American Idol: Alone In The Mansion (MF,inter,oral)
by Freeky Geek ([email protected])

Chapter 1

"I win again," Justin thought as he stood up and walked over to turn off the
video game. The house was very quiet with all the other 9 contestants out
practicing, shopping or about town on other errands.

"I never realized how eerie this place gets when no one else is around," he
mused, not liking the feeling of being alone.

Deciding to call a friend, he walked over to the phone, but couldn't get a
dial-tone. "Nikki must have wore the battery out again, or something," Justin
thought as he put the phone back down.

Justin started walking up the stairs to his room where he usually kept his
cell phone, then stopped suddenly.

He just remembered that Kelly asked to borrow his cell phone last night to
call her mom, since Nikki has been taking over the phone lately calling her
son every chance she gets.

Walking quickly back downstairs, Justin started looking around the mansion,
but didn't see the phone anywhere.

"Maybe it is in her room," he thought, and decided to go up and try to find

He ran up the stairs easily, then walked up to Kelly's door. As he reached
out to open it, Justin thought maybe he should wait for Kelly to get home.

He hadn't been in her room yet, but Nikki, Kelly and the other girls have
been in all the guys rooms several times already.

"I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I go in her room," Justin decided, and opened
the door.

He looked around and saw a few clothes on of one of the beds, and the other
bed looked like it was made by an army sergeant. "The neat bed must be
Nikki's," Justin pondered, "and the other one is definitely Kelly's.

Walking to Kelly's side of the room, Justin sat on the bed by the nightstand
and started opening the drawers looking for his phone. He glanced down at the
floor and noticed a pair of Kelly's pink underwear hiding half under the bed.

His eyes looked away quickly from the innocent pair of under things, but as
if magnetized, were drawn back to the small pair of panties.

Justin guiltily looked back at the door to make sure no one was there, and
his face colored slightly at the thoughts that were running through his head.

"Should I?" He asked himself and quickly glanced at the door again, and
listened to make sure he was alone in the house.

Smiling slightly to himself, he slowly reached down and picked the panties up
off the floor.

Chapter 2

Thinking he heard someone downstairs, Justin sat tensely for a moment
listening, ready to throw the underwear to the floor and bolt from the room
at the slightest sound.

The silence of the house resumed, so Justin relaxed and looked down at the
underwear laying in his open hands. Slowly, almost reverently, he brought the
small pink panties up to his nose and took a small sniff.

Kelly's musk filled his head and blood immediately rushed to fill his groin,
and tighten the front of his pants.

Closing his eyes, Justin leaned his head down and buried his face in them,
breathing in and reveling in her scent. Slowly he started to rubbing them
over his face, bathing his nose and nasal passages in her womanly odor.

* * *

Kelly stared dreamily out the window as Nikki drove them back to the mansion
after a long practice session. Nikki turned the wheel sharply into the
opening of the Mansion driveway and accelerated her Ford Focus up to the
carport, then quickly turned off the engine, eager to go in and call her son

Nikki and Kelly got out of the car and both walked up to the front door.

"God I'm tired!" Kelly told Nikki as she stretched her neck, trying to
relieve the cramped muscles in her upper back and neck.

"You don't know what tired is, until you go weeks with little sleep because
your child wakes you up every hour, on the hour!" Nikki retorted, while
smiling and laughing slightly. Kelly laughed along, but winced when her neck
throbbed in pain again.

Nikki felt bad for Kelly, and knows the strain she has been under trying to
impress and be noticed by the judges.

Kelly opened the door and they both headed into the house. Nikki ran ahead,
toward the phone as Kelly closed the front door quietly, in case one the
other contestants was sleeping upstairs.

"I'm going to lay down for a bit," Kelly told Nikki as she dragged her feet
up the long flight of steps to her room, her neck and back throbbing

Nikki barely mumbled a reply as she dialed her sons number, the phone
apparently having been recharged enough for her to make the call.

"I'm going to take a few aspirin and lay down," Kelly thought as she walked
slowly toward her door.

The door was slightly ajar, so Kelly pushed it open, and stopped, frozen in
mid stride. Her mouth came open in shock, as she stared forward at the sight
in front of her.

Sitting on her bed is Justin, with his face buried in a pair of her panties.

Chapter 3

Justin heard a sharp intake of breath at the door. His head snapped up and
his eyes flew open wide as he looked at Kelly standing frozen in the open
bedroom door with a shocked look on her face. Quickly Justin lowered the
panties, and stood up, face burning with shame.

Looking down at the panties in his hand, he ducked his head and
sheepishly started to hand them to Kelly. When she didn't move, he shrugged
uncomfortably and dropped them to the floor.

Justin had never been so embarrassed before in his life. He was completely

"How is she going to feel about me after this? I'll never be able to look her
in the face again," Justin thought morosely. "What if she reports this? I
could be kicked out of the competition!" He thought, starting to feel a
little desperate.

"Uh, Kelly..." Justin began, taking a step toward her. He was at a loss to
explain his behavior.

Trying to break the tense silence, Justin said quickly, with a slight
stammer, "I, I,...was look...looking for my cell phone..." His tried to
explain, voice trailing off as he noticed a smile slowly spreading on
Kelly's face.

Chapter 4

At first, Kelly was shocked at the sight of Justin sitting on her bed,
fondling her underwear. Then, when he lowered his head in shame and his
face became so red, she couldn't help but see how cute he was when he
was embarrassed.

And when he tried to hand over her panties, she realized how funny the
situation was and couldn't help but smile.

* * *

Justin stood still, and stared transfixed at Kelly's beautiful smile.

Now it was Justin's turn to be shocked.

"Is she really smiling," Justin asked himself uncertainly and tried to smile
too, but was still too shocked by his behavior.

Kelly shook her head and laughed softly, then came over and smiled up into
Justin's still burning face.

"So it's like that is it?" Kelly asked with a teasing look on her face.

Justin looked into Kelly's eyes, despite his continued embarrassment, and
admitted, "Kelly, I think you should know how I feel about you now...".

A noise at the door made them both turn around quickly, as they saw Nikki
start to walk into the room.

Noticing Justin's discomfiture and an amused look on Kelly's face, Nikki
asked, "What's going on?"

Chapter 5

Kelly smiled at Nikki, then thinking quickly said, "Nothing is going on.
Justin was looking for his cell phone and has never been in our room before.
He is a little embarrassed by all our girl things laying about." Kelly
explained by gesturing at her panties laying at Justin's feet.

Nikki glanced at Justin, then Kelly, then at Justin again.

"Something is definitely going on here..." Nikki contemplated to herself as
she walked over to her side of the room.

Justin and Kelly shared an amused look, then turned back to see what Nikki
was doing.

Nikki went to the nightstand by her smartly made bed and opened the drawer.
Reaching in, she took out the phone and walked over to Justin.

Handing the phone to Justin, Nikki said, "I used your phone after Kelly was
done last night. I hope you don't mind. The phone downstairs doesn't always

Justin took the phone from Nikki, then looked down at it, smiled and thought,
"I wish Nikki would leave so I can settle things with Kelly."

As if reading his mind, Nikki asked, "Can I barrow the phone again? The one
downstairs isn't working now."

Nodding his head distractedly, Justin handed the phone back to Nikki.

"Thanks Justin, I'll pay you back, let me know how much I owe you," she said
heading back out the door and down the stairs.

After Nikki left the room, Kelly walked over and slowly closed, then locked
the door.

A warm smile on her face, Kelly came over to Justin and looked up into his
beautiful hazel eyes and asked quietly, "Tell me again how you feel about

Chapter 6

Justin watched as Kelly closed, then locked the door. His heart beat
increased as she turned and came up to him. Looking deep into his eyes,
Kelly then told him quietly to let her know how he felt about her.

Taking a moment to put his thoughts together, Justin returned Kelly's
penetrating look and replied honestly, "I know we have only known each
other for a few weeks, but my feelings for you have grown beyond simple
friendship. I think I'm falling in love with you."

He watched her reaction to his revelation with anticipation and a little
fear. "What if she doesn't feel the same way about me?" Justin wondered
as he saw the distant look on Kelly's face as she took in what he said.
Justin remembered all the small touches, hugs and long looks they have
been giving each other since they met, and asked himself, "Could I have
imagined it? Doesn't she feel anything for me at all?"

Justin shifted from one foot to another, waiting to hear what Kelly would
say to him.

* * *

After Justin finished speaking, Kelly gazed into the distance and tried to
think clearly. She has known since the first time she saw him that she
wanted him, but didn't think he noticed her. Nikki had made obvious flirts
and passes at Justin, but he always laughed and made it out to be a joke.
Kelly didn't think she was joking, but Nikki hid her disappointment at his
rejection well. Because of Justin's lack of interest in Nikki, she thought
he might have a girlfriend.

Fearing Justin's rejection, Kelly kept her feelings bottled up inside,
hoping they didn't show too much. Now, after nearly giving up because of no
hint at Justin's feelings for her, Kelly walks into her room to find him
fondling her underwear. Then, Justin reveals he DOES care for her after

Maybe both of them have been circling around each other, careful not to be
the first to reveal how each of them felt. Standing so close to him was a
little overwhelming. Taking a deep breath, Kelly bathed in his wonderful
aroma of aftershave and warm masculine skin. Kelly noticed Justin shifting
from foot to foot, growing impatient for her response. Moving her gaze back
to his anticipating look, she decided to hide nothing, lay her heart bare
and tell him everything. Gazing deep into his eyes, she responded with an
emotion tinged voice, her eyes tearing slightly with what she is feeling,
"Justin, I have never before believed in love at first sight. It was
something for school girls to dream of. I never thought it could be true,
let alone happen to me. From the moment I saw you, I knew that I loved you.
You are such a caring, wonderful and supportive person." Tears trickled
down Kelly's face as she looked deep into Justin's hazel eyes and said, "I
love you Justin. I love you so much...".

