Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people
or real events. It is highly explicit and is not to be viewed by minors
or those who are easily offended

Ally McBeal: Part 7 - For Whom The Nelle Spreads (Her Legs, That Is)
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected]) (FF, FFFFFFFFFFF, F-mast)

Nelle Porter sat at her desk and wondered what she was going to do for the
weekend. Although she wouldn't admit it, she was slightly envious of Ally,
Georgia, Liza, and Elaine, who were taking a long weekend in the country to
celebrate their victory in a big case. Nelle had heard rumors about what
kind of celebrations would be going on, and she wouldn't have minded taking
part in them. But, she hadn't been invited.

"Oh, well, life goes on," the statuesque blonde sighed as she returned to
her paperwork. She had barely picked up her pen when Ling Woo, a friend and
fellow attorney strode purposefully into the office.

"Hadn't heard from you in a while, Nelle. I wanted to see how you were

"I'm ok, I guess. Just a little down `cuz I didn't get to go with Ally and
the others on their long weekend."

"Awwww. Is my little Nellie Belle all hot and bothered `cuz no one will play
with her? I know just what you need."

Ling's hand darted out, slipped between the buttons of Nelle's silk blouse,
and unfastened the front clasp of Nelle's bra. Nelle's melons sprang out and
down as their confinement fell away, and her nipples hardened as the cool air
and smooth silk hit them.

"Ling, how did you do that without touching my blouse?"

"Ancient Chinese secret," Ling giggled. "Want me to get your panties off
without touching your skirt?"

"Maybe later. I've got to finish this work before I go home. But I sure could
use some lick therapy though."

"Consider it done."

While Nelle hiked up her skirt and slid her panties down and off, Ling
shimmied out of her slacks and panties as well. Nelle unlocked a drawer of
her desk and pulled out two vibrating dildos. She handed them to Ling, then
sat down in her chair, legs spread wide. Ling turned on the vibrators, and
slid one into her own pussy, then she crouched down and got into the knee
space of Nelle's desk. Nelle rolled her chair up to the desk, slid a hand
into her blouse to fondle her nipples, and sighed happily as Ling began
alternately vibing and licking her clitoris.

Before the orgasms could start, however, Nelle's phone rang. She snatched it
up with her free hand and snapped, "Yes?"

"Nelle? This is Miranda. Miranda Hobbes. From law school."

"Miranda? Oh my God! It's been so long! How in the world are you?"

"I'm doing great, Nelle. I'm calling because I'm going to be in your
neighborhood this weekend, and I thought we could get together and have a
girls' weekend like we used to do. If you know what I mean."

"I sure do, Miranda! That would be great!" Nelle felt a shiver of pleasure
run through her as she recalled some of the weekends she'd spent with

"Oh and Nelle? Would you mind if I brought some of my girlfriends along?
They're very open-minded."

"Sure. Why not. I'll invite some of my friends too, and we'll have a balls
out girls' weekend, just like we used to. Anything goes."

"Glad to hear it. By the way, Nelle, are you still friends with little Asian
hottie you used to hang out with?"

Nelle looked down at Ling, who was vigorously licking her pussy, and smiled.
"Yes, I still see her now and then. Want me to ask her to the party?"

"If you would. That would be great. We'll get into town first thing in the
morning and I'll give you a call then, OK?"

"OK. Thanks for calling, Miranda."

"You're very welcome, Nelle. Talk to you tomorrow. Bye."

"Bye, Miranda."

* * *

In her New York City office, Miranda Hobbes hung up the phone, then smiled
and sighed happily as her middle finger stroked her clitoris through the
unzippered fly of her slacks. It was going to be soooooo good to see Nelle
again, she decided.

* * *

"Who's this Miranda anyway," Ling inquired between licks.

"My old roommate from law school," Nelle explained. "We sure had some wild
times together. I didn't think anyone could lick my pussy as good as she
could, but then I met you."

"Glad to hear it," Ling grinned as she intensified her oral attack on Nelle's
perspiring pussy. The alternating vibrator strokes and tongue strokes soon
did their work and then Nelle was moaning and groaning and squirming and
cumming all over Ling's face.

