This story is fiction. It is not based on real people or real events. It
is highly explicit and is not to be read by minors or those who are easily

Author's Note: I decided to write this story for any fans out there who
might wonder how Ally and Maddie started partying together. I alluded to
it a little bit in the latest installment of my "Ally McBeal" series, and
decided to "flesh" it out with this "prequel." Included as a bonus: how
Ally got her cherry popped. Enjoy!)

Ally McBeal: Part 0 - How It All Began
by Wild Bill Wilde ([email protected])

"First, I end up with a daughter I didn't know I had; then, I totally forget
that I volunteered to host a French exchange student. These things come in
threes; I wonder what the third one will be?" Ally thought to herself as she
walked home, one Friday afternoon. Fortunately, Annabelle (or Belle as she
liked to be called) and Allie's daughter Maddie were the same age and got
along well.

"I guess I'll just have to make the best of it," Ally said as she unlocked
the front door and walked up the stairs to her apartment. She let herself in
and set her briefcase down next to Maddie's and Belle's backpacks, then went
in search of the girls. Hearing giggles and muffled shrieks from the bedroom
the two girls shared, Ally headed in that direction. She paused in the
doorway and blinked as she took in the scene in front of her. Her daughter
Maddie lay on the floor; she still wore her school uniform, but the skirt was
hiked up, and Maddie had one hand down the front of her candy-cane colored
panties, joyfully diddling herself. Belle, her skirt and panties cast aside,
was on all fours, straddling Maddie's head. Her fuzzy, pre-teen muff rested
squarely on Maddie's face, and Belle, her face beet red, was shrieking, "Oui!
Oui!" in ecstasy and pounding the floor as Maddie tongued her. Belle's buns
quivered as she came and she rolled off Maddie with a wiggle and a giggle.
The girls kissed, and then Maddie reached under her bed and pulled out one of
Ally's strap-on cocks. It was the "King Kong Dong," model, 18 inches long and
very thick.

"I wondered where that went," Ally murmured to herself. She watched as Maddie
slipped out of her skirt and panties and slipped into the strap-on. Maddie
had Belle get on all fours again, and then made several ineffectual attempts
to penetrate her, causing Belle to grunt slightly with discomfort.

Ally had seen enough, she decided to intervene. She stepped into the room and
cleared her throat. The girls whirled around, shocked expressions on their
faces. They both spoke at once.




"Madame McBeal..."



"No, no, no need to explain," Ally said, holding up her hand. "I understand."

"You do?"

"Yes, I do. You're young, and...curious. You want to...explore each other's
bodies. That's... fine. However, I do want to offer some advice though. That
strap-on you're using is much too big. Even if you lubricated it properly, I
don't think Belle could take very much of it. Let me find you something

Ally went to her bedroom and returned with a smaller strap-on, a vibrating
dildo, and a tube of lubricant.

"This is the Slim Jane vibrator/strap-on set," Ally explained. "You use the
vibrator to relax her muscles, and then you just lube up the strap-on and go
to town like you were doing earlier. Now I'll give you girls some privacy so
you can continue your...exploration if you want to. I'll let you know when
dinner's ready," Ally concluded, backing out the door and closing it behind

Ally went to her room and began to undress, preparatory to taking a post-work

"I must be losing my mind," she said to herself. "I'm giving my daughter
dildo advice, when I should be giving her a lecture. But then, how can I
lecture her, after what I did at her age?"

While Ally pondered this, she also noticed that the crotch of her satin
panties was wet with desire.

"Finally, something I can do something about," Ally said with a smile. She
climbed into the shower and after soaping and rinsing herself, she used one
hand and the shower massager to pleasure herself until she came, biting her
knuckle to muffle her screams of ecstasy.

The rest of the evening passed without incident. Ally finished her shower,
slipped into her casual clothes, and began making dinner. The girls, dressed
in jeans and t-shirts, helped by setting the table and pouring the glasses of
ice water. Once dinner was finished and the dishes done, Ally and the girls
watched TV, laughing and talking about their day, and not mentioning what had
happened earlier. Finally, it was bedtime. Ally and the girls changed into
their pajamas, and, since it was Friday, Ally "allowed" herself to be
persuaded to let the girls watch a late movie with her in her bedroom.

* * *

Several hours later, Ally awoke and shut off the TV. Belle had gone to her
bedroom, and Maddie, wearing a rather childish pair of pink, footed pajamas
lay on her stomach next to Ally, sound asleep. Ally looked at her daughter,
and, as the day's erotic activity replayed in her mind, a tidal wave of
lust washed over Ally, and she reached for Maddie. Her hands shaking, she
unbuttoned the ass-flap of Maddie's pajamas and peeled it down. Ally let out
a soft, lusty sigh as Maddie's pert, peachy buns were exposed to the dim
moonlight shining through the window. Maddie stirred as the cool air tickled
her exposed ass, but did not waken. Ally sighed again as she felt a small
trickle of girl-jizz soak into the crotch of her pajamas.

