Disclaimer: The characters belong to Joss; I'm just playing with them. I
promise I'll clean them up and put them back (I can't do anything about the
smiles on their faces, though.)

Rating: (NC-17)

Pairing: Multiple Angelus/f pairings, multiple f/f pairings, other
combinations and pairings

WARNING: Non-Consensual Sex, Character Death, And BDSM

Summary: Angelus Returns, but hes got a plan this time.

AU from the End of the Second Season Angel Episode, Reprise.

Authors Note: Margaret is played by Hillary Duff. Alex is played by Jessica
Biel. Ming is played by Jade Marcella

Angel: Angelus Rex Part 3 - Breaking Lilah Chapter 2
by Red Jacobson ([email protected])

Arriving back at the hotel, he led Lindsay and Lilah into the lobby. Darla
smiled when she saw Lindsay, saying, "Well, my dear boy, how nice to see you
again! We will have so much fun!" Taking him by the hand, Darla dragged the
unhappy lawyer up the stairs to her room, saying, "I hope your pussy eating
skills have improved Lindsay. Otherwise, I'll be very unhappy, and you
wouldnt like me when I'm unhappy."

Angelus walked up the steps, and beckoned Lilah to follow him. Leading her
to an empty bedroom, he ordered her to strip. After she complied, he cuffed
her wrists together behind her back, and then used his belt to pull her
elbows together. Enjoying the sight of the haughty lawyers breasts being
forced out for his inspection, he decided to increase her humiliation.
Sitting down on the bed, he pulled out his cock and said, "Alright, Lilah,
on your knees! Its time for me to find out just how good a cocksucker you
are. I know that Lynwood claims youre excellent, but that's Lynwood. I'm
sure I'll need more of a basis for comparison."

Lilah glared up at him, but opened her mouth and started running her tongue
around the shaft. After getting the shaft wet, she moved to the head, locking
her lips around it, and gently biting the skin. Reaching down, Angelus
grabbed Lilah by the hair, and pulled her off his cock. "Listen bitch, I
don't want you sucking me like you'd suck off your boyfriend! I want you to
suck me like a whore! Because that's all you are to me - a high priced whore
who has talents with her clothes on, too! On second thought, never mind, you
haven't earned my cock in your mouth yet. Get on your back!"

Straddling her waist, Angelus shoved the lawyer's breasts together, and
spitting in the cleavage, started fucking her tits. Lilah grimaced as her
back and shoulders were scraping on the carpet, and Angelus smiled. Then,
using his thighs to keep her breasts together, he started pulling and
twisting her nipples. The groans of pain from Lilah, as well as the
humiliation she was experiencing, kept Angelus from lasting very long, and
he shot his cum all over Lilahs face and chest.

Getting up, he walked down the hall to Dru's room. Opening the door, he saw
Ming cuddled up with Dru, while the vampire was telling her a story. Dru
looked up and smiled when she saw him. "Hello Daddy, I'm just telling Baby
about the fun times we used to have."

"That's good, Dru; can you spare Ming for a little while? There is something
that I need her to do."

"Of course Daddy, I'll take a little nap, and Baby and I can tell more
stories later."

Leading Ming into the room where he left Lilah, he said, "Ming, this is
Lilah, I want you to clean her up. And, when you are done, she is going to
lick your pussy and make you cum. If she does a good job, you can make her
cum as a reward. If she doesn't, let me know, and I'll punish her."

Ming nodded, "Yes Master, do you want me to use my tongue to clean her, or
the shower?"

"She hasn't earned your mouth, Ming; the shower will be good enough for her."

"Of course, sir, will you be watching?"

"Not right away, I need to check on a few things. I'll be back soon."

Ming watched Angelus leave the room, then grabbed Lilah by the hair and
started pulling her towards the bathroom. Lilah started to protest, but
Ming slapped her face, saying, "Shut up bitch! The Master didnt give you
permission to talk. So keep your mouth shut until its time for it to be
put to work." Lilah shut up, and went into the bathroom.

After leaving Ming with Lilah, Angelus walked down the hall to Darla's
room. Hearing a groan, followed by the unmistakable sound of Darla laughing
cruelly, he opened the door and looked inside. What he saw made him chuckle;
Lindsay was tied face down on the bed, with his face in Alex's crotch, while
Darla was buggering him with a strap-on. "So Darla, how tight was he?"