Justin smiled hugely, then reached out and pulled Kelly tightly against him
in a warm embrace. Her arms came around his waist and she held him just as
tightly, tears running down her face at the strong emotions they have just
revealed to each other.

Chapter 7

They pulled back slightly from their embrace, a little embarrassed at the
sudden intimate contact. Looking down into Kelly's tear streaked face, Justin
knuckled a tear from her cheek and brought it to his lips, then smiled warmly
down at her. Kelly returned his smile, happiness washing through her at the
thought of their mutual love.

Justin and Kelly gazed closely into the other's eyes and face, finding the
subtle change in the way they now looked at each other. The guarded looks
were now gone, and love openly flowed between their eyes like a bolt of
charged electricity. They both relished the first heady feeling of new
romance, and smiled warmly and lovingly at each other.

With her arms still around his waist, Kelly looked down to Justin's lips,
then back up into his eyes, then down to his full lips again. She wanted to
kiss him, but decided to let Justin make the first move. Slowly, Justin
lowered his face to Kelly's, and pressed his lips softly to hers in their
first real kiss.

Chapter 8

Justin noticed Kelly's eyes shifting from his lips to his eyes and knew she
wanted him to kiss her. He smiled to himself at her sly hint, then slowly
lowered his face to hers as Justin's warm full lips softly pressed against
Kelly's in their first kiss. As his lips met hers, Justin felt as if static
electricity leapt between them. His lips burned with his desire for Kelly as
he began pressing soft quick kisses along her lips. When she murmured and
pressed her face closer to his for a deeper kiss, he complied and pressed
his lips harder against hers, forcing them open and darting his tongue
quickly between her lips.

Justin felt Kelly quiver against him and he pressed his lips even harder
against hers, probing deeper with his tongue.

* * *

Kelly lowered her eyes and waited for the kiss she had wanted for so long.
As Justin's lips met hers, she felt a spark travel from her lips, down
through her body, then back up to her lips and her knees suddenly grew weak.
As Justin began softly, almost teasingly placing soft, chaste kisses along
her mouth, she murmured in a slight protest and lifted her face closer to
his, wanting the kiss she had been dreaming of since she first saw him. She
felt Justin lift her closer to him and press his full lips harder against
hers, darting his tongue between her lips. Kelly quivered with longing,
wanting more as she felt Justin's lips press tighter against hers, his
tongue going deeper as their passion ignited. Justin felt his heart swell
in his chest with the enormity of his love for Kelly.

Wanting to give everything to Kelly, and show her his love, Justin poured
all of his attention into their kiss. Kelly's heart fluttered in her chest
as the kiss grew more passionate. Their bodies pressed tighter and tighter
together, wanting more than just a kiss can give. Justin felt her pressing
tighter against him, and his ardor swelled, filling the front of his pants
and pressing against Kelly. Still holding her tightly to him and continuing
their deep kiss, Justin began to move them backward, stopping when they
reached Kelly's bed.

Chapter 9

When Justin felt the bed bump against the back of his legs, he lifted Kelly
up onto his lap as he sat down on the bed, while still maintaining their
passionate kiss. Kelly's arms snaked up around Justin's neck, and she began
fondling his silky wheat tresses, while enjoying the feel of his lips and
tongue against hers.

Kelly couldn't get enough of his taste, scent and touch. She wanted this
moment never to end, to continue their slow exploration of each other.
Holding her tightly to him, Justin softly rubbed and massaged Kelly's back
while the kiss grew deeper and deeper, and their passion and desire mounted
with each passing heartbeat.

Suddenly, they heard a loud knocking coming from the bedroom door. Justin
and Kelly broke their kiss abruptly and looked into each other's flushed
face, and passion dilated eyes, then both glanced disappointingly at the
bedroom door.

"Hey, I need to get in there," Nikki's muffled voice said from behind the
door, "Open up, ok?"

Justin's gaze moved from the door back to Kelly's beautiful, love-filled
eyes, then told her with a voice husky with stifled desire, "Meet me in one
of the extra rooms later tonight. I want to make love to you."

Kelly looked deep into Justin's eyes, and saw the love in them for her. She
felt the love for Justin filling every inch of her body and it spilled from
her eyes as she looked back at him. "Yes, yes, tonight," Kelly whispered,
her voice deep with desire.

They both stood up and walked stiffly to the door, each trying to shake off
their passionate encounter before opening the bedroom door.

Chapter 10

Standing outside the locked bedroom door, Nikki rapidly thumped her foot on
the floor in impatience. "What is going on in there?" Nikki asked herself,
not wanting to believe what she thinks is happening in the room.

Lifting her hand to knock again, Nikki stepped back in surprise as the door
was flung open wide and Justin came barging out, almost bumping into her in
his haste to get out of the room. Nikki turned her head to track Justin as
he quickly disappeared around the corner down the hall, then turned back to
face Kelly. Noticing Kelly's flushed face, disheveled clothes and out of
focus eyes, Nikki now realized what the locked door and hasty departure was
all about.

Nikki slowly walked into the room past Kelly, then tossed the cell phone on
her bed. With a small smile and a little snicker, she turned to Kelly and
said with a slightly wounded tone, "Now I know what was going on in here. If
you want to be alone, next time put a hanger on the door."

Kelly turned away from Nikki quickly, and ducked her head, slightly
embarrassed. She knew Nikki had a secret crush on Justin and didn't want to
say anything that might make things more awkward than they already were.
Shrugging slightly, Kelly raised her chin and then faced Nikki. "I might as
well get this out in the open now," Kelly thought as Nikki stood in front of
her, with a slightly hurt look on her face.

"Nikki", Kelly hesitatingly began, "I'm sorry about the door. It won't happen
again. But I think I should tell you...Justin and I are an item now. I hope
that doesn't ruin our friendship."

Nikki's smile left her face and she said with a frown and slightly wounded
tone, "No problem Kelly. I kind of figured it out for myself from the
beginning. I was fishing, but he wasn't biting, if you know what I mean."

Nikki turned toward the wall for a moment, lifted her finger quickly to wipe
away a tear, then turned back to Kelly, smiled and said, forcing a cheerful
tone, "How is your back? I guess you didn't get a chance to lay down... or
did you?" Nikki asked, with a mischievous glance at Kelly's rumpled clothes.

Kelly's looked down at her rumpled shirt and her face colored slightly as
she remembered the feel of Justin against her, and their shared passion. She
reached up and brushed her lips lightly and noticed they felt swollen and
tender from Justin's recent kiss. With a warm smile on her face, she turned
to Nikki and said, "I told Justin that I love him, and he said he loves me

Walking over, Nikki reached for both of Kelly's hands and held them tightly
in her own. She then looked Kelly in the eye and said honestly, "Kelly, I
really am happy for you. Really. I know I was hoping for more with him
earlier, but he just wasn't interested, and I can handle that."

Nikki then give Kelly a quick hug, their friendship as strong as ever,
despite Nikki's disappointment. Laughing and shaking her head, Nikki told
Kelly, "I came in here to give Justin back his phone, but he left in such
a hurry I didn't get the chance!"

Then Nikki laughed again at the memory of Justin practically running her
over as he ran from the room. Laughing along with Nikki, Kelly walked over
and picked the phone up off the bed. "I'll go return it to him," Kelly said
as she walked out the bedroom in search of Justin.

As she tried to straighten her clothes, Kelly realized her neck and back pain
have completely disappeared. "Maybe I just needed a little exercise," she
wondered to herself, then smiled as she reached up to knock on Justin's
bedroom door.

Chapter 11

Justin didn't want to let Kelly go, but the incessant knocking on her bedroom
door forced them both reluctantly apart. When Justin asked her to meet him
later, and she agreed, he was overfilled with joy at the thought of the night
to come.

As they both get stiffly to their feet, trying to damper their desire, they
walked to her bedroom door, and paused, looking into each other's eyes for a
last shared look of love.

Bending down toward Kelly, Justin pulled her to him quickly and buried his
head in her neck, breathed in her scent and kissed her neck. He then
whispered softly in her ear, "until tonight, my love."

Justin gently released her and turned to the door, fumbling to unlock it and
swinging it open quickly. He hardly glanced at Nikki as he rushed from the
room, trying to hide his prominent desire evident on the front of his pants.

As Justin reached his bedroom, he quickly opened and closed the door, again
fumbling to lock it, and ran over and jumped on his bed, burying his face in
his pillow and trying to get the thought of Kelly out of his mind.

Swirling through his mind are thoughts of Kelly's breasts and thighs
pressed tightly against him, her scent and taste left his groin throbbing
uncomfortably in his pants. Unable to stand the pressure any longer, Justin
reached down and unzipped his pants, letting his full, thick member spring
free from the tight confines of his pants and underwear.

Still thinking of Kelly, Justin lay back on his bed, closed his eyes and
slowly reached down toward his firm, hard shaft.

Unfortunately for Justin, he was so distracted with his unquenched desire,
that he left the lock on the bedroom door partially undone.

* * *

Kelly stood outside Justin's bedroom door and almost knocked, but decided to
surprise him instead. "After all, we are a couple now," Kelly remarks to
herself. Convinced Justin has nothing to hide, since he has only been gone a
few short minutes, she reached out to open the door.

