Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; Im just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though).

Pairing: Harmony/Lilah, Angel/Lilah/Spike, Harmony-solo


Summary: Angelus returns, but hes got a plan this time.

AU from the End of the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Authors Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff, Alex is played by Jessica
Biel, Ming is played by Jade Marcella.

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 4 - Lilah's Wake Up Call Interlude
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

Pulling into the garage at the Hotel a little before 3:30, Angelus said, "I
dont know about you, Spike, but I'm not ready to sleep yet. Are you?"

"Nah! I'm good for a while. In fact, I was thinking of going up and waking
Dru for some fun."

"Just Dru? I figured you'd want to have Harmony join in."

"Actually, after what Dru did to her last night, and the way she screamed,
I'm not really that interested in the bint. I never knew Dru was that good
at torture, but it seems to have broken Harm's mind.

"Interesting. Well, instead of Dru, I've got a better idea; you want to help
me with Lilah? I told that arrogant bitch that shed be taking lot of cock
each day, and I've kept my word, but I'm in the mood to kick it up a notch."

"Kick it up a notch? I think you've been watching Emeril too much," Spike
said, with a grin.

"Well, the soul didn't have any idea of how to have fun, and so I got stuck
watching a lot of TV in the dark," Angelus explained.

"Anyway, whats the plan?"

"Go get Harmony, and meet me in the basement. I'll explain then," Angelus

* * *

Lilah stirred as her bedroom door opened, and was jarred awake as the lights
came on. "Wakey Wakey, Lilah! Time to go to work!" she heard a voice say.
Opening her eyes, she rubbed the sleep out of them. "What? Angelus, what's
going on? What do you need?"

He just smirked at her, saying, "Need? Nothing at all. What I want is you,
wearing your highest heels, to be in the basement within 5 minutes." Then he
turned and walked out the door.

Lilah sat up, ran to the bathroom and splashed water on her face, then went
to her closet. Grabbing the highest heels she owned, the ones Lynwood used
to make her wear for the late night counseling sessions, she put them on and
hurried down to the basement. "Damn it! I hate these shoes, its impossible
to walk wearing 4 inch heels!" She grumbled to herself as she started down
the basement steps.

Angelus was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, smiling up at her.
"Excellent, Lilah! Very good choice!" he said, seemingly pleased.

'He's pleased with me! Why does that make me feel good? I should hate that
monster for what hes doing to me. But, he did have that girl give me a
massive orgasm, and that was nice, but, no, hes a monster, I'm supposed to
hate him. But, still, I cant help feeling happy that hes pleased! What the
fuck is going on here?' Lilah wondered as she made her way down the stairs.
'Oh shit, what did he say?' she wondered as Angeluss voice interrupted her
musing. 'Oh, he wants me to give him my hand, better do so.'

Letting Angelus take her hand, Lilah shuddered when she saw the whip lying
on the floor where they stopped. Trying not to let her voice tremble, she
asked, quietly, "Am I here to be whipped, Angelus?"

She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw him shake his head. "No Lilah,
you aren't here for punishment at all." Lilah relaxed at his words, and
didn't struggle when he cuffed her hands to the hanging chains above her
head. "I decided it was time to make a Lilah sandwich, and wanted you tied
up while it happened. The whip is for someone else."

"Oh, okay," she said, trying to get comfortable in the chains, and moving her
legs apart so he would have easy access. Angelus didnt seem to notice, as he
turned to speak to someone else in the room. 'What the fuck?!?! There's
someone else here? How the hell did I miss them? All I could see was Angelus
Hell's Below! He's breaking me! I can't let that happen! But, it doesnt hurt
when I do what he says, and, its not that bad submitting to him. I can still
be Queen Bitch at the office, and, if hes pleased with me, it would look good
in my records. What the fuck, may as well go with it!' With that thought,
Lilah finally stopped even trying to fight Angelus, and gave in to him

"Harmony! Come over here!" Lilah heard him say, and blinked to see a blonde
vampire crawl over to him, and sit on her haunches at his feet. 'What the? Is
she wearing a collar?' she wondered. 'I'll be damned! It is a collar!" Then
she put her thoughts on hold to listen to what he had to say.