Still smiling from her good orgasm, Nelle lifted Ling up and set her on the
edge of the desk.

"Feel better?" Ling inquired.

"A little bit. But now I feel like eating some Chinese," Nelle said with a
devilish smile.

"Which entree would you like?"

"Sweet and Sour Pussy please."

Ling spread her legs wide. "Your order is ready. Enjoy."

Nelle knelt down, removed Ling's vibrator, then grabbed her thighs and began
enjoying the exotic tastes of Ling's pretty Oriental pussy. Her tongue
traced circles and figure eights around Ling's clean-shaven pussy mound and
fluttered daintily on her pearl-like clitoris. Ling moaned and writhed in
pleasure and nearly tore through the material of her blouse and bra as she
fingered her nipples furiously. Nelle picked up the pace, and soon Ling felt
her insides melting as she popped off two orgasms in a row glazing Nelle's
face with her sweet honey.

"Ahhhh. Invigorating." Nelle sighed as she stood up. She proceeded to
rearrange her clothes and sat down at her desk. She returned the dildos to
their drawer, along with her panties. "Think I'll go commando for the rest
of the day," she explained with a grin.

"Nellie Belle, you are such a naughty girl."

"Thank you. Now I've got some invitations to make, and I know just who I'm
going to call."

* * *

Judge "Whipper" Cone didn't like to hear cases that had anything to do with
sex. It wasn't because she was a prude, but because the testimony inevitably
made her horny when she wasn't in a position to do anything about it. She
wasn't about to call a recess every time she needed some relief, which was
often, and it pushed her self-control to the limit to wait until the lunch
break or the end of the day to give herself the sweet release she needed.

That all changed, however, when she placed an order from a sex toy catalog.
She ordered a set of ben-wa balls and was immediately pleased with the
results. Now, she just slipped her trusty balls into her pussy before the
start of court, and all was right with the world. The sensations caused by
a simple crossing of her legs or shifting of her weight in the chair were
delicious, and filled the time between stroke sessions quite nicely.

Whipper was really glad she had her balls today. She was in the midst of
hearing the case of the so-called "Back Bay Madam," a Boston socialite
charged with running a high-class, high price escort service. Much of the
testimony was very explicit, and participants and spectators alike were
getting very hot and bothered.

Whipper's mind drifted during a momentary break in the case, and she picked
out a hot looking couple in the audience. She couldn't quite see for sure,
but Whipper thought the woman was resting her hand on her boyfriend's
package, giving it a discreet stroke every now and again.

"Wouldn't they be surprised to know all I've got on under my robe is
stockings and a garter belt," Whipper thought to herself. She developed the
fantasy further, imagining herself coming down from the bench, taking the
young man's cock out of his pants and blowing him rowdily, while his
girlfriend lifted her robes and licked Whipper's box from behind. Whipper's
pussy began to drip at the thought, and she checked her watch.

"To hell with propriety, It's almost noon time, and I need a stroke session
in the worst way."

Whipper caught the attorneys' attention and signaled that it was time for
the noon recess. They agreed, and the courtroom emptied out. Whipper headed
straight for her chambers, locked herself in, then unzipped her robe and
let it fall to the floor. She sighed with pleasure as the cool air hit her
overheated pussy and stiffened her nipples. She sat down at her desk and
slipped a latex sheath, complete with cockhead (another catalog purchase)
over the handle of of her gavel, and began working it in and out of her
womanhood. She barely managed to stifle a groan of lusty pleasure as her
orgasms began to hit. Whipper ripped off three cums in a row before the
phone rang. She took a minute to compose herself, then answered.

"Your Honor? This is Nelle Porter. I work with Ally at Cage and Fish..."

"Yes, I know who you are. What can I do for you?"

"I'm having a "just us girls" party this weekend, with some other friends of
mine, and I wondered if you'd like to join us?"

"That's very considerate of you but I don't know..."

