Well I made more tapes this weekend.

The one for Ally was simple: {Ally, you are a slut}. For Georgia it was:
{Georgia, you trust Ally and Elaine. You find Ally sexy}. The morning was
uneventful. Ally was gone all morning. Georgia was dressed rather
conservative: brown dress pants, a blue blouse, a brown blazer and taupe
nylons. Rather plain, I would have to change that.

Ally returned around one. As she walked to her office I said "Hi, Ally."

She smiled nervously and replied, "Hi, Elaine." As she walked into her office
I grabbed her ass. She quickly went into her office, obviously embarrassed.

I followed her in and closed the door. I said "You dressed really slutty
today. Was it for the judge or for me?"

"For the judge," replied Ally.

"Why for the judge?" I tease.

"All male judges are pigs. If you were a slutty outfit, they can not stay
focused. If they even have the slightest thought that they may get a piece of
me, they are mine."

"Does it turn you on dressing like a slut," I ask.

"A little," replies Ally shyly.

"Open your top right drawer, I demand. Ally obeys and a shocked look appears
on her cute little face. Grab the black butt plug.

"It is huge," says Ally as she grabs the plastic plug.

Oh by the way Ally is dressed rather slutty today. She is wearing a thin see
through white blouse, a white lace bra, a black short skirt(and I mean
short), and white nylons. They must be crotchless, the skirt is too short for
stockings or stay ups. I walk over to her and say "Bend over slave."

Ally says "Not at work." But she still does bend over. I grab the plug, lift
up her skirt, shit they are stay ups. The judge definitely must have seen
that sometime during the trial. I lean down and lick your anal entrance.
After getting it a little moist, I shove the butt plug in her ass. Ally yelps
as the plug stretches her still tight ass. "Hurt bitch?"

"Yeah," moans Ally.

"Good, now keep that thing up your ass till the day is done, and be at my
place at 6:30," I demand as I leave the office. That was fun.

In the afternoon I made another tape. The same message for Ally, but a new
one for Georgia. {Georgia, you want to dress like Ally} Just as Ally was
leaving for the day, to prepare for tonight's activities, Georgia comes out
of her office and stares at Ally as she leaves. I walk over to Georgia and
say "A penny for your thoughts."

Georgia quickly tries to cover her obvious fascination with Ally and says
"Oh hi Elaine."

"Where you just staring at Ally?"

"Um-ya actually, I just can't believe the outfits she wears some days. I
could even she that she was wearing stay ups."

"Well dressing like that helps her in court."

"You think so?"

"Sure, she hasn't lost many cases when a male judge is on, has she?"

"No, I suppose not," she seems to be contemplating something.

"Your very pretty Georgia and you have a nice body, you should use it to your
advantage. Show it off. I guarantee you it will help."

"I don't know, it makes me feel, well slutty."

"Do you think Ally is a slut?"

"Well, no, although she sure likes to dress sleazy."

"Its not sleaze Georgia, its a tease. Think about it Georgia, I think you
will come around. See you tomorrow."

"Um ok, later." replies a confused Georgia.

Around 6:30 Ally shows up. I say, "You are going to be the maid tonight. Your
outfit is on my bed. You will do anything that any of the woman tell you

Ally obeys. When she returns she is almost completely naked. The outfit I
left her was sleazy. A maid's outfit. This one though had no skirt. Just a
white see through shirt, a black hat, black garter belt and black stockings.
I was wearing a satin dress in burgundy, with ivory stay ups. Very
conservative. At ten to seven Allison arrived with two other girls. Allison
was dressed the slutiest. A tight red spandex dress, with black nylons and
obviously no bra as I could see her nipples through the dress.

"Hi mistress," says Allison, "Sarah could not make it, she is grounded. But
two of my other friends did want to come. I hope you don't mind."

"No slave, as long as both understand their role here."

"They too want a master," Allison says. "This is Kristen and Becky. Kristen
and Becky are sisters. Kristen is in grade 12 and Becky grade 11."

Both girls were real lookers. Both blondes and both had green eyes. Kristen
was wearing a green crop shirt that revealed her bellybutton, with a matching
green skirt, extremely short and beige nylons. Becky, on the other hand, was
wearing a sundress and ivory nylons. She seemed really shy.