"Lilah isn't ready for Spike and I to fuck her yet. I want you to get her
pussy nice and wet, so she enjoys this, too. She has been very obedient, so,
if you make her cum, I won't punish you. When you've got her pussy ready,
crawl around behind her and do the same with her ass. I want to see you
tonguing her asshole like your very unlife depended on it. And, if you do a
good job, I'll be pleased, and you'll get a reward."

Lilah watched as the blonde vamp nodded her head, eager to please. The vamp
moved forward, latching her mouth on Lilahs pussy. She closed her eyes and
moaned in pleasure as she felt the cold wet tongue teasing her lips. The
moans increased as Harmony flicked her tongue across Lilahs clit. As soon as
Lilah felt the tongue on her clit, her juices started flowing. Lilah gasped
out, "Oh thats good! Thats good! Thank you! Thank you Angelus!" She opened
her eyes and saw Angelus looking hard at her. Then he smiled, liking what he

"So, it finally happened! Welcome to the family, Lilah. Things are going to
be much easier for you from now on," Angelus said.

"Lilah felt herself smiling in return. Thank you, Sire." Then she gasped as
Harmony brought her to orgasm. She didn't even notice that Harmony was
gulping her juices as they sprayed into her mouth, but she whimpered when
the mouth was removed.

She heard Angelus say, "Well done, Harmony. Now, do the back."

'Now the back? What does that mean?' Lilah wondered, until she felt hands
pulling apart her butt cheeks, and a cold tongue licking her crack. "Aaah!"
she sighed, as she felt the tongue circle her rosebud, then cried out as the
tip of the tongue forced its way inside her ass. Lilah was rocking back in
forth in pleasure, which increased when she felt a hand come up between her
thighs and start fingering her pussy. Surrendering herself to the sensation,
Lilah screamed as a wave of orgasms hit her. Finally recovering, she noticed
that the mouth and finger were gone. Shaking her head, she smiled at Angelus
and said, "That's one hell of a welcome, Sire!"

"Its not over yet. You've got a few more orgasms coming, but, for now, lets
get you out of those chains. You have earned some comfort. I'll call Lynwood,
and tell him that I need you here today, so you can rest." Angelus released
the cuffs, and helped Lilah to the floor. "Spike, come on over and lay on the
mat." Another vamp came forward, removing his clothes, and lay down on the
mat, next to where she was kneeling. Angelus said, "Harmony?" The vamp looked
up from where she was kneeling. "I told you that you could have a reward if
you did well, didn't I?"

"Yes, Sire," Lilah heard her respond.

"Take the whip, and you can use the handle to get yourself off. Then you can
go back to bed," Angelus instructed.

The blonde came crawling over to them, grabbed the whip in her mouth, and
crawled back to her spot by the stairs, where she grabbed the whip handle
and started sucking on the hard leather, before moving it to her pussy and
sliding it in. Lilah watched, fascinated, as Harmony quickly brought herself
to orgasm, then, leaving the whip on the floor, crawled back up the steps.

"Okay, Lilah, now I want you to straddle Spike, and lower yourself onto his
cock." Lilah quickly did so, gasping as she was filled by the cold flesh.
When she was all the way down, Lilah felt Angeluss hand on her shoulder
pushing her forward. "Now, relax and take a deep breath. I'm going to slide
my cock in your ass. If you raise your hips up, this shouldn't hurt you."

Lilah felt the rest of the world fade away, and just listened to her
Master's voice. Raising herself up, she sighed as she felt her ass being
gently filled. "Oh, Master, that feels so good!"

Angelus chuckled in her ear. "I told you things would be easier for you now,
didn't I?"

"Yes, Master, you did!" Lilah moaned, lowering herself back down on Spike.

The three of them worked themselves into a rhythm, Angelus pulling out as
Spike sliding in. They fucked for several minutes before the pleasure
building up in her body sent Lilah over the edge and she passed out. She
barely noticed being picked up and carried up to her room and put to bed.

End Interlude


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