I wrote this one a while ago, but only recently decided to publish it, having
only recently found TSSA. All the standard disclaimers apply; don't read any
further if you're under 18, and this is a work of fiction and is not meant to
accurately portray any of the characters involved, only to give you something
to think about ;-)

Also, I'm not doing this with the permission or endorsement of anyone
involved in the TV show Ally McBeal. Just enjoy, and let me know what you
think, and if I should carry this story on any further. All feedback is
welcome to [email protected], and any ideas, suggestions, or constructive
criticism you have will be taken on board.

Ally McBeal: Part 2 (FF)
by Dirk Jelly

Ally had something of a spring in her step on the way to the office the next
day. Her life was suddenly starting to look up. Her roommate, Renee, had
successfully seduced her yesterday evening, and they had spent the entire
night fucking. Despite getting virtually no sleep, she felt more full of
energy than she had done in a long time. She and Renee had been best friends
for years - it seemed to make sense that they had now become lovers. She
finally had some feeling of being emotionally satisfied, and she was more
than sexually satisfied with her new-found lover. She looked forward to what
she hoped would be another fun night tonight.

As she bounced out of the elevator onto her floor, she almost crashed right
into Elaine, who was coming in the opposite direction. After her first
lesbian experience, Ally was surprised to find that she was seeing Elaine in
a new light. She was quite sexy, now she thought of it. Gorgeous tits...
Ally's pussy began to tingle slightly.

"Hi, Ally," said Elaine, with just a slight flick of her hair. Ally thought
she noticed Elaine being just a little bit more friendly than usual, and was
slightly disconcerted to notice her eyes scan her whole body up and down,
then give her a look, as if to imply that she was in on some secret or other
that Ally was hiding. She couldn't know about her and Renee though. Could

"I got those reports you wanted for the case," Elaine continued, still giving
Ally that look. "They're on your desk."

"Oh, thankyou, Elaine," replied Ally, somewhat distractedly. She headed off
to her office, with rather disturbing thoughts still swimming through her
head. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but she actually liked the idea
of Elaine ogling her. She had noticed herself getting significantly turned on
by her. What did she want to happen between them? What did Elaine want? Did
she know about her and Renee? How? She couldn't concentrate on the case at
all, but she didn't really need to, because Elaine followed her into her
office very soon.

"Oh, Elaine." Ally looked up. "Hi." She decided to stop being nervous and
wondering exactly what Elaine knew and what she didn't. She adjusted her
cleavage in an attempt to look a bit more sexy (not easy in the suit she was
wearing), and walked over to her. "What can I do for you?"

Elaine shot her what was definitely a sneaky grin. "Oh, I was just after a
chit-chat, if you're not busy. Sleep well?"

"I had a really good night last night," Ally responded, purposefully not
answering the question. She saw from Elaine's face that she had picked up on
what she was saying. "And you?"

"Oh, fantastic. And how's Renee?"

Ally realised at this point that Elaine must know about what had happened
last night. She also seemed to be implying that she had had sex last night as
well. Was Elaine a dyke?

"Renee's just great," she said, returning Elaine's sly grin, and making no
attempt to hide the fact that she wasn't talking about how well she slept.
She gave her cleavage another quick adjustment, and made sure Elaine noticed
it. She did.

"Good," she said. She stepped closer, so their bodies were almost touching.
"Actually, to tell you the truth, Ally, I didn't sleep a wink last night. I
was busy with other matters. I think you were too, weren't you?" She touched
Ally's arm gently with her hand, and it was the best Ally could do to murmur
a yes. "I was in bed," she went on, "all last night, making love... with
another woman." Now she took both Ally's arms in her own, and looked deep
into her eyes, leaning further forward. "What were you doing last night,

You know full well what I was doing last night, thought Ally, as she mumbled,

Elaine continued staring at her, then closed her eyes as she leant forward
some more. Ally reciprocated, until their lips met. The evidently more
experienced lesbian parted Ally's lips with her tongue, and moved her hands
down to squeeze her butt. Ally, for her part, moved one hand to fondle
Elaine's pert breasts, and the other to push the back of her head forward,
so the kiss was reinforced. As her ass was being massaged, she felt Elaine's
hand slip inside the front of her skirt, and begin stroking her panties,
which by now were almost dripping with wetness. Ally, suddenly apprehensive,
pulled her head back and broke the kiss.

"Elaine," she said, "I don't know if I should be doing this."

"Whyever not?" Elaine asked, still rubbing Ally's pussy through her

"Well, I'm with Renee. I mean, I'm sleeping with Renee..."

