Hi, my name is Elaine. I work at Fish-Cage and Associates law firm as a
secretary. I have made many inventions over the years, but all had failed.
Some of them were brilliant, but they just never caught on. But my newest
invention is my masterpiece. I have found a way to make mind control work.
By sending subliminal messages over the music system I can slowly alter the
mind of an individual. Will it work? There are no guarantees, but this should
work. I decided to test it on one of my co-workers. After much contemplation,
I have decided to try it on Ally. She is the one who has treated me the worst
of all the lawyers. She is so condescending and so beautiful, she gets all
the guys. All that bitch has to do is give that sweet innocent smile and she
gets what she wants. It would be fun to make her a submissive woman. One who
would do anything I say. I wonder if she has ever been with a woman? Anyways,
I decide that tonight I would make the first tape to play for Ally. This tape
will be a simple first message. {Ally, you want to be nice to Elaine} It
would repeat all day. I can't wait to see what happens.


So the day went by uneventful as I played the tape all day. Unfortunately,
Ally was at trial the majority of the day. I did notice that Ally looked at
me odd as she left for trial. She came back at 4:40, but only to grab some
things she needed to prepare for another case. As she left she did manage to
say "Have a good night Elaine." I simply smiled back at her as she left. Of
course, there was no definite way to know if the tape worked yet. I would
play it again tomorrow. She would be gone all morning, but was suppose to be
back in the afternoon.


I spent last night masturbating about Ally on her knees munching on my box.
Yummy! Anyways, Ally returned from her case after lunch and came over to me.
She was dressed in one of her sexy outfits that she used to tease the male
judges. This one was a short, black skirt, with beige nylons, black three
inch pumps and a white blouse that did a good job of displaying her rather
large breasts. She loved to tease. She knew she had an amazing body and used
it to her advantage in court. That is why I found it hard to understand how
she never seemed to be able to have a relationship that worked. Anyways, I'm
off topic (I tend to do that a lot).

She walked over to me and said "Hi Elaine, how are you doing today."

Quickly I wonder if the tape has already affected her. She almost never asks
me how I am doing. I reply, "I'm doing well thanks. I put your mail on your
desk and you are suppose to call Mr. Watkins as soon as possible."

"Oh good, he probably has the plea bargain for me. Thanks Elaine your an
angel" says Ally as she gives me a smile. She walks into her office and I
watch her firm ass wiggle till she closes the door. It must be working. She
has never called me angel or for that matter even thanked me for giving her
a message. I think it is time for the second tape. I think she is ready for
the next level. I hope so.


Well last night I made the second tape. This tape will make it almost certain
wether the tapes are working or not. It is a simple message: {Ally, your feet
are sore, you want to keep your shoes off while in the office} Today Ally's
schedule was pretty tame and she should be in the office all day. If I see
her walking around the office without shoes on, I will know the tapes are
working. If her shoes are on all day then I can probably assume the tapes are
a failure. Now, now Elaine, have faith in yourself. Anyways, Ally showed up
around nine and stayed in her office till she called me into her office just
after 10:30. As I walked in I see Ally at her desk writing something down.

Ally looked up and said "Elaine, I really need the Bergen file. Could you be
a sweetheart and get it for me."

I try to somehow see if she has her shoes on, but I can not because of the
position of her desk. I reply "Sure," be back in a moment. I leave excited as
I go and grab the file. As I am retrieving the file I come up with a plan. I
will simply go to the desk to give her the file and I will accidently drop it
on the floor at the side of her desk. That way when I bend down to pick it up
I will be able to see her feet. I am giddy with anticipation. Damn it, where
the hell is the file? After a couple of minutes I finally find the file and I
head back to Ally's office. I walk into her office and walk to her desk. As
planned, I drop the file on the floor to the left of her desk. I bend down to
grab the file and Ally stands up and walks over to assist me. I look and see
10 beautiful, exquisite toes, just inches from me. Toenails that are painted
bright red and feet that are covered in black nylon. I smile. My panties are
drenched instantly. Ally bends down to assist me. I want to grab her, throw
her on her back and dive into her pussy. But, I don't. Someone once said that
patience is a virtue. I don't know about that, but I now know that the tapes
are working.

