Andromeda: The Hours Trilogy Part 3 - After Hours (FF,FFF,b-mail)
by Starbug ([email protected])

Dylan looked at the three women standing before him, one of whom he had only
just met, "So, you're the Maru's AI?"

"That is correct Captain Hunt." Erica nodded, "I must say it is an honour to
finally meet you, sir."

Dylan was taken aback by the hologram's polite manner. He turned to Rommie,
"And you say you've known about her since Hephaistos?"

Rommie nodded sheepishly, "Yes, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but Erica was
worried about how Beka and the others would react if they found out about
her. We all know how AI's have been treated since The Fall..."

Dylan raised an eyebrow, "You still should have told me."

Rommie looked at the deck, prompting Erica to come to her defence, "Please
don't blame Andromeda captain: I all but begged her to keep quiet about me.
I'm not a High Guard AI: I don't have any way to defend myself against
attack like she does."

Dylan shook his head, "I don't blame her, I'm just surprised, that's all:
Beka's spent her entire life on the Maru and never knew about you."

Beka blushed, "Tell me about it: I'm embarrassed as hell."

Dylan looked at the flexi in his hand, "So you want to build Erica an
android body like Rommie's?"

Beka shook her head, "Not quite the same: Erica has no need for a lot of the
military-grade systems Rommie has. You've been saying we need an extra pair
of hands ever since Rev Bem left, and it's going to be another six months at
least until the first batch of new officers from the High Guard academy on
Mobius are ready."

Dylan waved her off, "Ok, I'm sold: have Harper help with whatever you

* * *

Harper was sat at a table in the mess hall when Dylan next saw him,
"Shouldn't you be helping Rommie and Beka build Erica's new Avatar?"

Harper nodded, taking a swig of his Sparky-Cola, "True, I should, but they
decided that I shouldn't be around when it came to installing certain parts
of her anatomy. I mean, what's the point? I'm the one who built Rommie, so
it's not anything I've never seen before."

Dylan raised an eyebrow, "Just how anatomically correct is Rommie?"

Harper grinned, "110%."

* * *

"I wish you wouldn't keep looking over my shoulder all the time." Rommie
complained as Beka hovered behind her.

The first officer stopped pacing, "I'm sorry, but this is unlike anything
I've ever seen before."

"It's the same model as mine."

"Then I guess I have seen it before."

Rommie got a faraway look in her eye, "Tyr's heading this way."

Beka nodded, "I'll handle him."

She headed the hatch to intercept the Nietzschean tactical officer. Rommie
locked the door after her, and quickly made the last few connections on
Erica's new body. She picked up one of the data-pads and typed in a command.

Erica's eyes flicked briefly then opened. Rommie looked down at her, "Hey

Erica smiled, "Hey you." She looked worried, "I can't move! What's wrong?"

Rommie smiled mischievously, "Nothing's wrong, I just haven't given you
complete control of your body yet, that's all." She slowly ran a hand up
Erica's leg, from foot to thigh, making the other androids eyes go wide,
"But as you can see, you can still experience all physical sensations."

Erica gasped, "What are you going to do to me?"

Rommie smiled, slowly undoing the belt on the snow-white sheer silk robe
that covered Erica's body, "I'm going to take maximum advantage of the one
time I'm ever likely to have you completely at my mercy."

Erica's eyes burned with a mixture of lust and desire, but she decided to
play along with Rommie's game, "Please, I'll do what every you say, just let
me move."

Rommie looked into Erica's eyes, and liked what she saw.

Tugging gently, Rommie caused the silk robe to fall from Erica chest. Her
eyes went wide as the soft material slid over her already stiff nipples,
making them grow harder still. Rommie leaned in and kissed Erica, the sweet
taste of strawberries greeting her: one of Beka's suggestions. The kissing
continued, down Erica's jaw line and across her neck and collarbone.

Erica made a slight purring noise as Rommie slowly inched her way down to
suck on a dark nipple, taking it into her mouth and playing her tongue over
the end. This had never failed to bring Erica to a quick and powerful climax
when they hade made love in VR, but Rommie wanted to toy with her before
granting release. Starting down again, her tongue delved into the other
woman navel, making her gasp. More kisses, running down Erica's silky soft
thigh, and further on down her leg to her feet. Rommie gently sucked on a
toe, enjoying Erica's reaction to the tickling.

Rommie climbed up onto the table, and slowly ran her hands up and down
Erica's legs, playing her nerve endings like a musical instrument. She
was rewarded by a continuous array of sighs and moans. Rommie saw the
ire burning in Erica's eyes, and decided it was time to reward her for
her playing along. Her hands moved down Erica's legs as she leant
forward, eventually coming to rest under the other's shapely ass.

