Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back. (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though).

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Incest, BDSM, and Character Death

Series: Angelus Rex

Summary: Angelus returns, but hes got a plan this time.

AU from the End of the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Peggy is played by Gina Gershon, Heather/Erin played by Amanda Bynes

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 5 - Kate's Revenge Chapter 1
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

The Afternoon after Lilahs Wake up CallWhen Angelus came down into the
lobby that afternoon, he was amused to find Kate pacing around, almost
peeing herself in excitement. Margaret was sitting on the couch smiling
at her antics, while Darla was relaxing, watching the television. Looking
up at him, Darla smiled and said, "Good Afternoon, Sire. I take it that
everything went well?"

"You could say that; Spike is back in the saddle, so the Scourge can ride
again. Speaking of mayhem, it seems that Kate has something she wants to
talk to me about. What is it, Kate?"

Taking a deep breath, Kate said, "Well, Angelus, I was thinking last night,
and I had an idea that should work better for confusing the cops. If you
want, I can explain."

"Of course. Come into the office, I need to grab some smokes."

Walking into the office, Angelus sat down and smiled at Kate, gesturing for
her to have a seat. "So, whats your idea?"

"Well, we had discussed leaving Bowers in bed, like he died in his sleep, but
I'm thinking of hanging him in the basement of his house, and having his wife
leave a letter saying she left because he was molesting their daughters. We
can have Dru hypnotize the wife so she writes the letter, and then bring the
women back to wherever you want to keep them. You can then break them at your

Angelus looked at her for a second, then he smiled, "Oh, Kate, you are going
to make a fantastic Vampire! That's so vicious it makes me proud! Well done!"

Kate blushed at his praise, "Thank you, Angelus, I'm glad you like the idea."

"I like it a lot; in fact, I think you deserve something special for coming
up with it. Call Margaret in here, please."

Margaret appeared a moment later, and, at Angelus gesture, shut the door to
the office behind her.

"Margaret, your pet has had an excellent idea, and I wanted you here to
witness her receiving her reward." Margaret nodded, and smiled at Kate in
pleasure. "Kate, the only time you and I had sex, it was very brutal. It
won't be brutal this time; you have earned a pleasant experience. Come
around here and sit on the edge of my desk." Kate hurried to his side of
the desk, and hopped onto the edge, spreading her legs.

"Margaret, climb on the desk behind her, and put your arms around her."
When Margaret was in position, Angelus reached out and stroked Kate's pussy,
gathering up the juices that were starting to flow. Bringing his fingers to
his mouth, he licked her juices off, and said, "Delicious! Kate, you taste
very nice."

Then, standing up, Angelus unzipped his pants, and, taking Kate's hand,
wrapped in around his erect cock. "Gently, Kate, Gently," he said, as she
started stroking him. Moving forward, he removed her hand, and rubbed the
head of his cock against Kates pussy lips. Kate sighed in pleasure at the
light contact, and gasped when he nudged the head inside. Angelus slid his
cock into her, allowing her to adjust to having a cock inside her, instead
of a strap-on.

"Oh, Angelus, that feels so good!" Kate breathed, as she started to push up
against him.

Angelus started pumping into Kates pussy, and she moved with him, falling
into a natural rhythm. Seeing that Kate was edging closer to the edge, he
sped up his thrusts, and leaned forward to kiss her. Kate opened her mouth
to his tongue, and closed her eyes in submission. Moving his hand down to
Kate's opening, he started rubbing his thumb over her clit, enjoying her
cries of pleasure against his mouth. As he felt her muscles clench around
his cock, Angelus let himself cum, filling her pussy with his seed. Kate
screamed as she came, falling back against the desk. Angelus pulled out,
and Margaret climbed off the desk and started sucking his cum out of her
pets pussy. Margaret's tongue soon had her pet cumming again, and when she
had recovered, Kate looked up at Angelus and said, "If this is what happens
when I let my imagination go wild, I'll definitely have to get creative
for the other cops."