I hand Ally the file. She gets up and smiles "Thanks Elaine."

I reply "Your welcome, anything else I can do for you?"

"No thanks. This should keep me busy for the rest of the day."

Ally goes back to work and I slowly leave the office. I go straight to the
bathroom and go into one of the stalls. I quickly begin masturbating and as
soon as I touch my clit I orgasm. I continue working on my pussy for a couple
more minutes, till I hear someone come into the washroom. I compose myself
and flush the toilet. I get up and leave my stall. "Oh hi Georgia." I say as
I see Georgia looking into the mirror, doing her hair.

"Hi Elaine," replies Georgia with a bit of irritation in her response.

I go to the sink and wash my hands. I look at Georgia and say "Your hair
looks fine Georgia. I wish I had hair like you."

Georgia gives a faint smile and replies "Thanks, your hair is nice too. I
would love to have your curls."

I know she is just saying that. Georgia is so hot. Ally is cute, which is
sexy; Georgia is a complete sexual sensation. A beautiful face, a thin body,
with perfect curves and long luscious legs. The thing is Georgia knows she
is beautiful. She will be mine yet I think as I think about the tapes. I
leave the washroom and go back to my desk. I have a hard time focusing as I
contemplate on what to do next. I know that I am still days away from my
final goal, I can not go to fast. One day at a time.

Right before lunch I see Ally leave her office for lunch. I see that she has
her shoes in her left hand as she leaves the office. I smile. This is easy. I
think what the hell and decide to make a tape during lunch. I sneak into one
of the conference room and make the tape. This one was just another simple
suggestion: {Ally, you respect Elaine, you think the world of her opinion} I
smile as I think of the possibilities. If this tape worked she would be
coming to me.

Damn bitch. She never did return for the afternoon. She phoned and said that
she had to meet with clients. The tape would have to wait till tomorrow.


Last night masturbating wasn't enough. I had to pull out one of by personal
toys. I fucked my cunt for what seemed like hours, I just could not get

The tape had been playing all morning. Ally had been in and out of the
office. Incidently, she still seemed to not where her shoes while in the
office. That meant that maybe the suggestions were permanent. I smiled. She
now hated to wear shoes in the office. In case you were wondering she was
wearing slacks today. Her toenails were still painted red and she was wearing
white pantyhose. I imagined her in a nurses outfit. Yummy. Anyways, in the
afternoon she had a meeting with Fish and a new client. She was working on a
case about pornography. I had read the case, it was an interesting one. It
was a case in which a company called 'Submission' was fighting the courts to
allow for pornography that included submissive men and woman. In other words,
they wanted to make fuck flicks that had men and woman who were dominated
sexually. Treated as slaves. I had to smile to myself, think of the irony of
it all. Here I was in the process of making Ally my slave and here she was
fighting a case in which she suggested such action was ok. Well not exactly
ok, but you know, still ironic.

Well anyways, Ally came out of the meeting at around 4 o'clock and seemed
frustrated. She went into her office and I decided to follow her in. I walked
in and said "A penny for your thoughts."

Ally looks up and says "Oh hi Elaine. We got the Submission case."

"You don't seem to excited," I reply.

"I'm not. This case is one I don't believe in. You know?"

"I suppose," I reply and continue "but really their case has a point."

Ally looks up intrigued, "How so?"

"Well, everyone has different sexual desires and fantasizes and I don't see
how the courts can say what is sexually ok and what isn't."

Ally is quite interested in this as she says "But doesn't that degrade woman.
Make us look like submissive sluts."

She is asking my advice. "Not really, the court case is for men and woman,
although I suppose more woman would fit the description."

Ally shrugs her shoulders and says "Can I be honest with you?"


"Well the thing is, the case worries me. I had never thought of such a sexual
situation before, but now it is out there and I keep thinking about it. What
it would be liked to be treated like that."

"Did it turn you on?"

