Amerrican Dad/Family Guy: Afternoon Trio (mmf,dp,bukkake)
by Jim Enos

Snot was in absolute heaven, lying on his back while lying on the ground with his huge cock buried deep in Meg Griffin's tight little pussy. The trio found their way behind the field shed, where there was shade and soft green grass and most importantly, privacy. No one knew about this secret spot except Meg (well, now the boys knew as well...). Anthony brought Meg back here once so it was special to her. Now it was a special place to two others.

The Griffin teenager was occupied with the unenviable task of satisfying her two would-be suitors, "Snot" Schmuley Lowenstein and his partner in dirty deeds, Neil Goldman. Two worthy boys with considerable manhood numbers to say the least. A secretly planned "double-duty" adventure was on the menu and leave it to Meg Griffin to organize the pleasurable activity. The boys eagerly anticipated satisfying their "Johnson's".

Snot got the pleasure of taking advantage of Meg's vagina while Neil was given the honor of enjoying Meg's asshole. Snot laid down on his back while Meg mounted his magnificent appendage while Neil strategically positioned himself in the "rear" (literally), cramming his pride and joy into Meg's anal cavity. Once both dorks were inserted, Meg was filled to the brim with male thickness!

"Oh, Jesus, your cock is so huge!" Meg cried out as Neil pushed his way in. Leaning on Meg's back, Neil didn't extend the Griffin teenager courtesy of any kind, anxiously jamming his erection into Meg's ass without ceremony. Pushing deep into her anus with an aggressive maneuver, he was determined to every inch of his circumcised member into her colon.

"Yeah, but your butt is so damn tight!" Neil moaned. "So far, I only got the head inside Meg... another eight inches to go!"

"Oh, my God!" Meg grimaced. She braced herself for the tortuous process of accommodating Neil's backdoor entry, but she knew it wouldn't be pleasant.

Snot however, just laid there looking up at Meg. He watched and listened to their brief exchange and of course, he felt all their movements. Floundering around Meg's backside was a tag-team effort but Snot didn't think he had to do anything. He was sure they'd figure it out. In the meantime, he just enjoyed having his dick buried in her snatch.

The truth was, Meg had an easier time getting his dick into her pussy. Her juices were able to ease the entry of Snot's considerably long penis as far in as she wanted it to go, but she didn't think her asshole would present an equally simple task.

"Wait! I forgot the lubricant!" Neil rasped, realizing the "grainy texture" of Meg's pipes could use some smoothing over. Neil slowly withdrew, applied a quarter-sized dollop of "Asshole Glide" to the surface of his cock, and then promptly re-entered Meg's anal orifice. This time, he slid his way in with only moderate resistance.

"Thank God!" Meg sighed. "Ugh!" Neil didn't give Meg a chance to enjoy the brief respite and followed up his timely shaft maintenance with a generous salvo of jack-hammer thrusts into her tortured rectum.

"Ahhh... Yeah!" Neil agreed. "Smooth as butter!"

"Hey... I can feel that, Neil!" Snot announced as Neil pounded Meg's dumpster. Snot's cock and Neil's cock were separated by less than an inch or so. Meg's pussy and asshole were filled to capacity. Snot's organ filling her vagina and Neil's sausage pummeling her lubricated anus. Meg toughed it out, taking the brunt of the action in her ass until Snot decided to contribute. She was counting on his effort to balance the equation.

"Oh...Oh..." Meg cried. "Fuck me that hurts!"

"Just relax, Meg..." Snot said as he help spread her ass cheeks, giving Neil an easier entry vector. "Just... let go and enjoy yourself... your pussy feels so good!" That's when Snot started pumping and miraculously enough, their timing was not bad.

Meg always wondered how it would feel having tried hotdogs and cucumbers at the same time to give her an idea of what it was like... (and it felt good when she first tried it!) and now this was the real thing. Her willing participants were doing an excellent job... "I should have tried this sooner!" Meg thought to herself.

Meg tried to help with their timing as both boys drove their cocks to the finish line. In less than a minute, a sweet rhythm was created even though it wasn't planned. Neil pushed with just the right amount of restraint while Snot tilted his hips at just the right angle that gave Meg the level of pleasure she had hoped for. The trio seemed to move as one... bouncing off each other as a light sheen of sweat coated their bodies. Meg pushed back as Neil and Snot operated in a syncopated pattern, huffing their way to what they hoped would be a "three-way" simultaneous climax (not that they even thought about it before hand...).