Ally gulped nervously. "It's now or never," she said to herself.

And with that, she leaned down and planted a juicy kiss on each of Maddie's
rump cheeks, and began rimming and tonguing her daughter enthusiastically.

"Huh. What? What's going on? Mom!?" Maddie stammered as she turned over and
woke up.

"Sssh," Ally commanded, laying her finger across Maddie's lips. "That little
show you put on with Belle got me all hot and bothered. Now I think you
should give me what you were giving Belle, so I can make sure that you're
doing it right. What do you think?"

Maddie thought for a moment, and then grinned. "Sure. I'd be happy to. You
know what, I was kind of hoping that when you caught us today, that you'd
join us. That's why we were being so loud."

Now it was Ally's turn to smile. "Seduced by my own daughter. I never would
have guessed. Let's get each other out of these ridiculous pajamas and have
some fun!"

Maddie hopped out of bed and obediently stood still while Ally took hold of
the zipper on her pajamas and zipped it down. Maddie slipped her arms out of
the sleeves, and the pink flannel pajamas slid down her body and puddled
around her ankles. She stepped out of her pajamas, and she and Ally switched
places. Maddie untied the drawstring of Ally's pajama bottoms and pulled them
down with a quick jerk. Then Ally obligingly leaned down so that Maddie could
unbutton the buttons on her top. After the buttons were undone, Ally shrugged
her top off and returned to bed.

"Now, young lady, show me what you were doing with Belle," she said, grinning
and spreading her legs.

"Well, I started like this," Maddie said, patting Ally's pussy like it was a
friendly kitty. "Then, I did this," and she started massaging the pussy with
the palm of her hand.

"Mmmm. Excellent." Ally said dreamily as a mini-orgasm rippled through her.
"What did you do next?"

"I started licking the little knob and..."

"Actually, honey, that's called the...Oh, hello, Belle."

"Bon Jour, Madame, Maddie," said Belle from the doorway. "Please, do not let
me interrupt your l'amour; instead, may I join you?"

"Certainly, Belle," Ally said with a grin, while patting the bed. "Get naked
and climb on in!"

Belle left her pajamas in the hall and jumped onto the bed with Ally and
Maddie. They giggled and groped each other for a while, and then Ally held up
her hand.

"All right, Ladies," she said in a mock serious tone, "Professor Ally's
School Of Sex is now in session. Pay close attention. There will be an exam
after the lesson. Now let's begin. This is called your mons veneris, or mount
of Venus," Ally explained, indicating her furry pussy mound. "And these are
called your labia, or pussylips, if you prefer," Ally said, spreading her
lips with two fingers. "'The little knob,' as Maddie called it is called the
clitoris, or clit. It's one of the most important parts of a woman's sexual
organs. It's the woman's equivalent to a penis. Clitoral stimulation, whether
by themselves or with a partner, is one of the many ways women experience
orgasm." Ally demonstrated this by stroking her clit until she came with a
shudder and a groan of pleasure. "Another method of experiencing orgasm is
through penetration. A real, live cock is preferable for this method, but, in
a pinch, you can use a sex toy that's shaped like a cock. There are two types
of these, both of which you were using earlier. One is called a dildo, and
the other is called a vibrator, because it...well... vibrates."

As Ally spoke, she pulled each of the devices out of her nightstand and held
them up for the girls to see. Then, she lubricated the dildo and slipped it
into her pussy and began fucking herself with it, while she held the vibrator
to her clit. She soon shuddered her way through another climax, and then
smiled at her "students."

"All right now, time for the students to show the teacher how much they've
learned. Use your hands and then the toys to make yourself cum."

Maddie and Belle followed instructions. First, they each spread their
pussylips with two fingers and stroked their clit with a third until they
came; then, they made themselves cum again, using the dildo-and-vibrator

"Very good, Ladies. Now, as you know, another important way for women to
reach orgasm is through oral stimulation of the labia and clitoris. Do you
ladies know what the '69' position is?"

"Oui, Madame," Belle said with a grin. Maddie smiled and nodded.

"Very well, show me."

Maddie and Belle moved into the requested position and enthusiastically
tongued each other to another orgasm.

"Very good. Now Ladies, it's time for your 'oral' exam. In order to pass,
you've got to make Teacher cum. Start with a kiss. Ready? Go!"