Chapter 12

Taking a firm hold of his erect shaft, Justin began firm, rhythmic strokes
while his mind swam with thoughts of Kelly: her firm breasts pressed against
him, and the heady feel of their shared kiss. Justin's mind was filled with
the taste of Kelly, and the feel of her touch. Moaning with frustrated
desire, Justin stroked harder and faster, tossing his head from side to side.

* * *

Kelly smiled warmly to herself, remembering the look in Justin's eyes as she
told him of her love. He seemed a little shocked at first, when she revealed
her feelings for him. As if what she caught him doing with her underwear
could ever change the strong love she had for him.

Still reminiscing of their new bond, Kelly reached down and twisted the
doorknob. The door stuck slightly, so she juggled the knob a little. The lock
released and she opened the door wide, then walked confidently into the room.

"Hi Justin," Kelly said happily, holding out the phone and walking into the
center of the room, "Nikki wanted to give you...". Her voice trailed off as
she viewed Justin sprawled on his bed, eyes closed, tossing his head from
side to side as he rhythmically stroked his hard, throbbing shaft.

Completely focused on his pleasure, Justin opened his eyes slightly and
noticed Kelly standing in the center of his room staring at him with a
familiar shocked look on her face. He continued stroking his hard shaft,
while looking over at Kelly.

Justin's hand froze and his eyes opened wide as he realized he wasn't
imagining Kelly standing in his room.

Chapter 13

"What are you doing here?!" Justin shouted as he flew off the bed, turning
his back away from Kelly to hide his hard, throbbing member. Hands fumbling
at the front of his tight pants, Justin tried unsuccessfully to stuff his
full erection into his underwear.

Kelly stared at Justin's back with the same shocked look she had on her face
earlier when she caught him with his face buried in a pair of her panties.
She then looked back at the open door and rushed over, closed, and locked it.
Kelly didn't want someone walking in on them at this delicate moment.

Face burning with embarrassment, Justin tried again, and failed to get his
erection back into his tight jeans. Voice ragged with suppressed desire, he
choked out, "I thought the door was locked...".

Lowering his head in shame, Justin remarked to himself sadly, "She probably
thinks I'm some pervert and doesn't want anything to do with me now." The
thought of what she thought of him, and of losing Kelly's love almost broke
his heart and brought a lump to his throat.

Now over her shock, Kelly tried to comfort Justin. "It's ok. It's ok," she
assured him, while walking over to where he stood, stiffly facing the wall.
Kelly touched his shoulder gently, and revealed, "I walked in accidentally
once or twice on my brothers too, and they got over it."

Keeping his back turned away from Kelly, he shrugged and mumbled, "Please
leave. This is embarrassing enough as it is...". Several long moments go by.
Just as he is about to ask for her to leave again, he heard a small snicker,
a giggle, then full blown laughter coming from behind his back.

Turning his head to look back at Kelly, Justin saw her laughing hysterically,
holding her sides, almost doubled over with her merriment.

Justin was a little angry at her laughter, and frowned slightly in thought.
"Am I that big of a joke to her? How can she laugh at me like this?" He then
started to smile and laugh softly along with Kelly as he remembered the
earlier episode with her panties, and saw the hilarity of the way she kept
walking in and catching him in compromising situations. Holding his head
back, Justin let out a loud guffaw of his own, and laughed along with Kelly.

The laughter lasts several minutes, dying away, then starting up again as one
hears the other start to giggle again. Slowly, their laughter began to fade
and die away completely.

Justin looked down and saw his erection was still as hard as ever. The smell
of her perfume and nearness made his hard member throb in renewed desire.
Kelly's hand came out and touched his shoulder again. This time tugging
slightly, pulling him around to face her.

Chapter 14

Kelly was in shock at first when she saw Justin laying on the bed, legs
spread wide and vigorously rubbing his exposed erection. She stood speechless
as he opened his eyes, looked right at her, then continued rubbing his
thickly muscled manhood. Gazing transfixed as his hand moved up and down his
hard shaft, she felt the pulsing throb start again in her abdomen and travel
down to nest between her legs.

She has never felt her body react in this way before. Never having had time
for boyfriends, Kelly has always kept her mind focused on her future music
career. Several men she knew had tried to get close to her, but she was never
interested, preferring to leave her personal life for a later date after her
career had gotten started.

Then she met Justin. He was so unlike any other man she has ever known. He
was warm and compassionate, serious, but able to goof around with her when
she was in a silly mood. Kelly felt completely comfortable with him, and
always found him easy to talk to. Unknowingly, Kelly found a way to be close
to him whenever she could. Even though she didn't seek it out, Kelly has
fallen in love for the first time in her life.

During their passionate encounter in her bedroom, she recalled with slight
embarrassment at how wonton she had been with Justin. When he asked to meet
her later so they could consummate their love, she had agreed immediately,
without thought or hesitation. Later, having had time to reflect on her
newness to love, she didn't know if she could go through with it.

"How will Justin feel if he knows I'm still a virgin?" Kelly worriedly asked

* * *

Shaking her head slightly to break her train of thought, Kelly noticed Justin
fly off the bed, shout something and turn his back to her while fumbling with
the front of his pants.

Not wanting Justin to be caught in such an unflattering light, and recalling
the other tenants of the mansion, she hurriedly closed, then locked the door.
Kelly then walked over to Justin, placing her hand lightly on his shoulder
and attempted to comfort him by explaining that it was no big deal. She used
to walk into her brothers room without knocking all the time, often catching
them half-dressed, or worse.

When he asked her to leave, she removed her hand from his shoulder and turned
to go. Then out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the lamp to the left of
Justin throwing a shadow of him onto the opposite wall. The shadow on the
wall showed in minute detail a side view of Justin. As he stood hiding his
nakedness with his back to her, he was unknowingly completely exposed.

As Kelly watched the shadow, it revealed Justin with his head down, trying to
shove his full erection into his overly tight pants. Failing in his attempt,
it flew outward once again, pointing straight out and slightly upward. She
then watched him clench his hands in frustration and shake them at his
uncooperative manhood. Smiling at the sight, she quickly slapped her hand
over her mouth to keep from releasing the giggle that wanted to escape. But
when she sees him attempt and fail again, she let out a small snicker, then
a giggle. Unable to control herself a moment longer, Kelly gave in to the
impulse and let the laughter pour from her.

She tried to control her mirth, knowing that she might make Justin feel upset
and hurt his feelings. As Kelly started to get control of her merriment,
she was a little surprised when she heard Justin let out a loud bellow of
laughter. Glancing at the shadow again, she went into another fit of
uncontrolled laughter, and was happy to hear Justin join in. Finally gaining
control of herself, her laughter died away, and she noticed Justin has also
fallen silent.

Kelly watched Justin hang his head again in renewed embarrassment. "He looks
so vulnerable like that, with his head bent, and curls falling down to hide
his face," she thought while staring up at his mass of curls, and glancing at
the shadow on the wall. Suddenly, a strong motherly concern filled her. She
wanted... no, needed to comfort him and hold him in her arms.

Pulling gently at Justin's shoulder, she tried to turn him to face her. She
felt his muscles tense at first in resistance, then relax as he allowed
himself to be turned around to face her.

Chapter 15

Justin turned slowly and faced Kelly, revealing his hard, erect manhood
thrusting out in front of him.

Looking up into Justin's eyes, she had expected to see a vulnerable or
ashamed expression on his face. But her whole body throbbed and her knees
turned to water as she saw the naked lust and intense longing projected
down at her instead.

Her face colored slightly as she lowered her eyes, fleeing from his
penetrating, lust-filled gaze and fastened instead on his upright thrusting
shaft. Blushing furiously, she turned her eyes quickly away from his

Kelly had never been this close to a man with an erection before. She felt a
little light-headed and could feel her face flush as the pulsing between her
legs grew stronger. She wanted to stare at his manhood and inspect it, but
was too shy to do anything so boldly. Gazing left and right, she tried to
focus on anything other than at Justin's hard member in front of her.

After several moments of furtive looks, she gave in to her curiosity and
allowed her eyes to come back to focus on his maleness. She stared in
fascination as it throbbed and quivered. Her mind went to thoughts of
touching it, wanting to know how it would feel in her hand.

As if having a will of it's own, she looked down in surprise as her hand
reached out to grasp his firm erection. Instinctively, she began to stroke
and pull on his hard shaft. She is shocked at how smooth his skin felt in
her hand, and the heat emanating from his hard member.

As her hand fondled his hard shaft, Justin moaned, threw his head back and
thrust his hips toward her. His body shaking with almost uncontrolled
restraint, he grabbed her arms tightly, pressing her against him, then
thrust his face to her neck. Breathing heavily and choked with his strong
need, he moaned into her ear, "Kelly...oh God, Kelly. I need you so badly."

Releasing her hold on his erection, her arms went up around his neck as he
nuzzled her ear, pulling her tighter against him. Her skin burned through
her thin shirt where his hot shaft pressed tightly against her stomach.
Breathing in little gasps, she leaned against Justin for support as her
knees weakened with her desire.

Justin kissed and licked her neck as he began to thrust his hips against her,
pushing and rubbing his hard member rhythmically against her stomach. He
groaned into her ear and said with a strained, pleading tone, "Kelly...
please. I...I need...want God..." His voice trailed
off as his hips pumped harder against her, tightening his grip on her arms,
and making her flinch slightly in pain.

