I am exhausted today. Last night was amazing. I am looking forward to next
Monday's stories. Anyways, today's tape was: {Ally, you want to fuck Billy;
Georgia, you get horny everytime you see Ally}

Georgia looked real sexy today. The tape and my conversation with Georgia had
definitely worked as Georgia was showing a lot more skin today. She was
wearing a red single breasted blazer and a matching red skirt that tightly
fitted around her perfect ass. Her luscious legs her wrapped in a pair of
beige stockings. Red definitely was her colour. Yummy! Ally had not shown up
yet today. Just after lunch, Ally came in dressed in a way I have never seen
before. She was all sweaty and was wearing a yellow, black and white tank top
and matching spandex bike shorts. This was a different look, but somehow
still very sensual.

"Where were you?" I ask.

"Oh, after trial this morning, me and Renee met at the gym. Somebody stole my
clothe while I was working out, so I had to come to work like this."

"Well, you look good. John wants to see you ASAP," I say.

"Ok," says Ally as she heads for John's office.

Fuck her ass is tight. Georgia, who had just recently came out of the
bathroom, is starring at Ally's ass as it saunters slowly into John's office.

I stare at Georgia, till she sees me, blushes and turns away and goes to her

Ten minutes later, John's door slammed shut and Ally looks furious. She
storms past me and into her office. Slam. Her door almost shatters from the
force of the closure.

John comes out of his office, looks at me, shrugs his shoulders and goes back
into his office.

I wait a while for her to calm down and then I go into her office. Her face
is still red. "What?" she says in a bitter voice I havn't heard for a while.

"What is wrong?" I ask with compassion.

"John thinks I have been acting weird for the last couple weeks. He is
threatening to fore me to go see his therapist. This is your fault." Before I
can say anything she continues, "I don't know what you did, but you have been
somehow controlling my mind. Making me do things I would never do."

"You loved it," I say, "you loved being submissive. Being controlled. Your a
whore and I brought it out for you."

"No," she yells, "you turned me into a whore." She is crying now. But still
furious. "I want you to leave me alone. Stop doing whatever you are doing.
Let me have my life back."

"Whatever you say?" I reply and leave the room.

I hear Ally whisper, "Just leave me alone."

I figure I will actually comply with her wish for a few days. I will focus
on her and Billy. I also want to spend more time on specimen number two:

Anyways, the rest of the day is dull and I have a date tonight with a young
stud I met Sunday.


Well did I get fucked last night. The guys cock was massive and he new how
too use it. He was also really domineering, which was a real turn on. On the
way to his place he simply grabbed my head and pulled it down onto his cock
while he drove. I came instantly. I also ended up slurping on his meat for a
while and then I noticed we stopped, I started to pull my head up, but he
pushed it back down, so I continued to work on his shaft. I felt a bit of a
draft and then I heard him say "Yes, fill it up please." Oh my God, I
thought, this guy could see my head eagerly bobbing up and down. I again
tried to pull my head up, and again he pushed it back down.

After what seemed like an eternity, the gas attendant returned and said "That
will be 18.75."

"Here is 20.00, keep the change." Soon the car is running again and he pulls
my head up and says "You are a pretty good cocksucker." He then pushes my
head back down onto his rock hard cock. I am so hot, that I wan o shove that
cock in my pussy. Finally the car stops and he says "Get up, we are here." I
do and soon we are in his apartment. As I look around I hear him say "Get rid
of your clothes and get on the couch, I am going to fuck her pussy now."

I don't hesitate as I am dying to have that stiff rod in my box. In seconds I
am spread eagled on the couch waiting this stud's cock. He walks over to me
and places his cock at my pussy. He plunges his cock into me and soon is
fucking me hard and fast. I am screaming in ecstasy and soon here another
guys voice.

I try to cover my tits up, but he grabs my hand and says "Let my little
brother she those melons. Hey Joey, you ever fucked a whore?"

Joey doesn't say anything he looks completely dazed. Jim is still fucking me
as he continues "My brother here is a virgin, till tonight. Joey get over
here and shove your cock in her mouth." Joey looks a little tentative. "Slut,
tell him you want to suck his 16 year old cock."

I am so turned on. The thought of breaking in some 16 year old is too much. I
seductively say "Hey stud, come over here and let me suck on your pecker."
Slowly Joey does and as soon as he is in reach I grab him and pull his
underwear down. "Your cock is hard stud. Do you want me to suck it?"

