Andromeda: Back Rub (MF,F-dom,bond,reluc)
by Starbug

Dylan found himself re-reading the same sentence for the tenth time, and put
the flexi down on his office desk, "How did I get the idea into my head that
I was qualified to re-start the Commonwealth?"

Rommie looked at him from across the desk, "Who says you are not? Ok, so
you're not a politician or a diplomat, but you would never have made captain
if the High Guard didn't think that you could handle any situation you ended
up in. You need to relax." Rommie stood and walk around behind Dylan.

"What are you doing?" He asked, confused.

Rommie started rubbing his neck, "You're too tense. Just feel these knots!
How are you meant to concentrate on anything when you're so stressed?"

Dylan was surprised as to how gentle Rommie was, and how relaxed he was
becoming, "That feels so good."

Rommie stood back, "Take your clothes off."

Dylan blinked, turning to face her, "Pardon?"

"Dylan, you need to relax, and although simply rubbing your shoulders may
help a little, we need to do something about the rest of this tension that's
built up."

"Yes, but all my clothes?"

Rommie sighed, walked over to a side table, and gripping the tablecloth
tightly, pulled it away, leaving the items on the table still standing.

Dylan whistled, "I'm impressed: where'd you learn to do that?"

Rommie smiled, holding out the tablecloth, "Tyr taught me. Now take your
clothes off and lay on the desk.

Dylan nervously took off his clothes, and then lay on his desk. Rommie put
the tablecloth over his mid section, affording him some modesty, and started
to gently yet firmly rub his shoulders and back.

"Oh, that feels really good. Did Tyr teach you this too?" Dylan sighed.

Rommie laughed, "No, I learnt this from Trance. You'd be amazed at how good
she is with her hands: well, that's what Beka told me."

Dylan was unable to respond: the tension in is body was drifting away. Rommie
worked her way down his back to his waist, and then started up his legs from
his feet, working them one at a time.

She reached his upper thighs and stopped, "Ok, turn over."

"Um, that may not be such a good idea."


"I, eh, my body, kind of reacted." Dylan blushed, "Entirely on it's own of
course. But it's kind of embarrassing."

"Dylan, it's not like I've never seen you undressed before, or even aroused."
Rommie's face was void of any discernable emotion, "Just roll over."

Dylan raised an eyebrow, but the completely serious and professional look on
Rommie's face won him over. As ordered, he rolled onto his back, his arousal
plain to see. Rommie simply dropped the sheet back down, and then moved to
Dylan's head and neck, relaxing him to the point where he almost fell asleep.
Rommie worked his upper arms, pulling them up above his head.

Dylan snapped awake as he felt the touch of cold metal on his wrists, and
the unmistakable click of a pair of restraints locking shut, trapping his
hands above his head. Rommie, moving too fast for him to react, vaulted over
to the end of the desk and likewise secured his feet.

He looked at her, "What the hell do you think your doing?"

Rommie smiled, climbing up onto the table, straddling Dylan's chest, "Taking
the initiative. I've waited for you to deal with your repressed emotions for
to long: it's time one of us did something."

Dylan looked at her, "Rommie, whatever feelings I may or may not have for
you, the reg's are quite clear about relationships between avatars and

"Poor Dylan: still clinging to the old rules." Rommie smiled, running a
finger down the side of his face, "We are the High Guard, you and I: we can
make our own rules." She leaned forward, rubbing her crotch against his now
painful erection, "Tell me you don't want this, and I'll stop; no harm, no
foul." She pressed a finger to his lip to stop him, "But if you say no,
you'll never have this chance, ever again."

Dylan looked up: the predatory smile on Rommie's lips, coupled with her
complete control of the situation, appealed to a part of him that really got
to make any decisions.

He nodded, "I want this. I want you."

Rommie grinned, "Good." She cupped his face with both hands and gave him the
deepest, most erotic, kiss of his life.

Dylan smiled as she broke away, "Are you going to let me go now?"

Rommie shook her head, "No. I've read your file, your confidential file, the
one even you're not allowed to see. I know that you have a slight underlying
need to be controlled sexually, and I must say, it appeals to me: I'm
defiantly the dominant type."

Rommie leaned back and pulled the sheet away from Dylan, revelling his
erection for all the world (well, anyone in the room) to see. She smiled,
"10 & 1/2 inches: very impressive. Tyr may be bigger, but I'm not going to

Dylan looked at her, shocked, "You and Tyr?"

Rommie laughed, "In his dreams: after that incident at Cascada with Bobby
Jensen, he claimed that I owed him one because he didn't order me to destroy
the Maru. Tyr may have a general distain for AI's, but he still has needs,
and thought that I would cater to them. Wrong."

"What did you do?"

"Let's just say Tyr had to go to medical and explain to Trance why he had
bite marks on a particularly delicate part of his anatomy."

"You're not going to do that to me are you?"

"Only if you ask."

"Take it as read that I'm not going to, ok?"

Rommie smiled, shifting back so she was sat across Dylan's thighs. She took
his rigid cock in her hand, squeezing it tightly. Dylan gasped, making
Rommie smile, "You like that, don't you?"

Dylan nodded; his eyes going wide as Rommie moved down the desk and leaned
over, taking the tip of his shaft into her mouth. Her lips formed an airtight
seal around the head, and she started to lick it. Dylan's eyes went wide with
pleasure as her hand started to stroke his shaft, her tongue caressing his
swollen glands. Her head dipped lower, swallowing him inch by inch, until he
felt the back of her throat close around his cock. Rommie continued to suck,
until Dylan's entire length had disappeared between her lips.