Belle gently took hold of Ally's face and turned it towards hers, then she
mashed her lips to Ally's and their tongues dueled hotly. Belle eventually
broke the kiss and moved back, and Maddie moved in, giving her mother a
long, sensuous tongue kiss that left them both gasping for breath. Belle
and Maddie then moved down to Ally's teacup sized breasts and began
suckling, using tender, slurping licks and wet, juicy kisses to make each
coral-colored nipple stand up proudly. Ally groaned in ecstasy and stroked
the girls' hair as they suckled. Then, once again, the girls moved down,
finally arriving at Ally's perspiring pussy. They began by planting even
more wet, juicy kisses on Ally's clitoris, then licking and rimming her
labia and rosebud until she reached her boiling point and erupted in a
furious, gushing fountain of pleasure.

"Definitely an 'A+'," Ally said. "You ladies are great students. And as a
reward, Teacher is going to tongue each of you! Just lay back, spread your
legs, and enjoy!"

Enjoy they did. Ally began by licking their milk buds into hardness, and then
left a trail of wet kisses down their flat stomachs, before joyously nuzzling
her face into their pubic sprouts and working their tiny clits into a frenzy
with her talented tongue. Ally didn't stop until each of the girls had
enjoyed several red-faced, squealing, frothing orgasms. Then, spent and
satisfied, they fell asleep in each other's arms.

* * *

"Rise and shine, Ladies" Ally called cheerfully from the bedroom doorway the
next morning. "I've got breakfast on the table."

Besides her smile, Ally wore only a short, frilly apron around her waist. The
two equally naked girls jumped out of bed and followed Ally to the kitchen,
where a sumptuous breakfast was set out and waiting. There were pancakes and
syrup, bacon and sausage, juice, and fresh fruit.

"Well, Ladies, ready for another 'lesson'?"

"Oui, Madame!"

"Go for it, Mom!"

"All right students. Today, Professor Ally is going to demonstrate the erotic
qualities of food. If you ladies would pleases hop up on the table, legs
spread. Thank you. I believe we'll start with...pancakes."

Ally placed a pat of butter on each pre-teen pudenda, placed a pancake on top
of it, added another butter pat, and another pancake, and then topped it with
warm maple syrup. Then she knelt between Maddie's spread legs and proceeded
to eat the sweet, sticky treat, bringing Maddie to a glorious cum in the
process. Barely pausing for breath, Ally dove between Belle's spread legs and
ate her fill of the "pussy pancakes," causing Belle to scream "Oui! Oui!"
Once again as her orgasms rippled through her.

"Now for some fruit," Ally said with a grin. She carefully arranged an
assortment of berries on their pussy mounds, and then covered them in whipped
cream. Then she selected several fat strawberries and gently stuffed them
into each pink pussy. As a finishing touch Ally placed a dab of whipped cream
on each of the girls' nipples, and then placed a blueberry on top. She paused
a moment to admire her handiwork, then began licking the girls clean again.

"All right, Young Lady," Ally said as she positioned herself between Maddie's
spread legs, "It's time for you to learn how to use your PC muscles. Bear
down and pop those berries out!"

Ally opened her mouth wide and curled her tongue in invitation. "C'mon,
Honey, thatsa girl! Give Mom the berries! Pop 'em all out! There cums one!
Oooh yeah, Maddie keep 'em cumming! There cums another one! Pop, pop, pop!
Cum, cum, cum! Squeal, squeal, squeal! That's my girl! Doesn't that just
feel delightful?"

"Oooh yeah," Maddie moaned with delight as the last strawberry plopped wetly
into Ally's mouth. Ally swallowed it with a smile, then moved over to Belle,
and began to relieve her of her fruity cargo, bringing forth ecstatic squeals
and lusty screams of glee from the highly orgasmic exchange student as the
berries began to pop out of her pussy.

Ally, her face resembling a glazed doughnut, "came up for air" and smiled at
her two "students," as she reached for the fruit bowl once again, this time
grabbing two fat, bright yellow bananas. "Nature's perfect dildos," she
explained as she sensuously licked each one until it gleamed, then gently
slipped one into each pre-teen pussy. She knelt down once again, grabbed them
stem of Belle's banana in one hand, and took hold of the stem of Maddie's
banana with her teeth, and began to soundly fuck both girls with the fruity
dildos. After Maddie and Belle had thoroughly "glazed" the fruit with their
cum, Ally withdrew the bananas, peeled them, and swallowed them whole, one
after the other.

"Wow," exclaimed Maddie. "You have got to teach us how to do that, Mom."

"Oui, Madame Ally, it would be a useful skill for a young lady to know."

"Yes, it is, and yes, in good time, I will teach you both how to do it. Now,
time to show Teacher how much you learned today."