"Uh-uh," stutters the shy kid, as I take him in my mouth, "Oh my God." I soon
start to use my slut mouth to pleasure the kid while his brother pounds my

Just as I am about to cum, I hear Jim say "Joey, sit on the couch, this bitch
is gonna ride you." Joey obeys and quickly straddle the kids cock and take it
into my pussy. The kid is in heaven, I am riding him fast and suddenly I feel
Jim's cock at my ass. I know what to do and I position myself for a double
penetration by two brothers. Soon Jim is in my ass and I am being fucked hard
by two young pieces of meet. This continues for about 15 minutes till I feel
a loud of cum shoot into my bowels. Jim pulls out and says "Joey, do you want
to cum in her mouth, cunt or ass?"

"Can I fuck her ass?"

"Don't ask, just do it," says Jim.

The kid gets up and bends me over the coffee table and soon is plugging my
cum filled ass. The tightness is too much for the kid and soon I feel my
splinter fill with more sticky goo. The kid pulls out and collapses on the
couch. I crawl over to him and take his cock back into my mouth. A couple
minutes later I hear Jim say "Bitch, thanks for the use of your slutty body,
now get outta here. The cab should be here soon." I get up, find my clothe
and leave.

As I am in the cab on the way home I can't believe the sensation I had
tonight it was amazing.

Anyways, Today's tape was: {Ally, you can't stop thinking about Billy;
Georgia, You think lesbian sex is a serious turn on}

Well the morning was dull as I was busy doing some crap for Richard. Both
Ally and Georgia were here all morning. Ally dressed in a sexy black leather
skirt, with matching black nylons, and a sleeveless button shirted in a black
and white checkered pattern. Georgia was wearing a cute green one piece,
sleeveless till dress. With buttons coming all the way up the front, the top
two undone. She was also wearing a pair of suntan hose. She looked good
enough to throw on the floor and munch. Soon that would be possible.

Interestingly enough Georgia was just given a case today by Richard in which
she was defending the rights of a young secretary who was fired because she
was a lesbian. Also, Billy and Ally were working on a case together about
sexual harassment. This should make my suggestions to both girls more

Ally had ignored me whenever she could. I figured I would leave her alone
today as she tried to not jump Billy's cock. I figured though I would have
some fun with Georgia. I walk into her office and she is busy reading. Her
legs are on her desk as she leans back on her chair. Her nylon covered toes
sticking in the air. I was really turned on. I ask, "How is the case going?"

"Ok, I guess. In all honesty, this case is a pain in the ass. But it should
be a cakewalk. It is open and shut. The sexual orientation of the employee
has nothing to do with what they do at work. If anything, we may counter-sue
for the fact that he hit on her and then fired her because she sad no. That
is what I am reading on now."

"Interesting, it wouldn't bother you if one of your co-workers was gay."

"Well, yeah before it would have groused me out. But, now the more I think
about it, I think it is unfair and none of my business if a person is a
lesbian or gay."

"I have had sex with a woman before."

"Really?" says Georgia a little taken aback.

"Yes," when I was in high school. It was a lot of fun. Havn't you ever found
a woman sexy?"

"Well I suppose, I know when a woman is attractive. Usually I am jealous of

"Like Ally?" I question.

"Yes, like Ally. That sweet innocent look makes me sick. Mostly, because I
can't do it. I can't be cute. I can be sexy, but not cute. Ally is both."

I figure it is time to leave her to ponder the lesbian thing so I say, "Yes,
Ally is a complete sexual object. I got to get back to work, later."

Georgia shakes her head and goes back to her reading. As I leave Georgia's
office, I see Ally and Billy leave the office together. I wonder if she can
resist fucking him.


I had a relaxing night last night. I had no sex. I didn't even bonk myself
with any of my toys. Anyways, today's tape is: {Ally, you will seduce Billy
today; Georgia who want to fuck a woman} I also send a command to Billy:
{Billy, you will not resist Ally}

Today both ladies are dressed like they are going to a sleazy bar to me
picked up by some drunk stud. Ally is wearing a taupe v-neck top, a matching
miniskirt and a pair of almond shade nylons. Georgia is wearing a curvy,
swervy poly knit crop top with a asymmetrical neckline. Her belly button is
in clear view. With this she is wearing the shortest skirt I have ever seen
(and think of what a slut I am). It was a suede cloth skirt. Her stockings
are suntan.

