Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back. (I can't do anything about
the smiles on their faces, though.)

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Incest, BDSM, and Character Death

Summary: Angelus returns, but he's got a plan this time.

AU from the End of the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Peggy is played by Gina Gershon, Heather/Erin are played by Amanda Bynes.

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 5 - Kate's Revenge Chapter 2
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

The two girls looked at each other, then moved into a kiss.

Kate said, "I want to see tongue, you two! Open those mouths, and put your
tongues to work! I think your father may feel you don't care about him, if
you can't even kiss each other like you mean it!"

"No, we'll do better, I promise!" one of the girls sobbed, grabbing her
sister and forcing her tongue into her sister's mouth. The other girl moaned,
and reached for her sisters body.

"Thats better, girls. Much better. I'm glad to see you can learn." Kate said,
and then, turning to Darla, she said, "Why don't you check out her skills,
Darla? See if she's worth anything."

Darla said, "Good idea Boss. Hear that, cunt? I want you to show me your oral
skills. You must have eaten pussy, as well as sucking lots of dick, to help
your husband get his job." Lowering her pants, she pushed Peggy to the floor,
and straddled her face. The woman shook her head, keeping her mouth shut.
Darla reached down, and grabbed the womans nose, pinching her nostrils
closed. Peggy gasped, trying to breathe, and Darla lowered her pussy onto the
woman's mouth. "Oh, yeah! You do know how to eat pussy, don't you? Work that
tongue up inside me!" Darla said.

Kate turned from Darla and Peggy to see Ken struggling with Dru. "That won't
do Kenny! I want you to pay attention to what's happening to your wife and
daughters. Because, believe me, their degradation is just starting! Look,
your daughters are doing really well eating each others pussy. Did your wife
teach them that? I can tell she's really good at it."

Looking over at the two young women, Kate said, "Guys, come on over. Peggy
needs to get fucked! You can plug the girls later. Darla, let her up, the
boys are going to make an Old Cunt Sandwich, and you'll be in the way. Why
don't you go play with the girls for a while?"

Spike and Angelus walked over to where Peggy was laying, and pulled her up
on her feet. Spreading her legs, Spike shoved his cock into her dry pussy,
and started pumping. The woman screamed at the pain, but Spike just laughed.
Angelus moved behind her, and started fingering her ass. After he had worked
four fingers into the woman's bleeding ass, Angelus shoved his cock into her
ass. The woman cried and begged them to stop, but they ignored her,
continuing their brutal fucking.

Darla went over to the girls, who were licking each other in a 69 position,
and smacked the ass of the top girl. "Alright you two, time to put those
mouths to work doing something else. You," she said, gripping the top girls
hair, "get that tongue into my pussy! And you, grabbing the other girl, get
your tongue in my ass! I want you both to tongue fuck me like your father's
life depended on it!" The crying girls did what she demanded.

Kate looked over at Ken, and said, quietly, "Every single thing that is
happening to your family, and everything that will happen, is all because of
you, Kenny. You betrayed the wrong person, and its payback time! Just so you
know, your wife and daughters are leaving when I do. I'm going to have them
sold as sex slaves, or else put them to work in a brothel, I haven't decided
yet. But, either way, they are not going to have a happy life, and it's all
your fault."

"Please, tell me, who are you, what do you want? What did I do to you, to
make you hate me so much? What ever it is, why don't you take it out on me?
The girls never did anything to you!"

"That's the point, Kenny! I'm punishing you by making your family suffer for
your deeds. I really don't give a fuck about them; they're just merchandise,
as far as I'm concerned. But, you do care about them, and you can't do a
thing to protect any of them. Look at your daughters, they seem to enjoy
eating pussy and asshole, did you know that you had two pussy eaters in the
house? It's too bad your wife isn't enjoying herself as much, but, then, when
those two rape someone, it's not supposed to feel good." Turning to the
others, Kate said, "You three cum yet?"

"Just about!" Angelus called, echoed by Spike and Darla.

"When they're finished," Kate said, "Put the girls to sleep, Darla."

The blonde vampire nodded, and pulled cloths from her breast pocket. Shoving
one under the nose of each girl, they quickly collapsed.

Turning to Angelus, Kate said, "Put them in the trunk of their car, including
the nightgowns. Then," to Dru, she smiled, "Dru, if you would take care of
Peggy? Thanks."

Drusilla walked over to the woman, and looked her in the eyes, talking
quietly. The woman started nodded slowly, her eyes glazing over. Soon, she
stood and followed Dru up the stairs. When she and Darla were alone with
Ken, she went to her bag, and pulled out a coil of rope. Tying one end
around a pillar, she tossed the other over a ceiling support. Seeing Ken go
even paler at the sight of the noose, she chuckled.

"Alright, Kenny, stand up on the chair! Put the nice noose around your neck,
and when you do so, I'll tell you who I am." He didnt move, his eyes locked
on the noose. "Darla, help Kenny up. He's obviously not man enough to take
his punishment."

Darla grabbed the man under the arms, and set his feet on the chair. Ken
reached up and put the noose around his neck.

"Pull it tight, Kenny, if you want to learn who I am!" After the noose was
snug, she grinned, "Very good, Kenny. You deserve a reward, so look at me!"
Then Kate pulled the mask off.

Ken blinked a few times, trying to place her, then he gasped, "Lockley!"

Kate said, "Thats right, Kenny! Kate Lockley did this do you! Enjoy
eternity!" Then she shoved the chair away, and she and Darla watched Bowers
frantic struggles for five minutes, until the man finally died. Turning to
Darla, Kate laughed, "Damn, that felt good! I hope Mistress is going to be
awake when we get home. I haven't been this turned on in ages."

Darla smiled and said, "I'm sure shell reward you, Kate, you did an excellent
job! And I can tell that Angelus was pleased with you also. Anyway, we've
dillydallied long enough, lets get out of here."

To Be Continued in The Fall of Angel Investigations


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