Ally and the girls switched places, and the carnal fun continued. While
Maddie "prepared" the pancakes, Belle packed Ally's pussy with strawberries
and whipped cream, then decorated her nipples with whipped cream and
cherries, before adding the finishing touch, a peeled banana gently squished
into Ally's already overflowing pussy.

Maddie and Belle licked their lips and chowed down, not stopping until they
had licked Ally clean, and they had all had too many orgasms to count.

Ally leaned back, stretched, then belched volcanically, bringing forth a fit
giggles from everyone. When they had regained their equilibrium, they took
care of the dishes, and then staggered to the shower to wash off the sticky
remnants of the "lesson."

And so began a delicious routine that would last for the duration of Belle's
stay. Weekends were spent wearing nothing (or as little as possible) and
continuing with the girls' erotic "education."

On weekday mornings the lusty trio would jump from bed (naked of course)
and share a quick grope in the shower, before getting dressed, eating, and
heading off to school and work.

Upon her return home, Ally would pause at her doorstep, and discreetly shimmy
out of her panties, then walk in to her apartment to be greeted by Maddie and
Belle, both naked as jaybirds. The girls would have a martini in a frosty
glass ready and waiting for her, and would lead her to the couch where she
would sit, legs spread, sip her drink, and talk about her day while the girls
gently undressed her and licked her from head to toe. Once Ally's cares and
concerns had been cummed away, they switched places, and Ally licked her two
teenage charges as they talked about their day.

It was after one of these mutual lick sessions that Belle posed a question to

"Madame Ally, I hope you do not mind my asking, but how did you become such a

"Yeah, Mom. How did you become so uninhibited?"

"Well," Ally said with a smile, "It all began when I was about your age..."

"My parents had decided to send me to a private boarding school, and they
decided I could baby-sit that summer to help with tuition. It was steady
work, and they money was good, and for most of the summer nothing unusual
happened. Then I got called by the Johnsons, a new family on the block. The
mother was out of town, and the father had to go to a banquet his work was
putting on. For most of the evening everything was fine, and then I put the
baby to bed and sat down to watch some TV. I must have fallen asleep, because
the next thing I knew, it was later, and Mr. Johnson (who'd obviously been
drinking) was lying on top of me, with his hand over my mouth.

'Sssh, Ally,' he said. 'I'm...I'm not going to hurt you...I...I just want to
look at your body and touch your tits.'

He slid his other hand under my t-shirt and up my body and gave my milk buds
a good groping. Then he slid his hand back down, past the waistband of my
jeans and into my panties, where he proceeded to stroke my pussy. I had
started out being scared, but I was getting more and more turned on. He was
too. He pulled his hand out, then, with one hand still over my mouth, he got
my jeans undone and yanked them off. Then he yanked my polka-dotted panties
off so hard that some of the seams popped. Then, he put his face between my
legs and started licking. It was the first time that anyone, other than me,
had ever touched my clit. It sent hot, wonderful flashes through my body, and
I thought I might go insane from the pleasure.

He tongued me to at least three cums, then stopped and began fumbling with
his pants. He got them open and I saw my first cock. It was average sized,
semi hard, and the most beautiful shade of dark pink that I'd ever seen. His
balls were firm and fat, and dangled like ripe fruit from a tree limb. 'Now
Ally,' he said, 'Please don't scream. I'm going to take my hand away and put
my cock in your mouth. Just...just suck it a little bit, and...and pretend
it's a lollipop and lick it for me. Now be a good girl. In it goes.'

I followed his instructions and took him in my mouth. He tasted delicious.
Fresh and salty, but also kind of sweet. I licked the pre-cum as it dribbled
from his cockhead, then began swallowing him. He moaned and grabbed my
pigtails, gently pulling my head farther down on his cock. I managed to get
most of it in my mouth, and began swirling my tongue up, down, and around the
shaft and head. He was moaning with pleasure and urging me on. He really
started moaning when I swallowed his cock with one gulp and flicked his ball
bag with the tip of my tongue. You see, I had fantasies at that age too, and
they were all sexual. I'd been practicing with cucumbers and dill pickles for
just such an occasion.

'You're a naughty little girl, aren't you?' he said.

Without taking my lips off his cock, I smiled and nodded. He gently eased his
cock out of my mouth, and then pushed me back on the couch. I knew what was
going to happen next, and my little pussy was all juicy and squelchy in
anticipation. He gently nuzzled his cockhead and the first few inches of the
shaft into my love purse, until he felt my cherry. He looked at me, I nodded,
and he thrusted. It hurt a little bit, but the hurt was soon replaced by
pleasure. He pumped and stroked inside me for a little while, then pulled out
and began stroking himself frantically. I took over the stroking chores and
began singing, in my best voice:

Round and round my little bush,
Your Cocky chased my Cherry,
Your Cocky said it was all in fun,
POP! Goes my Cherry.