Kelly knew what Justin wanted, but doesn't feel it is the right time for her.
She wants her first time to be slow and gentle, not over quickly and maybe
looked back on with regret. She also was still a little afraid of the thought
of him filling her and the pain she knows will come with it.

She wasn't willing to let him make love to her now, but wanted more than
anything to please him, and show him her love. Thrusting her arms against his
chest to break his fierce embrace, she looked up at his longing, needful gaze
and slowly slipped to the floor, kneeling gracefully at his feet, and
bringing his shaft level with her face.

Reaching out, she grabbed his throbbing erection and moved it close to her
mouth. Noticing a small pearl of milky fluid glistening at the tip, she
darted her tongue out and quickly licked it off. With the taste of almonds
on her tongue, she leaned down and took the head of his erection into her
mouth. Her tongue described quick, darting circles along the tip as she
started to suck and pull the pulsing rod in and out of her mouth.

Justin moaned and thrust his hips forward, burying his hard shaft deeper into
Kelly's mouth. She gagged slightly, pulling her head back, then continued
licking and sucking his pulsing member rhythmically, as Justin called out to
her, "My baby...Kelly...Oh good...your mouth is so Kelly."

The throbbing between her legs was almost painful now. As she continued to
lick and suck his burning rod, she reached down the front of her pants,
seeking her own fulfillment. Glancing up quickly, she noticed Justin staring
down at her with a look of rapture and love shimmering in his eyes. Kelly's
body quivered, knowing he was watching her. Almost desperate with the need
of relieving the ache between her legs, she thrust her hand deeper into her

With her eyes locked on Justin's, she continued sucking and licking his shaft
as her fingers came to rest on her moist throbbing clit. Gently at first, but
then with more urgency, she massaged and fingered her swollen, hardened

Justin brought his hand around to the back of her head, holding her steady as
he began pumping his hips, thrusting himself into her mouth. Crying out with
a voice growing stronger with his need, Justin called out, " baby...
I love you so." Thrusting faster and with greater speed, Justin then cried
out with his release, his back arching as his essence filled her mouth.

Her mouth full of his spent desire, she slowly swallowed, savoring every
drop. The taste of almonds filled her mouth and tongue as she felt her own
release building within her. With a few more quick strokes of her fingers,
her climax rolled over her and filled her body with a pulsating wave of
pleasure. Throwing her head back, she cried out with her own release,
enjoying the pleasure emanating outward from her slowly rubbing fingers.

Turning back to Justin's shaft, Kelly continued sucking and licking his
member until he began to grow soft. She released her hold on him, then moved
her hand away from her moist opening and out of her pants. Kelly slowly stood
up, knees still weak from her quenched desire. Leaning forward against Justin
for support, she buried her flushed face against his chest and felt his arms
come around her, holding her to him gently and lovingly.

They leaned against each other for several minutes, relaxing and enjoying the
last embers of their desire, both completely satiated. Justin slipped his
finger under her chin, and tilted Kelly's face up to his. Smiling into her
eyes, he bent down and gently kissed her lips. He then reached toward the
fingers that she used to release her pleasure, and brought it up to his face.
Justin breathed in deeply, savoring her womanly musk.

Kelly's knees went weak and a blush flooded her face as he stared her boldly
in the eyes, darted his tongue out, and began lapping and sucking the essence
off her fingers. After cleaning each finger with his tongue, he smiled
lovingly into her eyes and hugged her tightly to him, saying softly into her
ear, "My baby. My Kelly. My Love."

Chapter 16

Kelly held his hard body tightly to hers, wrapping her arms around his waist,
then pressed her cheek to his chest. She felt languid and contentment flowed
through her body as she smiled wonderingly recalling what they had just
shared. She savored his warmth, the steady beat of his heart, and his arms
holding her closely. Kelly realized this was the happiest moment of her life,
and joy flowed through her making her feel like she was flying.

The sound of voices coming down the hall caused them both to start and pull
away from each other. Justin hurriedly stuffed his now cooperative manhood
easily into his underwear and quickly zipped up his pants. He brushed his
wrinkled shirt, then reached up and started patting his hair, trying to brush
down the errant locks that have gone wild during their shared passion.

Kelly straightened the front of her pants and smoothed her shirt. With a
quick peck on Justin's lips, she smiled lovingly at him and turned to leave.
Reaching out quickly, Justin grabbed her hand, and said softly, "We'll
continue this later." The smile left Kelly's face as she tried to free her
hand from Justin's. With a slight tremor in her voice, Kelly replied, "About

The bedroom doorknob jiggled loudly and a voice on the other side said loudly
in complaint, "What the hell?"

Ignoring the noise outside the bedroom door, Justin asked in a concerned
tone, "Tonight? What about tonight?" Worry shadowed his chiseled features as
he held her hand tightly, forcing her to face him and explain her remark.

She pulled harder on her hand, trying to escape without having to explain
her comment. Looking shyly downward, she hid from his questioning look and
continued tugging ineffectually to release her hand from his solid grip.

Kelly was still embarrassed to tell him of her limited experience with the
opposite sex and unwilling to admit her doubts and fears. In a way, her
continued virtue was starting to get in the way of her life. She wanted to
make love to Justin, but felt awkward and shy of how to go about it. Color
tinged her cheeks as she recalled what she has just done with him, his taste
still lingering on her tongue.

* * *

Ejay and AJ stood outside the bedroom door and looked at each other with
raised eyebrows. They heard a female voice inside the room along with
Justin's deeper voice and smiled at each other. They each imagined what
could be going on within the locked room.

AJ laughed softly while looking up at Ejay. With a funny quirk to his lips,
AJ said mischievously, "Come on, let's pound on the door and demand to be
let in."

Looking askance at AJ's deviousness, Ejay smiled and laughed along. Shrugging
his shoulders in indifference, EJay then remarked, "You are an evil little
man, you know that?

AJ laughed and nodded his head in agreement, "I know." They both turned to
the door, and began shouting and loudly banging on the door.

Chapter 17

Justin flashed an angry look at the shouting coming from the other side of
his bedroom door, then turned to Kelly and pulled her hand, forcing her to
come closer to him. Taking his free hand, he cupped her face and gently
raised it up to his. Her eyes were still lowered as he said quietly, but
with a firm tone, "Kelly, look at me."

She was still unwilling to admit the truth of her fears to him, especially
now that they were being interrupted, again. Wanting more than ever to escape
to her room and be alone, she realized Justin wouldn't let her go without
first facing his questioning look.

Slowly, she raised her eyes and gazed into the determined look on his face.
She saw the love still shining in his eyes for her and leaned her face into
the warm hand cradling her cheek. The need to tell him the truth grew within
her and she started to open her mouth to tell him. But the thought of him
laughing at her, or not wanting an inexperienced woman suddenly filled her
mind and fear flooded her, drowning out the impulse to reveal herself.

Justin pressed his lips firmly together, wanting to shake her and demand to
know what was going on. Looking deeper into her eyes, he noticed a hint of
fear reflected there that he had never noticed before. He was perplexed as
to why she would be afraid. Justin stared for several long moments into her
eyes, then told her in a concerned voice, "I wish you would tell me what's
wrong. "

When she didn't answer him, he slid his hand down her neck, then cupped her
breast, gently squeezing. Bringing his thumb up, he began softly massaging
her nipple and felt it grow hard under his thumb. He felt her jump at his
touch and she yanked her hand again, renewing the effort to free herself.

The pounding and shouting started getting louder in the hall outside the
room. Heaving a sigh of regret, Justin finally released his firm grip on her
hand. He squeezed her breast again, then let his hand fall back to his side,
allowing her to leave. He watched her turn, walk quickly to the bedroom door,
then unlock it.

Kelly's hand froze on the doorknob when she heard him call out behind her
back, "Something is going on and I'm going to find out what it is...I promise

Chapter 18

EJay and AJ stopped yelling and stepped away from the bedroom door as it
quickly opened. They watched Kelly brush past them on her way from the room
and noticed her flushed face and furtive look. When she was out of earshot,
EJay turned to AJ and asked flashing his teeth in a quick smile, broadcasting
loudly, "Now we know what the J man was up to!"

They both walked into the room as EJay observed Justin's wild hair and a
similar flush coloring his high cheekbones. He then said with a teasing tone,
"Our man Justin must be up to no good."

AJ smiled at EJays witticism and laughed softly at Justin's appearance.
Glancing up at an errant curl sticking out wildly from the side Justin's
head, AJ quietly stated, "I'm glad you and Kelly have finally hit it off.
Everyone in the house has known for weeks how you feel about each other."

At AJ's blunt assessment, a slight smile lifted the side of Justin's mouth.
He then patted the errant curl back into place, and asked, "Has it been that

AJ and EJay gave each other a sideways glance, then looked back at Justin.
EJay replied laughingly, "Come on man! We all had a poll on how long it would
take you two to get together." Tapping his chest lightly, Ejay laughed and
said with a big grin on his face, "If today is Friday, I think I won!"

Justin stared at AJ and EJ in amazement, wondering to himself, "I can't
believe how transparent Kelly and I were. I only wish she would tell me what
is bothering her."

Justin walked over to his bed, sat on the edge, then leaned his arms on his
knees. Looking up at his two friends, Justin asked, "Do you know if there is
anything bothering Kelly?" He looked down at his hands, started rubbing them
together, then said worriedly, "There is something she isn't telling me. I
don't know what to do."