"Um," starts Ally blushing and embarrassed, "Yes it did."

"Who did you have in mind," I ask.

Ally looks up and says, "someone I can't have." Their is silence till she
says "I gotta get going, I have got to be at the gym by quarter after five to
meet Renee. But, thanks for listening Elaine."

"Sure thing," I reply, "so do you still wish we didn't get the case."

"I don't know," she replies, "I just don't know." She shakes her head, grabs
her shoes and heads out the door saying "She you tomorrow Elaine."

"See ya," I reply and watch her leave. I smile thinking that this is working
even better than I thought. What next?


Last night was another night of major dildo fucking, I can't help myself.
Ally is all I think about. My soon to be slave. I made a new tape last night.
This one was the start of pushing Ally's sexual buttons: {Ally, you will be
constantly horny}. I also had another one made for the afternoon that stated:
{Ally, you get hornier every time you see Elaine} The morning was uneventful
as Ally never left her office and she never ask for my assistance. She even
stayed in her office during lunch. I switched tapes during lunch and decided
to wait for Ally to leave her office. I wore a rather sexy outfit today. I
wore a one piece sundress that when I leaned a certain way, or crossed my
legs would reveal that I was wearing a garter belt to hold up my opache
stockings. Finally around 1:30, while I was in the washroom washing my hands,
Ally walked in.

"Hi Ally," I say, "You must be really busy today."

Ally looks nervous as she says "What do you mean?"

"Nothing, its just that you have been in your office all day."

"Oh," replies Ally embarrassed, obviously she had been pleasuring herself all
day. Ally goes to the washroom. I wait till I hear her flush and I bend over,
pretending to buckle up my shoe. Ally comes out of her stall and sees me. My
garter is clearly showing and she stops and stares. I turn and look her
straight in the eye. She blushes and quickly turns away and walks next to me
to wash her hands.

I get up and leave the washroom. She is falling under my spell. She couldn't
resist staring at my thighs. She returns to her office and walks by my desk
without even looking at me. She doesn't know what to think I laugh to myself.

Ally stays in her office till I finally go in there at 5:00. I walk in and
notice that her right hand is under her desk. I wonder what she is doing? I
say "Ally, I am going home now. Anything I can do for you?"

"No that will be ok, have a good weekend," she says with a struggle. She must
have been close to an orgasm, her cheeks are bright red.

I decide to play with her a bit. I say "Those are gorgeous shoes, can I try
them on?"

Ally obviously wants me to leave, but she reluctantly says "Sure."

I walk to her desk, grab the shoes and sit down on a chair where she can
clearly see me. As I sit, my dress slides up my thigh and again reveals the
fact that my stockings are being held up by a garterbelt. I unbuckle my shoes
and slide off my heels. I watch Ally from the corner of my eye, she is
watching me. I stretch my leg out straight as a tease. Ally tries to pretend
to work as I do this. I eventually put on the shoes and stand up. I walk
around in them and finally say "These are so comfortable, how do they look?"

Ally looks up pretending to be distracted, "What? Oh, they look good on you

"Thanks," I reply, as I again sit down on the chair and slip my feet out of
her shoes. Again my garterbelt is in plain view. I place my hand on it and
pretend to adjust it. I look up at her quickly, she doesn't have time to look
away. "I say, garterbelts, they are sexy, but sometimes they are darn
uncomfortable." Ally just smiles as she practically drools over my body. "Do
you ever wear one of these things, Ally?"

"Oh no," replies Ally.

"Why not," I ask, "it makes a woman feel sensual."

"To embarrassing, what is someone saw," she asks.

What a square. "Oh Ally, that is half the fun. It is an incredible turn on
when I turn a man on with my body. Men love sexy things. They love
garterbelts, stay up stockings, sexy bras, silk panties, etc. You gotta tease
them, if you really want to please them. I love to tease men. I have even
seen a few woman take a peak."

"I don't think I could do that," replies Ally awkwardly.

"Sure you could," I reply. "You have a great body. You should use it to your
advantage. Bring out your sexual inhibitions."

