Angel: Bi Sex Party (MMF,MM,voy)
by The Fan ([email protected])

Cordelia Chase walked quietly inside Angel Investigations. She walked until
she came near Doyle's quarters. Alan Francis Doyle was a mystery to her. He
was half human and half demon. His demonic half was known as the Brachen.
The Brachen were fierce fighters and well-known shapeshifters. Doyle was the
agent of the Powers That Be who helped Angel. Angel was the vampire with a
soul who came to Los Angeles seeking redemption. The good-guy vampire Angel
was once known as the Scourge of Europe, back in his days as Angelus. Angel
came to the small town of Sunnydale in California where he met Buffy Summers,
the Slayer. The Slayer was the one woman in all the world born with the
supernatural talent for tracking down and killing vampires. Angel and Buffy
fell in love. Cordelia was friends with Buffy.

When high school ended, Cordelia went to Los Angeles and tried to become an
actress. She found Angel there and they became friends. Now, she was helping
him on his mission of redemption. Cordelia liked Angel but she also liked
Doyle. This was the reason why she was spying on him right now. Cordelia
snuck around and peered into the room. What she saw amazed her.

Angel was leaning against the wall, his eyes closed. He was getting serviced
by a man. Doyle himself. Doyle was on his knees, sucking on Angel's cock.
Doyle sucked his cock and licked his balls. Angel moaned in pleasure.
Cordelia watched, shocked. She had always wondered about Angel. He was such
a fine guy and yet, often, women left him cold. He didn't seem to like them
all that much. Maybe he was bisexual. She had proof now. He was getting
serviced by Doyle. Great, Doyle was either gay or bisexual himself. Cordelia
couldn't believe it. She just watched as Doyle bent over on the bed and Angel
came up behind him. Angel rubbed his cock against Doyle's butt and entered
him with one firm thrust. Doyle moaned in pleasure. Angel held him by the
hips and thrust into him, slamming his cock down that ass.

Cordelia watched as the two men went at it. The action was non-stop. She
found herself oddly turned on by it. Angel was fucking Doyle's ass like he
was drilling for gold. Doyle was screaming his head off as he got fucked.
Angel slammed into him with energetic thrusts. Doyle jacked himself off as
Angel fucked him. Angel and Doyle fucked for the better part of an hour and
it ended with both men climaxing at the same time. It was awesome. Cordelia
decided to get out of her hiding place as the two men lay on the bed, spent.
She wanted to get some. She hadn't had any sex in a long time. Angel clearly
liked men but she knew that once he loved a girl named Buffy, maybe he
wouldn't mind fucking a girl for a change. Maybe Doyle wouldn't mind some
fish instead of the beef. If he was married and stayed married for a long
time, he had to have some sexual attraction towards women. Bravely, Cordelia
Chase stepped out of her hiding place.

"Can a girl get some of that?" she asked.

Angel and Doyle looked at her. They didn't seem surprised or embarassed.

"Ok." said Doyle. "If you want to get with us, we want both your holes."
He looked at her. "Okay by you?"

Cordelia smiled, thrilled at the thought of two gorgeous men fucking her.
"Sure." she said.

Angel stared at her. "Suck on this." he told her.

Cordelia knelt before him and obediently sucked his cock. She licked his
balls and sucked on his dick. He slammed his cock down her throat. While
sucking off Angel, Cordelia noticed Doyle coming up behind her. He caressed
her sexy ass. "Nice." he told her.

Her mouth full of Angel's cock, Cordelia couldn't say anything. Doyle held
her by the hips and entered her from behind with one firm thrust. Cordelia
shook under the force of his thrusts. He slammed into her, hard and fast.
Cordelia felt her hot pussy getting drilled by his hard cock and pushed back
against him, driving him deeper inside her. He fucked her hard for a long
time, then came inside her. At the same time, Angel came all over Cordelia's
face and she drank all of his cum.

Angel positioned himself behind Cordelia. He caressed her smooth, sexy butt
and then rubbed his cock against it. Cordelia purred and jiggled her sexy
ass in anticipation. Meanwhile, underneath her, Doyle was thrusting into her
pussy while firmly holding her by the hips. Angel rubbed his cock against
Cordelia's pink little asshole, and pushed. Cordelia seemed to freeze when
Angel's cock pushed into her asshole. He firmly grabbed her hips and thrust
even further inside her. Cordelia screamed as she experienced double
penetration for the first time. The two men worked her up, slamming their
hard cocks inside her holes and drilling into her sexy flesh. Cordelia was
bouncing up and down on Doyle's cock while Angel thrust into her asshole. She
felt like she was being torn in half but found the sensation overwhelmingly
pleasurable. They went at it like this for quite some time before they
exploded simultaneously inside her. They filled her pussy and asshole with
their hot cum. Cordelia screamed as she climaxed.

They pulled out of her and she rolled on the bed for awhile before resting
on her back. Her sexy body was covered with sweat. She looked at her lovers,
the two gorgeous men who had brought her such pleasure. They were hot as
hell. Great bodies. Great faces. Big Dicks. Sparkling personalities. Super
powers. Those guys had it all. She told herself that it wouldn't be the last
time they would all fuck each other's brains out like this. She never knew
that such well-endowed men lived with her.

"Wanna go again?" she asked them. Cordelia looked at Angel and Doyle.

The vampire and the half-demon looked at each other and grinned. "Well, we're
gonna need some lube." they said.

Cordelia grinned. "I know." She was gonna dazzle them with her insatiable
sexual appetite. She had a feeling they were all gonna have so much fun

The End


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