EJay smiled, then walked over and sat on the bed next to Justin. He hugged
Justin's shoulder, patted his back, then replied in a serious tone, "I'm sure
it will work itself out. After all, you guys just got together. Give her some
time, man."

Looking gratefully over at his friend, Justin nodded his head in agreement.
"I hope that's all it is. We have been very close, but now she doesn't want
to talk to me." Anger shaded his sculptured face and he let out a big sigh
then admitted in a frustrated tone," I just don't understand it!"

Justin stood up, walked to the window and stared out at the pool. He kept his
back to EJay and AJ, trying to collect his thoughts. Remembering the shouting
outside the door earlier, he asked, "What were you guys pounding on the door
for, anyway?"

He listened distractedly as AJ replied, "Simon wants us all to meet him
downstairs. He says it's important." Justin shrugged, turned away from the
window, and started to follow EJay and AJ as they walked out the bedroom
toward the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, Justin's eye caught Kelly turning the corner down
the hallway, heading his way. He stopped at the top step, looking at her with
a questioning look. His eyebrows lowered in anger when she backed up, turned
and disappeared around the corner. Shaking his head in confusion, he
continued down the stairs, catching up with EJay and AJ as they walked up to

Chapter 19

Kelly kept her head down, avoiding eye contact with AJ and EJay as she
quickly exited Justin's bedroom. While walking quickly toward her room, she
fanned her face with her hand, trying to cool the flush coloring both her
cheeks. She reached her bedroom, then stopped at the entrance and peeked in.
Smiling in relief at the empty room, she walked in, closed, then locked the
door. Kelly mumbled to herself, "Thank God Nikki isn't here. I don't think
I can take an interrogation from her right now."

She glanced over at the wall mirror and stared at the flush-stained cheeks
and tense demeanor reflected back at her. Her gaze turned inward as questions
begin running through her mind.

"How could I have touched Justin so boldly when I have never done anything
like that before? Justin said he loved me. Will he feel the same way if I
tell him I don't know if I'm ready to make love? Do I really love him? Does
he really love me?"

Her questioning thoughts grew more intense and tears came to her eyes at the
thought of Justin not loving her. She felt exhausted, with the outpouring of
emotions and actions of the past few hours. Walking to her bed, she lay down
and closed her eyes, trying to relax and think clearly.

The moment her eyes close, she began reliving the feel of him holding her
and the hardness of his manhood sliding in and out her mouth. Smiling at the
memory, she tasted his essence still lingering on her tongue. She imagined
Justin pushing his hard erection deep inside her womanly folds, and felt a
surge of wetness grow between her legs. The throbbing, pulsing sensation
started again, making her restless with an unknown longing.

Kelly's eyes flew open at the thought of making love to Justin. She tried to
think of anything other than his hard manhood thrusting into her. Her eyes
darted right and left, as she tried and failed to keep her thoughts on
anything other than his erection probing her folds and filling her.

"What is wrong with me?" Kelly cried out and jumped from the bed. She began
pacing back and forth in her room, and finally started to think calmly and
rationally. Her mind began listing out questions, and answering them with
what she knew in her heart to be true.

"Do I love Justin?"

"Yes! I love him more than anyone I have ever known. I don't want to live
without him.

"Does he love me? He said he did. I trust him and he wouldn't lie to me."

"Do I want to make love to Justin?"

"Yes. But I'm afraid. I just have to get over it somehow."

"How do I tell Justin I'm still a virgin? Will he love me if I'm not the
experienced woman he appears to want?"

Her thoughts faltered at the last question. She stopped pacing and looked at
herself again in the wall mirror. The flush had faded, and the face staring
back at her appeared to be the same one she had always seen in the mirror.
Kelly stared intently at her reflection, searching for a hint of the changes
the last few hours have brought deep within her soul.

Still gazing intently at herself in the mirror, she jumped slightly as she
heard the doorknob turn and Nikki's frustrated voice calling from behind the
locked door," Kelly, not again...".

Chapter 20

"Come on Kelly," Nikki said while knocking on the door and jiggling the
doorknob. She smiled, laughed softly, then asked, "Is Justin in there?"

Kelly smiled at Nikki's question as she walked over, unlocked, then opened
the door admitting her friend to the room.

Nikki's eyes searched the room, looking for Justin. She turned to Kelly and
asked with a friendly smile, "Ok, where is he hiding?"

Smiling back at Nikki, Kelly responded suavely and gave a wink, "If he was
here, I would have put a hanger on the door like you asked." Kelly then
giggled as she watched Nikki laugh at her sly remark.

Nikki was amazed at the change in Kelly. She wasn't the shy small town girl
she used to be. In only a few short hours, Kelly seemed to have come out of
her shell, and to have more confidence in herself.

"It must be Justin. He brings out the best in her," Nikki thought while
walking up and giving Kelly a quick hug of affection, happy for the change
in Kelly.

Kelly returned the hug, then asked, "Did I hear some commotion downstairs a
few minutes ago?"

Nodding her head, Nikki reported, "Simon is downstairs and has a big
announcement. Tamyra told me it has something to do with our behavior when
we are alone in the mansion."

Nikki looked over into Kelly's eyes, then hesitatingly added, "Tamyra thinks
Simon is going to tell us we can't get involved with each other."

Kelly stared at Nikki, and a cold feeling entered her as she asked her
friend, "You won't tell anyone about me and Justin, will you?"

Nikki hugged Kelly again, kissed her cheek and said kindly, "No way. You guys
were meant for each other. It's obvious to me now, and to everyone else in
this house."

Kelly looked at her, a little shocked, then asked, "What do you mean 'to
everyone else in the house'?"

Nikki looked down at her hands, and said quietly, "Oops. I wasn't supposed to
say anything."

Kelly grabbed Nikki's hands, and shaking them lightly, asked with growing
alarm, "Nikki, you better tell me everything."

Nikki explained to Kelly about the poll, but didn't mention how upset she was
when she heard about it. At the time, she was still hoping for some chance
with Justin.

After her explanation, Kelly shrugged, and said, "As long as you and no one
else in the house tells Simon, I guess I can live with it." She then added,
"I don't want to be eliminated from this competition because of some stupid

Kelly started to leave the room, heading downstairs for the meeting, then
stopped, looking back at Nikki and said with an angered tone, "They tell us
what to wear, what to say." She yelled angrily gesturing with her hands,
"They even tell us how to move our hands when we sing!"

She lowered hands, and a determined look crossed her features as she told
Nikki firmly, "No one can tell me who I can and can't love."

Kelly shook her head, and shrugged her shoulders, trying to release her anger
before going downstairs for the meeting. She didn't want to risk loosing her
temper and causing a confrontation with Simon.

As Kelly started out the bedroom door, she noticed Nikki wasn't following,
looked back and asked, "Aren't you coming?"

Nikki nodded her head, then said, "I just want to change clothes real quick.
I'll meet you downstairs in a few minutes."

Kelly waved and said goodbye, then walked out of the room toward the stairs.
Her head down in thought, she didn't notice Justin as he reached the stairs
ahead of her.

Kelly looked up and stopped in shock at the site of Justin standing at the
top of the stairs staring back at her.

Her heart jumped in her chest and her legs suddenly feel like rubber. Kelly
recalled his last words to her, demanding to know why she was hesitating
about her promise to meet him tonight. She didn't trust herself to say
anything, and knew she wasn't ready to answer any questions he had.

Fear welled within her, and before she could control it, she turned and fled
down the hall back to her room.

She hoped he wouldn't come after her, but at the same time in a strange way,
she wished he would.


Still shaking his head slightly in confusion, Justin reached the bottom of
the stairs and walked up to EJay and AJ, as they stood quietly listening to

"...and you guys are all doing a great job. Go ahead and take a seat in the
living room, "Simon explained, "I'll begin the meeting when you are all

The three facing Simon turned and walked into the living room. Justin found
a loveseat facing the stairs and sat, giving him a clear view of the stairs.
His eyes stayed fixed on the stairway, waiting anxiously for Kelly to come

EJay and AJ headed for the couch, sat down and made themselves comfortable.
EJay looked over at Justin and asked, "What do you think this meeting is
about, man?"

Justin shrugged, and replied to EJay, "No idea. Probably want to tell us not
to break anything."

AJ smiled at Justin, laughed softly, then added with a twinkle in his eye,
"They probably want to make sure all of us use protection."

All three laughed, then watched as the other's started filing into the room,
finding seats on couches and nearby chairs.

Tamyra came up to Justin, smiled and asked, "Do you mind if I sit here?"

Justin looked up at her and said with a slight frown, "Sorry Tam, I was
saving this seat for Kelly."

Tamyra felt a hot flash of jealousy shoot through her, then it subsided and
she said with a bright smile, "No problem. I'll sit over by Jim and Ryan."

Glancing over at Jim, she noticed him looking hungrily at Ryan. Tamyra saw
Ryan return his gaze and decided to sit by Christina instead.

* * *

Kelly stopped at the door to her room. She shook her head at her actions,
ashamed of having lost control and giving in to her fear again. Squaring
her shoulders and lifting her head high, she turned back to the stairs,
and walked quickly down. She was determined to face Justin and tell him
the truth of her fears, hating the thought of letting fear control her

Chapter 21

Waiting patiently at the bottom of the stairs, Simon watched as Kelly quickly
skipped down toward him. He started to twirl his pen between his fingers as
he studied Kelly and observed, "she seems different somehow."

He noticed the determined look on her face, and a more confident air about
her and mumbled quietly, "I wonder what has been going on in this house
today." Nodding slightly, he mumbled again, "Looks like I got here barely
in time."

