Andi Mack: Andi's Wild Birthday Party (mmf,facial,first,cream pie,anal,DP,DAP,DPP)
by Dr. Demented 666

Andi was a pretty young asian girl who just turned 13 years old and was having a birthday party at her house with all of her friends and being thrown by her now mom-Bex, who used to be known as Andi's older sister until the coming out.

The party wound down and Andi was just left with two boys whom she was very attracted to-Jonah and Cyrus. Jonah was a handsome boy with short sandy blond hair and good looks to boot and Cyrus was also cute with his boyish good looks and black hair, both boys were Andi's age and went to school with her and desperately wanted to go out with her.

Andi invited them into her shack out back of her house she dubbed: Andi's Shack-where she did all her thinking and got away from the daily fringes of life. Her mom, Bex, came along and they were all in Andi's shack talking about dating and 'The Talk'...

They boys were dressed in casual T-shirts and shorts and Andi was dressed in a tight T-shirt that clearly showed she had no bra on as her hard nipples showed through it and her tanned shorts hugged her perfect ass and showed off her long smooth legs to perfection. Bex quickly took her cell phone and turned it onto record for video followed by instructions to the boys and her daughter...

"It's one thing to have "The Talk' with you all, but it would be easier to show you as you try it yourselves." Bex stated as she held her cell phone pointed at her daughter and the boys.

Andi had an unsure look on her face whereas the boys had huge smiles and couldn't believe what they were hearing-was Andi's mom really suggesting they all do it?

"Wait...Are you serious? You want us-with your daughter? Here? Now? With you watching? And you're saying you'll show us how it's done?" Jonah asked of Andi's mom...

"Sure! But not with me, just with Andi and I'll instruct..." Bex clarified.

"Mom! What the heck! You can't be serious!?" Andi blurted out with uneasiness.

"C'mon, honey...It'll be fun. It feels real good...Here, why don't the boys take off their clothes and you decide form there..." Bex told her daughter who still had a dumbfounded and unsure look on her face and shrugged her shoulders in an 'I Guess' fashion.

Cyrus and Jonah were all too willing to get started and stripped naked and let Andi and her mom take in the boys youthful good looks with their prepubescent bodies and matching 5" erections that stuck straight out with bobbing excitement...

"Wow! Look at 'em Andi...Aren't they cute? Look at their things, they're already hard and wanting you...Show 'em what you have to offer now, take off your clothes." Bex told her daughter...

Andi stood as the boys looked on with great anticipation as she turned and faced away from them, slowly removing her top up and off of her body. Jonah and Cyrus gazed at her gorgeous bare back and wondered at what she looked like from the front as they continued to watch as she slipped out of her sneakers and lowered her shorts and panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them, leaving her mom and the boys staring at her amazing backside and deep anal cleavage.

"Turn around, Andi...Let us see..." Cyrus asked of her.

Andi spun around in one swoop and exposed her innocence for all to see. Jonah and Cyrus' jaws dropped as they stared at her youthful beauty and the goosebumps that formed on her perfect skin and made the black hairs stand up on her arms. Andi's cute asian smile with her short pixie hair style and then the boys looked down at her long legs that led right up to her hairless pussy and how tight it looke clamped shut.

"Go to her and kiss her." Bex told the boys.

"Kiss her?" They both said in unison...

"Haven't you ever kissed a girl before?" Bex asked of them.

"Nope." They both said.

"Well, let me show you..." Bex said as she went to Jonah first and pressed her lips against his as she took his hard dick in hand and began to play with it.

Jonah pulled away with shock and widened eyes: "You put your tongue in my mouth!" He stated to Andi's mom...

"It's a French kiss..." Bex stated as her daughter watched in awe as she motioned for Cyrus to come over.

Cyrus approached her and Bex took his cock in her other hand and all 3 were making out at the same time, tongues twirling about when Bex suddenly stopped and let go of their rods...

"Show my daughter what you learned." Bex told them.

They both went to Andi and surprised her as they began to rub the undersides of their hard cocks against the sides of her smooth legs as they both flicked their tongues at the corners of her mouth, coercing it open and then plunging them into her mouth and playing with her tongue.

Andi grew horny and wet down below as the boys molested her with their dicks and absorbing her warmth as they worked their way down her neck and suckled her nipples, creating a huge smile on her face as her stiff nipples sprang back as the boys pulled at them with their teeth and let them go.

"Get on your knees Andi, suck on their things for them...Trust me boys, it'll really feel good." Bex instructed to them.

Andi sunk to her knees and looked up at the boys as she slowly cupped the palm of her hand around Jonah's hairless scrotum and massaged it as she put him in her mouth, slowly sucking it and turning it wet with her saliva. Cyrus quickly had her suck on his as well, feeling the joy it brought before she went back to Andi's dick.

Cyrus got behind Andi and as she sucked off Jonah, Cyrus began to run his cock through her short hair and let it tickle the underside of his cock...

"Mmmmmmm, that's different..." Bex stated as she watched her daughter give oral to Jonah as Cyrus ran his cock through her hair.