Dylan couldn't believe what was happening: A) no one had ever done this to
him, not even Molly and she had been a real slut. B) Rommie always seemed so
prim, so proper; it was hard to believe she was sucking his dick like a pro.
Her hand moved round to cup his balls as her tongue ran over his sensitive
flesh. Her head bobbed up and down, her hair falling over her face as she
worked his length.

Rommie suddenly stopped, lifting her head, a trail of saliva connecting her
lips to Dylan's rigid pole. She smiled, "If you think I'm letting you have
all the fun, you're very much mistaken." She reached up and started to undo
her top, one button at a time. He full breasts strained at the thin lacy
material of her bra, her hard nipples poking though. Dylan looked on,
transfixed, as she undid the clasp and the black lace garment fell to the
floor, her perfect tits pointing out at him. Rommie undid the belt of her
skirt, and Dylan gasped when he saw that she wasn't wearing any panties.

She saw his reaction; "It makes it easier for me to play with myself when I
have a spare five minuets. Now hold still."

Dylan held his breath as Rommie lifted herself up, and positioned her wet
slit above his rigid manhood. She slowly lowered herself, the head of his
cock parting her puffy nether lips, seeking out her centre. He gasped when
he felt how hot and incredibly tight she was.

"You have no idea how long I have wanted this!" Rommie moaned.

Dylan was shocked when he met resistance, "What the hell?"

"Oh yes, two things I should have told you." Rommie giggled, "1) I'm a
virgin, and 2) Harper's a perfectionist."

She gasped as she slipped lower, Dylan's cock rupturing her artificial hymen.
She sank down until her crotch met Dylan's, his manhood filling her tight
box. Rommie just sat there, her head back, face to the ceiling, savouring the
feeling of fullness. She tentatively shifted her hips, a jolt of pain and
pleasure shooting through her body.

"God this feels good!" She sighed.

In an attempt to get some control back, Dylan raised his hips, and then
dropped them back down. Rommie moaned as she felt his rigged cock shift
within her, and she quickly started to move up and down, building up the
pace as she went. Dylan found it hard to keep himself from going over the
edge, Rommie's tight cunt holding his dick, her breasts bouncing up and
down, almost hypnotising him. He kept up his thrusts, matching Rommie's
rhythm, completely lost in the moment.

Rommie felt the touch of her main AI on the edge of her mind. She smiled as
she lowered the mental barrier that kept her out, and shared her feelings
with the other two aspects of her personality, drawing them in.

* * *

Two decks down, Beka blinked as Andromeda's holographic form suddenly stopped
mid-sentence, then exploded into a million pixels.

* * *

In Command, Tyr stared at the suddenly blank screen as the weapons drill he
was running suddenly cut out, Andromeda's face disappearing from the main

* * *

Rommie felt a sudden rush as the main AI merged with her much smaller neural
net. Her tempo increased as she raced towards her climax. Dylan almost
screamed as Rommie sped up: it felt like she was almost ripping his dick
from his body. She was moving so much they he was going from filling her
completely, to having only his cock-head between her lips, and back again so
fast that it almost burned. Still Rommie went faster and faster.

With a grunt, Dylan reached the point of no return, and emptied his load into
Rommie's waiting pussy. This seemed to send Rommie over the edge, and she to
climaxed, sending waves of pleasure across the entire ship.

"DYLAN!" Rommie screamed at the top of her voice, her muscles clamping down
on him, milking every last drop from his manhood as the entire room

* * *

Beka ducked as light fittings exploded in a shower of sparks.

* * *

Trance found herself soaked to the skin as the Hydroponics bay sprinkler
system suddenly came on. She looked up towards the ceiling, and a knowing
smile crept across her face.

* * *

Harper floated in midair when the AG field for his machine shop suddenly cut

* * *

Tyr got a nosebleed when the door in front of him failed to open

* * *

Spent, Rommie collapsed onto Dylan, her face resting on his shoulder. She was
breathing heavily, a reflex programmed into her by Harper. She slowly propped
herself up on her elbows, "Well I don't know about you, but that was good for

Dylan was panting, "That was amazing. It felt like the room span."

Rommie giggled, Andromeda's holographic form appearing next to the desk, "It
did. You should be proud Dylan: very few men can say they've given a heavy
cruiser an orgasm."

Dylan looked at the two of them, "So that was all three of you?"

The hologram nodded, "This is something we have wanted for a long time."

Dylan sighed, "So how's this relationship going to work?"

Rommie reached down, realising his hands, "Simple: on duty, you're in charge,
no questions asked. We will do what ever you tell us, just as before." She
lay down next to him, pulling the sheet over them, "Off duty? We'll see how
it goes. That is, if you still want us?"

Dylan leaned over onto his side, "Believe me, I want you more than I've ever
wanted anything."

Rommie smiled, reaching up to kiss him, "Good."

Dylan looked at the restraints Rommie had used on him, "Theses aren't from
the brig. Where did you get them?"

Rommie snuggled up next to him, "El Dorado Drift. You sent Beka and me there
for some supplies a few weeks back. I found a little shop, back away from
the main shopping precinct that had an amazing selection of, shall we say
'equipment'. I used some of my back pay to get a few bits and pieces."

"Thank the Devine that the High Guard decided that AI's deserved pay." Dylan
smiled, "What else did you get?"

"Come to my quarters later and I'll show you..." Rommie traced a finger along
his chest.

The End


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