"If these two girls are going to be allowed in they must prove their
worthiness first. Kristen, tell me why you are a slut."

Kristen smiles and says, "I love to be used. I love sex. I love woman. I love
the taste of a wet pussy. I also love the feel of a hard cock in my ass.
Either a dildo or a real one."

"And how about you Becky?"

"Um, I,"

Kristen interrupts, "Actually she has never had any sexual encounter before.
We made her come to this. We figured she needed it."

"Interesting," I reply, "Becky by the end of the night you will be a
different girl." I walk over to her and kiss her. She doesn't react at first,
but soon she starts to respond back. I break the kiss. "You girls go to the
livingroom and wait for the other guests." I look at the clock. It is 5 to
seven. I wonder if these teachers would show up. Can you imagine woman, of
such apparent prestige, would come to a strangers house because they so badly
need to have a young teens pussy. I started to doubt they would show up when
the doorbell rings.

My maid, Ally, goes and answers the door. Moments later two ladies walk into
my livingroom. They looked around and seemed surprised to see Kristen and
Becky. They whisper to each other as I say, "Hi, my name is Elaine, I am your
host for the evening, and you are?"

A woman, probably over 40, rather attractive, dressed in a incredibly slutty
cropped, black, halter top that opened at her breasts, with a black miniskirt
and black stockings, says "My name is Lisa White, I am the school principal
at Watkin High. This is Tara McIvor, Allison's Social Studies teacher." Tara
is probably 22, one of the most beautiful girls I have ever scene, imagine
Sharon stone, but with longer legs. She is wearing a sexy and short floral
mesh dress, with V neckline. It is obvious that she is not wearing a bra. The
dress is black and she too is wearing black nylons. She is also wearing a
black choker around her neck. I wonder if she is the principal's slave. I
will find that out later.

I say, "Nice to meet you Tara, Lisa, please have a seat and wait till the
others get here." The ladies took a seat as i hear a knock at the door. I
hear the two woman say "others?" Moments later three more ladies entered the
livingroom. they too seem very surprised too see students and other teachers
here. Allison had not told them much. Good. These woman must be real lesbo
sluts to be here.

Again I introduce myself. "Hi my name is Elaine, and I will be your hostess
for this evenings events."

"Um, hi my name is Carol Collins," says a brunette of around 28. She is
rather short, but rather cute. She is wearing black lace over satin dress.
Part of her braless tits can be scene through the dress. The dress is black
and she is wearing beige pantyhose.

"I am Sharon Moore," says a woman in her mid-40's, nervously. She is chubby,
but not fat. She is wearing a leopard print dress that looks a little sill on
her. She is wearing suntan stockings.

The doorbell rings again.

"And my name is Miranda Remarchuk," says a 25ish redhead. She is tall and
slim. She is dressed simply in a white shawl, with white stay ups. I know
this because the shawl is very see-through. She is not wearing a bra and her
ass is super.

As I say, "Please take a seat," the final woman enters the room. She is
wearing a black overcoat. She is very cute. A cute brunette, with dimples,
and a sexy smile.

Before I can introduce myself she says, "Hi everyone." She looks at me and
says "Hi, my name is Sheila." As she says this she takes off her jacket and
reveals that she is dressed in some very erotic lingerie. Red vinyl cami,
with red leather gloves and matching g-string. She is also wearing red stay
ups. All the red, brings out her long blonde hair. Fuck, I just came.

I recover and say, "Nice to meet you Sheila, I am Elaine. Please take a
seat." She does. Fuck what an ass. I now address the whole group. "We are
here today, for a very interesting night. I understand that each one of you
has had the pleasure of munching on slave Allison's box." A few of the girls
blush. "Anyways, understand that I am in charge here and you will answer
all my questions and do as I say. Also, this is my slave Ally, she will be
taping this whole session. If anyone has a problem with this they may leave
now." No one moves. Good. "First, we are going to sit back and listen to
Allison tell us how each one of her six teacher's seduced her. Please to not
interrupt. Allison please tell us how each of these professionals first came
on to you."