"Anything and everything we do will remain within our group. No one else will
know. So feel free to come...and let it all hang out."

Nelle's lusty tone helped Whipper to make up her mind. "You've convinced me.
I'll your party."

"Great. I'll call you in the morning with the details. Talk to you then.


Whipper had a quick snack, then looked at her watch and reached for her
gavel/cock. She still had time for a little more poking and stroking before
recess was over.

* * *

Assistant D. A. Renee Radik walked purposefully through the halls of the
courthouse. She was a beautiful black woman with long legs, bountiful
breasts, and in the words of a former lover, "an ass you could crack an
egg on."

She was in a hurry today for a reason people would have found surprising if
they'd known. Renee was horny. She had stopped in to listen to the testimony
in the "Back Bay Madam" case, and the next thing she knew, her pussy had
started to drip! Now she was in a hurry to get back to her office and release
some tension. But the urge wouldn't wait. So, she ducked into a nearby
ladies' room and went into the stall farthest from the door. She hiked her
skirt up, and shimmied her panties down to her knees. She let out a sigh of
pleasure as her fingers found her clitoris and began massaging. Then her cell
phone rang.

"Ooooh, damn," Renee hissed through clenched teeth as she answered.

"Renee, this is Nelle. I didn't call at a bad time did I?"

"No, no, it's all right. I'm just kind of... hanging out ...right now. What's

"I'm having a `just us girls' party this weekend with some friends, and since
Ally's out of town, I thought I'd see if you wanted to come."

"Do I ever want to come," Renee thought to herself. "Sure, Nelle, it sounds
like fun. When & where?"

"I'll call you first thing in the morning and let you know. Talk to you
later. `Bye."


"Now back to the action," Renee said to herself as she put her phone away and
returned her hand to her womanhood. Suddenly she noticed that not only was
the stall door unlocked, but someone had pushed it open! Renee was caught
red-handed, with her skirt hiked up, her panties stretched to the ripping
point between her knees, and her fingers strumming her clitoris.

Standing before her was Helen Gamble, a colleague from the D.A.s office,
and the prosecutor in the "Back Bay Madam" case. Helen was a small, thin,
intense-looking woman who wore her black hair in a tightly wound bun on
her neck.

"Hello, Renee," said Helen, with a slight smile. "I thought I saw you in the
audience today. Getting a little relief?"

"Oh, I'm sooooo embarrassed. I mean I'm a professional and all, but I was
just suddenly so..."

"Horny?" Helen offered helpfully.

"Exactly, and I couldn't wait, so....Anyway, needless to say, I'd really
appreciate it if you didn't mention this to anyone."

"Now why would I do that? Especially when I was going to do the same thing
I caught you doing."

"No, really?"

"Mmm-hmm. I've been doing it ever since this case started. Shall we help each
other out?"

"Oh, Helen, I'd love to, but what if..."

"Someone catches us with our panties down? Won't happen. I worked out a deal
with the cleaning lady. Soon as I come in here, she puts up the `closed' sign
and locks the door. So....we're free to do what a woman's gotta do."

"Then by all means, let's do it," said Renee, sliding her panties and skirt
down and off.

Helen unpinned her hair and shook it out, then shrugged out of her suit
jacket, while she unfastened and unzipped her skirt and let it fall around
her ankles. "Glad you feel that way," she said, stepping out of her skirt.
"After all, us girls have to stick together." She unbuttoned her blouse and
popped open her bra. Her breasts were small and perky, and the nipples stuck
out like pencil erasers. Renee came over and shared a deep tongue kiss with
Helen, then slid down a bit to lick her nipples, and then dropped to her
knees, skimming Helen's panties down as she did so.

"Mmmm. Mesh panties, very daring, Counselor. And very sexy. And I just love
that cute little tuft of hair above your clit."

Helen smiled and leaned back on the counter as Renee grabbed her buns and
pulled her face into her pussy. Renee's fingers tickled and probed Helen's
rosebud, while her tongue danced over Helen's pussylips, and her lips
encircled Helen's clitoris in the ultimate kiss. Soon, Helen's ass clenched,
her thighs quivered, and she came long and hard, releasing all her pent-up

"Wow! That was really something!"