"Hello, Sire; not tight at all. I imagine that his bosses have bent him over
their desk on several occasions. He does know how to take it up the ass, I'll
give him that. Do you want to try him out?"

"No, thanks, I prefer women, although, Lindsay does suck cock really well.
I made him blow me while Lynwood and Lilah watched. Turnabouts fair play,
though; he got to see me fuck Lilah in the ass. Speaking of that, I've got
to get back, to see how good Lilah is at eating pussy. Have fun Lindsay, but
remember, if you make a mess, you lick it up!"

Heading back to the room where he left Lilah, he heard soft sighs coming from
inside, and, opening the door, he saw Ming stretched out on the bed, with
Lilah kneeling between the young Filipinas thighs and tonguing her quickly.
From the way that Ming was panting and moaning, Angelus could tell that Lilah
was good at using her tongue. Ming started moaning faster, and pulled Lilah's
face deeper into her crotch, spraying the lawyers face with her juices.

Leaning against the door, Angelus watched, amused, as Ming rolled Lilah onto
her back, and started licking her juices off Lilah's face. Then she moved
down and buried her face in Lilah's pussy. Angelus stood watching as Lilah
reached an orgasm, almost against her will. After she came, Angelus spoke.
"I bet you tried not to cum, didn't you Lilah? You were saving what happens
here for your personal I hate Angelus Memory Box, werent you? Well, guess
what? You don't get to play those games anymore. You see, you may feel
superior because you are the head of Special Projects, but to me, you're just
a convenient cum dump. You can count on eating lots of pussy, and having a
dick in your mouth, pussy and ass at least once a day until I get tired of
you, and send you back to Lynwood. Just a little something for you to think
about while you lay here tonight, trying to sleep." Then, turning to Ming,
he said, "Ming, you did a very good job, I'm pleased. Go tell Dru that you
will be in my room for while, and she can join us if she wants."

"Oh, thank you sir! I'll go tell her!" she said, as she hurried out of the
room with a big smile on her face.

After tying Lilah to the bed, and walked back to his room, Angelus found Ming
was waiting at the door. She said, "Mummy was resting, but she told me to
have fun."

Angelus held mopen the door for her, and followed her inside. Without being
told, Ming knelt down by the bed, until Angelus told her to stand, and get on
the bed. "You only have to kneel when I or Darla or Dru tell you to do so, he
told her." Angelus stripped off his clothes and climbed on the bed. Ming lay
down beside him, and reaching over, he slid one finger over Ming's shaved
pussy. Smiling when he felt how wet she was, he told Ming to climb on top of
him. She hurried to obey, and lowered herself on top of his cock, going
slowly as she adjusted to his size. Once he was fully inside, he pulled Ming
down until her breasts were resting on his chest. Kissing her, Angelus began
raising his hips, pumping slowly into her.

As soon as Ming felt him moving inside her, she started moving back against
him, working on building a rhythm. She soon hit the wall and crashed through,
crying out her pleasure, and she shouted when Angelus rolled over and lifted
her ankles over his shoulders. "Yes Master! Pound Me! Pound my pussy! I love
it hard! Stuff my nasty little cunt!" When Angelus slid a hand down and
started playing with her ass, Ming looked up and locked eyes with him. "Do
it! she hissed. Fill my ass!"

He started fingering her ass, working first one, then two fingers inside,
before pulling his cock out of her pussy and lining it up at her rear hole.
When Ming felt the head enter her, she dropped her legs down and locked them
around his waist. Pulling him deep into her ass, Ming shouted, "Oh yes! Oh
yes! Oh yes!"

As Angelus pumped her, Ming reached down and started stroking herself, until
they both came at the same time. As Angelus pulled out of her ass, Ming
passed out from the force of her orgasm, and curled up on the bed. Amused at
how trusting and truly submissive she was, Angelus picked her up and gently
carried her to Dru's room. When he opened the door, Drusilla was still
sleeping, so he laid Ming down softly next to her, and smiled as Dru's arms
wrapped around Ming.

When he got back to his room, he lay down and started making his plans to
bring Spike back into the fold.

To be continued in "The Return of the Big Bad"


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