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Andromeda: Confusion (F/F/F,fist)
by Chaos

Beka searched through her belongings. It had to be in here somewhere. Where
was it? A shadow approached the doorway.

"Looking for this?" asked the shadow. Beka looked at the shadow, it was
Rommie. And in her hand, was Beka's Flash.

"Gimme my Flash! Please."

"You know I should tell Dylan," said Rommie. "After all this is an illegal
and dangerous drug."

"Please. Don't tell him. I need my Flash."

"Ok, but you have to do something for me."


"Lately I've been getting these feelings, you see, I think I like women."

"You mean you're a lesbian?"

"Yes. I think so. I want you to... be with me."

"You mean you want us to have sex."


"Ok. I will. But we should get Trance to help."


"I've fucked her before. She's great."

"Oh." said Rommie imagining Beka and Trance together in a horny fuck session.

"Sure." she said becoming horny.

The two women walked down the corridor together. Beka was nervous, irritable.
The withdrawal symptoms were taking a hold of her. She tried to shake them
off, but it was hard. Soon she'd have Flash though and then she'd be fine.
She knocked on the door. Trance always liked it when she knocked three times.
It told her that Beka wanted her.

"Who is it?" asked Trance from inside, sexily.

"It's me." replied Beka.

The door opened. Trance lay on her chair naked.

"ROMMIE!" she shouted, jumping and hastily trying to pick up her clothing.

"It's OK." said Beka. "Rommie is going to join us."

"Oh." Said Trance smiling. She moved over to Rommie grabbing her crotch.
"You like that, bitch?" she asked, grinning. Rommie closed her eyes as her
cunt became wetter.

"Yes, yes I do." moaned Rommie.

Before she knew it Beka had torn off her own clothing and was tearing off
Rommie's. The two women pushed Rommie down to the ground. Each one worked one
of Rommie's nipples with their mouths. The android moaned. They were good at
this. The two girls continued to lick but Rommie felt something moving up her
leg. She looked down, it was Trance's tail. The tail moved towards her. The
girls pushed her over onto her face. The tail suddenly rammed into her arse.
Rommie screamed, a little in pain, but mostly in pure ecstasy. When Harper
had created her he'd given her the full range of sexual feelings, in the hope
that he'd date and end up exploiting her. Little did he know that an error in
his programming had caused her attraction to women, however Harper wouldn't
of minded too much. Slowly wave after wave of orgasm crept over Rommie. She
feel to the ground. Dizzy but happy.

"Rommie do you know how to.... do women?" asked Trance.

"Yes, when I first realized that I liked women I downloaded 467 files on how
to have sex with a woman directly into my mainframe."

"Oh yeah, I bet you're a real expert now. Lick me out." commanded Trance.

Almost immediately Trance was on her back with her legs spread and Rommie
frantically nibbling away at her snatch. Trance screamed in ecstasy. Rommie
was perfect at this, her technique was unflawed and this was the best oral
Trance had ever had. Tired of watching Beka sat on her face, allowing Trance
to frantically lick her out. Trance and Beka came in wave after wave. Again,
Rommie dived on someone except this time it was Beka. She shoved a finger
inside Beka, soon it was two, the fingers moved at a rhythmic pace, slowly
accelerating in pace. Now a third finger, and a fourth, now the whole fist
was inside. Next Rommie used her free hand to assault Beka's anal passage.
As Beka came Rommie realized, she was no longer a virgin. The three women
lay on the floor exhausted.

"We have got to do that again!" Said Trance.

"Here's your Flash, Beka." said Rommie passing it to her.

"No, I think I've found something even more addictive." she said, kissing



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