Andi Mack/Reba: Reba And Andi Mack Cross Over (bbfF,Anal,First,Facial,Inc,Rape,DP,Toys)
by Dr. Demented 666

13 Year old Andi Mack just moved to Texas and into the same neighborhood as Jake hart. Jake just turned 13 himself and was quite impressed with the new Asian girl who appeared at his school and quickly became enamored with her. Jake approached the hot girl and they quickly hit it off, becoming girlfriend and boyfriend within the week and Jake inviting her over to his house.

Andi arrived and Jake was stunned when he opened the door and there she stood in a beautiful red dress that showed off her bare shoulders and luscious legs that any supermodel would be proud to have. Andi smiled and her cute face glowed with her short black pixie-style haircut showing off her neckline well.

"It's the Chinese New Year, Jake. This is my party dress...You like?" Andi told and asked of Jake.

Jake nodded an emphatic 'YES' as she came into the house and met Jake's friend Josh. Andi didn't know the history of Jake, Josh, Eric and Jake's mom, but she would soon be indoctrinated into a world she never imagined as Jake introduced her to his best friend Josh.

Andi was taken aback by the boys cuteness as he sat on the sofa with a devilish grin and Jake went and sat next to him, motioning for Andi to join them on the sofa. Andi went and sat next to the boys and listened to their story of how they met and how Eric moved out of town, but she wasn't let in on their naughty secret just yet, except for the fact they were also sexually active with each other.

Andi was stunned but also curious and told them to prove their story. Jake and Josh looked at each other with coy smiles and leaned in, lips pressing together and tongues working into each others mouths as they reached down and played with their things through their shorts, making themselves hard in the process until Andi pulled them apart.

"That is so hot...Oh my God! Kiss me like that." Andi exclaimed to the boys.

Jake leaned in and kissed his girl for the first time, sparks igniting in their heads and tingling shocks shooting through their nerve endings in the most erotic of places on their bodies. But Andi was mores stunned when Josh leaned in and began to kiss her as well. Andi struggled with both tongues in her mouth and pulled away with surprise.

"Jake! Holy crap! I'm your girlfriend, what's Josh doing?" Andi blurted out while wiping the saliva from the boys wet mouths off her lips.

"We share everything. Would you be willing to get into an 'Open' relationship? It'll be fun and...Ummmmm..." Jake stated with an unsure ending.

"And Ummmmm, what?" Andi asked with a curious look on her face.

"Well, maybe experiment with us...Like...Sexually..." Jake told her with an unsure look on his face for the first time, even though he wasn't even close to being a virgin; losing it to his mom, Eric and Josh.

Andi was in total shock and thoughts raced through her head and she kinda worked the tips of her finger along her smooth inner leg that teased the boys so.

"Wellll, maybe...I mean...I guess we could...But, I'm not ready to lose my virginity just yet so I'm willing to do oral and maybe some anal with you and Josh if that's ok." Andi negotiated with the boys who looked at each other with huge accepting smiles and then back at her with nodding 'Yes's'.

The boys eagerly jumped up and quickly took off their clothes, not at all shy about how they looked naked and their confidence reinforced by so many sexual excursions with Jake's mom and the fact their boy toys were so hard that the slightest breeze made them jump with excitement.

Andi looked over the naked teen boys before her, mesmerizing in their sleek physiques and their hairless underarms, chests and stomachs and legs and the slightest bit of peach fuzz covering their tightened scrotums. Andi loved their tight butts clenching as their cocks wagged at her for her attention while they stroked themselves before her as she sat with a smile.

"Your turn, Andi. Lets see they hot body of yours." Josh told her.

With butterflies in her stomach and an uneasiness she stood, unzipping the back of her red dress and letting it fall to the floor and exposing her firm petite breasts and hard nipples that begged to be suckled. The boys gasped her her stunning Chinese beauty standing there with her amazing smooth and tanned legs leading up to her red cotton panties that she so seductively slid out of and exposed her fluffy black bush to them.

"That's amazing! I never seen a bush so soft looking! Look how it comes to a stiff peak at the center of her cooch, Jake." Josh exclaimed.

Both boys were horny as hell as they haven't been having sex with Jake's mom as of late and with Eric out of the picture they were in sort of a slump with just each other. But now! With this Asian model before them, teasing them, seducing them and enticing them with her erotic pheromones...

Andi slunk to her knees and was quickly pushed onto all fours on the floor with Josh getting behind her on his knees doggy style while Jake knelt in front of her and began to swipe his stiff dick over her smooth face and lips.

Andi hungrily scooped him up into her mouth and then let out a loud muffled moan as she felt her first anal penetration. Josh plunged his hard cock deep into her virgin ass and took it with crackling sound effects that resembled rice krispies.

