Andromeda: The Hours Trilogy Part 1 - The Midnight Hour (FF,oral,rom)
by Starbug ([email protected])

Rommie liked having the night watch: not needing to sleep every night
allowed her to have the ship to herself, and there were very few emergencies
she couldn't handle on her own. If one came up that she couldn't, it would
probably be kinder to let the others meet the end in their sleep.

Night watch also gave her the run of the ship without having to explain
herself to the others. Although Trance and Harper had a tendency to stay up
late, she normally had 3 or 4 hours when they where all asleep. She walked
along the corridors, her soft footsteps echoing along corridors that once
would have been full of people, even at this time of night. She checked her
internal chronometer: 0000 exactly. Almost time.

The hanger bay doors opened, revealing the dark shape of the Eureka Maru,
half hidden in the shadows. Rommie quickly made her way across to the cargo
ship's airlock, and stepped inside. The lights were on low, and Rommie was
glad that Trance was sleeping in her quarters near the hydroponics bay rather
than her bunk here. The last thing she needed was to have to explain herself
to anyone. Rommie made her way to the cockpit and sat down in the pilot's
seat, closing her eyes.

The gentle brush of lips against her own startled her slightly but she
smiled, opening her mouth, allowing a tongue to slip in-between her lips and
rub against her own. The kiss became deeper and more passionate as she felt
someone sit on her lap, hands moving up over her shoulders. Rommie's own
hands strayed, moving up a slim body, the feel of leather under her hands
sending tingling sensations down her back and between her legs. Her hands
reached up until they found full, round breasts, and cupped them gently. Her
thumb and forefingers played with the erect nipples where they pressed
against the leather, straining to get out.

The lips left Rommie's, trailing kisses across her jaw and down to her neck,
teeth biting gently, nibbling at her soft pseudo-skin, and leaving tiny marks
as they went. Her hands moved round to her lover's back, found the zip up
around the neckline, and she slowly pulled it down. The tight leather fell
open as it lost the battle with the body trying to get out. The other woman
moved her head back, pulling Rommie closer to her chest.

Rommie responded by sucking on one breast, her lips engulfing the dark
areola, her teeth clamping down on the nipple and pulling. Her tongue flicked
over the end making her lover moan deeply, her hand pulling Rommie closer.
The avatar sucked harder, her tongue flicking over the end of the nipple
until the moans reached fever pitch, and was replaced by a long, drawn out
sigh as the other woman reached her climax. Grinning, her eyes still closed,
Rommie moved across and repeated the process on the other breast, again
bringing her lover to orgasm.

The other woman sat back, her knees resting on the pilots seat, ether side
of Rommie's, and slowly started to undo Avatar's top, one button at a time.
Rommie's skin was on fire as the coarse inner coating of her top rubbed
against her nipples, fuelling the blaze that had been steadily building
between her legs. The last button was released, and she felt the cool air
against her skin. Her lover leaned down, planting kisses over her chest,
but never touching the hard and erect nipples. Rommie longed to pull her
partner closer, but know that doing so would end the session.

Rommie's hands drifted down, and slowly undid the belt of her lover's leather
pants, pulling them down slowly, revealing shaven pussy lips. Rommie moved a
hand closer; her eyes still closed, and felt the damp heat emanating from the
other woman's sex. She gently placed the palm of her hand against her
partner's clit, rubbing it gently as she slowly slip a finger in-between her
nether lips, probing deeply.

This was met with a deep sigh, and Rommie felt an excited mouth clamp down
on one of her nipples, sucking hard. Her own juices started to flow freely
as she slipped a second finger in beside the first, bending them round until
they found her lover's G-spot. The woman squealed with delight as Rommie
pulled her fingers toward her palm, trapping her lover's G-spot and clitoris
between them, stimulating both together. Rommie increased her tempo until
she felt her partner spasm, clamping down on her fingers, accompanied by
screams of ecstasy as her lover climaxed again and again. Rommie did her
best to draw it out as long as possible.

A hand reached down and grabbed Rommie by the wrist, pulling it upwards. An
eager mouth enveloped one of the fingers, sucking on it, a tongue expertly
licking all of the juices off. When it was done, Rommie was allowed to suck
on the other finger, tasting the other woman's tangy secretions.

The weight shifted off of Rommie's legs as her lover slid down to the floor
between her knees, hands reaching out to grab at the waistband of her pants,
pulling them down, revealing lacy black panties, nearly transparent with her
pussy juices. Rommie felt her lover's head brush against her as teeth gently
gripped the lace hem, pulling the damp garments down, and sending shivers as
the cool air flows against her sensitive lips.

Strong shoulders moved Rommie's thighs apart, while gentle hands slowly slid
along them, seeking her center. Expertly, two thumbs parted her swollen pussy
lips, while two fingers gently pinched her clit, making her moan deeply. A
long tongue gently licked its way up Rommie's wet snatch from bottom to top,
flicking over the end of her clit, before diving deeply, flicking around,
drinking her juices like a straw.

Rommie bucked in the seat, her hands pushing the other woman's head against
her sex, making her delve deeper and deeper, until she could take no more and
climaxed, her vagina clamping down tight on her lovers tongue. A fresh flood
of juices washed out over her lover who greedily licked it up, her tongue
moving in a fast lapping motion, like a cat drinking cream.

The woman stood, pulling Rommie into a deep kiss, allowing the Avatar to
taste her own flavour on the other woman's lips. Her tongue delved deeply,
sparring with the other woman's, until finally her partner stepped back.
Rommie slowly opened her eyes to see a beautiful redhead standing in front
of her, her naked body glistering with a thin layer of sweat. Rommie opened
her mouth to speak but the redhead stopped her, placing a finger on the
Avatars lips. She leaned in and kissed Rommie on the forehead, before
slipping to the side to whisper in her ear, "I love you, Andromeda."

Rommie's eyes shot open to reality, her body jumping suddenly, her link to
the Maru's AI severed as her hand moved from the interface panel. She found
herself taking several deep breaths, a reflex Harper had built into her.
Rommie looked down: she was still fully dressed, but her clothes where
rumpled where she had moved about in the seat. She sat aback down, running
a hand through her hair. No-one, not even Beka, knew how advanced the Maru's
AI was, or that despite it's synthesized voice, it's persona was that of a
beautiful young woman.

She checked her internal chronometer: 0437. She had 23- minutes before Tyr
would relieve her for the morning watch, just enough time to straighten
herself out. She stood, one hand gently resting on the Maru's main console.
She leaned down and kissed it, "I love you too."

The End


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