"I don't know," says Ally.

I place her shoes back here I got them and say "Think about it Ally, you'll
love it." I give her a wink and walk out of her office.


What a weekend. I bought some new outfits and more lingerie. I also bought
some new toys. Some for me and some for when I finally got Ally back to my
place for some fun. On the weekend I made about 20 new tapes. I wouldn't use
them all probably, but I made them anyways. The one I was playing right now
was: {Ally, you want to dress sexy all the time} Of course, I wouldn't see
the results till at least tomorrow, but that was ok. She wasn't in the office
long as she had to be in court for the opening of the "Submission" case. I
hoped she was at work long enough to get the message.


Well last night I actually went out and picked up some 19 year old from the
bar. I needed to be fucked. I love young men, they have stamina. Not much for
style, but he made it up in the fact that he quickly recovered from the first
fuck session. I love being fucked up the ass, but I only let a man fuck me
their if he as eaten me out earlier and already plugged my cunt. This young
stud had did that and he got the privaledge of pounding my splinter. It was
amazing. Of course, the whole time he filled me up with his massive cock I
was thinking of Ally. The tape for today was: {Ally, you love the idea of
being submissive} Ally showed up at around 11:00 and had evidently succumbed
to yesterday's message. She was dressed in a new outfit. It includes a white
silk blouse, a black leather skirt, matching black stockings and in her hand
were a pair of five inch heels. Her toenails were newly painted red and
really stood out. As she went to her office I said "Good morning Ally, you
look sexy?"

Thanks," she replies with a smile.

"I quickly whisper, "Garters?"

Ally blushes and shakes her head yes as she walks into her office.

She is in her office till noon. I go into her office and say "I'm going for
lunch, anything I can get you."

"Sure, grab me a salad."

"Sure," I reply and go for lunch. When I return I go to Ally's office and
give her the salad. She is working on the 'Submission' case. "So how is the
case going?" I ask.

"Oh, good so far. But it is a ton of work. It will not be easy to convince 12
average jurors to such a case."

"How many men on the jury?"

"7 men, 5 woman," replies Ally.

"How old are they?" I ask.

The five woman are all pretty young, the oldest may be 40, the men range from
early 20's to probably 60."

"Not a bad jury," I say, "if you were on the jury what would you vote?"

"I don't know. Before I would have definitely been against such a thing. But
somehow since the talk with you my opinion seems to have changed."

"How so?"

"Well, it is a person's opinion, and if they like being treated that way, is
it really wrong? I guess not. And even if some people don't agree with it,
then don't watch right?"

"Exactly," I say, "plus, if you really think about it, all woman want to be

Ally is surprised by this. "How so?"

"Well, every woman wants to have a mate that is in charge, who knows exactly
what they want and need. I know I do. Don't you?"

"Well, yes I suppose so. It would be nice to have a man who knew what I
wanted. Who..."

"Who told you what to do?"

Ally hesitates, but finally says "Yes, tells me what to do."

"So you would like to be submissive?"

"I guess so."

I decide to leave it at that and say "Well I can't wait to see how this turns
out, how long will the case take?"

"Oh a couple days, I imagine. I am in court most of tomorrow."

"Well I better let you get back to work. Oh how do you like the garterbelt?"

"It is hard to get used to, but it does make me feel sexy."

"it sure does," I reply and leave the office.


As expected Ally was gone all morning, but did get to the office at around
2:30. She was dressed a little more conservative but still looked really
sexy. She was wearing a pink blouse, with a black blazer, a somewhat short
skirt, black nylons and three inch heels(in her hand of course). The tape I
made today was: {Ally, you answer all Elaine's questions honestly}

She said hi to me and went into her office. I waited a couple hours for the
message to take place before I went into her office. "How is it going Ally,"
I ask.

"Well," I think. Our case is pretty strong. Closing arguments are tomorrow."

"Really, that is good. Are you prepared?"

"I think so. I just finished my first copy of my closing."

"Let me here it," I say.