"Damn Jake, listen to that ass snap crackle and pop! Even yours don't sound like that! She's so wet back there and her ass is stretching with each backward pull of my cock." Josh exclaimed.

Jake fucked Andi's mouth as Josh did her ass, watching as Josh pulled from her rump and shot his hot cum onto her back and ass cheeks as he fucked her ass cleavage, feeling her gape clasp against his dick with each gulp for air after pulling from her; leaving Jake exploding into her mouth and onto her face and into her hair.

As the boys finished and Andi happily giggled while being pushed over onto her back by Jake who positioned himself between her legs and pushed the head of his dick into her rump. Andi squinted from Jake's sudden anal penetration and then a look of horror as he pulled from her ass in a last minute change of mind and sunk it into her pussy...


"Fuck! She's so tight there in her pussy! Hold her down, Josh!" Jake told his friend who was in dismay at what Jake was doing to Andi.

"Jake! Wait! You're raping her! She didn't want it there, remember!" Josh told his friend.

"I can't help it...I need her pussy! It feels as good as my moms, even BETTER! I'm fucking the virginity right out of her...Hold her down!" Jake again reiterated to Josh.

Josh grabbed her arms and held them down over her head, leaving her breasts heaving upward as she squirmed and cried while Jake fucked her pussy, feeling its tight walls grasping at his shaft with a tightness he only felt when he first went up Josh's ass. Jake plunged himself back and forth into the helpless girl under him, taking part in his first ever rape and relishing in every moment of it; stopping only in time to pull from her and cum onto her face with thick loads of his hot cum.

Andi whimpered and sobbed as Josh let her go and Jake jumped off of her, watching as she got to her feet and ran to the bedroom door that opened just as she got to it and ran right into the arms of Jake's mom, Reba. Andi cried to Reba..."Help me! Pleeeeeease!"

Reba looked at the naked girl in her arms and the white strands of cum on her face and then she looked over to her son, Jake, and Josh who stood there with 'Uh Oh' looks on their faces.

"This is yours, isn't it?" Reba stated to her son as she pointed to the cum on Andi's face.

Reba then leaned in and swiped her tongue over Andi's face and licked her sons semen off of the young girl, making Andi try to pull away in horror as Reba sunk her tongue into Andi's mouth and cum swapped Jake and Josh's cum with her. Jake never seen his mom with another girl before and the sight of this was a bit much for him as he watched his mom throw Andi back into the boys arms...

"Get her on the bed and keep her there, I'll be back in just a minute." Reba exclaimed.

Reba left the room for a few minutes and then reappeared totally naked with her hot MILF body saying it all and her perfectly shaven snatch with a double-ended dildo sticking out of it. Reba had inserted the double-ended dildo into herself so 10" of it was in her and the other 10" was waiting for Andi's pussy with a pair of fake balls to separate them both.

The boys pinned each of Andi's arms to the mattress and watched as Reba got on the bed and in between Andi's warm legs that kicked and fluttered about in protest.

"Ever since I seen you from the first time I knew I wanted to fuck you with my son, and now..." Reba stated as she slid the free end of the dildo into Andi's pussy, feeling her tightness make the cock push back into Reba's pussy.

"FUCK YES! BABY! GOD! I CAN SEE WHY MY SON WAS SO INTO YOU! YOU HOT LITTLE CUNT YOU! I'M TAKING THAT PRECIOUS PUSSY OF YOURS AND MAKING YOU FEEL IT, AIN'T I!?" Reba groaned loudly to Andi as her large tits pressed against Andi's much smaller ones and she forced her tongue into Andi's mouth and muffled her pleadings.

Josh got behind Jake's mom and sunk himself into her puckered asshole as she fucked Andi. Reba felt her first DP in months and a huge smile came over her face as she felt Josh fill her with his cum and the sliminess of it as it poured from her rump and down the dildo's shaft, lubing it as it slid back and forth into Andi's pussy.

Jake was quick to replace Josh in fucking his mom's ass and Reba fucked Andi with hard, powerful thrusts as did her son into her motherly ass. Reba screamed in ecstasy as her pussy flooded Andi's soft black pubes with her orgasm as Jake pulled from her ass and battered his mom's back with his hot cum.

Reba's hard thrusts came to slow humps into the spent girl under her as Jake massaged his cum into his mom's back and watched as she softly kissed Andi as she petted the side of Andi's tear soaked face...

"It's ok, honey. You're ours now. Not a word to anyone, understand? When we want you we'll take you; when the boys want to cum in your pussy or anywhere, they will. All you have to do is take the birth control I give you and keep your mouth shut. If you do then you may eventually like it; if not...Well, you won't like the outcome..." Reba sternly whispered into the young girls ear after finishing her foul deed, pulling from Andi's freshly fucked pussy and carving the words 'RAPE ME' just above Andi's pussy with an arrow pointing down to it in her virginal blood.





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