"His cock started gushing like a fire hose! The first few squirts landed on
my pubic sprouts and belly. Fortunately, he was able to get the rest in my
mouth, and even managed to decorate my face with the last few dribbles.

'Wait a moment,' he begged, 'Don't lick it off yet.'

"He got out an instant camera and took several snaps of me with his cum on my
face. We divvied them up, and from then on, I was their baby sitter. Now when
I sat for them, Mr. J and I weren't always able to fuck, but his wife took
frequent business trips, and we took advantage of every opportunity. He liked
for me to suck his cock while he was on the phone, so I did. I would suck his
cock with dignity, and total love. One time he even shot off in my mouth
while he was talking to his wife.

"I learned a lot from Mr. Johnson, but I learned even more from his bachelor
friend Mr. Justin. I was sitting for the Johnsons one night while he was
visiting. He volunteered to drive me home. While we were on the way, we had
to stop suddenly to avoid a collision; he put an arm out to protect me, and
his hand landed right on one of my tits. My nips stiffened up immediately,
and we both felt the spark. We drove someplace secluded and put the big
backseat of that car to good use. He sucked my tits right through my t-shirt,
peeled down my jeans and panties, and licked me until I was good and gooey
wet. I unzipped him then, and found out that shy, sweet, Mr. Justin was a
big, beautiful, tiger of a man. I had some massage oil in my purse ('cuz you
never know when you might need it) so I drizzled some on his cock and stroked
him lovingly until he was rock hard and slippery from the oil and his own

'That's a good little girl; now show me that sexy little ass.'

"I got on my hands and knees and did as he requested. He spit on my rosebud,
and then rimmed me. Then he drizzled some of the oil down my asscrack, and
the next thing I knew, his penis slipped into my rectum. I started cumming
almost immediately. I mean every time that thick prick plunged up my ass, my
pussy dripped and gushed like a leaky faucet. He took hold of my pigtails and
gently pulled me back on his cock.

'Now, that's a proper little slut,' he whispered in my ear. 'Take all of my
cock in your pretty little ass. I know you can.'

"The sexy talk was exciting me as much as the fucking was, and I twisted and
churned the cheeks of my ass, making sure he got exactly what he wanted. I
got his whole length in my ass and felt his balls slapping against my pussy
with each piston-thrust. That excited me even more, and I started cumming

"Ooooh, my ass is on fire," I moaned.

'One fire hose, cumming up,' he grunted.

"With a tremendous thrust, he buried himself balls deep in my ass, and then I
felt his cock start to jump and twitch inside me as his hot cum squirted, and
squirted, and squirted some more. He came so much and so hard, that for a
minute there, I thought it was going to start squirting out my ears. I came
hard too, but he wasn't quite done with me. His cock slid out of my ass with
a wet pop, then he turned me around, and, much to my surprise, I saw that he
was still hard. He spanked his cock against my cheeks, and then against my

'Suck it, slut,' he ordered.

"Being a good girl, I did as I was told, and swallowed him until my nose was
buried in his pubic hair. I enjoyed the taste of me on his cock and gave him
an extra-good suck job and fondled his balls for good measure. It didn't take
long for him to blast another steaming hot load down my throat. I swallowed
as much as I could, but some still trickled out the corners of my mouth and
over my chin. My ass contracted, and I felt a blob of his cum pop out and run
down my pussylips. I caught it with a finger and popped it into my mouth. It
was the perfect end to our encounter. This was the first time I had ever
taken a cock in my ass, and I loved every minute of it. Anyway, we got
dressed again and he dropped me off at home, and we promised to keep in
touch. We did, and we had some more fun that summer, and then it was time for
me to move into the dorm at Briarcliff Academy and start school. And believe
me, not all of the lessons I learned there were taught in the classroom.

"My sexuality was in full bloom from Day One of classes, and I did as much
as I could to flaunt it. During warm weather, I wore the shortest, tightest
uniform skirts possible; I purposely bought my uniform shirts one size too
small and left two or three buttons undone. When I wore my short skirts, I
wore leopard print and tiger stripe panties and bent over frequently to
"accidentally" show them off. Now I was a good student, but let's just say
that my grades weren't the only thing I kept up. I got quite a reputation
with the boys at school, and I loved it. They seemed to like getting their
dicks sucked a lot, so I sucked a lot of dicks. I also 'mastered,' if you
will, the art of the silent cum. If classes weren't all that interesting,
I'd take notes with one hand and discreetly finger myself with the other;
I'd reach a glorious climax that would have me feeling all warm and melty
inside, with no visible sign of it outside. Pretty neat, huh?"

