Note: This story is entirely fictional. It does not depict real people or
real events. It is highly explicit and is not to be viewed by minors or those
who are easily offended.

Ally McBeal: Part 4 - Ling's Adventures In Babysitting (Fg,m/Fg,food)
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

"Why do I have to stay with Ling," Maddie Harrington asked her mother.

"Why can't I stay with Elaine? She's more fun."

"Well, I can't argue with that," said Ally McBeal. "But unfortunately, Elaine
is still recovering from her birthday celebration, and Ling is the only
person at the firm who isn't tied up with this obscenity case we're working
on. Look, it'll just be for a few days, while Georgia and I are in San
Francisco, taking some depositions. When I get back, then we'll see if Elaine
wants to party some more."

"Can we invite Terry, too?" Maddie asked, referring to their shared

"Sure, although it might be fun to have a `just us girls' party. You know,
you're almost big enough for a strap-on now."

"That does sound like fun, Mom. Anyway, did you tell Ling that we're..."

"Closer than most mothers and daughters? Mmm-hmm. She's cool with it."

"Will I be able to play with her?"

"You certainly will. Just ask her about her pillow book first, though."

"Her pillow book? What is that and why does that turn her on?"

"You'll see," Ally said with an enigmatic smile.

* * *

"My pillow book?"

"Yeah. My mom told me to ask about it. What is it anyway?"

"Thank you Ally," Ling said to herself. "Well, when I was a young lady in
Hong Kong, I attended this school that my mother and aunt ran. It's called
`The Ling Sisters' Pleasure School For Young Ladies."

"Pleasure School? Does that mean what I think it means?"

"Yes, it does. I suppose you could call it kind of an erotic finishing
school, where young ladies learn the fine art of how to satisfy men... and
each other. The women in my family have been in that line of work for years.
I even have one ancestor who was a courtesan to the Empress of China. That
was a great honor for her, to be chosen to service the Empress and her female
guests... and the Emperor, when the need... arose."

Maddie giggled, and squirmed in her seat, and felt her panties began to
moisten. "Please tell me more, Ling," she said, breathlessly.

"Every student was required to keep a pillow book. It's kind of like a diary.
You write down what you experienced, and what you thought about it. Things
like that. Would like to hear a passage from mine?"

Maddie nodded as she felt another drop of snatch syrup drip into her panties.

Ling got a red leather book down from the shelf, flipped it open, and began
to read.

"Age 16: Today I had my first group experience. It was so hot! I lay back on
the silk sheets and the boys did the rest. I had a cock in each hand and one
in each of my holes. I lost count of the number of cocks I serviced, but I
was definitely full to overflowing with sweet, hot cum. After I had gotten
the boys to shoot their loads at least twice, Mother and Auntie took me to
the shower room, then gently and tenderly washed me all over. Once dry, I
climbed into their bed. After shedding their kimonos, they followed me. As a
reward for doing well, they serviced me with their tongues for the remainder
of the afternoon."

"Wow," Maddie croaked, her fingers strumming her panty crotch, "That is hot!"

"I know," gasped Ling, putting the book down, while she unzipped the fly of
her tight leather pants. She placed her middle finger in the opening and
began wiggling it frantically, sighing with pleasure. "It gets me horny every

"Can I give you a hand with that?"

"Yes, you may, but I'd like to make a little game out of it, if you don't

"What kind of game?"

"It's called `The Empress' Courtesan.' I base it on some of the things I read
in my ancestor's pillow book. I'd be the Empress, and you'd be my courtesan.
Wanna play?"

"Sure. It sounds like fun."

Ling's voice took on a slightly imperious tone. "Well then. If we are to be
intimate, we must bathe first. Undress yourself, and then me. Then take me to
the bath chamber."

"Yes, Your Majesty," Maddie said, quickly assuming her role. She shed her
clothes and then helped Ling out of her shoes, pants, panties, blouse and

Maddie paused for a moment to appreciate the sight before her. Ling's body
was taut and firm. Her skin was tanned to a golden brown hue everywhere but
her perky breasts and her pubic area, which were the color of fine ivory.
Her nipples were brown as toast, and her pubic hair was thick, jet black,
and very curly.

