The usual disclaimers apply. I own none of the Andromeda universe, much
though I'd like to. I just play there occasionally. This is one's kinky;
Rommie in a goth mood, some unusual ropes, and a massive metal hula hoop.
Don't worry, nothing excessive. Hope you like it. It's probably a good idea
to read "Negotiation" first, if you haven't already.

Some of the more eagle eyed may notice I'm breaking something I established
in "Oh God, it's a Rommie Story". I don't consider that one part of the
story arc, it was a little bit of fun. Besides, I wrote it out of sequence,
and I'm only human. Well, nearly.

NC-17: M/Rommie, bond, light consentual S&M

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Andromeda: Part 2 - Rope
by Furball

It's a good day. We finished a couple of projects early, my desk is clear,
and my assistant says the Andromeda Ascendant just arrived. That means
Rommie is on her way here. Since we met a few months ago, and the (ahem)
free slipstream core incident, she's been back several times. I nearly
spilled my coffee the first time, when she asked for another "discount".
Apparently she's developed quite a taste for sex, now she's tried it.
There's still nobody on the crew she can hook up with, so she comes to me.
We've been exploring her sexuality together. I'm not quite sure how she
sees our relationship, but I think I'm falling for her. There's a knock at
the door, and a grin on my face. "Come in."

The door opens, and a black and red streak comes through at speed. Vaulting
my desk, she lands a flying somersault beside my chair, and falls back into
my lap and waiting arms. "Hi." she says, and kisses my nose.

"Rommie, my little love-elf. What can I do for you today?" As if I didn't
know. This promises to be an even better day now. She's in one of her goth
moods; red streaks in her hair and thick black liner around those hypnotic
almond eyes. She's always more adventurous when she's goth. I can feel my
heart rate rise with anticipation, and at the simple pleasure of her warmth
against me.

Unexpectedly, she has something else on her mind. "Actually, I have a little
problem. Do you have someone trustworthy who knows androids? Someone who'll
keep their mouth shut?"

"Harper can't help?" She shakes her head with a little shudder. Interesting,
and a bit worrying. "Well, I worked with similar technology in the military,
and I'm a decent general engineer. I'm not the best we have, but if you want
to keep it quiet I'm not bad. The question is, do you trust me?"

"Hmmm, not sure." The little smile says otherwise. "But you'll do. Besides,
it's kind of personal, and you're already familiar with the, ah, affected
area." My eyebrow goes up. "I've sprung a leak. Inside me. I've tried to
patch it, but that dildo you gave me keeps opening it up again. Sooner or
later, the fluid'll reach something that can't get wet. You'll have to
disassemble me and find what's causing it. This might help." She hands me
an old flexi. "It's the original manual Harper built me from."

Woo, bonus. I always wanted a look at that. We take a walk to one of the
smaller machine shops, and I shoo out the two techs who were using it. I
lock the door, Rommie switches herself off, and I collapse into a chair to
read up on her design. Rommie's amazing. I learn things from her manual I
would never have guessed at, or figured out for myself. Most of her
engineering I know; muscles, basic nervous system, frame, but this is my
first time working with android soft tissue. Not a lot of use for it in
military gear.

I hadn't even thought to ask myself why her skin is warm. It seems there's
a network of tiny capillary tubes just under the surface, carrying nutrients
to semiorganic nerves. The carrier fluid is red and heated to improve the
illusion of living tissue. Hmmm, she has circulation. I can use that. A
system this complex has to have been grown using nanotechnology, and sure
enough there's a section in the manual. Fortunately the 'bots are simple
enough for my aging nano gear. I program a synthesizer to start creating an
army of microscopic machines to repair her skin when I'm done.

Her capilliaries automatically pinch off when cut so there's no 'blood',
but all the same it's hard making the first incision. I'm cutting skin I've
kissed and caressed, worshipped even, but it has to be done. Soon I have
her dismantled enough to reach the problem. I take a moment to examine one
of the modules I've removed. If I ever had any doubts as to how good Harper
is, this piece proves his genius. It usually sits where a human woman's
cervix would be, and I've had it used on me to great effect. It's a tiny
cup, with short, prehensile tentacles pointing in and down. How the hell
did he get that range of motion in such small tentacles? I drop it in an
analyzer, there's no way I'm passing up a chance to find out how it works.
Maybe I'll even find a way to switch the damn thing off.