Maddie and Belle paused in their own frantic fingering to agree, then went
back to pleasuring themselves.

"I still do that, once in a while. It helps to get through the long court
sessions or boring meetings. Anyway, I always managed to be discreet, except
for one time. I found this book of erotic Victorian stories and poetry in the
school library during my study hall period, and even though it was my last
class of the day, I couldn't wait; the librarian caught me with my hand in my
panties. I got sent to the headmaster's office. I waited outside while the
librarian told him what I'd done, then the librarian left and I was called
in. I stood in front of Mr. Brooks' desk and waited.

"'Alexandra McBeal. You're here because you were seen engaging in conduct
unbecoming a student, to wit, touching yourself inappropriately. Is that

"I shuffled my feet and sucked my pinky. 'I guess so,' I said in my best
'little girl' voice, then added, 'I'm sorry.'

'Well, this is your first offense, so I don't think we'll send a letter to
your parents, but we will if it happens again, understand?'

"Yes, Sir."

'Now before you go, Miss McBeal, I wanted to ask you about something I've
heard. You see, I've heard that you're quite...talented in the fine art of
fellatio, and I wondered if I might sample some of that talent.'

"He stood up and walked out from behind the desk, and I couldn't believe
it! He was naked from the waist down. And he had quite an impressive boner
jutting out from his crotch. He leaned back against his desk, took hold of
his cock, and waggled it at me.

'Well, Miss McBeal?'

"He didn't have to ask twice. I got down on my knees and swallowed him in one
gulp. I licked up and down his shaft, and swirled my tongue around the head.
I even wiggled the tip of my tongue in his cumhole. I sucked on each of his
balls before resuming my spit-shining of his prick. Like the others, he took
hold of my pigtails and used them as handles to guide his cock deeper in my
mouth. Things were going along quite nicely, when we were interrupted by a
loud voice."

'Jack? Just what in the hell are you doing?!'

"He gave a startled yelp, pulled his cock out of my mouth, and ran from the
office through a door that connected it with his residence. The speaker was
his wife, Cassandra. She looked like a supermodel, tall and statuesque, with
the perfect hourglass figure. She had long, dark hair and wore her clothes a
little tight, like I did. I'd heard she was no-nonsense and very strict. I
figured I was really going to get it. I didn't know how right I was."

'I see my husband conned another naive girl into giving him a blowjob. Stand
up and look at me!'

"I did as I was told. She looked me over from head to toe, and then looked at
my file, which was still on the desk."

'Well, Alexandra McBeal, from what I've heard, you fancy yourself to be quite
the little slut. You certainly look the part, prancing around in your short
skirts, showing off your panties to everyone. Touching yourself when you
think no one's looking. I'll show you how I treat sluts. Now slip off your
blazer and stand still.'

"Mrs. Brooks took a scissors from the desk, and walked over to me. She
started by snipping the buttons off the cuffs of my shirt. She tugged my
shirt out of the waistband of my skirt, and snipped all the rest of the
buttons off and had me slip out of it. I felt my pussy start to drip. She
snipped through the fasteners of my skirt, and it joined my shirt on the
floor. Then she snipped through my bra straps and clasp and pulled it off.
She knelt down and studied the growing wet spot on my panties for a moment,
then snip, snip, and my panties were fluttering to the floor. I stood before
her, wearing only knee socks and patent leather shoes. My face was flushed,
but it was in lust, not shame. But Mrs. Brooks didn't know that. Or did she?"

She studied her handiwork for a moment, and then spoke. Her voice seemed
huskier than before.

'Have you ever been with another woman? No? Well that's going to change.' She
took the same position on the desk that her husband had, then hiked her long
skirt up around her waist. I noticed then that I wasn't the only one with wet
panties. Her satin mesh thong was soaked through. She slipped out of her
undies and twirled them on her finger. Mrs. Brooks' pussy was a valley of
deep pink that nestled in a lush, heavy forest of dark curls. She gently
parted the curls with her fingers until her fat, pink clitoris popped out
from under its hood. 'Get busy, Miss McBeal. I don't like to be kept

"I pressed my lips to her prominent clit and gave it a wet, slurpy, tongue
kiss, then sucked on it for good measure.

'Very good,' she murmured. 'Continue.'

"I licked circles and figure eights around her pussy until she came. I'll
tell you, I thought I could cum quietly when I wanted to; she just gave a
sort of soft, whispery sigh before she glazed my face with her girl-jizz.

