Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back. (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though.)

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, and BDSM

Summary: Angelus returns, but he's got a plan this time.

AU from the End of the Second Season Angel Episode, “Reprise.”

Author's Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff, Alex is played by Jessica
Biel, Ming is played by Jade Marcella, Peggy is played by Gina Gershon,
Heather and Erin are played by Amanda Bynes

Follows “The Fall of Angel Investigations.”

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 7 - Running An Errand Chapter 2
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

The Knights never knew what hit them. Angelus's army tore through the
defenses in a matter of seconds, and within five minutes, there were no
living beings in the warehouse. Angelus personally killed the Knights'
commander, breaking his neck. Turning to the remains of his army, he
smiled, and told them they were welcome to any loot that they found, and
to enjoy their drinks. Then, he left them tearing the place apart.

* * *

Parking his car in an alley by the hotel that Glory is staying at, he slid
a machete inside his jacket, and slid the neutralizer into a pocket. The
lobby was empty, the desk clerk was nowhere around. He took the elevator to
the penthouse floor, using the access codes that Lynwood had provided.

Listening outside the only door in the hallway, he heard movement from
within. Smiling, he decided to enjoy himself, and, knocking on the door, he
called out, “I have important information for Glorificus! Let me in!”

A harsh voice called from inside, “Who's there? Who are you?”

“That's not important! I have information Glorificus wants. Unless she's no
longer interested in the whereabouts of the key, of course, then I'll just

There was an audible gasp, and the sounds of scurrying feet.

Soon, the door was opened and a beautiful blonde stood there, a plastic smile
on her face and several little goblin-like creatures clustered in the living
room behind her. “So, you have word of the Key? Please come in. I'd love to
pick your brain.”

Palming the neutralizer, he said, “I'm sure you would,” and walked into the

Pulling the device, he aimed it at Glory and triggered it. Before anyone
in the room could react, a burst of light engulfed the Hell goddess and she

The three goblins leapt to attack him, but he quickly dispatched them,
cutting them to pieces with the machete.

After hitting Glory with the neutralizer and stunning her, she watched in
shock as Angelus slaughtered her toadies.

“What is the meaning of this, you hairless monkey?!?” she demanded, trembling
in outrage.

Angelus moved up to her before she could blink, and grabbed her by the
throat. “Shut up cunt!” he said, “What it means is, I know where to find the
key, but, I've chosen to take my reward on my own terms. That flash of light
was a neutralizer. As I'm sure you've noticed, you are now powerless, and
your only chance of getting your godhood back, is to do exactly what I tell
you! If you do exactly what I say, I'll be out of here in less than an hour,
and you will have the secret of the key before I leave.”

Frightened, the now-powerless, earthbound goddess asked, “What do you want
from me?”

“Well, it's fairly simple, you see; I've had nuns, I've had whores, even a
few children in my time, but, I've never raped a goddess before. It's an
opportunity I can't pass up; I'll need something to tell the grandchildren,
you know?” As he was speaking, he stripped Glory's robe off, and fondled her
breasts with his free hand.

“How dare you! I will not be manhandled by a beast like you! Put me down
now!” she demanded.

“Sorry, Your Worship,” he smirked, “Always loved that line. Gotta love Han
Solo; anyway, not gonna happen! I've set my price for the information, and
you are going to meet that price. And, if you decide to resist, well, that's
just a bonus for me!”

Dropping Glory to the floor, he rolled her onto her stomach, and cuffed her
hands behind her back. Climbing off, he pulled the struggling goddess up
onto her knees. He pulled down his zipper, and put his cock at her lips. She
glared at him, but kept her mouth closed. Angelus pulled her hair sharply,
and, when she cried out, shoved his cock into her mouth.

“Suck it cunt! And, if you bite me; I'll set your hair on fire!”

She shut her eyes and started sucking his cock.

“Not bad Glory. Are you sure you aren't the Goddess of Whores? Because, as
talented as your mouth is, you'd be a good one!”