Allison smiles and begins, "Well, I think it is important to start at how my
image came out. As I told master Elaine already, me and some of my friends
were having some girl/girl fun when my mother caught us. Instead of giving us
shit, she joined in and taught us how to pleasure a woman. After that, I
never wanted a man. That said, I would let any girl eat from my box. Within
the first two months of the school year I had my pussy eaten by probably 40
girls. Soon rumours were spread that I was a dyke and loved having my pussy
chomped. Which was actually true. Anyways, one day after school, I was
working in the SRC room, I am Vice-President master, and Samantha Jones, a
grade 11 nerd who could never get a man, was under my desk eating me out.
Suddenly, Mrs. Cummings, my English teacher, came in. I squeezed my legs
together and tried to act as if I was working. Mrs. Cummings noticed a pair
of shoes under my desk. She asked the girl to get out from their. She was
surprised to see it was Samantha. Samantha, completely humiliated, ran out
and left us alone. Mrs. Cummings walked over to me and said, 'This is not
appropriate for school Allison.' I remain quite, but I notice she is looking
down at my pussy. My skirt is pretty high up still. 'I think I should
probably tell Miss White. Don't you?' I realize that she is still staring at
my legs, so I open them apart wide, so she can almost all the way up. I don't
answer. Miss Cummings walks over to the door and locks it. She walks over to
me, gets on her knees and crawls between my knees. I ask with a devilish
giggle, 'What are you doing Mrs. Cummings?' She doesn't answer as she extends
her tongue and starts lapping at my snatch. She was a good cuntlicker and she
had me off in minutes. This has since been a weekly thing. Same place, same
time, isn't it Miss Cummings?" Miss Cummings blows her a kiss.

"Next was Mrs. Moore, my chemistry teacher. Really I seduced her. I had a
hunch she was a dyke as she was always checking me out. She was older and,
although she was married, I figured she didn't get much sex. She was always
staring at my tits, drooling over my long legs when I wore some slutty slut
and watching my ass every time I walked in and out of the room. So I started
teasing her. I would open my legs a bit so from her desk she could see my
shaved bush. I never wore panties to school. I also sat in the front row,
right in front of her desk. As time went on she could not stay focused. After
I did rather poorly on an exam, she asked me if I could meet her after
school. Anyways, after school I came to her class and for a few minutes we
discussed chemistry actually. Finally, I said it was hot in here and I talk
off my sweatshirt. Underneath I was wearing a white t-shirt, no bra, and my
nipples poked through clearly. I noticed that she was, as usual, starring at
my chest. This time I went over and locked the door and simply said, 'You
want me don't you Mrs.Moore?' She was to embarrassed to answer. I simply sat
on her desk and lifted my skirt up. 'Go ahead, Mrs.Moore, eat me.' She
slowly, and I mean slowly, moved towards me. When she was in reach I grabbed
her head and pushed it into my shaved twat. She slowly lapped away making
love to my pussy. It was great. Her style was so tender, not what I usually
like, but this really turned me on. She didn't let me cum for a long time,
she kept me on the brink and when I did cum, it was earth shattering. Since
then we have been together quite a few times, always at her place. She likes
when I treat her like a slave."

I look at Shannon, she is beat red and her head is down.

"Next was Miss McIvor, the intern. As soon as I saw her I knew I wanted her,
she was so cute and I had a hunch submissive. I am not sure why, but I had a
hunch. One day I simply walked up to her and whisper, "I want you.' and walk
away. Next day in class she keeps looking my way and while we are working on
research projects, I go over to her and say 'My pussy is shaved' and again
walk away. After school I see her leaving and I catch up to her and say,
'Take me to your place.' She looks at me as she gets to her car and she says
'Get in'. When we get to her place I simply push her on the floor and
straddle her. My pussy drops onto her lips and she pleasures me. It was
great. We spent the whole night using many of her different vibrators. I
even fucked her ass for the first time. She loved that didn't you Miss

"Yes, mistress Allison," she replies.