The cause of Rommie's problem's simple, one of the inner edges of her
artificial pelvis has worn sharp. A few minutes with a file and emery cloth
fixes it, and I run some rubberite strip around all the edges so it can't
happen again. While I'm at it, I swap in a few genuine parts where Harper
obviously had to improvise, and drop in a little upgrade or two. She
deserves the best. Back to the manual, and I have her reassembled in half
an hour. Just to be sure I didn't miss anything, I run the manual's
checklist twice before deploying the 'bots.

While the nanobots restore her skin to its usual perfection, there's one
more thing I have to do. I've been planning a little surprise for the elven
one, and luck just handed me the perfect opportunity. All I need now is one
favour. I place a call to the Andromeda Ascendant and ask nicely. Rather to
my surprise, she says yes. I cut the connection, smile a crooked smile, and
restart Rommie. "There you go, Rommie, as good as new. Better, even. It
won't happen again."

"Thanks. Now can we please go somewhere? I had to cut back on the dildo and
I'm horny as hell."

"Horny enough to try something kinky?"

"Like what?"

"Follow me, I'll show you."

I lead her to my quarters. As usual, she goes straight to the cameras and
puts things in front of them. Damn, it doesn't matter how many I have, or
where I hide them. How does she do it? Oh well. Reaching into a drawer, I
take out a package and toss it to her. She opens it and sticks her nose in
the top, then looks up at me. "Rope? Is this stuff real?"

These days most rope is really textured plastic, it's easier and cheaper to
make. There aren't many places that make the real stuff these days, but I
know a couple of them. "Yup, had it made specially for you. Nothing but the
best for my Rommie. And that's not all." From one of the walk in closets I
bring out the piece de resistance. A metal hula-hoop on steriods, over six
feet across, mounted vertically at 9 and 3 o-clock to a wheeled base. There
are places to tie ropes at 10, 2, 5 and 7, and the hoop is missing between
the lower mountings, where it ends in a pair of ledges for someone to stand
on. It's finished off with a wide, flat metal bar mounted against the back
of the hoop, running horizontally.

She stands there for a moment, mouth open, her beautiful dark eyes wide.
"Holy crap." she says, deadpan. "Do this a lot, do you?"

"Look closer. It's brand new, made to measure for you. Took me ages to
build, and if you'd seen me trying to sneak it back here after, you'd have
laughed your chips loose. My staff were real curious about the boss's
secret project." I sidle up behind her and slip my arms around her waist,
enjoying the silken touch of her hair against my face. "You've never been
helpless, have you Rommie? Always the strongest, fastest person around, or
had help on the way." I drop my voice to a seductive burr in her ear. "Try
it, you might like it. Trust me."

She breaks the hug and takes a long moment to think about it. First she
looks at me, then the rope, the hoop, and back to the rope. I suppress the
evil smile that wants to creep on to my lips. I know what she's thinking.
It's all part of the plan. "You want to tie me to that," she asks "using
these?" She waves the ropes. I nod. "I've seen movies like that. I want to
get freaky, not hurt."

"Oh no, this isn't S&M, it's tie and tease. No serious pain, just some very
serious naughtiness." Her shoulders relax a fraction, and I know I'm going
to win. She's going to do it. The evil smile is getting pretty insistant,
but I can't let it loose now. Not yet. "You did say you were really horny,
and you are in one of your freakier moods." I lift a few strands of red
hair to where she can see them.

She caves. "OK, what do you want me to do?"

I have her strip and stand on the ledges while I tie her wrists to the
upper mountings, then her ankles to the lower ones. Finally I tie her waist
to the crossbar, looping the rope in a figure of eight. Stepping back to
admire my work, I'm quite pleased with myself. I guessed her size pretty
well, her fingers can't quite reach the knots. OK, evil smile, you can come
out now. Rommie sees it and realises she may have made a mistake. She's
wondering if I'd actually hurt her. I wouldn't, but she doesn't know that
for sure. That's just how I want her; Nervous.

I indulge myself in a little theatricality. "As of now, miss Ascendant, you
are mine. I will do with you whatever I please." I trail my fingertips from
her temple, down her face and neck to her shoulder, and on down to her
waist. It's a very gentle touch, a loving one, and it calms some of her
fears. For now. I strip, then hold her head and plant a few little kisses
around her lips, but none quite on them.

Walking around the hoop I come up behind her and begin gently nuzzling and
biting her exquisite neck. The angle of her arms accentuates the deliciously
toned muscles of her shoulders, I smother them with kisses. Wrapping my arms
around her I continue my caresses, sticking to neutral territory. There's no
need to rush, I'm planning on making this last a long time. Looking over her
shoulder I see her nipples have started to stiffen already. That's fast,
even for her. I nibble on her earlobe, savouring her cinnamon skin. "Nice?"
I whisper. She purrs approvingly.

