Well I wondered how Ally planned to seduce Renee. Renee is her roommate and
a very gorgeous black woman. She has long, black curly hair and a great body.
She just oozes sex. She has long luscious legs, stand up and salute em
breasts and a great smile. She is a District Attorney that often has to do
battle against our firm. She is a very intelligent woman who is very
confident about her body and knows how to use it. She is also a major flirt,
which drives Ally nuts.

So as i did my household chores: dishes, laundry, vacuuming, you know the
shitty stuff. I continually watched the screens, to see if anything
interesting was going on. I watched Renee take a shower, like I said what a
body. She was also into self-pleasure. She soaped her body and spent a
extremely long time on her breasts, it almost seemed like she had an orgasm
without touching anything, but her breasts. She pinched her nipples and
continually caressed her firm breasts. She then took the shower head to wash
off the suds of her erotic body. She sprayed her back, her neck, her tits and
then her pussy. She moved the head to her clit and pressed it against it. She
held it there and I could see her body shake, an obvious orgasm. The little
slut will be easy prey for my Ally.

It was around suppertime and Ally came out dressed in a sexy little outfit.
A black leather skirt, black stay ups, and a white see through blouse, that
revealed her perky nipples, since she was not wearing a bra. When Renee
returned home, Ally had candles going, wine on the table and a delicious meal
ready to eat. Renee was dressed rather attractive as well. She was wearing a
brown skirt, with a brown knit sweater that showed her belly button. She was
not wearing any nylons. She seemed surprised by the sight she saw. She asked
Ally why she was dressed like so hot.

Ally replied, "Oh I thought we should celebrate, I may be making partner." A
lie, but good plan I think to myself.

Renee comes and gives Ally a hug. Ally pulls her tighter than she has before
and her hand lands near Renee's ass. Ally says cheerfully, "I made supper.
Want a glass of wine?"

"Sure," replies Renee, "My damn snitch never showed up, so I am rather pissed
off. He had information I needed for tomorrows trial."

Ally pours her a drink and herself one as well. Ally says, "Suppers ready,
eat up."

After the meal, and three glasses of wine later, they end up on the couch.
Ally complains that she hasn't ben laid forever. What a liar. Renee complains
that she too is in a dry spell. Ally notices that Renee is rubbing her
shoulder and Ally asks, "Need a massage."

Renee replies gratefully, "Oh yes, do I."

Ally says, "Lay on floor. I can do a better job then." Renee does and Ally
begins working on her friend's neck. Slowly she moves her hands down Renee's
back. Ally says, "I can't give you a good massage with this sweater on."
Renee quickly gets rid of the sweater and is now on the floor wearing only a
bra and her skirt. Ally continues the massage, slowly moving down Renee's
back. She reaches Renee's skirt, Ally unzips the skirt and pulls it down
Renee's long legs. Renee is now only wearing a black lace bra and silk thong
panties. The look in Ally's eyes is one of crazed desire. What a slut. Ally
then slowly caresses Renee's ass. Squeezing the cheeks and Renee moans. She
is obviously getting turned on by the massage. Ally quits and says, "My

Renee reluctantly gets up and sees Ally on the couch. "What are you doing
there?" she asks.

"My feet are soar," she replies, "can you massage them?"

Renee shrugs her shoulders and says, "Sure." Renee takes Ally's right foot
in her black hands and begins massaging it. Putting pressure on the nylon
clad foot. Ally slowly opens her leg while Renee works on Ally's foot. Ally
is not wearing panties, I see. The look on Renee's face when she saw her
friends naked pussy was priceless. Complete shock, but her eyes did not move
away. It was obvious that Ally was playing her friend, teasing her cruelly.

Ally smiles and says, "My ankles too Renee, they are kinda soar." Renee
slides her hands to Ally's ankles and continues the soothing massage. Ally
moans purposely. Renee smiles and continually takes quick peaks at Ally's
naked pussy. Finally after much taunting, Ally says, "Renee, are you starring
at my pussy?"

Renee studders, "Um-I-uh-well."