Kelly left the stairway and walked up to Simon, facing him with a determined
look and in a slightly demanding tone asked, "What is this meeting about

Simon was a little taken aback at her directness. He was more used to the
meek, quiet Kelly he has known for the past few weeks. With a blank look, he
responded sagely, "I'll explain everything in the meeting."

Simon glanced in the almost full living room and noticed someone was missing.
Turning to Kelly, he asked, "Where's Nikki?"

"She's upstairs changing," Kelly replied, turning to walk into the living
room, a little mad at Simon's vagueness. She called over her shoulder,
"she'll be down in a few minutes."

Kelly paused at the living room entrance and looked in, searching for a
place to sit. Her eye caught Justin staring at her from across the room. She
watched as he pointed next to him, indicating for her to come join him on the

Taking a deep breath, she held her chin up and walked toward him. She kept
her eyes locked boldly on his as she glided into the room, walked up to
Justin, then sat down gracefully, brushing her leg lightly against his.

* * *

Justin watched as Kelly talked to Simon by the stairs and saw the angered
look on her face. He wondered what she could be saying, and waited with a
quivering heart when she reached the entrance and started looking around
for a seat.

Pointing at the place next to him, Justin hoped she didn't ignore him, or run
from the room. He didn't know if he could control himself and not go running
after her if she did.

He was amazed when Kelly stared him in the eyes, walked confidently up to
him, and sat down without protest. When her leg lightly brushed his, Justin
felt his body respond to her touch. Shifting uncomfortably, he tried to
relieve the sudden tightness in his pants.

Justin breathed in Kelly's perfumed scent as he stared longingly down at
her. He recalled her strange behavior and wished they were alone. More than
anything, he wanted to hold her to him and force an explanation from her.

Resisting the temptation to pull her against him, he lowered his head to hers
and whispered urgently, "Kelly, what is going on? Why do you keep running
away from me?"

She didn't want to face him, but was unable to resist the pull of his eyes
on her. Slowly, she lifted her face and looked into the concern shading his
chiseled features. She leaned toward Justin, and seemed to drown in the
depths of his eyes.

Kelly said quietly, "Justin, I need to tell you something, but I'm afraid."
She felt tears start in her eyes as she looked away quickly.

Reaching out, Justin pulled her chin gently back so she was looking him in
the eyes again. When he saw her tears, he asked gently, "Baby, what's wrong?
Why are you afraid?"

When she shook her head, and pulled her chin from his grasp, Justin felt
frustration building within him. Through clenched teeth, he said in a barely
contained whisper, "Please, Kelly... tell me what's wrong!"

She stared at her hands fumbling nervously in her lap and replied, "I'll tell
you Justin," she then added with a tremor in her voice, "but not here."

Justin put his hand on her leg and felt her tense at his touch. Shaking his
head again in confusion, he whispered into her ear, "Ok. We'll talk later
when we're alone."

Thinking of the mansion and all the tenants, he decided the best place to
meet would be outside.

"Meet me at the pool at 11 tonight, "Justin said, then felt her leg jump
against his hand. He added, trying to calm her, "We can go for a swim and
talk. Only talk, ok?"

Looking up into Justin's eyes, Kelly smiled gratefully then told him with a
shaking voice, "Tonight... I'll tell you everything tonight."

Chapter 22

Nikki quickly changed her clothes in her room. Thinking of the meeting, she
still couldn't believe the Producers wanted to control their most intimate
private lives.

Shaking her head in disbelief, she wondered why she was allowed to be in the
competition at all, considering she was a single unwed mother and knowing the
conservative nature of the show.

"Someone needs to teach Simon a lesson," Nikki thought while hanging up her
clothes. A twinkle came into her eye as something came to her mind.

Hurrying out the door, Nikki headed down the stairs and noticed Simon looking
up at her. Slowing to a leisurely pace, she came down the remaining few steps
and walked up to face Simon. Reaching her arms up around Simon's neck, she
pulled his face down to hers, then said, "Hello lover," and planted a big
kiss on his startled lips.

Simon's eyes flew open wide and his arms flung out in surprise at Nikki's
embrace, his mouth staying hard under her forceful kiss. Pulling himself away
from her stiffly, he quickly glanced toward the living room to see if anyone
noticed them.

He didn't see anyone looking their way and sighed in relief. Nikki smiled up
at Simon's discomfiture and laughed softly, then walked into the living room,
swinging her hips exaggeratedly.

Simon wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, took a deep breath, and
followed Nikki's swinging hips into the room full of waiting people. Walking
over to EJay, she sat down and looked up with a smile at Simon's slightly
flushed face.

* * *

Justin kept his hand on Kelly's leg, slowly rubbing her knee with his large
hand. He felt her relax and lean slightly against him and he was glad she
felt comfortable with him again. "Do you know what this meeting is about?"
Justin asked Kelly, curious at the importance of the meeting. She turned to
him and was about to answer when she noticed Nikki and Simon walk into the

Simon glanced around the room full of young, attentive faces staring back at
him. He cleared his throat then began with a firm voice, "I'm sure all of you
are wondering why I wanted to hold this meeting." Pausing, he continued with
a louder voice, "I am relaying a message from the Producers. I want to talk
about the contract you signed when you agreed to be on the show."

Pausing again for effect, he continued, "If all of you read the contract
closely, it says we, that is my company, has complete control of your
previous lives. That includes any photos, videos, and any other personal

The room of young people stared nervously up at Simon, most already aware of
what he was about to say.

"Part of the contract also includes being able to market you in the future.
That means that if we need to, we may make up something to make you more
marketable. It may not be the truth, but it will be something we feel is

The young people were starting to shift in their seats, looking at each other
uneasily as Simon continued uninterrupted, "The Producers want all of you to
stay friends, but only friends, with no personal involvement with each

He noticed the blank look on a few of their faces, then explained, "In other
words, all of you are single as of this moment onward, except for AJ and
Christina, who unfortunately have already leaked that they are involved with
other people to the press."

Simon watched the shocked look on all their faces, and felt somewhat guilty
at his blunt statements. He then asked, "Are there any questions?"

Justin tightened his grip on Kelly's leg and his brows darkened in anger.
Pressing his lips together firmly he started to get up, but Kelly grabbed
his arm and pulled him back down. He looked questioningly at her and saw
her mouth the words to him, "no...please", with a begging look in her eyes.
He took a deep breath, then sat back on the loveseat, seething with anger
at the thought of someone controlling his personal life.

Simon waited in front of the 10 finalists as they absorbed what he has told
them, then asked again, "Any questions?"

Nikki was the only one that spoke up, and she asked loudly, "What are you
going to do if we get involved with someone anyway?"

Simon looked down at her and said in a matter-of-face tone, "The contract
stipulates a 5 million dollar fine for breaking it." He then added, "I would
think vary carefully before I did."

They all grow silent at this threat as Simon again repeated, "Any other
questions?" He looked into each face, some recording shock and others
outrage, then ended up staring at Kelly and Justin sitting closely together.

Looking at Justin, Simon glanced down at Justin's hand resting on top of
Kelly's knee.

Kelly noticed the direction of Simon's gaze and quickly brushed Justin's hand
off of her leg.

Simon turned his gaze away from them to focus on Jim and Ryan next. Ryan
defiantly stared back at Simon as Jim cowered slightly at her side.

Justin saw Kelly's reaction to Simon's appraisal of his hand on her knee and
felt slightly hurt at her rejection of his touch. Kelly looked up at his hurt
look and glanced over to see if anyone was looking. She noticed Simon still
staring down at Ryan, so she gave Justin a kiss on the cheek, then whispered,
"Everyone in the house knows we are involved, but they won't tell Simon."

Justin nodded and said quietly back, "Do you still want to meet later

She looked up into his eyes, now vulnerable at her possible rejection, then
replied, "Yes. I want to tell you the truth." She looked deeply into his
soulful eyes and added, "now more than ever, I want to tell you the truth!"

He nodded once, then smiled at her determination as they both sat back on the
couch, waiting to see if Simon had anything else to say.

* * *

Ryan finally broke her defiant stare with Simon and looked down. Simon's eyes
passed over each of them again, as he continued, "No one is allowed to talk
to the press as of this moment onward, unless otherwise directed."

Seeing no one object, he added, "One last thing...none of you are allowed to
discuss what was covered in this meeting, with anyone. That includes family
and friends."

The contestants looked around at each other, shock clearly on their faces.
Simon knew the effect his words have on them, but also knew they were being
given the opportunity of their lives. Many people would give anything to be
in their places.

Simon looked around the room one last time, then ended his speech, "If there
are no further questions, I'll leave you all to your dinner." He beckoned to
the chef waiting anxiously outside the living room.

As Simon departed, the chef walked in and said with a big smile, "Please come
into the dining room. Dinner is served."

* * *

Later that night, Kelly lay on her bed, thinking over the days experiences.
Putting the headphones on her ears to drown out Nikki's phone conversation,
she goes over the days events.

"So much has changed in less than six hours," Kelly thought wonderingly, "I
woke up this morning wishing for some way to tell Justin how I felt, and now
we are in love!" She grinned at the thought, then recalled her walking into
the room while he was rubbing her panties on her face. I slight blush tinted
her cheeks at the memory. She then recalled what she did later in his room
and her blush grew darker at her bold actions.

Kelly's thoughts drifted while laying on her bed, "I can't believe I touched
Justin that way. All during High School, my friends would describe what they
did to their boyfriends. I never thought I could bring myself to do something
that daring."