I briefly lower my hand to trail a finger the length of her crevice, then
go back to stroking her waist. I get a familiar little disappointed mewl
out of her. Walking back to the front of the hoop, I add her breasts to the
paths my fingertips are taking, but not her nipples. This is about where
she usually yanks my chain. Not today.

Circling back in front of her, I start to explain what she's let herself in
for. "You know Rommie, I've noticed something. Every time I try to tease you
something happens. A display lights up with a weapons inventory, or some
piece of security hardware wakes up nearby and looks menacingly at me. Well
that's not going to happen this time. There's nothing you can use in this
room, and I've got a jammer going so you can't bring anything in from
outside." I resume my stroking while it sinks in.

Frowning, she tries her transmitter, trying to lock onto something that she
can use, and of course she fails. Then she gets the faraway look that says
she's contacting the rest of herself, the main computer on the Andromeda. Her
eyes go wide. "I'm not talking to me! Andromeda just gave me a busy signal!"

"I know. The Andromeda's comms gear's too good to shield or jam, so while you
were off I called and asked nicely. The rest of you has more sense of humour
than I gave her credit for - you, er, no her, er, oh damn. Do you know syntax
breaks down when you're around?"

She's not listening. "I don't believe it, I've been set up by myself. I'm
going to kill me." She strains against the ropes, and gets another surprise.
When she agreed to this, she knew she could break the ropes any time she
wanted to. She was wrong.

"Don't bother, Rommie, I thought of that too. In fact I thought of it first,
it's what gave me the idea. I said the rope was made specially for you,
that includes the monomolecular fibres woven into it. It's pretty much
unbreakable. Right now, for the first time in your life, you really are
helpless. Now now, don't give me that look. It's not as if I lied to you."
I hold her close and lift my thigh between her legs to press against her
pussy, stroking my sole up her calf. She tries to grind against me, so I
walk away.

Rummaging in my drawer of surprises, I come out with an artist's paintbrush
a few milimetres across. "I don't suppose you're familiar with sable, are
you? They were brought to my homeworld during the terraforming. They have
incredibly soft fur, it makes a great paintbrush." I trail the brush over
her breasts, and flick the devilishly soft bristles across her nipples. "And
the paintbrushes make good sex toys."

She shivers as the brush does its work. "Ooohhhh, you're evil, you know

"Thanks. I'll take that as a compliment." I reply with a sinister chuckle.
"You ain't seen nothin' yet." Soon I have her nipples standing fully at
attention. After a while I drop to my knees in front of her, and lick the
paintbrush. The wet bristles form a point, which I use for some precision
teasing of her clitoris and inner folds. I get more moans for my trouble.
She's being good, so I reward her with a little licking. Not too much
though, I have more tricks planned.

Standing, I use the moistened paintbrush on her nipples. It's a different
sensation than before, and she shivers again. When I judge the brush might
be about to lose its novelty, it's back to the drawer for something new,
something different. When she sees it, she's not happy. "I thought you
weren't going to hurt me?"

"No, Rommie, I said 'no serious pain'." My cat o'nine tails does look fierce,
it's true, but it's deceptive. The strands are soft black rope, it can sting
a bit, but not much more. When I trail it slowly across her breasts, she
squirms with pleasure.

"Ooohhhh, you can do that for a whi...eeek!" I guess she wasn't expecting me
to draw back and flick the tips across her nipples. It doesn't hurt much, but
it should be a nice contrast to my teasing. I've been practising that move
for a while, trying to get it just right for her. I start to gently flick the
cords around her flanks, up and down her legs, and around to her perfect ass.
There's a flush at her neck, and her now heavy breathing is punctuated by
sharp intakes, marking my occasional hard flick. I think she's getting the

"Ready to take it up a notch?" I ask, holding the nipple clamps I palmed
earlier below her nose. I wasn't sure she'd recognise the little wire
butterflies, but she does.

"I'm not sure I'm ready for those..."

"Don't worry. These aren't too strong, and there's no serrations on the jaws.
If you want to go further, I have a third one?" Her eyes widen as she works
out what I mean, and she quickly shakes her head. I attach just the two, and
she flinches as each one goes on.

"You're going to pay for this." she warns me. I don't doubt it. It'll be fun
finding out what she comes up with. I flick the clamps with the cat and she
flinches again. My fingernails rake down her torso, and my teeth take her
earlobe again, a little harder than before. She gasps, and there's a hint of
lust in her eyes as I twist and tug on both clamps. I chuckle softly again.
Like so many people who're always in control, there's some latent sub in her.
I guessed right.

