlete. Also, she healed
fast. Unlike vampires, Dawn was immune to sunlight. Oh, and she didn't have
a thirst for blood either. Dawn decided to leave Sunnydale to make her mark
on the world. She took off on Spike's old motorbike.

Not too far away, another young hero was pondering his fate as well. Connor
stood on a rooftop, looking at the city of Los Angeles. He was the son of
Angel, the Original Vampire With A Soul, Champion of the Powers That Be and
of Darla, a legendary vampire femme fatale. Lately, Connor felt bored. Bored
of living in the shadow of his father, the immortal legend. Angel had

Angel had the love of Cordelia Chase, a beautiful woman with Psychic powers
whom Connor once loved. He had his trusty teammates, professional undead
hunter Charles Gunn and his lover, science whiz Winifred "Fred" Burkle.
Ex-Watcher turned demon hunter Wesley Wyndham Pryce was also around, with
his new lover, Virginia Bryce. Yeah, all was well in Angel town.

Not for Connor. He stood there, watching the street below. Suddenly, he saw
some commotion. A young woman on a motorbike was cornered by a gang of female
vampires. Connor smiled, time to have some fun. He leapt down a height of a
hundred feet and struck the nearest female vampire with his stake. The
vampire woman turned into dust. The remaining female vampires, five in
number, surrounded Connor and the human girl who bravely fought them. Between
grunts, the girl told Connor her name. Dawn Summers, formerly of Sunnydale.
Together, Connor and Dawn killed all the remaining vampires.

Dawn looked at the young man who had saved her life. "Thanks, Connor."

He smiled. "You're welcome."

With that, he turned to leave. Dawn checked him out. Yeah, he was cute,
though somewhat androgynous. Intense feelings warred within Dawn. As a
teenage girl, she found him cute. As a half-human, half-vampire being, she
sensed...kindred. Whoever this guy was, there was a trace of the undead in
him. He was not a vampire. He was not completely human either. Yes, kindred.

Connor turned around, sensing the same thing. This girl was not quite human.

"Vampire!" He said.

Connor came at her with a sharp stake. Dawn lunged at him. He struck her,
hard, sending her backwards. She crashed against the wall. Instantly, she
was on her feet and came at him. They traded some vicious blows. Neither
seemed willing to give up. Connor placed his stake against Dawn's heart.
Dawn's extended vampiric claws were pressed against his throat. They were
going to kill each other.

"I'm not a vampire!" Dawn protested. "My sister is a Vampire Slayer, and I'm
half human, half vampire, and part Key."

Connor stared at her. "I'm not a vampire either, but I'm more human than

Dawn stared at him. "And a bit fruity-looking too."

Connor growled. "Why is everyone capping on my hair?"

He leapt back, and so did Dawn.

"Let me guess, you're Angel and Darla's son, the half-vampire, half-human
Connor," she said.

Connor growled at her. "I'm Connor, no need for any others." He grimaced.
"I'm my own man."

Dawn smiled. "I'm Dawn Summers, and I'm my own woman."

They smiled. "So, where you headed?" Connor asked.

Dawn shrugged. "My sister and her friends are suffocating me. I've got my own
powers. I thought I'd make a name for myself."

Connor nodded. "By killing some vampires."

Dawn smiled. "Wanna come?"

Connor smiled.

Two hours later, the two of them rode the motorbike into a vampire lair.
There were twenty vampires hidden inside, eleven males and nine females.
Connor and Dawn killed them all, in half an hour. The carnage was intense.
The vampires did not go down easily. But the combined strength of the two
young superheroes was too much for the undead to handle. They had won.

Dawn stood there, looking at the coming sunrise. There were piles of dust
on the floor, all that remained of the vampires who once lived in the place.
Connor picked up a fallen stake. Dawn checked him out. This boy was seriously
cute. She felt a surge of...something, deep inside. Connor turned around, and
looked at Dawn. He smiled at her. Dawn smiled back. The girl was surprised by
her feelings. She had only known him for a couple of hours, and yet she felt
like they had so much in common...

Both of them were related to champions. Connor was the biological son of
Angel, the vampire with a soul, champion of good. Dawn was the biological
sister of Buffy, the vampire slayer. Also a champion of good. Neither of
them were completely human. Connor was half human and half vampire. He had
all the powers of a vampire, yet none of their weaknesses. He was a Day
Walker. Dawn was once a mystical entity known as the Key. Now, she was more
than human. Half human and half vampire, thanks to a certain magic spell.
Both of them were unique...and drawn to each other.

Dawn gathered her courage, and kissed Connor. He was surprised, but kissed
her back.

"How was it?" She asked. He smiled. "Pretty cool."

Dawn could hear her own heart beating quickly. She kissed Connor again. This
time, neither of them hesitated, though they were both nervous. Although both
of them had enough raw power between them to be considered an army, they were
both teenagers, and on the verge of first love and first sex.

Slowly, Dawn undressed. At first, she was self-conscious but when she saw
Connor looking at her adoringly, she felt more confident. Smiling, he pulled
her into his arms. They kissed and caressed one another. Gently, they rolled
around on the floor. Connor lay on top of her, and Dawn placed her arms
around him. They embraced. She welcomed him inside her, giving him total
access. He thrust into her, and as his cock filled her pussy, they merged
into one. They began to make love. Connor looked into Dawn's eyes as he
thrust into her. Dawn cried out in pleasure as she felt his cock slam deep
inside of her pussy. Her muscles tightened, holding him. He cried out in
pleasure. They went at it like this for some time, before he came inside her.
The two of them remained passionately locked in a wonderful embrace.

When the sun finally rose, Dawn and Connor were still in each others arms.
Dawn smiled at Connor as she woke up. Neither of them knew what the future
had in plans for them. The world had never seen anything like them. Humanity
with the awesome powers of the supernatural, yet without being less than
human, empowered to fight for good. They were a new order of being. The
heroes of the future. And in love with each other.

The End


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