Andi Mack: Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Fairest Of Them All? (f-zoo,Anal,CP,First,Facial,Squirt)
by Dr. Demented 666

Andi just had her 13'th birthday and always wanted a dog for herself. Well, since her sister, Bex, (AKA: Her mother) came back and tried to make amends for all the years pretending to be Andi's sister she got her daughter a dog for her birthday. Andi was thrilled at her new playmate but was a bit taken aback at the fact Bex got her such a large dog, a black and tan German Shepherd to be precise.

This dog weighed in at around 90 pounds and was easily as tall as Andi if it stood on its hind legs. Andi marveled in how strong he was when they played tug of war with a knotted rope and how much he liked to playfully lick her face with his long wet tongue.

One day Andi was up in her room changing when she stopped to admire her naked figure in the full length closet mirror. She gazed at her virginal beauty with her short black pixie hairstyle and her small but perky breasts and goose bumped nipples. Her arm hairs even stood on end from the cool room air as she looked down at her tight virgin slit that still needed to acquire the first sign of puberty. But what she admired most was her butt and long sultry legs that could put her into modeling one day.

Andi found herself gliding her hand down her frame as she gazed at herself in the mirror, shutting her eyes monetarily to take in the feeling of her inching a finger into her pussy as it became moist and cooed from her first ever masturbation. Suddenly, her eyes sprang open with surprise and as she looked into the mirror it told her was the 'Fairest Of Them All'--Herself!

Some how the dog, whom she most affectionately named Brewster, got a scent of the pheromones she was giving off and became attracted to her. There he was in the room with her and his wet snout pressed against her tight asshole and sniffing her as his tongue began to swipe up between her legs and across her pussy.

Andi gasped with surprise, delight, and horror all rolled into one as Brewster worked her over. Andi began to pant heavily and open and shut her eyes randomly to take it in what he was doing to her and to watch what he was doing to her as well. Within seconds her legs began to wobble and quiver as she let out loud squeals of pleasure from her first ever orgasm, spraying her orgasm all over her dresser she was leaning forward against and letting him lap up her squirts with enthusiasm.

Andi struggled to make it over to her bed where she collapsed onto the foot of it on her back with her legs dangling off and her feet on the floor. Brewster made his way over to her and climbed atop of her. Andi felt the huge mass encompass the front of her body as its warm and furry underbelly raked acros her tots and stomach, teasing her as he thrusted rapidly with his reddish 6" doggy dick slapping against her inner thigh and tight twat trying to find her entry.

Andi bit her lower lip as she looked up at him with his tongue hanging out and panting while reaching down between her legs and taking hold of his wood and squeezing it. Brewster stopped his thrusting as she lined him up with her girlhood and inserted him gently into her, letting him sink fully into her and take her virginity from her.

And gasped and yelped like a puppy and quickly let go of his cock, letting the dog begin his furious thrusting yet again inside of her. Andi's eye's teared up and tears rolled down her cheeks that Brewster was quick to clean up with his tongue as he took her.

The nerve endings in Andi's pussy began to fire and send drastic electrical signals of orgasmic stress to her brain, she could feel her pussy tight and then release many times over as her gushes showered the dog over her and squirted onto her floor. Andi's legs lifted and wrapped around the beast as she pulled her rump slightly higher.

At that point the dog accidentally slipped out of her pussy and went straight up her 13 year old ass. Andi screamed and released her leg lock as the dog pounded away in her. Her body shook with convulsions as she was anally penetrated and making her feel horrible about the whole thing until her animal lover began to huff and puff and let out soft yelps as his hind legs lifted and dug for traction at the base of the bed. She felt his huge cock swell in her ass and knot as he shot his load deep into her and coated her anal walls with his dog cum.

The soothing white lotion pouring into her with all its warmth and the pressure that buil inside of her as no escape was available due to the knot sent her into another orgasm of her own. Andi balled up the sheets into the palm of her hands as her anal walls pulsed from the hard throbs of the dog dick in her.

Andi waited patiently for about 15 minutes after they both came, wondering what he was waiting for to get off of her, but she did nothing to push him off as he teased her with his licking of her neck and face.

Andi found out soon enough as his knot subsided enough for him to pull free and when he did there was a loud pop followed by a gush of his cum spurting out her pulsing gape his shaft left behind. Andi relished in the feeling of him lapping up his mess as it came out of her and his soothing tongue probed her anally and flicked about quite deeply into her.

The dog flopped down on the floor and began to lick his still swollen dick as Andi sat up and watched...

"Here, let me help you with that..." Andi stated as she got on the floor with him and pushed him onto his back.

Andi took his big cock in hand and began to stroke it and lick it until she put him fully into her mouth to suck him off. The dog licked his chops as his human lover gave him oral and began to whine with soft howls as he came again.

Andi gave out soft cock-muffled: "Mmmmmm Hmmmmm....Mmmmmm Hmmmm...." As they gog came in her mouth.

Andi pulled away after 2 seconds of him cumming in her mouth and cum bellowed from her mouth as she smiled while he came onto her face. His hot cum strand blew across her perfect skin and into her short hair until he was finally finished. Andi sat up and watched his cock dwindle back into his furry sheath until it disappeared.

Andi smiled and thought to herself: "What a wonderful world!" One of her favorite songs.


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