'Excellent. Now, Miss McBeal, are you familiar with "69ing"? Good. We'll do
that next. Join me on the floor, please.'

"Mrs. Brooks paused and removed her clothes, then stretched out on the plush
carpeting. I lowered my muff onto her face and stretched out so that I could
resume tonguing her twat. We '69ed' for a while, then, much to my surprise,
I felt a stiff cock nuzzling its way into my pussy. I looked over my
shoulder, and saw that Mr. Brooks had rejoined us. In fact, I think that his
cock was even stiffer than it had been while I was sucking him. He fucked me
rowdily while his wife licked my pussy and I licked hers. We did that for a
while, and then we switched positions, so he was fucking his wife while she
was licking my pussy and I was licking hers. It was really something to watch
that hard cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy, just a few inches from
my face. I alternated between licking her pussy, and licking his wrinkled
ball bag and whatever potion of the shaft my tongue could reach. I got to my
boiling point first and came with a moaning, gushing rush, and then Mrs.
Brooks did another one of her whispery cums."

'All right, Miss McBeal. It's time to finish what you started. Be a good
little slut and suck my husband 'til he squirts.'

"Yes, Ma'am," I said with a grin. I swallowed Mr. Brooks' cock once again,
and it was even yummier, 'cuz it had the taste of our two pussies on it.
While I sucked cock, Mrs. Brooks sucked balls and stroked whatever portion
of the shaft wasn't in my mouth. He wasn't able to hold out for long, and
he soon filled my mouth with a huge load of sweet, hot cum. Mrs. Brooks and
I shared a cum-laden kiss, then we all relaxed for a while.

'Miss McBeal, your erotic skills are extraordinary. How would you like to be
in a special class where you could learn to hone them to an even finer edge?
Learn how to be a lady in public, and an absolute slut behind closed doors.'

"Definitely! Count me in!"

'Good. Come back to the office on Saturday noon. Casual clothes are
acceptable. Now, I'll get you another uniform, and you should get back to
the dorm.'

"Mrs. Brooks got me another uniform, and I returned to my room. I don't think
I've ever jilled off as much as I did waiting for that weekend. Finally the
day and time arrived, and I went to the office. Mrs. Brooks was waiting for
me, and she led me through the office to their residence, a beautifully
restored Victorian house. She took me to the candlelit parlor and had me sit
on a velvet couch. Then she tied a silky blindfold over my eyes.

'Now don't be concerned, Miss McBeal, this is just part of our initiation
ritual. Just relax, and soon, you'll know pleasure beyond your wildest

"She left, and I sat there for a while, then I heard a number of other people
come in. They were conversing in whispers that were too soft for me to hear.
Many hands were placed on me, feeling my body through my clothes. Then they
began undressing me. My shoes came off first, then my socks. Someone tickled
my feet lightly with what felt like a feather. I was helped to my feet. My
jeans were unsnapped and unzipped, then gently slid down and off; my shirt
and bra were unfastened and removed. Then the hands returned, caressing every
inch of me. I was tickled more with the feather too. I felt dollops of my
girly-jizz plop into my panties.

'Look. She's wetting her panties already. She sure is one hot little twat,'
one of the voices whispered.

"Someone rubbed my panty crotch with the palm of their hand, then my panties
were slid down and off. I was guided back down to the couch, and the feeling
of the soft velvet on my naked ass was so delicious that I came a little bit
right then, much to the delight of the onlookers. I was stretched out on the
couch, and then I was licked from head to toe by a multitude of tongues. They
were in my mouth, on my tits, between my legs. It didn't take long for me to
have that wonderful, warm, melty feeling inside. And this time, I didn't have
to keep it quiet."

'Be as loud as you want to, Alexandra,' Mrs. Brooks whispered in my ear.
'You're among friends. Share your pleasure with us.'

"I did just that. I shrieked my way through several cums, with the whispery
voices cheering me on, and the tongues licking up every drip, spurt, and
dollop of my girly-jizz. I felt relaxed, warm and wonderful. And things were
about get even better."

'Stand up for a moment, Alexandra,' Mrs. Brooks whispered.

"I tried, but my legs were still weak. Mrs. Brooks took pity on me and helped
me up. She hugged me close, and from what I could feel, she was as naked as I
was. She stroked my hair and murmured sweet nothings to me as my strength
returned. She guided my lips to her nipples and I suckled gratefully."

'All right, Alexandra, time for the next phase. Sit back down, please.'