I decide that today I will try to get Georgia. I have a plan. To make it work
I got to make sure Ally seduces Billy in his office.

After lunch I switch the tape. Now it says: {Ally, seduce Billy at 4:00;
Georgia, do anything Elaine says, it makes you horny} By the way, I also set
up a hidden videocamera in Billy's office and hooked it up to a small tv at
my desk. This way I can watch everything.

Billy and Ally were together all morning and again all afternoon. It was
around 3:30 when Ally left Billy's office and went to hers.

At quarter to four I go into her office and we do some irrelevant social
talk. Finally I say, "You and Billy have spent a lot of time together,

"Yes, so?" she asks with irritation in her response.

"Just saying..."

"Saying what," asks Ally a frustrated. Obviously, she was having sexual
thoughts about him.

"I was just wondering if you needed to talk. It is obvious you still love
him. Or at least want him sexually."

"Elaine , mind your own business."

"Slave, I have been pretty good with you for the last couple days and given
you space. But you are not giving me the respect you should be. Therefore,
you must be punished. Although, I doubt you will not enjoy this assignment."

"Elaine, please no, I'm sorry, don't make me..." Ally begs.

"Be quiet. A slave like you needs to be put in place every once and a while.
Tell me, Ally, do you ever fantasize about fucking Billy?"

"Yes," replies Ally quietly.


"Yes," whispers Ally, knowing this is going somewhere she rather it not.



"Thought about having his cock in your ass and him cumming all over your hard

"Elaine I..."

"Answer me honestly Ally," I demand.

"Yes," she says reluctantly.

"Yes, what?"

She knows what is expected of her as she says , "Yes, I can't stop thinking
of having Billy's cock inside my cunt and ass."

I can tell that she is horny. The suggestions are obviously slowly taking

The clock hits four and Ally gets up and begins to leave the room. I ask,
"Where are you going?"

"I got to talk to Billy," she replies and leaves the room.

I call out, "Have fun!"

I go back to my desk and turn on my small tv. Everybody else, by the way, is
in court. Georgia should be back by five o'clock. The rest should not be
returning. I turn the volume up loud so I can hear the conversation.

"Hi Billy, what you doing," asks Ally.

"Oh, trying to get ready for out trial tomorrow," replies Billy as he looks
up and stares at Ally.

Ally goes to the chair in front of his desk and sexily sits down and slowly
crosses one leg over the other. The fact that she is wearing garters is in
plain view. "Can I ask you something, Billy?"


"I mean something really personal."

"Uh-sure," replies Billy a little unsure.

"Do you ever think of having sex with me?"

"What?" asks Billy a little taken aback.

"Do you ever fantasize about fucking me?"

"Ally, I...fucking you?"

Ally gets up and walks right up to him, "I have thought of it Billy. I can't
stop thinking about it. Working on this case together has just magnified it.
Being so close to you. Spelling your cologne. Feeling your breathe accidently
hit my neck. How could I not think about the past. You and I together. You
nibbling on my ear."

Ally leans over and nipples his ear.

"Ally I," Billy tries to say a complete logical thought.

But Ally stays at her ear and I think she says, "You caressing me." As her
hand slides to his leg and slowly moves up.

Ally we shouldn't..." Billy protests.

"Shouldn't what Billy?" Billy doesn't reply so Ally continues. Her hand hits
the bulge that is restrained inside his pants and she says, "You kissing me."
She slowly moves her lips to his and stops just millimetres away from his.
"You kissing me," she repeats. Billy tries to resist. "You kissing me." She
extends her tongue and licks his lips. Billy crumbles and presses his lips to

The kiss is one of the most passionate I have ever seen. Months, years
actually, of built up sexually heat explodes suddenly. Ally breaks the kiss
and frantically starts unbuttoning his pants. Soon is 10 inch thick cock is
standing erect and Ally says, "I have thought about this exact position. Me
on my knees." She places her hand on his raging shaft She playfully says, "Oh
I missed you." She is obviously speaking directly to the cock.

Billy suddenly gets a brief moment of clarity and studders, "Ally I...we..."

"Do you want me to suck it Billy. I really want too. Can I suck it."

"Ally what has gotten in to you," asks Billy as he moves away, "I am married
and we are at work."

Ally grabs his cock and squeezes, "I don't want a relationship Billy, I just
need your cock. Is that such a bad thing." Before Billy can answer Ally takes
his stiff rod and takes it in her mouth.