She continued her thoughts while listening to Reba Macintyre sing softly in
her ears, "It seemed so natural, though. Like I didn't have a will of my own.
I don't even remember putting my hand out to touch him, his erection was
suddenly in my hand and I was rubbing it."

Glancing quickly at the bedside clock, Kelly noticed it read 10:30. She got
up, grabbed her swimsuit from the dresser drawer, and turned to go into the
bathroom to change. Nikki noticed Kelly taking her swimsuit out and held the
phone down and asked, "Going for a swim?" She then added, "Mind if I come?"

Kelly looked over at Nikki's hopeful look, and shook her head, then said,
"I'm meeting Justin and we're going to talk, " she then added in a quiet
voice, "I haven't told him I'm a virgin yet."

Nikki quickly said into the phone, "I'll call you right back," then hung up
and turned to Kelly and asked, "Are you going to tell him tonight?"

Kelly looked down at the bathing suit in her hands, then answered, "I've put
it off long enough." She walked over and sat by Nikki, and said with a
nervous smile, "He will find out eventually, anyway..."

Nikki hugged her shoulder and smiled back at Kelly in encouragement, then
said, "We all go through this. Don't worry, it will be ok. Justin seems like
a gentle guy, he will make it good for you."

Kelly nodded her head in agreement, then got up and walked into the bathroom,
closing the door. She quickly got dressed in her bikini, grabbed a towel and
walked out the door on her way to the pool.

Nikki called out in a cheerful tone, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!"

Kelly waved and smiled back, then replied, "That doesn't leave much now, does

They both laughed and waved happily at each other as Nikki picked up the
phone and dialed her son again.

* * *

Kelly noticed how brightly lit the pool area was and almost turned around to
head back to the safety of her room. She stopped, then damped down the fear
churning in her stomach. Quickly walking up to the shallow end of the pool,
she sat down with her back facing the house and dipped her legs in the tepid
water, waiting anxiously for 11:00 to come.

She was still early for her rendezvous with Justin, so jumped in the pool,
and swam around for a few minutes. The water was warm and somewhat soothing
to her jagged nerves. Kelly got back out of the pool, dried off and sat down
on the edge, dangling her feet in the water again, waiting for Justin to

* * *

Looking at his bedroom clock, Justin noted the time was 10:55 and hurried to
put on his swimsuit, then walked quickly out the bedroom door. He ran easily
downstairs and opened the sliding glass doorway to the lighted pool. Kelly's
back was facing him and he saw how innocent and childlike she was sitting out
there all alone. A protective feeling surged into him and he wanted to hug
her to him, keeping her safe.

Squinting up at the bright lights, Justin decided to turn them off. He wanted
to have his talk with Kelly to be as private as possible, and the glaring
lights would allow anyone in the house a clear view of their every action.

Walking around to the pool switch box, he flipped all them off except the dim
underwater lights. They clicked off one by one, casting the pool in swirling
shadows from the moonlight reflected on the water.

* * *

Kelly jumped when she noticed the lights go off one by one, then saw a tall
shadow walking toward her. She tensed, then sighed in relief when she saw the
curled mop of hair at the top of the shadowed head.

"Justin?" Kelly called out softly, "Is that you?"

"It's me, baby," Justin replied, then jumped into the pool, walking against
the water to stand in front of her. The water came up to his waist and his
head was level with her stomach. Putting his hands on her knees, he looked
up into her face. The lights barely allow him to see the shadow of her
features, but he can tell she was looking into his eyes.

"Are you going to tell me what's bothering you now?" Justin asked hopefully
and felt her legs tighten under his warm hands. He slowly rubbed the tops of
her thighs and said, "Come on baby, you can tell me anything. I love you,

Kelly stared at his face, and saw the shadows resolve themselves into a
concerned look. She nodded her head then replied, "I need to tell you
something, but I'm afraid you won't love me anymore when you know..." Her
voice caught in a slight sob.

He grabbed her legs and says firmly, "Kelly, nothing you say can make me love
you any less." Justin couldn't imagine what it could possibly be that she
wanted to tell him. Thoughts suddenly flashed through his mind of pregnancy,
drug use, and... God forbid...Aids? Tightening his hands on her legs, he
asked with a shaky voice, "Kelly, you don't have you?"

At Justin's question, her shoulders suddenly slump down with her released
tension and she laughed softly. She now realized what she had to tell him was
a bigger deal to herself than to him. Looking at his shadowed features, she
replied bluntly, "No Justin. I don't have any disease, at least none that I'm
aware of," She laughed softly again, then grew sober and added, "Justin, what
I have been wanting to tell you is...I'm a virgin."

Chapter 23

He stared up at her with a big grin on his face, sure that what she told him
was a joke, and thought, "Kelly? A virgin?" Justin almost laughed aloud at
what she said, but he is glad he didn't when he peered up into her features
and saw an intense look on her face. "Can it be true?" Justin asked himself,
still unable to speak.

Kelly didn't see the interplay of emotions reflected on Justin's face, but
knows he is shocked. She needed to get up and run away, not wanting to face
the rejection she was sure was showing on his face.

She began pushing herself up to get away, and felt Justin's hands suddenly
tighten on her legs, holding her down. He finally stated with a calm voice,
looking up at her, "You are serious."

Kelly nodded her head and replied, "Yes, " tears came into her eyes as she
continued in a choked voice, "I understand if you don't care for me anymore."
The thought of him not wanting her anymore sent tears flowing freely down her

Justin stared up at her, more shocked at her statement of him not caring for
her than her reported virginity.

"Not care for you?" He asked in an incredulous voice, "I love you Kelly! It
doesn't matter to me if you've had ten boyfriends, a hundred, or none. I just
want to be with you! I love you Kelly."

Reaching up, he grabbed her waist and lifted her easily up and into the pool,
then held her tightly against him. He felt her shake in his arms and heard
her softly cry against his chest. Feeling the protective urge flow through
him again, he pulled her tighter to him and crooned softly, "It's ok, my
baby, it's ok."

The thought of finally telling Justin and knowing he still loved her made her
so happy, she couldn't help but cry in relief. She held tightly to Justin and
loved the way he held her just as tightly back while singing softly in her

After she had calmed down, he released her and held her face up to his, then
kissed her lightly and chastely. He now realized what a fool he had been. All
the signs were there, but he hadn't seen them. She had always been running
away from him, or not wanting to look him in the eyes, and jumping at his
slightest touch.

But he was still amazed that she was a virgin, especially after what happened
in his room, and the way she took his hard member so expertly in her mouth.
His curiosity getting the better of him, he has to ask, "Where did you learn
to give such good head? Have you ever done that before?"

She laughed shyly and said with her cheek pressed to his chest, "My friends
told me what they did to their boyfriends." She then added, "You are the
first man I've tried it on." Curious herself, she asked, "Did you like it?"

"Like it?" Justin asked in a shocked voice, "My God Kelly, no woman has made
me feel the way you do!"

She smiled in happiness, and hugged his waist tightly. They stood in the
water for several minutes, watching the moonlight reflected on the swirling
pool water.

Justin pulled away, then held her face up to the moonlight, looked her in the
eyes and said, "I still want to make love to you, but I'm willing to wait."
He kissed her lightly again on the lips, then added, "You tell me when you
are ready, and I'll be there."

Kelly smiled up at Justin, joy filling her. She was amazed at her luck of
finding such a warm, compassionate and patient man. "Thank you, Justin,"
Kelly replied, "I want to make love to you, but I want it to be right."

Justin looked down at Kelly, nodded, then replied, "I'll be here when you
are ready. I'm willing to wait as long as it takes," Looking down into her
shadowed features, he said with a tender voice, "I love you Kelly."

Kelly looked up at him and replied with a shaking voice, "I love you too,
Justin." She then added, "I didn't know I could ever love anyone as much as
I love you."

They hold each other tenderly, and Justin began rubbing his strong hands down
her back, caressing her and loving the feel of her body against his. He felt
an erection starting and slowly released Kelly from his embrace.

She noticed the bulge growing in his loose swimsuit and immediately felt a
pulsing sensation between her legs in response. When he released her, she
rubbed his strong arms and requested, "Can you lift me to the side of the
pool. We can talk more easily that way."

He lifted her easily by the waist up to the side of the pool, setting her
gently down where she was sitting earlier. His hands lingered on her waist,
and slowly slid down to rest on top of her thighs. Gently, his large hands
began caressing her smooth flesh and she luxuriated in the feel of his hands
on her body.

Justin noticed her eyes close in pleasure and his hands grew bolder, inching
higher on her thighs, slowly massaging and fondling her warm flesh. He sees
her head go back and a low moan escape her lips. Since she doesn't object,
his hands move higher still. Resting his hands on her upper thighs, his
thumbs gently rub down her inner thighs. He noticed her legs move slightly
apart at his touch, allowing him better access to her sex.

* * *

Kelly loved the feel of Justin's hands on her body, and at first was a little
afraid when his hands started moving higher on her thighs. But she trusted
him, and gave in to the sensations his strong hands were giving to her body.
The pulsating sensation grew stronger between her legs and she moaned softly
at the wonderful sensations flowing through her body. When she felt his hands
reach the tops of her thighs, she wasn't even aware of opening her legs to
his knowing touch.

* * *

Justin smiled when he felt her legs move apart, and he slowly, gently moved
his hands down, massaging her inner thighs. Her legs moved further apart and
he heard her moan again as his hand reached up and lightly trace the womanly
folds of her sex outlined in her clinging swimsuit. He felt her tense and
looked up to see if she would object. She kept her eyes closed and her head
back as he continued his slow, careful, exploration of her body.