Glory flushed red in anger and humiliation, and he grabbed her head to hold
her still. Gripping her skull, he started pumping his cock into her mouth.
The goddess was almost gagging when he pulled his cock out and said, “Open
Wide!” as he shot his cum into her open mouth and across her face. Wiping
his cock on her hair, he used the sleeve of her robe to wipe the cum off of
her face that she hadn't been able to swallow.

Grabbing Glory by the hair again, he pulled her into her bedroom, and picked
her up and threw her onto the bed, on her back. She grunted as her weight
landed on her shoulders. Angelus climbed onto the bed, still fully clothed,
and started rubbing his fingers over her pussy. Grimacing at the dryness, he
said, “You aren't making this easy on yourself, are you?”

Jamming two fingers into her, Glory cried out as the flesh tore, but, his
pumping started her pussy lubricating. When her juices had gotten her pussy
wet enough for him, Angelus put her ankles over his shoulders and shoved his
cock into her pussy. He grinned when he met resistance.

“You're a virgin? Oh, this is too perfect! A virgin goddess!”

He pulled back and shoved forward brutally, ripping through her hymen. Glory
screamed and tried to get away, but Angelus just shoved her back down on to
the bed and continued fucking her. Tears were running down the goddess's face
as she experienced pain and fear for the first time in thousands of years.

“Don't cry Glorificus, I'm almost done, and you'll have the secret of the
key, and I'll be gone. You'll never see me again.”

Reaching down, he shoved a finger into her ass, and added a second,
stretching her out, and then forcing in a third finger. Glory was whimpering
in pain, the tears rolling down her face. She cried out sharply when he
removed his fingers and replaced them with his cock. Shoving her legs back
towards her shoulders, Angelus buried his cock in her ass, forcing himself
into the virgin passage. She clenched her ass, trying to force him out, and
Angelus slapped her face, saying, “Don't fight it, baby.; it'll be over soon!
Just keep your mind on the key.”

Glory forced herself to relax as he raped her ass, pulling almost completely
out, and shoving back in, until she felt him cum in her ass. Pulling out,
Angelus wiped his dick on her bedding, and, getting off the bed, he looked
around for inspiration.

Seeing the full sized bathtub, he smiled. Getting an idea, he moved to
the tub, and filled it with warm water and suds. Turning the radio on, he
adjusted the volume to a soothing level, and went back to the bed.

Lifting the sobbing goddess up, he gently carried her into the bath. Setting
her on her feet in the tub, he removed the handcuffs, and lowered her into
the water. Glory sighed as the oils soothed her, and she stretched out in the

Opening her eyes, she looked at Angelus and said, “Was that really necessary?
I would have given you what you wanted for the info on the key. Did you
really need to rape me like that?” she demanded.

Angelus shrugged, “Maybe not, but, it's a quirk of mine. I promised you I'd
tell you where to find the key before I left; and I always keep my promises.
The key is in human form, she's the sister of the Slayer, and her name is
Dawn Summers.”

Glory's eyes let up with excitement. She said, almost to herself, “The
Slayer! I knew there was something there! Those lousy monks were cleverer
than I thought”

She was so engrossed in thought that she didn't register Angelus's next words
until it was far too late.

“I don't know what you think you'll do with the information Glory,
considering you'll be dead in just about ten seconds.”


She looked up, to see him holding the radio, still plugged in, over the
water. As he dropped it, he said, “Michael Corleone sends his regards! I
don't what it is about this town, but all of a sudden I have this urge to
quote movie lines.

“Oh well, enjoy your trip back to hell!”

Glory shrieked as the electricity flowed through her body, killing her

Angelus waited for five minutes before unplugging the radio, and pulling it
out of the water. Pulling his machete, he decapitated the body and smashed
her skull, just to be certain that she wouldn't be regenerating and coming
back to haunt him later.

Washing the blade, he cleaned up and walked out of the apartment, smiling
and whistling an old Beatles tune.


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