Billy tries to pull out, but Ally grabs his ass and pulls his cock deeper
into her mouth. "Ally we shouldn't be doing this."

Ally quits and looks up at Billy and says "If you want me to quit sucking
your cock, just say so."

Ally waits swirling her tongue around just the tip of his prick. The teasing
drives Billy nuts and he pushes his cock forward. Ally takes the message and
soon is pumping up and down on his thick corkscrew with her sexy mouth.

I pull a vibrator out of my drawer and start fucking my pussy.

Ally quits sucking, jumps up onto his desk, spreads her legs and says, "Lick
my pussy Billy. Fuck my cunt with your tongue." Billy, overwhelmed with
desire, quickly dives into his ex-girlfriend's drenched twat and starts to
pleasure the bitch. I'm jealous. Ally s squirming all over the desk. Billy
must be a pretty good cunt licker.

I look at the clock, 4:49. Georgia should be back soon.

I go back to watching the video. Damn it. I missed something. Billy's cock is
deep in Ally and he is fucking her the way I like it. Hard and fast. Ally is
taking off her shirt and then she starts playing with her sexy tits. Ally
gets off the desk and squeezes Billy's cock inbetween her lovely melons. Soon
she is getting tit fucked by Billy. This is hot.

I look at the clock, a minute to five. Where is Georgia? This won't be as fun
if Georgia doesn't catch them. That is part of my plan.

As I turn back to the video I hear Ally say, "Have you ever fucked Georgia in
the ass stud?" As she says this she bends over the desk and gives Billy a
clear view of the forbidden hole.

Even the mention of his wife's name doesn't slow Billy down. Billy goes
behind Ally and places his cock at her ass, "Georgia is kind of timid in bed.
She doesn't even suck my cock, except on the rare occasion she is drunk." He
pushes his cock forward. "Oh ya, Ally, your ass is tight."

"Shut up and fuck my ass stud," demands Ally.

"Hi, Elaine, what ya doing," asks Georgia. Damn I didn't even see her. She
can't see my tv, but she hears the sound of Ally scream, "Fuck my ass Billy,
bury your cock in my shithole."

Georgia isn't a dumb, she quickly figures out where the sounds are cumming
from and she storms towards Billy's office. She opens the door and sees
exactly what I am watching. Ally spread over a desk, naked, with Billy's cock
plugging her ass. Georgia stares at Ally at first, looking at her firm tits.
Finally she demands, "What the fuck is going on here."

"Oh shit, uh, Georgia, I can explain this," says a shocked Billy. As he pulls
his cock out of Ally. Ally hides under the desk, embarrassed. To my surprise
she actually takes Billy's cock back into her mouth as Billy tries to
explain. What a slut she is turning into.

"How can you explain this?" demands Georgia, now in tears.

"I-uh," stutters Billy.

"Is she sucking your cock?" asks Georgia appalled.

Billy moans as he begins cumming, Ally pulls her mouth away and cum sprays in
the air.

"You bastard," yells Georgia as she turns around and heads out the door.
Billy runs to follow and goes to the door, "Georgia wait, I'm sorry." Georgia
storms out and he looks to see me starring at him. Embarrassed he closes his
door. "I'm fucked, Ally, what am I going to do now."

I walk to Billy's office and open the door. Billy is getting dressed quickly;
Ally not so quickly. I say "Ally be at my place at eight and Billy, nice

I quickly leave to see if I can catch Georgia. I rush quickly and find her
just getting into her BMW convertible. I rush and jump in the passengers
seat. I scare the shit out of a still crying Georgia. I say, "You better
hurry, Billy will be here any second"

Georgia quickly slips the car into reverse and then drive and we are gone.
Taking control of the situation, I say, " Georgia, you can not go to your
house that is where Billy will go. Why don't you come to my place. We'll
order in some food and you can relax."

"That bitch. How could Ally do that to me? And him, that son of a bitch.
I-I," cries Georgia.

"I'm sorry Georgia, I don't know what to say." We remain silent the rest of
the way to my place. We get in and Georgia collapses on my couch. I go to the
phone and order a couple pizzas. I say, "Would you like a glass of wine?"

"Bring the bottle," Georgia replies.

Before I leave I put in a new tape. This tape is simply {Georgia, you will
want to be dominated sexually by Elaine} I leave and get a bottle of red
wine. When I return with two glasses and the wine. I see Georgia with one of
my vibrators in her hand. I must have left it their from a couple days ago.
It was my black 12 inch one, extra thick. It is my favourite. I love to fuck
my ass with it, fantasizing that some black stud is reaming me and treating
me like a white piece of meat. Again, I am off topic. Anyways, I sit on the
couch and she says "Um-you don't use this do you?"