Chapter 24

More than anything, Justin wanted to give Kelly pleasure, and show her the
joy two people could share with their bodies. Knowing she wanted to wait to
consummate their love, he ached to show her all they will soon give each
other. Justin ignored his rising manhood and focused his attention completely
on her. Touching and stroking her womanly folds through the thin swimsuit,
he reveled in her warmth under his fingers.

Kelly loved the way Justin made her feel. She never thought it was possible
her body could react this way at the simple touch of his fingers. Kelly put
her hands on the tiled deck, bracing herself as she arched her back. The
pulsing and throbbing got stronger, emanating outward from his softly
rubbing fingers between her legs.

He glanced up at her moonlit face as she arched her back at his touch, and
continued softly caressing and tracing his fingers down the outline of her
sex. Growing more bold, Justin pulled the swimsuit away from her body and
glanced down at her sex revealed in the moonlight. His manhood grew instantly
erect as he stared down at Kelly's slightly parted folds, revealing her
glistening hard nodule of desire.

Kelly shivered slightly as he pulled her swimsuit away from her body. Her
heart raced and her skin burned where his fingers touched, and she waited
anxiously, wondering what he would do next. She had never allowed a man
to touch her as Justin was doing now. Awash in the throbbing and pulsing
sensations moving through her, she released control of herself, putting
all her trust in Justin. Kelly cried out with pleasure as he kissed than
probed her folds with his tongue.

Justin moved his head between her legs, breathing in her womanly musk. He
loved her scent and enjoyed the pleasure he was giving her. Bending lower
between Kelly's legs, he placed a gentle kiss on her outer lips. He heard
her cry out when his tongue sought, then found her hard clit. Probing
gently along her folds, his tongue returned to the hardened flesh and
began licking it back and forth, slowly and carefully.

Kelly had never felt anything like the sensations Justin's tongue was
giving her. Her body shook uncontrollably, and her hips began unconsciously
pumping lightly against his licking tongue. She felt like she was floating
in the air, and her heart beat erratically in her chest as the pulsing
between her legs grew into an ache.

Feeling her hips lightly pumping against his mouth, Justin started licking
faster and harder, while sucking lightly at her hardened desire. He heard
Kelly whimpering and moaning, and it caused his erection to throb painfully
in his swimsuit. Reaching down, Justin pulled his erection quickly out the
front of his suit, and began stroking and pulling it as his tongue darted
faster against Kelly's clit.

Kelly had completely lost control of her actions. She gave in to her desire,
and allowed her body to feel and experience the moment without thought or
care. Leaning against her arms, she arched her back and thrust her hips
harder against Justin's questing tongue.

Justin felt the wave of pleasure washing closer toward him as he stroked his
shaft faster. When Kelly cried out and pushed her hips harder against his
darting tongue, he shivered with release, feeling his essence spill into the
warm waters of the pool. Justin's tongue continued sucking and nibbling her
clit, as the last of his seed emptied into the water.

The feel of Justin's tongue on her hardened nodule had become the center of
Kelly's universe. Her eyes rolled up in her head as she pumped her hips
harder against his quickly moving tongue. An incredible pressure built up
where his tongue was working, and exploded outward throughout her body. She
cried out with her climax as pulsating waves of pleasure flew upward from
Justin's touch, and outward along her arms and legs.

Slumping backward, she lay down on the pool deck, feeling her body shake with
her release. The pulses continued washing through her body where Justin's
tongue still worked her clit. Her hips pumped gently a few more times against
his licking tongue, then the pulses of pleasure slowly began to fade. As her
awareness returned, she closed her legs, lightly trapping Justin's head
between them.

Justin felt her throbbing climax against his massaging tongue and watched
Kelly lay back and her body tremble with her release. He loved the taste and
feel of her womanly folds and continued licking for as long as she would
allow it. When her legs came up and trapped his head, he removed his tongue
from her folds and smiled, peering over at her face reflected in the dim pool
lights. Kelly's eyes were closed but he could see a small smile turning up
the corner of her lips. Happiness filled him, knowing he has given her

He breathed in her scent through his nose one last time, licked his lips,
then lifted his head from between her legs. Kelly remained laying still by
the side of the pool, relishing the fading sensations in her body. She
opened her eyes and smiled up at the shadowed features of Justin as he
looked down at her. Joy filled her at the wondrous feelings Justin had
given her and she said with a voice full of love, "Justin, I love you so."
She sat up and reached to hug him saying, "That was wonderful. I didn't know
my body could feel like that."

Justin hugged her to him, then lifted her into the pool, hugging her more
tightly. "I've never wanted so much to give a woman pleasure." He then asked,
"Was it good, baby?"

Kelly put her arms around his waist, pulling his hard body to her, wanting to
touch every inch of her body to his. With her cheek resting against his chest
she said, a little breathless, "It was incredible. I love the way you touch
me, and the way my body feels when you do."

Justin was overjoyed at his success and kissed the top of her head, then
said, "I'm glad baby. You see? That is what making love is about, not just
the penetration, but wanting to give everything to the other person." He
added with a loving voice, "When you love the person, it is the most
precious thing in the world."

Nodding her head against his chest, she agreed. They hugged each other,
silently watching the moonlight swirling through the water. Kelly said
reluctantly, "I guess we better go inside, it's getting late."

Justin nodded his head in agreement, then asked with a hopeful tone, "Will
you meet me here tomorrow night?" He pulled away to look at her shadowed
features, "we'll all be very busy in the next few days, but I want to be
close to you again."

Smiling up into Justin's face, the dim pool lights made his chiseled features
even more beautiful.

"Yes Justin. I want to be with you too." She paused, then added, "but we have
to be careful. You heard Simon." Her tone grew angry, "If he knows we are
involved, he can not only kick us off the show, but sue us as well!"

Justin shook his head in frustration. He had finally found the woman of his
dreams, and a stupid rule of non-involvement threatens to destroy it! With a
heavy sigh, Justin replied, "I'll do whatever you want, baby." He kissed her
lightly, then added, "as long as you are with me, I don't care about the

Kelly returned his kiss, then they both got out of the pool and walked hand
in hand toward the mansion.

Chapter 25

Justin pulled Kelly against him for one last embrace before re-entering the
mansion. His hands massaged her back while he thought over what the next days
held for them. All ten contestants would get vocal training, deportment
classes and would be told how to talk to the press. They would also need to
learn new songs and practice them. It was going to be very long hours of hard
work, but he knew it would pay off in the end. He expected to win this
competition and nothing was going to stand in his way.

Kelly loved holding his hard body to hers. She savored the loving warmth of
his hands gently rubbing her tired back. Her arms went around Justin's waist
and she leaned her cheek to his chest. His steady heartbeat lulled her,
allowing her mind to go to thoughts of tomorrow. She knew they had to get up
early everyday and start classes, training, and more classes. This wouldn't
leave her much time to see Justin, so she was looking forward to their time
together tomorrow night. Kelly shied away from thinking about the end of the
competition a few months away. She focused on things as they came, not
wanting to think of what the future might bring. The thought of her winning
never entered her mind. The only thing that mattered to her was doing the
best at what was expected of her at the moment.

The windows of the mansion looked out cold and dark on the figures by the
pool as they held closely to each other, but behind the darkened windows,
there were eight silent witnesses to their embrace.

* * *

Ryan and Jim stood together in her room looking down at the pool. They
watched the figures of the two people embracing below. "Simon is a fool,"
Ryan said angrily. She turned to face Jim's shadowed form and said, "he
isn't going to tell me who I can and can't be involved with!" Ryan stomped
away from the window and sat on her bed, then told Jim with a voice of
steal, "no one can tell me what to do."

Jim nodded and asked, "aren't you afraid of being sued? What about this great
opportunity?" He walked over and sat next to Ryan on her bed. Jim was still
in awe of her beauty and couldn't believe she was interested in him. He
tentatively put his hand on her small leg and smiled when she put her hand
on his. His thoughts went back to a few short years ago in High School. The
endless teasing about his weight caused him to be not very confident with the
opposite sex. When Ryan first showed some interest in him, he wasn't sure he
was reading the signs correctly. But a few days ago, she found him alone in
the studio dressing room and seduced him, to his utter delight! Jim held her
leg more firmly and begged, "Please don't do anything that will get you voted

Ryan held his hand against her leg and went over her thoughts about the
competition, and her feelings toward Jim. Seething with anger, she tried to
control her temper and be rational. They all signed the contract, so were
bound to it for the next year and a half. The thought of being sued didn't
bother her, since there was no way they would get five million dollars from
her. She only had $500 in the bank now! The exposure she had on the show
already had people interested in her. She knew there were better singers
than her and Jim in this competition, so she didn't really expect to win.
The show was a jumping off point for her future career, nothing more. She
rubbed Jim's hand gently and thought about her feelings for him.

She didn't quite know why, but Jim always seemed to turn her on. He was a
kind and gentle man, not the usual tough street-fighter she was attracted
to. When she came upon him with his shirt off in the dressing room, she was
overcome with lust and had to take him right then. He was a little awkward
and it was over too quickly, but she was willing to train him and teach him
how to please a woman. She smiled at the thought of telling Jim what to do
to please her.

"Never mind about the competition for now, lover," Ryan said smiling and
pulling Jim's hand up to cup her breast. She put her mouth by his ear and
whispered into it huskily, "Go lock the door."

To Be Continued...


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