"Thank you. My roommate Ally taught me that move."

"I'll have to thank her some time. Now let me show you what I can do."

They switched places then, with Renee leaning back on the counter after she
had doffed her jacket, blouse, and bra. Helen kneaded and massaged Renee's
heavy breasts and gave them a thorough tongue bath before she ran her tongue
down over Renee's flat stomach and into her pubic thatch. Helen parted
Renee's ebony lips to reveal a bright pink pussy, already glistening with
arousal. Helen paused for a moment to admire the contrasting colors, then
she began to vigorously lick Renee's womanhood, making her tongue go in
alternating circles while she finger-fucked the dusky pussy. Delirious with
pleasure Renee humped her pussy into Helen's face frantically until her eyes
crossed, her toes curled, and she came in a huge, wet gush of furious

"Mmmm. Tastes just like licorice," Helen commented, licking her lips.

They made a pact to meet in the ladies' room every day for the duration of
the trial, then, as they straightened their clothes and prepared to leave,
Renee asked, "Are you doing anything this weekend?"

* * *


Miranda Hobbes was sharing an outdoor table in a chic Manhattan bistro with
Samantha, Charlotte, and Carrie, three of her best friends.

"So, tell us about this trip we're taking to Boston," Samantha said.

"Well, it's kind of a combination of business and pleasure. The pleasure
part is meeting with an old girlfriend of mine from law school for a `just
us girls' weekend."

"Cool!" exclaimed Charlotte, "And what's the business part?"

"Yeah, Miranda, you're definitely holding something back. So spill it,"
Carrie demanded.

"Well the business part of it is that I've invested in a company in Boston

"What kind of company?" Carrie pressed.

"Well, they toys and..."

"Naughty, naughty," said Samantha with a impish grin.

"Sex toys?!" Charlotte shrieked, then covered her mouth.

"A little louder, Charlotte, I don't think everyone heard you," Carrie
commented wryly. "Please go on Miranda."

"They sell sex toys, videos, and erotic fashions. And get this, they actually
do in-home demonstrations of their products, and I've arranged for us to
attend one."

"Hmmm, sounds like a regular Shtupperware Party," Samantha commented.

"Make that a Fuckerware Party," Carrie chimed in as the ladies clinked their
wine glasses and drank.

"So anyway," Miranda went on, "I'm thinking we can all go to the party and
just see where it takes us."

"It sound like fun. Count me in," said Samantha with a devilish smile.

"Me too," said Carrie.

"Me three," added Charlotte.

"Great! And now for some party favors!"

Miranda reached into her bag and pulled out three gold tubes, which she
passed around to her friends.

"Lipstick?" inquired Carrie, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, yes, but it's also something else. You see, if you leave the cap on,
and turn the bottom of the tube to the left instead of the right, voila! It's
a mini clitoral vibrator. Just perfect for getting discreet relief, when you
absolutely, positively, have to cum this very minute. Try it!"

Samantha reached under the tablecloth and discreetly unzipped her pants. Then
she turned on the mini-vibrator and pressed it to her clit. After few minutes
of stimulation, she let out a muffled gasp of pleasure and her face flushed.

"Wow, your nipples are like rock hard," Charlotte said, staring at her
friend's cleavage.

"Samantha, did you just have a cum?" Carrie queried.

Still gasping, Samantha nodded. Without further adieu, Carrie and Charlotte
opened their flies and put their vibrators to good use. And soon, they were
cumming too, with a moan and a groan and a gush and a rush.

"Ah, my first satisfied customers," Miranda commented as she vibed herself to
a cum and imagined what the party would be like.

* * *


The foursome from New York arrived on the first flight to Boston. They
collected their luggage and cabbed to the downtown branch of the Four Seasons
Hotel, where they'd rented adjoining suites. Miranda had room service deliver
some wine, cheese and crackers, then she made some calls, and sat back to
await her guests.