"Next was Miss White, the principle. She called me in the next day at noon. I
figured I was in trouble. Instead she says 'My slave Tara tells me that she
and you had a romantic interlude.' I laugh and say 'Not really, I just used
her as my slut for a night.' Miss White is surprised by my words. I continue
'Let me guess' I say as I walk over to her, 'you want a piece of Allison
pie.' She replies 'Yes, I would Allison, I hear you are delicious.' I get on
her desk and spread my legs. She moves eagerly towards my pussy. I stop her
and say 'Beg for the privaledge of eating me.' The principal, the leader of
the school, begs "Please Allison, let me lick your pussy, I can make you feel
so good.' Listening to the principal beg to munch on my muff was too much and
I push her head into my wet cunt. Since then I have been called into the
office many times and always for the same thing. A lunch snack."

"Next was Miss Collins and by now my reputation as a lesbian whore who loved
having her twat licked. I was meeting Miss Collins to discuss what I was
going to do next year. We discussed things for awhile and then suddenly Miss
Collin's hand was one my leg. I didn't say anything as I put my hand on her
leg and slowly slid up her thigh, when I got to her pussy, I slipped under
her panties and slid a finger into her pussy. I fucked her hard till she
came, then I pulled the finger out and placed it at her lips. She opened up
and sucked her pussy juice from my finger. I then pushed her head down and
she worked my clit over with her tongue while she slid two fingers deep into
my hole. Since ten we meet once every couple weeks for some...guidance."

"Lastly, Miss Remarchuk. Although she was last, she has been the most
frequent. She knows exactly how to use that tongue. Anyways, I was walking
home one day when she pulled up in her car and said 'Hi Allison, can I give
you a lift?' I say sure and I am not surprised when we end up at her place.
After we are in her apartment she says, 'I have wanted you for awhile. Get
over here and eat my pussy.' The thrill of being controlled was a turn on and
I did as I was told. Unfortunately, after she tasted my box she was hooked
and lost all control. She licked me forever and fucked both my cunt and ass
with her finger. It was amazing. But she no longer treated me as a whore and
I loved that. That said, I did love the way she worked my pussy over."

"Well that was educational," I say and laugh at the pun, "So are all six of
you ladies lesbians? Let's go left to right."

Mrs. Cummings says, "Well I am married to a great sexy man and I love to be
fucked my his cock. But I also love the taste of a woman. I ama sexual being
and I love all kinds of sex."

Miss Remarchuk is next and she says "Yes, I only have sex with woman. I love
to tease men, but I would never want to have sex with one." Interesting I
think, it would be fun to have her fuck some guy.

Next is young Tara McIvor, she says, "I had never had sex with a woman till
mistress Lisa told me it was the only way I would pass my internship. She
forced me to be her slave. Now all I think about is woman and being
dominated, I love it. I am not sure I ever would want a man again."

Miss White continues, "Men, who needs them? Woman can please themselves. Only
a woman knows what a woman wants. And a dildo, or any other cock toy is just
as good as a man and it stays hard all night."

Miss Collins laughs as she says, "Yeah, I suppose that is true, but I do like
the feeling of a hard cock in my pussy, once and awhile. The taste of cum is
delicious, but...not as delicious as the taste of pussy. I love both."

Mrs. Moore states, "I too am married, but he has got bored of me. I havn't
been fucked by a man forever. So I turned to woman and to my surprise I loved
it. Now, I can not get enough. On the way over here I ate out Miranda's box
in the car while Carol drove."

I look at Allison and she smiles and says, "Only pussy mistress, although I
will fuck any man you wish in my mouth, cunt or ass."

"Good answer," I reply, "Kristen?"

"I have fucked a couple men, both friends of my father, but they just treated
me as a fuck. Allison, on the other hand, made love to me, it was amazing."

I looked lastly at innocent little Becky, she looked at me and whispered,
"I-I-I don't know."

"Well we will find out tonight. Let's go around the circle again and tell me
briefly who and what was your best sexual encounter."

Sheila begins, "Hopefully tonight. Otherwise, the best sexual encounter would
be when I was in high school and all 10 of us cheerleaders had a lesbian orgy
on my birthday. At one time all 11 girls were pawing me. One was licking my
clit, another fingering my pussy, another fucking my ass with a dildo, two
playing with my breasts, one kissing me, two kissing each side of my neck and
the others touching caressing wherever they could. It was amazing. Maybe
tonight we could do something like that for young Becky."

