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Date: 02/04/2008

Rating: NC-17

Category: Het

Warnings: Strong language, voyurism, graphic violence, male solo sex, female
solo sex, male/female sex

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Racquel Darrian -- Doctor Paula McKamy
Jason Bateman -- Scott Kozak
Kathy Ireland -- Doctor Brooke Griffin
Zachery Ty Bryan -- Detective Kevin McClure
Eriq La Salle -- Major Calvin Dean

Summary: The author of this story returns home from the store just in time to
watch his favorite baseball team on TV, only to have him discover that he has
a small unexpected houseguest in the form of a six-inch humanoid female.

Other Notes: This story is based on a picture entitled 'Coke 4' by an artist
named Mark Blankton.

Dedications: None so far.

Amazing Stories: My Six-Inch Discovery
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

My name is Scott Kozak and it was on the afternoon of August the Fourth
within the City of Los Angeles, California that I had finally returned home
from going to the store and discovered that my neighbor in the apartment next
to mine who happens to be LAPD Detective Kevin McClure has just brought yet
another hot-looking-yet-not-too-bright babe back to the apartment complex for
one moment of romantic music and allowing him to get into her pants and fuck
her silly just in time for Kevin to place his gentle hand on my shoulder,
look at me with this big dopey smile on his face and say, "Say, Scott! I'm
glad that you're here! How would you like to come into my place and join us
in a threesome?"

And of course, that had caused me to let out a small chuckle, look at Kevin
straight in the eye and ask, "You're bullshitting me, right? And the reason
why I had said that is because I had just got back from buying myself a
six-pack of Coke at the store and I'm now going up to my apartment and enjoy
watching the L.A. Dodgers smash the living shit out of the San Francisco
Giants at Doger Stadium on my very own TV set. See you later, Blue Boy."

And after I had left poor Kevin standing right where he was with both his
eyes and mouth wide open and gone into my apartment, I had placed the
six-pack of Coke on the kitchen table and gone into the bathroom to take a
shit but as soon as I had flushed the toilet, stepped out of the bathroom
and turned on the TV set, I was about to pick-up the six-pack of Coke and
put it in the fridge, only to have me discover that some of the bottles
were moving slightly, which had caused me to take a butterknife out of my
silverware drawer and run it in-between the six Coke bottles in order to
cause whatever it was to pop itself out of there.

Now, let me tell you right now that as soon as I had finally forced that
small mysterious thing to get itself out of in-between those Coke bottles,
I had thought that it was going to be some sort of cockroach or something
like that but I really wasn't expecting that it was a bare-ass naked
hot-looking dark-haired six-inch human female and it was that very image
that had caused me to rush myself over to the TV set and turn it off before
I had walked myself back to the six-inch babe, looked at her with total
confusion in my eyes and said, "Hi there. I hate to ask you these particular
questions at a time like this but I just want to know who are you and what
had caused you to be that way?"

And then, after she had closed her eyes and let out a sigh, the six-inch
hot-looking babe had closed her eyes, let out a sigh and answered, "I was
actually hoping that you shouldn't ask me that. You see, I actually am
Doctor Paula McKamy and I was once one of the many scientists working at
The Rashad Institute For Scientific Research without so much as a single
sick day but that was before a dumb-ass prick in a USAF uniform known as
Major Calvin Dean had strolled into the institute and demanded that we
start working on something that might help our armed troops finally win
the War Against Terror once and for all. "

"Don't tell me. Let me guess. The little solider boy had also insisted on
you guys doing that work at top speed. Am I right?" that was the question
that I had asked the poor little babe just before she had allowed a single
tear to run down her cheek, nod her head in response to that question and
say, "You see, Scott. One of my colleagues had just invented a lazer gun
that could possibly shrink enemy soliders and allow our troopers to take
them prisoner. Anyway, I was about to have my lunch and discovered that I
had forgotten to get myself something to wash it down with. Luckly enough,
I had discovered that there was this one bottle of Coke on a small table.
But as soon as I had stepped into the room and was about to pick it up,
there was this unexpected burst of light... for only a few seconds. And as
soon as I had opened my eyes...!"

But just as she was about to say another word, I had raised up my hand and
said, "Trust me, Doc. I could take a wild guess," that was before I had
suddenly heard the sound of one of my downstairs neighbors getting the living
shit kicked out of him by some nasty son-of-a-bitch, causing me to rush
myself over to the closet and take a baseball bat out of there, turn my eyes
toward the concerned Paula and say to her, "Stay right here. I'll be right
back as soon as I take care of that asshole," stepped out of my pad and rush
myself down the stairs to Kevin's place just in time for me to see my own
best friend getting his stomach kicked in and his face smashed in by some
dumb-ass prick in a solider suit.

And after I had heard that fucking piece of military shit growl at my injured
MCKAMY?!" I had swung my baseball bat really hard at the back of that
shit-head's skull and caused him to release his grip on my poor injured
friend, place both of his hands on the spot that I had just hit with the bat
and let out a scream of total pain just in time for him to turn his angry
eyes toward me and allow me to say, "Major Calvin Dean, I persume!"