"Sure," I reply, "every girl should have one of these."

Georgia looks at me shocked. She says "I have never even seen anything like
this before."

"Don't you ever pleasure yourself?"

"What do you mean?"

"Don't you ever masturbate?"

"No, do you?"

"Oh every day. I even do it at work sometimes. No one can pleasure me like I

"I could never do that," she says as she gulps down the glass of wine. She
grabs the bottle and pours herself another glass. "What were we talking

"About the fact that you never pleasure yourself."

"Oh yeah, I just can't see me doing that, it is wrong."

"How does that cock feel?"

"It feels rubbery, wouldn't it hurt inside?"

"Oh no, on the contrary, it feels amazing. Plus look here, you can make it
vibrate." I can tell that Georgia is getting interested. Just then the
doorbell rings. I go and get it and return with the two pizzas. I was
disappointed. The pizza boy, was a older man, probably 60. I love checking
out pizza guys, they are usually young high school boys or college men.
Anyways, we ate supper and Georgia had gulped down three more glasses of
wine. I looked at the clock, it was already 5 after 7. I had to make my move
on Georgia before Ally got here. I say, "So you want to watch a movie?"

"Sure," she replies.

I say "Look I am gonna go change, through that tape over on the tv in the
VCR. I'll be back in a couple minutes." I get up and leave. In my room I get
out of my clothe and put on something sexy. I put on a black corset with a
front zipper. I also put on a pair of black stay ups and a pair of black silk
panties. I put on my robe and return to the livingroom.

The tape I told her to put on was on. It was a porno. The scene she was
watching had a sexy blonde chick, on all fours, getting fucked in the ass
while she swallowed some guys dick. I sit on the couch and say "Georgia
finish your drink."

Georgia takes her drink an finishes it and says "This movie is sick."

"Pour yourself another," I say. Remember the tape should be in full force

She pours herself another and says "I can't believe a woman would take a cock
up the ass. Never mind the fact that she is with two guys."

"Havn't you ever fantasized about having two guys before?"

"Never," replies Georgia disgusted.

"Never thought about having a cock in your ass?"

"Elaine, I am repulsed," she says, while she watches the girl now be double
penetrated by the two men. Moments later the scene ends as the two men shoot
their cum on the blondes average sized tits. The next scene was a lesbian
scene. It started out innocently. The two girls were talking in a ladies
bathroom at a bar. The girls were talking about how horny they were and next
thing you know they were in a stall and a cute redhead was licking a
brunette's shaved box.

My hand slips onto her nylon covered knee. She doesn't notice at first, but
then says, "Elaine, your hand is on my knee."

"Doesn't watching two woman have fun turn you on?"

"Not really?" replies Georgia.

"Then why are you wet," I ask as I place my hand against her panty covered

"Elaine," screams Georgia as she stands up.

"Sit down," I demand.

"I will not sit down," she says as she sits back down.

"Good girl. Are you horny and answer me truthfully?"

"Yes, so what is it to you?" she replies.

"What is making your pussy all wet?"

"I don't know," she replies a little confused.

"You trust me understand."

"Yes," she whispers.

I put my hand back on her leg and start rubbing my hand up and down. "Does
this feel good?"

"A little," she says.

I take my hand off, "Only a little?"

I can tell the excitement is getting to be too much as she says "Ok, a lot."

"Good girl," I reply as I replace my hand on her leg, "watch the video."

Georgia returns to the video and sees that the brunette was busy fingering
the redhead. My hand slips under her skirt and goes to her pussy. Oh by the
way, she is wearing garter-hose, a pleasant surprise. I slip the panties to
the side and I easily slip a finger into Georgia's cunt. She moans, but keeps
watching the video. I look at the clock 5 to 8.

"Tell me Georgia," I whisper, "Does my finger in your pussy feel good?"

"HMMMM," she moans, "I'm not a lesbian Ally."

"Ally?" I ask, "are you fantasizing about Ally?"


"Do you wish Ally was here fingering your pussy?"


"Does Ally turn you on?"

"Yes," she answers humiliated.

"Do you fantasize about her inbetween your legs lapping at your cunt?"

Her hips are bucking. I take the finger out and say, "Do you want me to
finger fuck you?"