Angelus chuckled as he zipped his pants, saying, "Lets concentrate on
Commissioner Bowers first; we can get the others in a couple of days. Now,
its time to let Darla, Dru and Spike in on the plan."

* * *

Midnight, the home of Ken Bowers, Los Angeles Police Commissioner

Ken Bowers heard a noise in the hall outside his bedroom door. Waking up, he
quietly reached for the gun he kept on the nightstand. As his hand touched
the grip, the bedroom door opened, and a bright light hit him in the eyes.
Blinking against the brightness, he was surprised when a hand gripped his
wrist. "Not gonna happen, Ken," a woman's voice said. "Now, do as I tell you,
and you might live to see the morning."

"Who are you?" he demanded, trying to keep the fear out of his voice.

"Does that really matter, Ken?" the woman's voice replied, a sneer evident
in her tone. "I'm really not planning on exchanging Christmas Cards with you.
Now, get your ass out of bed! You too, cunt!" she said, turning to his wife,
who was lying there, obviously terrified.

Trying to look past the light in his eyes, Ken saw four other figures in the
room, besides the woman holding the light on him. It looked like two of them
were men, but he couldn't be sure of the others. Before he could look closer
at the others, the woman's voice cut through his thoughts.

"Liam, Bill, go find his daughters and bring them down to the basement. We
have things to do."

The two figures he had identified as men left the room. But then he realized
what she had said, and begged, "Please, leave my babies alone. Do what you
want to me, but leave my family alone."

The woman chuckled, "Oh, but Kenny, don't you see? By hurting them, I'm
hurting you, and, you're the one who caused all this." Turning to his
cowering wife, she said, "Peggy, I want you to remember this; everything
that happens, it's because of what your lousy husband did; he betrayed the
wrong person. Now, Darla, Dru, would you help them to the basement. They
don't seem to be able to move."

The other two figures moved into the room, and pulled the struggling couple
from their bed.

* * *

Kate smiled under her mask, as she watched Ken and his wife being forced down
to the basement. Hearing cries coming up the stairs, she knew that Spike and
Angelus had the twin girls down there already.

Ken's wife cried out when she got to the basement, and saw that her daughters
were struggling against the two men, but they had already been stripped of
their nightgowns. She tried to go to them, but one of the women grabbed her
and kept her from moving.

Kate said, "Strip her too, Darla. I want to check out the merchandise. Dru,
put Kenny in that chair, I want him to see everything that happens. After
all, it is his fault." Then she laughed. Moving over to Peggy, she grabbed
the woman's breasts, pinching the nipples, and saying, "You're in good shape
for a 40 year old, Peggy. Why did you saddle yourself with this sack of

The woman didn't answer, other than a whimper as she cringed away.

Turning to Ken, Kate said, "So Kenny, I bet you know what's going to happen,
dont you?"

"No, please, no," the man begged, shaking his head, as tears started filling
his eyes.

"Begging won't do them, or you, any good, Kenny. If you take your punishment
like a man, instead of a backstabbing, lying disgrace to the uniform, you may
live to see the dawn. Now, don't move! School is in session."

Turning to Spike and Angelus, she said, "So guys, what's the verdict?"

"Neither one is a virgin, Boss," Angelus said.

Turning to Ken, she said, "Did you know that Kenny? Did you know that your
sweet little daughters had been spreading their legs? Doesn't that make you
feel really good about yourself, knowing that you couldn't even prevent your
17 year old babies from losing their cherries? Well, I want you to watch,
because their training is just beginning." Turning back to the struggling
girls, she said, "I was going to have you two lose your cherries while your
parents watched, but, you gave those away already, so, I want you two to
show us how much you love each other." At their confused looks, she said,
"I want you to have sex with each other, rub each others tits, kiss each
other, and lick each others pussy! Now, get to it, if you want your father
to live until dawn!"


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