Miranda went next and said, "That sounded like fun. My favourite experience
was when my sister and I first did it together. It was my first time. She
simply slid in my bed one night and started kissing me. Soon she was
fingering my pussy. The rest of the night is a blur as we spent the whole
night inbetween each other's legs. Even today, my sister and I try to get
together every month for some sisterly love. Becky let Kristen sleep with you
sometime. That is what sisters are for."

Tara was next and began, "Actually being turned into a cuntlicking, lesbian
slave by mistress Lisa, would be my most intense sexual encounter. It opened
up my sexuality."

Lisa says, "Good reply slave. My favourite sexual encounter was when I met my
first mistress. She taught me everything I know. I was 16 and at summer camp.
The wife of the camp director seduced me and then spent the next two weeks
using me as her personal sex toy. She fucked me with strap ons, made me lick
her asshole and even made me drink her piss. Ever since then I have liked to
be in control. But I have always searched for another mistress."

Carol looks at Lisa oddly before she begins, "My best encounter was when I
was in university, I was fucked by two football hunks. It was my first double
penetration and it was amazing. Both of them ended up cumming in my mouth.
After half an hour of simply caressing, they banged me again, shooting two
loads of cum on my tits. After this I got a rep as a slut and spent almost
every free night being banged by one, two or three guys."

Mrs. Moore looks around and finally says, "I havn't really had any great
sexual experiences, like you girls. My husband is a dud and the only man I
have ever slept with. I guess my first woman encounter, when a friend of mine
and I ended up in each other's arms in her pool. She had just finalized a
divorce and I complained that my marriage sucked, next thing I know, we are
kissing and the rest of the night was a drunken blur."

Allison looks at me and says, "Honestly everytime some lesbian slut begs to
eat my box I have an orgasm. I love watching woman like teachers begging to
suck on my cunt. The time mom caught us was amazing. But the best time had to
be when I met my mistress and her maid."

As she mentions my maid I decide to get Ally into the action I demand "Ally,
give me the camera, get on your knees and give each of these lovely ladies
twenty licks."

Sheila quickly slides off her panties as Ally begs, "No, please don't make me
do this." But her protests are stopped as her tongue reaches Shelia's cunt.

Kristen then says, "My best would actually be tonight already. The sexual
tension in here is amazing. I so badly want to eat out Mrs. Cummings, suck on
Miss Remarchuk's huge tits, treat Miss McIvor as the tramp she is, finger
fuck my slutty principal, chew on Miss Collins clit, squeeze the chunky ass
of Mrs. Moore, fuck the ass of Allison, break my sister in and become a slave
to you mistress Elaine."

By the time she is finished talking Ally has licked Sheila, Miranda, Tara and
was currently working on Lisa. I smile as I look at Becky and say, "I know
you have no sexual experience, but tell me which of these six teachers would
you like to taste."

Becky shyly says, "Miss Remarchuk."

"What would you like to do to Miss Remarchuk?"

"I would like to taste her?"

"You would like to lick her shaved box?"

"Yes," she says completely embarrassed.

"Go ahead, go over to Miss Remarchuk and eat her snatch." It was so cool to
watch as she slowly walked over to Miss Remarchuk, who grabbed her and gave
her a long passionate kiss. Soon the young girl was on her knees with her
head inbetween the sexy math teacher. Ally has finished licking Lisa, Carol
and Shannon and had just started on Allison. I left and returned with a huge
bag of toys. I simply say, "Ladies, have fun. Before the night is done, each
one of you must be with every girl here. Sheila you wear the thick black
cock, your job is to fuck these sluts. Miss White, grab a butt plug and use
it on each of these whores. The rest of you have fun. Soon the ladies are all
over each other.

Kristen grabs Miss McIvor and a huge dildo and says "Fuck me with this." She

Miss Collins and Mrs. Moore grab a two ended cock and soon are fucking each
others cunts.

Miss Remarchuk reaches for a vibrator and starts using it on young Becky.
Becky cums on contact from the toy.