"OH, ok. Ladies and gentleman of the jury, judge, this is an easy case. It
is one about our constitution. About freedom. Does it not say that everyone
is allowed to make their own choices, to chose between right and wrong?
'Submission' is simply trying to make videos. Yes, these videos will offend
some people. But that is not the point. It may offend you the jurors, it may
offend the judge, maybe even I don't agree with it, but again that is not the
point. The key is freedom of liberty. Freedom of choice. Freedom of the
individual. If men and woman want to make these tapes, is it really are say
to say it is wrong? If you don't like it, don't watch it. If the people of
America are against it, they will say it by not purchasing the product.
Again, that is their choice. Also, remember sexual satisfaction and desires
are different for every individual. What may turn you on, may not turn on
someone else. For example some men like woman with large breasts, others like
redheads, others like woman who are jocks, etc. So when you make your choice
remember that a decision to refuse these videos is a refusal of personal
rights. Personal freedom. Thank you."

"That is good," I say, "I ask you again would you vote yes if you were a

"Yes, I would," replies Ally. "I strongly believe that everyone should have
a choice and that their is nothing wrong with a woman or man wanting to
submit sexually."

"Really," I reply, "you should put that in your closing."

"I don't know, that makes me sound submissive."

"But arn't you?"

"I don't know. Maybe. I wasn't before. But after this case, I think well
maybe if a man treated me that way I would get off."

"Oh you probably would, there is nothing like having a man tell you what to
do, it is so sexually arousing."

Ally doesn't say anything.

"Do you have much experience with men," I ask. Knowing the suggestions will
let her answer freely.

"Not really," she replies embarrassed.

"How many guys have you done the wild thing with?"

Ally blushes as she says, "four."

"That is it? I had four before grade 11."

"How many have you had?" asks Ally.

"Oh you know the number at McDonalds that says one billion served? I would be
competitive. Men are just objects to me, their simply to please me."

"I-I think sex should be special."

"Oh I don't know about that. Sex should be hard, passionate, intense. That is
why having a man treat you like a piece of meat is so fulfilling. It is
simply raw passion. Lust. Are you horny right now?"

"I-uh-I-Yes," replies Ally quietly.

"There is nothing wrong with that. You should be horny when we discuss such
sexual things. I am drenched. IT means you would love to have a master. Have
someone tell you what to do and treat you like a tramp."

"A master? A tramp? I don't know that is a bit extreme."

"I suppose," I say. I look at the clock and say "Oh shit, I gotta get going,
later Ally."

"ya later," she replies in a daze as I leave the room.


Well today would be the second last tape. Today's tape was: {Ally, you want
to do anything Elaine says}. The tape also stated {Georgia, you respect
Elaine greatly}

Ally returned shortly after lunch from the case. Today dressed in a white
skirt, white nylons, and a red blouse. Her red three inch heels were in her
hands as she entered.

She comes to me and says "The judge was ill, the closing statements got to
wait till tomorrow."

"That is too bad," I reply.

"Oh well, I can relax for the rest of the day," she says as she goes to her

I change the tape at around 2:30. The tape is similar in regards to Ally but
different for Georgia. {Georgia, you respect Elaine's opinion}

I left Ally alone to absorb the tape and was happy to see Georgia come and
start a conversation with me in the bathroom, a first.

"Hey Elaine, how you doing?"

"Oh, ok, what do you think of the case Ally is on?"

"It is disgusting, it is so wrong. Like any woman would want to be treated
like that. I can't believe Ally can even do this case."

"I don't know. I think Ally actually is siding with the Submission side,"

"No way," replies Georgia, "Ally even told me it was sick."


"Before the case started."

"I think she has had a change of heart. I think it is ok. It is the woman's
choice and it is obvious that some woman want to be submissive."

"I don't know," replies Georgia, "I know I wouldn't."

"Really," I reply, you wouldn't get turned on by having Billy demand you to
suck his cock."

"Elaine!" says Georgia in shock. "I'm leaving." She quickly leaves the
bathroom. Oops, I better be careful with her, she is more stubborn then Ally.


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