Nelle and the others soon arrived and introductions were made. Nelle felt a
quickening of her heartbeat and a spark of lust in her loins as she hugged
her old law school roommate. She also noticed that Miranda was casting lusty
glances in Ling's direction. The idea of the lingerie and sex toy party went
over well with the Boston contingent, and they all agreed with Carrie that
"Fuckerware Party" was a term that fit perfectly.

There was a knock at the door, and Miranda let in two voluptuous young women
with the physique of bodybuilders. They wheeled several large trunks into the
suite and began setting up displays on the coffee table. Charlotte watched,
practically drooling, as the young ladies' movements caused their chic suits
to stretch tight over their impressive biceps and glutes.

Everyone got settled and the "Fuckerware Party" began.

"Hi," said the blonde, brightly. "I'm Tonya and this ravishing redhead is my
partner Rhonda. We're from Romeo & Juliet Incorporated, and we're here to
spice things up with our complete lines of sex toys and sexy lingerie."

"Feel free to ask us anything you want at any time," Rhonda said. "We're not
only sales people, but we're also enthusiastic users of our own products."

"And," added Tonya, "If at any time during the show you want to get naughty
with yourself, your friends, or us, go right ahead. Because in our company,
the customer always comes...first. Now, on with the show!"

"Romeo & Juliet not only offers sexy lingerie, but also a full compliment of
outerwear too. If you're into role playing, we have a line of tantalizing
costumes for men and women both. Tonya and I are wearing The Sexy Secretary
Outfit, available in Red Hot and Cool Blue, to name a few. And like all our
costumes, it's designed with easy access in mind. Now Tonya, if you'd be so

Tonya helped Rhonda slip out of her suit jacket and folded it neatly. Then
she put one hand on the collar of the blouse, the other on the waistband of
the slacks, and pulled. There was the sound of ripping Velcro, and Rhonda
stood before them in heels, mesh stockings, and a black trimmed red garter
belt, thong, and demi-cup bra that left her nipples exposed.

Tonya slipped out of her suit jacket and folded it, and then allowed Rhonda
to rip her outerwear off. Tonya wore heels, white silk stockings, and her
panties and bra were made of white satin, with an American Flag embroidered
on each bra cup, as well as on the front and back of the panties.

"Tonya is wearing our popular Patriotic Panty ensemble, which is perfect for
the flag waver in your life. It will definitely make your lover stand up and
salute. Available, of course, in red, white, and blue."

"And Rhonda is wearing our Cherry Sundae ensemble and doesn't she just look
delicious? If the special person in your life has a sweet tooth, then this
outfit is for you."

The two saleswomen paused and smiled at their audience. Miranda, who had
strategically seated herself between Nelle and Ling, put a hand on each of
their thighs under their skirts and started massaging. Meanwhile, Carrie
and Charlotte were fingering themselves through their slacks, while Renee,
Whipper, Helen, and Samantha had undone their blouses and bras and were
comparing bust sizes.

"Do you have anything that could help me enhance my bustline?" This question
came from Helen, who was the least endowed of the group.

"As a matter of fact, we do. It's called a Miracle Bra, and it's guaranteed
to lift and enhance even the tiniest of teacup titties. If you'd like, I
could measure you for one right now."

"Sure, that would be fine."

Rhonda produced a tape measure, and put it to use, noting the measurements
on a small pad. Then she cupped Helen's pert, perky breasts in her hands and
thumbed her nipples until they stood at attention.

"Time for the taste test," announced Rhonda, as she began sucking and licking
Helen's nipples.

"Mmmm, yeah, the taste test," Helen murmured, eyes closed, head thrown back
in ecstasy as the muscular saleswoman spit-shined her gumdrop nipples, then
licked a trail down her stomach to her pussy, where a small tuft of curly
black hair stood watch over Helen's pink pearl of a clit. She wiggled her
tongue on that pink pearl and didn't stop until its owner moaned and trembled
in orgasmic release.

* * *

"Now Miranda," Ling began, "My little Nellie Belle tells me that you used to
lick her pussy real good..."