Elaine responded by withdrawing her hand from Ally's skirt, and lightly
stroking her hair. "So am I, Ally," she said with a smile. "She and I were
the first dykes in the company, and we're both very in favour of open
relationships. She won't mind..."

She kissed her again, and Ally, shocked yet reassured, kissed back, allowing
their tongues to intertwine, their saliva to mingle, and both their
ass-cheeks to be kneaded together. Elaine locked the door, then slid her hand
back inside Ally's skirt, and this time ventured inside her panties too. Ally
gasped as one finger, then two, slipped inside her drenched cunt, and began
teasing her clit. The feeling brought back visual memories of Renee going
down on her last night, and she was instantly filled with a craving for sex.
She slid her hands inside Elaine's skirt, and groped her ass through her
panties. Their lips were still engaged in combat, as both their skirts and
panties were pulled down past their hips, and fell to the ground. They
quickly undressed the rest of each other's bodies, and silently admired each
other for a few precious seconds. Then Elaine took one of Ally's pert, sweet
tits in her hand, and began sucking, just running her lips round the pointy
little nipple. Ally enjoyed the feeling, especially since it was a new and
exciting experience to be with Elaine - and of course she was still
relatively new to lesbianism. But she was a really horny girl that moment,
and not in the mood for spending any time on foreplay.

"Elaine," she said, "I want you to lick my pussy."

Elaine looked up from Ally's nipple, and grinned. She lowered a hand to
Ally's cunt, and felt the wetness that was forming.

"My my," she said, "you are a horny little bitch, aren't you? You're dripping
wet like that just because of me..."

"Just lick my pussy, dammit!" Ally almost shouted. She was feeling too horny,
so she grabbed Elaine's head and pushed her face into her crotch. She was
such an expert cunt-licker that Ally was almost overcome by the sensation.
She stumbled backwards as her legs began to lose feeling, and eventually she
ended up leaning on her desk for support. She sat down and spread her legs
wide apart, as Elaine continued to weave her tongue all around Ally's cunt
lips, tickling her where Renee had shaved off her pubic hairs during their
long session of fucking last night.

"Oh, yeah," Ally moaned uncontrollably, "lick me, Elaine, you slutty little
lesbian, lick my hot cunt..." She continued groaning passionately, as her
hands either held the back of Elaine's head, making sure her lips didn't
leave her pussy for one second, or groped her own tits in an attempt to
heighten the sensation of her second lesbian experience in as many days.
Elaine's well-educated tongue gave Ally's cunt a good hard lesson as it
whipped back and forth across her oozing wet lips. Ally couldn't contain
herself much longer, and let out a long satisfied groan as she came right
onto Elaine's awaiting face. Her new lover scooped up the rest of Ally's cum
on her fingers, then stood up and fed it to her. Elaine slid her index finger
into Ally's mouth, which sucked on it gratefully. Then they went back to
kissing again, groping asses as they did so. Ally then slowly laid Elaine
down on the floor. Elaine stared up at her lustfully, as Ally straddled her

"You're a great cunt-licker, Elaine," she said. "But now it's time for me
to show you a few little things I learnt last night." With that, one of her
fingers squirmed its way into Elaine's pussy. It was tighter than she had
expected, and provoked more of a reaction from Elaine. When Ally placed her
mouth between her legs and began kissing her crotch as well, Elaine went
wild, thrashing her head from side to side. By the time Elaine was ready to
cum, Ally was frigging her tight cunt with two fingers and kissing between
her legs wherever she could. She moved her body round on the floor, so she
could use her free hand to muffle Elaine's screams, lest they should be
caught. This new position allowed Ally to kiss and suckle Elaine's tits, as
she fingered her over the edge. She loved the feeling of girl cum flowing
over her fingers out of this dyke's pussy. When the throes of Elaine's
ecstasy subsided, Ally gave her own fingers a quick lick to taste the cum of
her second ever cunt besides her own, then gave them to Elaine in the same
way as she had earlier. She lay on top of her for a while, kissing her lips
occasionally. After a few luxurious minutes, a thought occurred to her.

"Elaine, you said you and Renee were the first lesbians in the company. Does
that mean there are others?"

Elaine smiled at her. "Well, I shouldn't really out anyone, but... I happen
to know that Ling swings both ways."

"You think we could persuade her to swing my way?"

"I don't think that'd be too hard," Elaine said with a grin. She rolled on
top of Ally, grinding their pussies together for one more delectable fuck...


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