The open design of the clamps leaves her nipples exposed, if a little
distorted. I take the time to tease them with my tongue, then kiss my way up
her neck to her ear for another nibble. She tastes good. I exhale slowly
through my mouth so my warm breath caresses her neck, and slide a hand down
to stroke my fingers through her pubic hair. She bucks her hips, trying to
make me brush her clit, but I'm ready for that and she doesn't quite make it.
"Patience, Rommie. I'll get there."

Time to ramp it up again. Back to the drawer, this time for a blindfold. She
tries to make it difficult for me, rolling her head around, but I get the
blindfold on in the end. Now I know she's getting into it. If she'd really
wanted to stop me, I couldn't have forced it on her. She's too fast, too
strong. Reaching over to one of the hoop's mounts, I undo the catch that was
holding it steady, and spin the hoop on its horizontal axis. Rommie's little
squeal of surprise is a victory for me; she isn't easy to rattle. I catch it
as her head comes up for the second time, hold her tight and kiss her deeply,
nipping at her bottom lip as I pull my head away.

I stroke the sole of my foot up her calf again, pressing my thigh against
her pussy. She doesn't try to grind this time. I press and release, press
and release, mixing it up with an occasional rub. She wants more, but she's
worked out she has to play my game to get what she needs. "Good girl, you're
learning. Good girls get rewarded." I spin the hoop again, catching it when
she's facing the ceiling with the crossbar supporting her back, and kneel
between her legs. Slipping a finger inside her, I lick as gently as I can.
I've been paying attention these last few months, I've noticed how she
tenses her stomach as her orgasm gets close. I lay my other hand there, and
every time I feel that tension I back off and let it subside. I keep her on
the edge for a long time, lapping, kissing and caressing as she alternately
pleads and struggles against her bonds. Damn, she tastes good.

Eventually I stand, bring her vertical again and attach a couple of small
weights on thin springs to her nipple clamps. They aren't heavy, it's more
about how they'll jiggle the clamps than how hard they'll pull. "My turn
now, Rommie." I turn the hoop again so she's facing the floor, and I duck
under it to stand next to her head. She gets the idea as my erect shaft
brushes her lips, and she takes me inside her warm mouth.

Oh my, what have we here? Rommie learned from watching the ship library's
section on pornography, and her blowjobs are usually copies of performances
she's seen. This is different, hesitant, like she's making it up as she
goes along. My little love elf finally has the confidence to fly solo. I'm
so proud of her I reward her by slightly rocking the hoop in time with her
head movements. This (ahem) coincidentally sets the weights swinging and
bouncing, teasing her nipples mercilessly. Her tongue traces the edge of my
glans, her lips engulf me, and her teeth rake gently up and down my shaft.
Oh yes, I'd say she's got the idea.

Whenever I get close to coming, I swing her to face the ceiling, and resume
my licking. When she gets close, I turn the tables again. It's like there's
a growing orgasm hovering between us, moving back and forth, trying to decide
who to pounce on. Time to unleash it. I stand up from my latest bout of
licking, but I don't swing the hoop. Taking the weights in one hand, I guide
myself inside her with the other. As I slide in, I tug on the weights, and
as I slide out I release them, gradually building the speed and depth of my
strokes. I feel her stomach tense, and I pull the nipple clamps off. It
should be a relief, but it isn't. You see, Rommie has circulation, and
nerves. As circulation is restored, her nerves start to scream about the
abuse they've taken, being starved of their nutrients. Her nipples explode
with her own private version of pins and needles. It pushes her over the
edge, and she lets out a lust filled scream as she falls into the arms of
the biggest orgasm she's ever had.

I thrust into her hard, trying to keep her momentum going, and I scream too.
In pain. I know what I've done before I hit the floor, and I'm amazed not to
see smoke coming from the end of my dick. DAMN. I've only got myself to
blame. Her little cup of tentacles is a Harper innovation, so it's not in
the manual, not on the checklist, and right now it's not in her. It's still
in the analyzer, and I just bumped into the contacts it should be connected

An hour later we're in the informary on Andromeda - I couldn't very well take
this one to *my* medical people now, could I? Trance almost managed not to
giggle as she patched me up, then discreetly withdrew leaving me alone with
a very apologetic Rommie perched on the edge of the bed. When I finally
persuade her it was all my own stupid fault, and coax her into a cuddle, she
purrs in my ear. "You said something about serrated nipple clamps?"

Oh my God, I've created a monster. Her next visit should be fun.


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