"Mmm-hmm," said the red-haired attorney as she loosened her clothes.

"So, let's really blow her mind. You sit on her face, while I eat her out,
then we'll switch."

"Sounds good to me. Nelle?"

Nelle had already shucked off her clothes and lay down, spread-eagle on the
floor. Ling got herself situated between her thighs and started tonguing.
Miranda squatted down until her flame-colored pubic bush rested squarely on
Nelle's lips and tongue. Nelle's immediate and enthusiastic licking soon
brought a gasp and a gush from Miranda. Nelle soon followed, grunting,
groaning and gushing her honey on Ling's face.

Quick as a wink, Ling and Miranda changed places and continued pleasuring
Nelle, who writhed with lust as Miranda's familiar tongue explored her most
intimate regions. Ling's thighs quivered as Nelle's tongue caressed her
pearl-like clitoris. Due to the frenetic pace of the oral activity, it
wasn't long before two more "gushers" were brought home as Ling came and
Nelle came again. Miranda and Ling high fived each other and shook hands
with Nelle as they relaxed and caught their breath.

* * *

"Carrie," said Tonya as she opened one of her trunks, "Miranda tells me that
you have a special interest in footwear, so I think that you'll be intrigued
by these samples."

"Oooh, shoes," murmured Carrie, her eyes glazing over.

"That's right. And our line of exotic and erotic footwear comes with an added
plus. Our high heels can easily be converted into pussy pleasers. Just slip
this latex cockhead sheath over the heel of the shoe, and you're on your way!
Here, try it out!"

Tonya handed Carrie a pair of turquoise stiletto heels and a sheath. She
fitted the sheath over one of the heels, then stood up, allowing her
unfastened slacks to puddle around her ankles. She pulled her blouse open
and began caressing her breasts as she fucked her pussy with the converted
shoe, smiling and sighing as the orgasms began rolling in.

"Charlotte, would you like to try a pair of shoes?"

"Well, actually, Tonya, would you mind if I...licked you all over? You just
look so...yummy."

"You certainly may, and thank you for the compliment," Tonya said as she
reached for the clasp of her bra.

"Please," pleaded Charlotte, "Let me do that."

Without waiting for a response, Charlotte unhooked Tonya's bra and skimmed
her panties down and off. Now attired in stockings and heels, Tonya struck
several bodybuilding poses as Charlotte caressed and licked her muscles,
starting at her feet and working upward, saving the intimate areas for last.
She grabbed a double handful of Tonya's supertight buns and eased them apart,
then gently tickled and probed the tight pink rosebud while she licked
Tonya's muscular pussy. Carrie crawled over and managed to disrobe Charlotte
without disrupting her oral activities. Then she arranged herself under
Charlotte and began tonguing her petite pussy while she fingered her

Tonya luxuriated in the attention her pussy was receiving. God, she loved
her job! She looked at her partner and saw that Rhonda had not been idle
either. She had moved from Helen to Samantha, and now the saleswoman and
the raunchy publicist were 69ing and slurping each other rowdily. Meanwhile,
Renee and Helen were double-teaming Whipper's pussy with their tongues while
they fingered themselves and held their fingers up for Whipper to lick and

Then, something magical happened. They all began to cum at once. Eleven
steamy, soaking pussies began detonating and spurting wetly, filling the
air with hot, liquid sounds of satisfaction and gushing their sweetness
all over.

* * *

For a while after that, the suite was silent, save for some panting as the
women caught their breath and replenished themselves with food and drink.
Then Tonya tapped her glass for attention.

"We have just one more product to demonstrate, and I think that we've saved
the best for last. Now If you ladies will excuse us for just a moment."
Rhonda and Tonya disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes, and when
they returned, they ladies couldn't believe their eyes! Each wore a huge
strap-on, with two cocks!

"This is our Deluxe, Double-Dong, Double-Dipper Strap-On. It lets you fuck
your girlfriends in the ass and pussy simultaneously."