Jonah let out a loud gasp and his stomach muscles tightened, showing off his abs as his hips jolted and Andi's mouth filled with semen. Hot cum poured from the corners of her mouth and drizzled down her neck and onto her tits as Jonah pulled from her mouth and humped her face while continuing to cum on it.

Cyrus seen this and it sent him into his own orgasm as he shot his cum into Andi's hair and over and onto her forehead. When they were both done cumming, Andi was left on her knees staring up at the smiling boys who stared back down at the complete mess they made on her face, neck, breast and in her hair.

"Stand up, Andi...Let 'em make you feel good now..." Bex told her daughter.

Andi stood with boy cum still all over her face as Bex put her hand on the shoulder of each boy and pushed them down to their knees...

"What goes around comes around...She made you feel good with oral, so make her feel good and give her oral...Go ahead, lick that little pussy of hers...Her ass, too...Lick her ass, too..." Bex told them with a smile as she filmed the moment on her cell phone.

Andi threw her head back over her shoulders as she felt Jonah plunge his tongue inches into her virgin pussy as Cyrus spread her ass cheeks and fluttered his tongue about her anal entrance. Andi lifted a leg and draped it over Jonah's shoulder as the boys continued their playful licks at both her holes. Within seconds, Andi's body convulsed and spasmed as she squirted all over Jonah as she screamed with delight from her first orgasm.

As her twitching subsided, Andi lowered her leg and the boys stood; Jonah completely soaked from her gushing orgasm...

"Shit! That was a huge squirt, honey! Man, look at him!" Bex stated.

Andi looked at Jonah who's body glistened wet from her orgasm and droplets of vaginal fluid dripped from the ends of his hair as cum still remained on her face. Jonah leaned in and began to kiss Andi, the boys' cum smearing into his and Andi's faces as Cyrus rubbed his shaft against her warm bottom...

"Ease you dick into my daughter, Jonah...Do it...Fuck her...Take her virginity...I wanna see it happen..." Bex exclaimed.

Jonah broke his kiss long enough to reach down and insert his hard cock into Andi's tight twat, feeling her intense grip and vaginal walls wrap around his penis and making it slick with her wetness as she gushed onto him with twitches and chirps of excitement. Andi couldn't believe the intense feeling of him filling her up as Cyrus lifted her left legs and hooked it around Jonah's hip as Cyrus rubbed his cock head against her pert anal entrance...

"Do it...Put that thing up her butt and take her along with Jonah..." Bex told Cyrus.

Cyrus couldn't believe his ears and couldn't contain himself as he pushed his dick into Andi's tight ass and sunk it fully into her, making her squeal and wince from her first ever DP. The boys worked their cocks back and forth into Andi, sometimes in unison and other times out of sync; making her pant heavily as they kissed her neck and plunged their tongues into her mouth. Andi did the best she could to accommodate both boys and tilted her head back to allow Cyrus to tongue kiss her from behind as he ass fucked her.

After a few minutes the boys were cumming, filling Andi's pussy and ass with their hot semen and making her eyes fill with tears as she experienced her first dual anal-vaginal orgasm; squirting all over Jonah's cock as her ass clamped tightly around Cyrus' cock. The boys stopped their pumps into her and Jonah let Andi's leg drop as he and Cyrus pulled from her, leaving her ass gaping and both holes dripping their slimy cum.

Andi looked down and spread her vaginal lips to view her pink vaginal walls, now creamy white from cum, ooze sperm and slide down her inner legs all the way to her ankles. She couldn't see the cum coming from her ass but felt it slide down the backs of her legs and her mom and the boys letting out Ooooohs and Ahhhhhs at the sight.

Bex had Cyrus sit in the chair and her daughter get on him, putting him in her pussy and fucking him. Cyrus could feel her tight pussy clench at his cock the worked smoothly into her, sliding through Jonah's cum and hitting her G-spot, giving her another orgasm and making her spurt all over his dick.

Bex took Jonah and led him to her daughter and guided him into her ass, letting him fuck her anally just as Cyrus did earlier. Then Bex took Jonah's cock from Andi's ass and forced him into her pussy along with Cyrus. Andi cringed at the mass penetration of both boys in her pussy at the same time, feeling the ridges of their cock heads pounding back and forth in her.

"Put 'em both up her butt, now..." Bex whispered in Jonah's ear.

Jonah pulled from Andi's pussy and took hold of Cyrus' cock, yanking it out of Andi's pussy and inserting him into her tight ass and followed by Jonah's cock. With both boys up her ass Andi squealed and her ass tightened to the point of breaking the boys' cocks right off until she released herself in orgasm, squirting all over Cyrus as she felt Cyrus cum in her ass and her mom yank Jonah out and jerk him off onto her back.

Andi was in heaven as she rolled of Cyrus and sat on the floor with her legs bent at the knees and spread open, playing with her pussy and fingering the cum into her ass as her mom finished recording and snapped one final picture of Jonah and Cyrus kissing and licking their cum playfully off of her daughters face...





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