Lifting Erica slightly, Rommie slowly licked her from one end of her slit to
the other, her tongue dancing over the engorged clit. Erica moaned deeply as
Rommie's tough slowly circled the bundle of nerves, first slowly, then
faster. Erica was fast approaching the point of no return, and Rommie thrust
her eager tongue between her lover's nether lips, reaching in and up till
the tip hit the G-spot. Erica's personal view of the universe exploded, her
eyes and mouth going wide as she climaxed, drenching Rommie with a fresh
wave of her juices. Rommie drank greedily, savouring the taste of the other

Rommie made her way up the table, grabbing the data-pad on the way, and lay
next to Erica, "Now that was fun."

Erica nodded, still breathing heavily, "You'll get no complaint from me!"

Rommie typed in the last command on the data-pad, giving Erica full control
of her new body. She responded immediately by pulling Rommie down for a deep
kiss, tasting herself on the other android's lips.

After a while, Rommie broke away. "As much fun as we could have by continuing
this, we have to introduce you to the rest of the crew."

Erica looked sad, "Why do I have to meet them when I have everything I need

Rommie blushed slightly, taking Erica's hand, "Tonight I will be all yours,
I promise you."

"Then you'd better help me get dressed: I've never done this before." Erica

* * *

The others were waiting in the observation bay, milling around. Harper kept
pestering Beka for more information about the Maru's AI, but she refused to
answer him. Tyr stood against the wall, at a loss as to why he had to be
there: Like the Andromeda, the Maru was nothing but a tool, to be used or
discarded as needs be. Assigning it a name and personality endangered them
all by making it harder for them to make the right decision if the time

The door opened, Rommie stepping through. She took up station just inside,
"May I present to you, the AI-Avatar of the Eureka Maru: Erica."

The room fell silent as the crew's newest member walked in. She stood
slightly taller than Rommie, and was dressed in a pair of jeans and a simple
white blouse. Her long rust-red hair was tied back, accenting her ivory skin.
She smiled, "Hi."

Harper's jaw dropped. Erica had only been an exoskeleton when Beka and Rommie
had forcibly ejected him from the machine shop: he had never seen her 'in the
flesh' as it were. He had to admit that they had done an expert job. Tyr
looked at her, and wondered how much of a threat she was: more than once he
had 'borrowed' the Maru without Beka's consent, his mission to Enga's Redoubt
but one of them. It would stand to reason that it would be harder to do so
now the cargo ship's AI was able to directly interfere with his plans.

Trance looked, and saw an instant connection between the two AI's. She went
to say something about it to Beka, but saw the look on the other woman's
face: Beka already knew. Dylan was relatively straight faced, but was still
rather taken aback by the whole thing.

Erica did the rounds, talking to the rest of the crew, amazing them with how
much she knew, reminding them that she had spent years observing them on the
Maru. Finally, Dylan called it a night, and headed of to command to take the

* * *

Rommie led the way along the corridors to the room next to her own quarters,
"I told Dylan it would help you acclimatise better if we were berthed close

Erica smiled, her hand resting on Rommie's thigh, "Clever girl. But there is
still a wall between us."

Rommie grinned, opening the hatch, "There is an interconnecting door."

Erica smiled, running a hand down Rommie's face, "So, your bed or mine?"

* * *

Next morning, Beka knocked on the door, wondering what she'd find. Erica
answered, her silk gown pulled tightly around her body, "Oh hi Beka; come
in." Beka stepped though the hatch, not surprised to see Rommie laid-out on
the bed, a thin sheet barely covering her shapely form.

The raven-haired avatar looked at the first officer, "Anyone else, and I
would have had to dive into the bathroom, but you we don't mind."

Beka smiled, "Thank you, I think." She handed a bag to Erica, "Some other
clothes: I didn't know if you wanted uniforms like Rommie, or something a
little more casual."

Erica smiled, opening the bag, "Thank you: I may like women in uniform, but
I'm not to keen on them for myself."

Beka sat on the sofa, looking from Erica to Rommie, "So, you going to tell
Dylan about the two of you?"

Erica shook her head, "Not yet: we want him to get used to having me around
before we drop that bombshell."

Rommie sighed, "For someone who grew up around AI's, he can be a bit
backwards in his thinking. And he's still a little wary after Gabriel."

Beka nodded, "But you trust me to know."

Rommie smiled, "You tell Dylan about us, we tell him about you and me."

Beka looked at her coyly, "That's blackmail."

Erica sat on the bed next to Rommie, her hand moving to cover the other
woman's, "Yes, and we have video." The wall screen came on, displaying a
crystal clear picture of Beka using her strap-on to vigorously fuck Rommie.