"And not only that," added Rhonda, "But If you fill the attached reservoir
with Romeo & Juliet's Joy Jelly, you can do this!" She squeezed the bulb she
was holding in her hand, and a white, cumlike substance shot out of both
cocks, hitting a surprised Miranda square in the face.

"Looks like cum, tastes like strawberry jelly," she reported after sampling

"Exactly," said Tonya. "Now who wants to get fucked?"

Nine hands were raised, and Tonya and Rhonda applauded the enthusiasm.

"Great," said Tonya. "Now before we get started, let me ask, have any of you
ladies not taken one up the exhaust pipe on a regular basis? Don't be shy
about speaking up."

Whipper, Nelle, and Charlotte tentatively raised their hands.

"Not a problem," said Rhonda confidently. "We'll just run through a quick
primer on the joys of dropping your tailgate for a cock. Now if the three
'virgins' will kindly ass-ume the position, and the rest of you pair off
with whomever you like."

Whipper, Nelle, and Charlotte got on their hands and knees, with their backs
arched, their asses high, and their ripe buns quivering with anticipation.
Ling and Miranda got on either side of Nelle, Renee and Helen got on either
side of Whipper, and Carrie and Samantha got on either side of Charlotte.

"Now the first step," said Tonya, "Is lubrication, so take turns licking and
spitting on their rosebuds until they're dripping and glistening. At that
point, their pussies should be dripping too, so collect some of the juices
and rub them in. And to top it all off pour on a generous dollop of our
almond massage oil, to make things extra slippery."

The ladies followed instructions, and Charlotte let out a satisfied whimper
as the two tongues assaulted her virgin rosebud and the various liquids
trickled over and around and were rubbed into it. Whipper and Nelle were
receiving the same treatment, and judging from their enthusiastic moans and
groans, they were enjoying every minute of it.

Rhonda moved among them, offering tips on technique and passing out long,
narrow vibrators.

"These are our Slim Jane Vibrators, and I think you'll find them just perfect
for unlocking the backdoor. Take your vibrator and gently work it into her
rosebud, a little at a time, until it's balls deep, so to speak. Then take
turns easing it out and pushing it in a few times. And ladies, while the
vibrator is going in, twitch and sway your ass to relax the muscles."

Buns began to sway and dildos went into asses as the ladies followed
directions. Soon, muscles began to relax, and rosebuds opened into beautiful

"All right, ladies, time for the moment of truth," Tonya called out. "Ms.
Whipper, leave your Slim Jane in until we've dealt with the other two. The
rest of you, vibrators out, cocks in!"

Tonya moved behind Charlotte, and Rhonda moved behind Nelle. In one swift
motion, the saleswomen pulled out the vibrators and slipped their
double-dongs into the pussies and blooming rosebuds. Both ladies whooped and
shrieked as they were filled to the brim with ersatz cock. Rhonda and Tonya
turned up the heat, thrusting themselves into their customers as hard as they
could. Charlotte and Nelle began cumming loudly and wetly as Rhonda and Tonya
filled their holes to overflowing with Joy Jelly. Without missing a beat, the
saleswomen stepped over to Whipper, pulled out her Slim Jane, and proceeded
to take turns fucking her with their double-dongs, not stopping until she too
had a full load of "cum" dripping out of both holes.

The others had not been idle during this time. By the time Rhonda and Tonya
had replenished their supply of Joy Jelly, they found six blooming rosebuds,
greased and awaiting their attention. The saleswomen gave each other a high
five and waded right in, moving up and down the line, fucking their customers
rowdily with their double-dongs, squirting pussies and rosebuds full again
and again until all were exhausted.

By the time the demonstration had concluded, there were nine very well-fucked
customers and two happy saleswomen who shared a double-headed vibrator as
their customers filled out their order forms.

"So what do you think, ladies," Miranda asked. "Was this a good investment?"

The reply was a unanimous, "Most definitely!"


Coming up next: While getting down and dirty with a new client, Ally
finds herself in a "sticky" situation in :

Ally McBeal: Part 8 - Someone's In The Kitchen With Ally

Bring your appetites - And some napkins!


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