Meg's clit was grinding against the top of Snot's erection and while the "dual entry" was a lot more pressure than she thought it would be, it still felt wonderful and the whole idea of it still made her feel hot and nasty! She hadn't told either of the boys, but she already came before Neil even stuck his cock in her ass... and surprisingly, Neil's anal simulation was causing yet another orgasm that was unexpected but totally welcome... Meg was becoming delirious!

"Oh, Wow! I just came... again!" Meg squealed as she met the boys' continued thrusts with a perfectly timed pushback. It was becoming a most pleasurable moment!

"You guys... (huff)... are like... (puff)... two horses!" Meg cried. That comment did nothing but make the boys work harder. They became more aggressive. A sense of urgency took hold of the teen age studs as both Snot and Neil felt the stirrings of their impending climaxes. The rush was evident. The warmth gathered in strength. Their nerves were on edge, the flush caused a flash of goose pimples to blossom all over their naked bodies; the wave of euphoria totally consuming the trio. Meg came first in response to their gut-wrenching release.

"Oh, boy!" Snot hissed. "That feels totally sweet!" His grip switched from Meg's ass cheeks to her hips as he began a more desperate motion. His eyes narrowed as he drank in Meg's perfume and the shampoo fragrance in her hair, both of which reminded him of Meg's mother, Lois Griffin. At least twice during the whole escapade, Snot almost called Meg "Mrs. Griffin"!

"Come on Meg!" Neil whispered. "Move with me... I'm almost there!"
"Me, too, Meg!" Snot echoed. "Man, my balls feel like they're gonna explode!"

"OK, guys!" Meg looked down at Snot and then back over her shoulder at Neil whose face was a mask of extreme determination. Actually, Neil was overwhelmed at the prospect of finally shooting a load into a girl's asshole! He had never done that before and this was literally his first ever opportunity!

"I wanna see you guys come!" Meg panted. "You're not wearing a condom, Snot... and Neil... I don't want cum dripping out of my ass later on..."

"Ah, come on!" Neil moaned in protest. "I wanted you to be the first! And my first!"

"No! Pull it out right now! Show me that jizz!" Meg demanded.

Neil did what she asked and reluctantly pulled out just moments before he was about to shoot his load. Snot complied as well, getting up to deliver the goods. Meg stayed on her knees and told the boys to stand right in front of her.

"Give me those dicks!" She commanded. The boys stood before Meg as she grabbed both cocks and proceeded to jack them off simultaneously.

"Don't stop Meg!" Neil whimpered as Meg stroked his swollen dick. Meg briefly thought, "Gee, I feel like I just lost 5 pounds... "

"Almost there Meg!" Snot said as his eyes closed just seconds before he arrived.

"Ahhh!" Neil cried out.
Oh fuck!" Snot bellowed.

"Come on, boys! Give!" Meg growled.

Both Snot and Neil pushed their hips forward as Meg continued stroking their dicks. Snot was the beneficiary of Meg's right hand but Neil had no cause to complain about the quality of her left hand effort. Both boys came at exactly the same instant. From her bird's eye view, Meg waited expectantly as the tip of each penis erupted! In a harmonious display of guttural satisfaction, the guys moaned out as their dual climax burst forth. Thick, white semen ropes fired out side by side, splattering Meg's glasses. The guys watched as their pulsating organs sprayed their contents in a staggering quantity. One shot after another sailed forth, covering Meg's face in a seemingly endless barrage of flying cum.

"Oh, for Christ's sake!" Meg protested as the salvo continued unabated. She could "hear" as well as feel the strands of warm semen plastering her face, hair, chin, shoulder and collar bone. Snot and Neil watched with delight as Meg was quickly inundated with jizz. And the two horses kept squirting and squirting!

Finally, after what seemed like forever, their discharge came to an end. The last few drops dripped to the ground, both shafts completing their task, both sets of balls drained of their contents. Snot and Neil visibly relaxed sighed and giggled. They "dick-flicked" the last few drops that clung to the tips of their dicks right at Meg. Her glasses were blanketed with ball batter making it almost impossible for her to see.

All three of our dynamic trio caught their breath, Meg satisfied with her work, having challenged their endurance and their ejaculations like a real trooper. She was proud of her "natural" ability. She smiled.

"Wow, Meg!" Neil said. "You are totally drenched!"

"Yeah! Man!" Snot agreed. "Neil, I came a ton!"

"You sure did... "Meg said, taking off her glasses as cum dripped from her fingers. "You guys didn't hold anything back, did ya?"

"You know it!" Snot commented. Neil briefly frowned.

"Just so you know Meg, you promised me I could come in your ass..."

"No I didn't, Neil!" Meg cut him off. "Look at all this stuff! If you had come in my ass I'd be pooping cum for days!"

Snot laughed. Neil smiled. Meg frowned.


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