Beka blinked, "How did you get that?"

Erica smiled, "Like I said, I have no privacy mode."

The image changed again, showing a young Harper lying on the bed, Beka
riding him for all he was worth. Rommie tilted her head to the side, "You
never did tell me how that came about."

Beka hid her head in her hands, "It was just after I kicked Bobbie out for
the last time: was angry, drunk, wanted to hurt him, and Harper was there.
It was a one off: I told him if he ever mentioned it to anyone I'd cut his
balls off and saute them, and serve them with spinach."

Rommie laughed, "So what's he like?"

Beka thought on it for a moment, "Surprisingly good. But for god's sake
don't tell him I said that."

Erica shock her head, "I'm going to go have a shower."

Beka nodded, "I'm going to go do the same: I only just came off watch."

Erica stopped and turned, a coy little smile on her face, "Care to join me?"

"Huh, what?" Beka blinked.

Erica smiled, "I said care to join me, in the shower."

Beka sat, mouth open wide. Erica leaned down sad kissed her, slowly pulling
her to her feet. Still shocked, Beka allowed herself to be walked into the
bathroom and slowly undressed. Erica turned the shower on, and pulled Beka
into the cubicle.

The warm water cascaded down their bodies as Erica pulled Beka in for another
kiss. This time the first officer responded, her lips moving with the other
woman's, her hands taking the opportunity to roam over her voluptuous body.
Beka shuddered as Erica took a bottle of shower gel, and after rubbing some
into a sponge, started to wash her body. The soppy suds louvered up around
Beka's breasts, the coarse feel of the sponge making her erect nipples
tingle. Strong hands gripped Beka from behind as Rommie joined them; trailing
kisses up and down the blonde's neck, before leaning across to kiss Erica.

Rommie continued to hold Beka, hands snaking round under her arms to rub and
caress her chest as Erica slid down to her knees, planting gentle kisses as
she went. Beka moaned as Erica reached her clit, nibbling on the sensitive
bundle of nerves. A long tongue slid out and licked up and down her sopping
pussy lips, making Beka moan with renewed pleasure. Erica grinned as she
slowly slid two fingers into Beka's dripping slit.

Beka's body went into spasm as she climaxed, her entire body shaking. If not
for Rommie's firm yet gentle grip, she would have fallen as her legs turned
to jelly. Erica slid the fingers in and out, her tongue returning to Beka's
sensitive clit, flicking at it at high speed. Beka bucked, as renewed orgasms
washed over her like a tide. Her entire body felt like it was on fire, her
sex burning like the surface of a star. Erica looked up a Rommie, who winked

Erica withdrew her two fingers from Beka's now gushing hole, much to the
delirious woman's protest. Erica's arm slowly moved round behind Beka's
thigh, the two well lubricated fingers probing up till they reached her
tight sphincter. A moment of gentle pressure and they were in, stretching
Beka's tight rear passage. A quick shift of her upper body, and Erica had
Beka's legs resting on her shoulders. Two new fingers found they way to
Beka's now vacant slit, probing deeply, building a rhythm that was the
opposite of the other hand. An eager tongue returned to the now fully
exposed clit.

Beka's back arched sharply as an intense orgasm ripped through her. Rommie
struggled to keep the blonde upright as the water and shower gel mixed with
her own sweat, making her difficult to grip. Erica kept up her assault,
driving Beka over the edge again and again, until she almost passed out.

Beka watched, dazed, as Rommie and Erica carried her from the shower and sat
her on a bench. Soft towels and gentle hands slowly dried her off, taking
their time, enjoying the feel of her body. She sat in Rommie's arms as Erica
disappeared off into the bedroom, returning with three silk shifts: one
midnight blue, one jet-black, and the other pure white. She did her best to
help as Rommie lifted the blue one up and pulled it down over her head,
before climbing into the black one. Erica slipped into the white one. The
feel of smooth silk was like a second skin against Beka's hot body.

Gently, taking one arm each, Erica and Rommie walked Beka back into the
bedroom and lay her down on the freshly made bed before climbing in with
her, pulling the sheet over them.

Rommie smiled as the snuggled up to Beka, one hand moving across to brush a
stray hair away from Erica's face, "We owe you a lot Beka."

Erica smiled, kissing the other avatars fingers, "And this is our little way
of saying we appreciate everything you've ever done for us."

Rommie rested her head on Beka's shoulder, "We know we can't do this every

Erica mirrored Rommie's position, holding Beka between them, "But maybe, on
special occasions, if you'd like."

"I'd like that..." Beka smiled softly as she drifted off to sleep.


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