Georgia looks at me and pleads, "Yes dammit, please put that finger in me,
please, I need to orgasm so badddddd."

I push the finger back in and say "Get that shirt off girl or I'll stop
fucking you." Georgia quickly fumbles to get the shirt off and soon it is
discarded to the floor. Man her tits are huge. The black bra she is wearing
is sexy too. Just then the doorbell rings. I say, "Go get the door please and
no matter what act civilized to whoever is at the door."

Georgia gets up and goes to grab her shirt. I say, "No, go to the door like

"But, I am practically naked," she pleads.

"No, your not, take off the skirt."

"But, I-I will not," she says as she slips the skirt down her creamy thighs.

"There, now you are practically naked. Now go answer the door. You will cum
hard when you open the door "

As she walks to the door she says, "Why am I doing this? I can't believe I am
doing this." She opens the door and Ally is their dressed quite differently
then she was this afternoon. She is wearing a tight, leather black one piece
dress, with black nylons.

"You bitch," moans Georgia as she sees Ally, she is obviously cumming hard. I
can't see Ally from here, but I imagine she is surprised.

"Ally, come in. Georgia, come back to the couch."

Georgia reluctantly struggles back to the couch as Ally comes and sits beside
me as well. Ally seems nervous that Georgia is here.

"What is going on here?" asks Ally.

"I am training Georgia to become a slut, dyke , whore like you? Now be good
Ally and do as your told tonight." I say "Georgia, how did that orgasm feel?"

"It---felt----good," she replies embarrassed.

"Ally, how did it feel to have Billy's cock in your ass?"

Ally hesitates before whispering almost indistinguishably, "Good."

Georgia gets up to grab Ally and I stop her and say, "Georgia, get on your
knees and crawl inbetween Ally's legs."

Georgia does while saying, "What have you done to me, why can't I stop."

"Are you horny Georgia?"

"Yes," she screams, obviously frustrated.

"Go ahead then, eat the pussy that had your husband's cock in it just hours
earlier and be tender."

Georgia begins saying, "I don't want to do..." But the words are stopped as
her tongue hits Ally's shaved snatch.

"Ally, tell Georgia how great it felt to have Billy's cock today."

"It-it-felt great."

"Tell us the details. Tell us how good it was."

Georgia's tongue is making Ally horny as she says, " He loved it when I took
his cock into my mouth and swallowed it whole. He really loved when I would
tease his cock and then deep throat it completely. I, of course, loved when
his cock was in my pussy, I missed the feeing of his cock plunging in and out
of my moist cunt. But the best sensation was when he banged my ass from
behind. I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out. I came again when
his bitch caught us. I was a little embarrassed at first, but as soon as I
dropped to the floor and saw his hard cock and my juices dripping off it, I
knew I had to see and taste is cum. So I started sucking him off, even though
I knew his wife was right their watching us. He came seconds later. He tasted
so good. He started getting dressed, but after you too ran out, I went over
to him and started sucking on his cock again. That man has stamina. Ten
minutes later his cock was again buried in my ass, He fucked me for over an
hour and finally came deep in my ass."

"You slut," I say, "Georgia did you hear that. Your husband's sperm is just
sitting their in Ally's ass. Why don't you suck it out"

Georgia obeys and soon her tongue is in Ally's ass. Georgia is crying, so I
say, "You love pleasing Ally." Within a minute the tears had stopped, and her
tongue was now lapping with more focus and speed. I leave the room and go to
the phone. "Hi Billy, yes, it is Elaine. Yes, she is over here right now. Why
don't you come on over. Ok, the door will be open, just walk right in. See
you soon." This should be fun.

I take off my robe, grab the huge black cock and go behind Georgia "Georgia,
do you want me to fuck your pussy."

"No, please stop this," she begs.

"Oh come on Georgia. All week you have been starring at Ally, wishing you
could have her. Face it you are a dyke."

"No, I"

"Tell us Georgia. Tell Ally how much you want her."

"No I, Ally you always dress so slutty. I couldn't stop starring at your
tight ass. Your long legs. Your perky tits. Your cute and sexy smile. I came
over and over fantasizing about you naked. You handcuffed to my bed. Fuck why
am I saying this,"

"Because your a lesbo Georgia," I reply matter of factly.

"Now thank Ally for giving Billy what you wouldn't."

"Fuck, I, Ally, uh. thanks for giving Billy the fucking he needed." She stops
as she feels the plastic.


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