"AND YOU -- MY KIND SIR -- ARE DEAD MEAT!" that was what that dumb-ass
military prick had said to me just before he had let out a scream of pure
rage and charged himself toward me, only to have me move myself out of his
way and smash him in the back of the head one more time with the baseball
bat, causing him to crash himself right into the dining room table and cause
it to collapse under the weight of that son-of-a-bitch.

And as soon as he had slowly gotten himself back up to his feet and turned
himself toward me, I had rubbed the business end of the baseball bat and
asked, "So, Shit-head? Are you ready for round two or what?" only to have
him roll his eyes, drop himself back down to the floor and become unconscious
before I had picked up the phone, dialed 9-1-1 and informed the operator that
we need the cops and an ambulance to get their collective keasters over

Meanwhile, as soon as the cops had slapped the cuffs on Dean and took him to
the precinct house to face charges of assulting a police officer and whatever
else they might be willing to come up with, a certain terrific-looking lady
MD known as Doctor Brooke Griffin had allowed the paramedics to take my
injured best buddy and his nearly-scared-to-death houseguest out of the
building and place them inside the awaiting ambulance before I had gently
tapped my two fingers on Brooke's shoulder and asked her, "Well, Brooke? What
do you think? Are they going to be okay or what?"

"Hopefully, Scott. That depends on how well they are willing to recover --
both mentally and physically. But I could tell you this much. They are still
alive and have you to thank for it," that was what a small-smiling Brooke had
said before she had given me a big friendly hug, placed herself inside that
very same ambulance and allowed the driver to take her and my poor injured
buddy straight to the hospital.

That was before I had stepped back inside my apartment, tossed the baseball
bat back inside the closet, plopped myself on the sofa, placed my hand on my
forehead and let out a sigh of relief, only to have me hear the sound of
someone crying her eyes out, which had caused me to remember that I still
have a six-inch unexpected houseguest on my kitchen table and after I had
gotten my ass off the sofa, walked over to that table and noticed that more
than one tear was running down her cheeks, I had gently placed my hand on
poor Paula's head and asked, "Hey, what is this?I mean, that piece-of-shit
is gone and he won't be bothering you any more. So, what's with the tears?"

That had caused poor Paula to lift up her head and answered, "I'm sorry,
Scott. I'm so very sorry for puting you and your friends in such a bad...
what I'm really trying to say is...!" before I had gently placed a tip of
one of my fingers on her lips, looked at her with a small smile on my own
face and said, "Hey, Paula. It's okay. It wasn't your fault to begin with.
And if I'm not mistaken, I do believe that I know something that might
cheer you up."

And just as she was about to ask me what that something happens to be, I had
taken all of my clothes off, placed my buff-naked body in front of her and
began stroking my stiff cock, which had caused Paula to wipe the tears from
her eyes, look at my great-looking bod with a small smile on her face and
start pumping two of her fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and
carressing her own tits with the other hand.

Then, after she had slowly licked her lips and asked, "Well, Scott? Are you
going to come over here and start sucking on my pussy or what?" I had moved
myself closer to her and started licking on her hot and steamy cunt, only to
have me discover that the latest burst of pure sexual energy had caused her
to start growing and it had made me get her off the kitchen table and place
her on the bed, where she had finally grown herself back to her normal size.

And after she had looked at herself and let out a smile and a sigh of relief,
a curious Paula had looked at me and asked, "Well, Scott? Now that I'm back
to my normal size, don't you think that we should start celebrating?" before
I had placed myself on the same bed and my hand on her cheek and answered,
"As a matter of fact, Paula. You're right and I do believe that I know the
perfect way to celebrate."

And then, after the both of us had kissed each other ever so passionately on
the lips and I had started licking all over her nude body -- all the way down
to her hot, moist snatch and carressing her firm breasts, Paula had placed
her hands on my bare shoulders and said, "Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do
it, Scott! Touch me! Touch me there! Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!" before
I had turned myself around and allowed her to start sucking on my stone hard
dick, causing the both of us to suddenly realize that we were both able to
experience pure and untamed sexual pleasure and enjoy every minute of it.

That was before I had placed my stiff cock inside her asshole, used each
of my hands to carress both her stiff mounds and hot, wet pussy and began
blowing my hot breath on the nape of her bare neck, causing a sexually
energized Paula to place one of her hands on my bare shoulder and the other
hand on my bare arm and yell at the top of her lungs, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S

Then, after we had started moving ourselves harder and faster and our l
ovemaking has finally recieved a scientific grant from The Rashad Institute,
both Paula and I had came and collapsed due to exhaustion and fell asleep
with our naked arms in a lover's embrace while everyone else within the City
of Los Angeles, California had kept on doing their normal daily routine.

Just then, as soon as a certain piece of military shit known as Major Calvin
Dean had finally made bail and reported himself back to the office of his
commanding officer, his own eyes had grown as wide as saucers at the sight a
certain U.S. President George W. Bush staring at the major with angry eyes
and growling, "Well, Major Dean?Care to explain why I had to hear about your
latest fiasco from some guy named Scott Kozak?"

And while that son-of-a-bitch was still trying to smooth-talk himself off
the employment chopping block, a young and loving couple had just moved
themselves out of the City of Los Angeles, California and into the small
college town of Berea, Ohio, where they had both became known as Scott and
Paula Kozak and they were able to get themselves jobs at the Baldwin-Wallace
College... and the both of us continue to live happily ever after to this
very day.



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