"It's ok Renee," says Ally, as she leans forward and kisses her best fried
and roommate. Renee does not break the kiss. It is a long, romantic,
passionate kiss. I can only presume that their tongues were dancing. My hand
slid to my panties and I began to finger myself as I watched the seduction of
Renee. Ally broke the kiss and after taking off Renee's bra, she pushed Renee
to the floor. She kissed Renee's chest taking each hard nipple into her
mouth. Slowly she made her way down, leaving soft wet kisses all over Renee's
stomach. Ally slips her tongue inside her roommates belly button. Rolling her
tongue all around it. Renee moans. Ally moves her lips to her friends pussy
lips and starts licking. She nibbles Renee's clit and slowly starts using her
right hand to lightly slap her friends pussy. With each slap, Renee moans
louder. Ally continues the light spanking and Renee orgasms from the pussy
spank. Now that Renee's pussy is so well lubricated, Ally slides a finger in
and starts to finger fuck the DA. Renee's body begins to writher in erotic
ecstasy as sweat begins to drip from her black naked body.

Renee moans, "Ally, spank my pussy, spank it hard, please."

So as Ally's left hand pumps in and out of Renee's moist pussy, her right
hand begins to spank her friend's pussy lips. The double pleasure is
obviously driving Renee crazy. Her hands are all over her beautiful breasts
and she tweaks her nipples. She cries, "Oh my God Ally, you are making me
cum. Yes, harder, deeper, harder, yes, yes, yessssss!" Renee's body lifts and
then collapses onto the floor as she reaches a powerful orgasm. Ally slips
her fingers out of Renee's well drilled cunt and sucks the cunt juice into
her mouth. Ally then moves up and kisses Renee. Renee finally regains her
breath and says, "Ally that was amazing. I have never came so hard. I have
never done this before. I am not..."

Ally places her finger at Renee's lips and says, "It's ok sweetheart, just
do what comes naturally. Kiss my neck, nibble on my ear, bite my nipples,
squeeze my ass, lick my clit, suck my toes through my nylons. Whatever comes
to your mind."

Renee lifts Ally up to the couch and kisses Ally hard. She breaks the kiss
and whispers something in Ally's ear. Ally begins to masturbate herself as
Renee starts giving love bites on Ally's neck and then her breasts. Renee
then moves her head down Ally's body. Her tongue never leaving Ally's skin as
she slides down past Ally's needy pussy and ends up at Ally's red painted
toes. Renee smells Ally's feet and then takes Ally's pinky toe into her
mouth, through the nylon. Ally moans loudly and begins spanking her pussy.
Ally comes, I think, but continues working her clit.

Ally begs, "Renee, eat me, please, I need it bad."

Renee smiles and moves to her friends pussy. She looks at Ally and says,
"Come on you sexy little bitch, beg for it."

"Oh Renee, don't tease me, suck my clit, let me cum all over your face.
Please," begs Ally as she feels her friend's tongue touch her burning
treasure. Ally places her hand on Renee's head and pushes hard into her
pussy. I thought she might suffocate the poor girl. But Ally starts shaking
and a look of pure bliss hits her face as she lets go of Renee's head. I
could see Renee's face glistening with pussy cum. How erotic. I too have
reached orgasm as I watched these two friends share each other. I thought
they were done, but I was wrong.

Renee says, "I need to fuck?" She pulls Ally on the floor and they position
themselves pussy to pussy. Hmmm, how hot. Soon they are both grinding their
hot little snatches against each other. Pussy juices mixing as they fuck each
other. There hands held tightly together as the motion begins to pick up.
They are moving in perfect unison and as the sweat pours down their beautiful
bodies they reach a climatic double orgasm at the exact same time. Both girls
collapse on the ground in complete exhaustion.

Finally after a long recover period, Renee says, "Why the hell didn't we do
this long time ago?"

Ally shrugs her shoulders trying to figure out what the hell made her seduce

I smile and start thinking about tomorrow's little get together. I wonder how
my little sluts did?

I look back at the screen and see that the bath water is going. I watch as
both lovely ladies get into the bubble filled tub. They are washing each
others bodies when I shut of the screens. Those stupid sluts will be going
all fucking night. I flip on the television and watch Seinfeld.


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