"Your Majesty, if I may say so, you are magnificent!"

"Thank you. Now on to the bath. And remember, bath first, then intimacy."

"Yes, Your Majesty."

They made their way to the bathroom and Ling watched while Maddie filled the
huge, old-fashioned tub with water, and then added a few drops of scented
bath oil.

"Your bath awaits, Your Highness," Maddie said with a small bow.

Ling climbed into the tub and got settled. "Ah, perfect," she sighed. "Now
bathe me... everywhere."

Maddie did as she was told, climbing into the tub with a washcloth and bar of
soap. She proceeded to lovingly lather and rinse every square inch of Ling's
body, giggling with glee when she flicked Ling's clit with the washcloth and
made her nipples stand at attention.

Ling smiled and shook her finger at Maddie. "Bath first," she reminded her
gently. "Now bathe yourself while I watch."

Maddie repeated the soaping and rinsing routine, this time on herself, while
Ling looked on.

"Very good," Ling said when Maddie had finished bathing. "Now just one more
thing before we are intimate."

"What's that, Your Highness?"

Ling lifted herself up and perched on the edge of the tub. "As you can see,
my pubic hair is quite thick. In China, women of Imperial birth must be
smooth and clean. So, shave my pussy `til it's bald."

Maddie climbed out of the tub, quickly toweled herself dry, and returned with
a small scissors, a can of shaving cream, and a safety razor. She carefully
snipped away the excess hair, and spread on a huge handful of shaving cream.
Then, with gentle, steady strokes of the razor, Maddie shaved Ling, not
stopping until the older woman's pudenda was completely bare. Maddie rubbed
some bath oil on Ling's clean-shaven mound.

"All done, Your Majesty."

"Very good. Now I want you to check for smoothness... using your face."

Maddie followed instructions, lowering herself between Ling's spread legs,
rubbing first one cheek, and then the other over the silky smooth skin. Ling
became very aroused and her clit poked out of its hood, practically "looking"
Maddie right in the eye.

"May I... Might I..." Maddie stammered.

"Yes," said Ling with a benevolent smile. "You may lick my pearl to your
heart's content."

Maddie wrapped her hands around Ling's thighs and pulled herself to within
tongue range of Ling's clit. Soon she was licking and sucking for all she was
worth, giving Ling's womanhood a proper spit shining. Ling gripped the edge
of the tub as her knees trembled and wave after wave of pleasure washed over

"Oooh yes! Yes! Right there! Oooh you're doing so well! Oh my! Oh my! I'm
going to... I'm going to .... cuuuuuum!"

Ling's pussy spasmed and gushed a torrent of sweet nectar. Maddie licked up
as much as she could, smiling all the while.

"Have you cum yet?" Ling asked when she'd caught her breath.

"Not yet, Your Highness."

"Well then, since you pleased me so well, I'll just have to help you with
that. Come along now."

Maddie followed Ling into the master bedroom, and lay down on the
silk-sheeted, king sized bed. Ling went to her jewelry box and got out a long
strand of pearls. Then, as Maddie watched, Ling stuffed the entire strand
into her sopping pussy and pulled it out slowly.

"Best lubrication in the world." Ling said with a smile. "Now spread your
legs and show me your rosebud."

Maddie followed instructions, and soon Ling's little finger was tickling
and probing Maddie's winky. Then, in went the pearls. Maddie gasped with
surprise, then relaxed.

"Now every time I pull on the pearls, you tighten your muscles, ok? And let
me know when you're going to cum."

Maddie managed to nod.

Ling began to pull on the pearls with one hand, while the other massaged
Maddie's perky, puffy, pre-teen pussy. Maddie moaned and writhed,
experiencing wonderful new sensations.

Maddie soon reached her boiling point and began to gasp. "Ling... Empress...
Majesty, Highness... I'm going to..."

Ling pulled hard, and the strand of pearls popped out of Maddie's ass,
sending her into orgasmic bliss.

"Wow! That was really something! What's next?"

"I think we've had enough fun for today," Ling said with a smile. "But I'll
have a special treat for you at breakfast tomorrow."

More special than what had just happened? Maddie couldn't believe it.