Mrs. Cummings goes over and bends Mrs. White over and starts fucking her with
the cock , while Miss White rims Allison's ass.

The rest of the night is a blur as the woman continually swap partners.

Mrs. Moore took a rectum ride by Kristen.

Tara and Allison used a double dildo to fuck each others ass in unison.

Sheila banged all 8 cunts with her cock, while Miss White lubed the ass of
all the ladies.

Miranda's rump was reamed by Becky.

Mrs. Cummings was then double penetrated with two huge vibrators, while she
ate out Miss White.

Allison pulled large beads out of Miss McIvor's ass.

All this time, Ally was back videotaping.

After probably three hours of this, I figured it was time for the finale. I
get on all fours in the middle of the floor and say, "Pleasure your new
mistress whores." Soon all the woman are on me. Sheila and Miranda are
licking the soles of my nylon covered feet, Tara and Shannon are nibbling on
my nipples, Carol struggles to lay underneath me and begins licking my box,
while lisa has put on the strap on and has started to fuck my ass, allison
and kristen were nibbling on my ears and neck and becky was kissing me,
slipping her tongue into my mouth. the feeling of having all these sluts
pleasing me was amazing. I would watch this tape over and over again. The
girls continually rotated positions till every girl had slurped my juices,
fucked my ass, sucked on my nipples and generally touched every part of their
mistresses body. After uncountable orgasms I finally get up and say, "That
was very good slaves. This will become a weekly thing. Every Monday. If you
are to be invited back next Monday you must do as I tell you now. Also, you
must found me in advance to get permission to have any type of sex, except
for the following the instructions I am about to give. First, each one of you
must always dressing stay ups, garters, or crotchless pantyhose. You must
also dress sexy. Here are your personal instructions. Sheila, you are to
bring young Becky to your house and have a threesome with your husband."
Shelia smiles. "Is that ok Becky?" I ask.

Becky smiles and says, "Yes mistress."

Next I look at Miranda and say, "You will seduce and fuck at least three men
this week. One staff member, one student and one complete stranger." It is
obvious she is appalled so I say, "Is this a problem?"

"Well, I just don't like men?"

"If you ever want to be touched by these woman again you will do it and for
questioning my authority you will beg the student to fuck and cum in your
ass. After he has done that you will suck his cock again till he shoots a
second load of goo down your throat, understand."

"Yes," replies Miranda devastated.

"Lisa. You will be Kristen's slave for the week. You will do whatever she
tells you no matter what. Lisa you will spend the whole weekend at her place.
Do you have a dog, Lisa?"

"Yes," she replies, "A german shepard."

"Kristen, you will suck the dogs cock and swallow his cum."

"Hmmmm, yes mistress," replies Kristen, as she fucks herself with one of the

"Tara, you will pick up a guy one night, a girl the next, every night this
week and be their slave for the night."

Tara smiles.

"Carol, you will ask every one of your male students if you can suck their
cock. If they say yes, you will suck him off till he cums inside your mouth."

"But what if..."

"Are you questioning me," I explode.

"NO, I..."

"Ok, grab the biggest butt plug I have and you are no required to keep it in
your ass all week except when you have to take a shit."

She doesn't question me this time as she walks over, grabs the huge black
plug and slowly slips it into her rectum.

"Shannon, you will teach a unit of sexual chemistry this week. You will show
a porno film to the class and tell them exactly what is going on. If any of
the kids come on to you, you will take them home and fuck them."

"Lastly, slave Allison. You are my favourite. But you need to try cock. So I
want you to, after a football practice, be waiting in the shower for the boys
and offer your body to all the boys."

Allison smiles at the thought. "Good now next Monday when we meet you will
tell me how your duty went. I am looking forward to hearing the stories. Now
get out of my house." Slowly, the woman get dressed and leave.

With only Ally left, I say, "Did you enjoy that?"

"I can't believe it. I know you are making me your slut and although I am
fighting it, I know I can't stop you. But these girls did it on their own. It
really made me hot."

"Interesting," reply as I walk over to her and kiss her hard.

"Go home Ally and think about those young teenagers pleasing you."


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