The next morning, Maddie jumped out of bed, stripped off her pajamas, and
ran to the kitchen for breakfast. She found the table set with a variety of
breakfast delicacies, and Ling, wearing a kimono, already sitting down at
her place.

"Good morning," Ling said brightly. "Nice of you to `dress' for breakfast.
Ready for your treat?"

"You know it."

"Your mom told me that you like to start the day with a banana. So, here it

Ling untied the sash of her kimono and spread her legs to reveal a fat, ripe
banana, buried up to the stem in her newly shaven pussy. Without a word,
Maddie dropped to her knees, grabbed the stem in her teeth, and began pulling
the banana back and forth. Soon Ling shuddered as a mini-orgasm ran through
her. Maddie slid the banana out, then peeled it and ate it.

"I call that my banana slit. But that's not all I've got in there for you.
Hold out your hands."

Maddie held out her hands. Ling concentrated, flexed her pc muscles, and
proceeded to pop 1, 2, 3, 4, plump strawberries out of her pussy.

"You know," said Maddie, after she'd finished her `marinated' strawberries,
"I have a friend who would really be turned on by your banana slit..."

"Your mom told me all about him. We'll call him over after breakfast."

It took a while to finish breakfast, because not only was there more fruit to
be `marinated,' there was jam and honey to be dabbed on (and licked off of)
nipples and clits. But eventually, Terry was called, and as he made his way
over to Ling's, Ling was instructing Maddie about a new game called "Geisha

Ling and Maddie, dressed in kimonos, met Terry at the door. They each took a
hand and led him to a second bathroom, this one equipped with a table shower
and massage table.

"Welcome to Madame Ling's Bathhouse," Ling said with an exaggerated Chinese
accent. "We give you much pleasure."

Ling and Maddie stripped Terry naked and positioned him on the table shower,
face down. Then they proceeded to soap and rinse his gangling young body from
head to toe. He gasped and nearly shot off when the ladies fingered, and then
tongued his asshole. Finally, he was allowed to turn over, already sporting a
full erection. He was treated to a repeat of the soaping and rinsing action,
then taken to the massage table.

Ling and Maddie shucked their kimonos and coated themselves with massage oil.
Ling climbed on the table first, then motioned Terry to climb on top of her.
He did, sinking his cock into her. Maddie climbed on top of him and the girls
gave him a full body massage while he plowed Ling's pussy.

"Ma'am, your pussy sure is all squishy and nice," Terry babbled to Ling.

"That's because there's sliced bananas and chocolate syrup in there too,"
Ling giggled. She slipped a finger in next to his cock, then took it out and
let him lick it.

Terry went wild, humping and fucking Ling even harder than before. His orgasm
was just moments away when Ling nodded to Maddie, who pulled Terry's cock
from Ling's pussy and squeezed her thumb and forefinger around the base.

"No cum yet please. Is two for one day at Madame's Ling's. You watch for a

Ling and Maddie changed places and Ling brought out the longest, fattest
banana Terry had ever seen. She sucked on it briefly, then peeled and
inserted it into Maddie's pussy, squishing it a little bit to make sure it
was all in. She drizzled a liberal amount of chocolate syrup over Maddie's
pussy mound and rubbed it in with the palm of her hand. Ling took a moment
to admire her work, then bent down and sampled it.

"So good," Ling said to Terry. "You taste please before further fucking."

Terry bent down and began licking the sweet concoction that bubbled in
Maddie's pussy, eliciting sighs and screams of delight from his young
girlfriend. But his stiff cock would not be denied. He straightened up,
stuffed his cock into Maddie, and began fucking her rowdily, enjoying
the wet, squishy sounds it made.

Soon all three were moaning and groaning as the orgasms hit. Ling maneuvered
until she was kneeling between Maddie and Terry fingering herself and licking
cock and pussy clean, enjoying the taste of bananas, chocolate, pussy cream
and cum.

Somehow they all made it to the bedroom, where they fell into a deep
satisfying sleep. Several hours later, the ladies awoke. They looked at the
still sleeping Terry, who was sporting a huge erection.

"I think he's ready for another round," Maddie said with a smile.

Miles away, on the other coast, her mother was saying the exact same

The End (for now)

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