"I began to lower myself to the couch, but stopped when I felt the head of a
rock-hard cock poke me right in my ass. I checked with my hand, and found the
cock was all slicked up and ready to go. The cock's owner spit on my pink
rosebud then took hold of my hips and gently guided me down onto his cock.
Now I had taken cocks in my ass before, but this one was so big, it felt like
my hips were coming unhinged. I clenched my teeth and concentrated, and
finally got it all in. Then, an equally large cock nuzzled its way into my
pussy. My first double penetration! I was so excited that I started cumming
like a tidal wave. Someone took my left hand and guided it to a fat cock,
which I began stroking. A similar sized cock was pressed into my right hand,
and I began stroking that one too. Soon stroking turned to sucking as I
alternated between tasting the two yummy slabs of meat in my hands. It was
at this point that Mrs. Brooks pulled my blindfold off, and I couldn't
believe my eyes! All the teachers, male and female, that I'd fantasized about
were there, along with some of the students too, and they were all naked! I
was riding the cocks of my math and science teachers, and the cocks I was
sucking belonged to the captain of the baseball team and the boys' gym coach.
Everyone was so overheated, that it didn't take long for the cocks inside me
to start squirting and spurting, filling my quim and ass to the brim with
sweet, hot cum. I started cumming too, and in no time, my pussy was all hot
and gooey with girl and guy jizz. I felt the cocks in my hands begin to
vibrate and leak pre-cum, and I hurriedly stuffed both of them in my mouth
as the cum started to shoot out in long, ropy strands. I felt lewd,
licentious, and lusty, and I was enjoying every fucking minute of it! Once
the guys were done cumming, Mrs. Brooks, Ms. Marae (the art teacher), and
Girls' gym coach Ms. Grant licked me clean from head to toe.

We all took a breather then, and enjoyed some wine and cheese. Mrs. Brooks
sat down with me and asked how I was doing.

"To tell you the truth, my head is still spinning. I thought I knew a lot
about sex, but...WOW! Now I have to ask, is cock size a requirement for
admission to Briarcliff?"

"Mrs. Brooks laughed. 'Not officially, no. But I have my ways of finding
out, as does my husband when it comes to you ladies. We had hidden cameras
installed in both locker rooms, and when we see someone interesting, we make
discreet inquiries and if they turn out to be our kind of people, then we
quietly reach out to them and invite them to join our group. You were
definitely on our list, but you got caught in the library before we could
reach out to you. But I guess it all came out all right in the end.'

"It sure came in my end all right," I said, wiggling my ass and laughing.

'Oh, Alexandra.' The speaker was Ms. Timon, the librarian who had caught me.
She was a little Latina spitfire with dark, puffy, plum-sized nipples and
an ass you could crack an egg on. 'The next time you want to 'read' that
particular volume, let me know. I'll let you use a study room, so you won't
be disturbed. I might even join you.'

"Yes, Ma'am." I said with a smile.

'Now, Alexandra,' Mrs. Brooks was speaking again. 'The main rule of our group
is discretion. Don't tell anyone who's not in the group what you're getting,
or you'll never get it again. And when you're talking to group members
outside of our party rooms here, be careful what you say. And don't expect
any special favors in any classes.'

"Fair enough," I agreed. "But how do I tell who's in the group if I'm not

"Mrs. Brooks handed me a gold chain with an ivory stone hanging from it. She
showed me how, when the light caught it just right, a design appeared. At
first I thought it was just an abstract design, but then I realized it was
the outline of a squirting cock!"

'Our female members wear these around their necks. Our gentlemen friends wear
them as a tie tack or ring. Now, Ms. McBeal, there is one final step to your
initiation. The bukkakke!'

"And what do I have to do for that?"

'You don't have to do anything, Alexandra dear,' Mrs. Brooks said sweetly.
'Just stretch out on the floor and let every man in the room shoot cum all
over you. What do you think of that, Little Slut?'

"I think we'd better get started. I see plenty of hard cocks that need some

I lay down on the floor and spread my legs and opened my mouth. I was soon
surrounded by every man in the room, and they were all rock-hard and stroking
their cocks furiously. It wasn't long before I felt the first hot load
splatter wetly across my teen-aged tits. That started a chain reaction, and
soon they were moaning, groaning, and grunting as they shot off. SPLAT!
SQUIRT! GLOOP! The cum was going everywhere. On my face, on my tits, on my
twat, on my belly, on my arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers and toes it was
everywhere! By the time they were through, I looked like a glazed doughnut!
Mrs. Brooks and the other women licked me clean again, and then helped me to
shower and towel myself dry. And from then on, I was a member of their club.
We didn't meet every week, but on the weeks we did meet, each day was filled
with as many orgasms as we all could handle. My years at Briarcliff passed
in a pleasant, orgasmic haze. I lost count of the number of club members I
helped to initiate, as well as the number of cumloads I took on me and in me.
By the time of my graduation, I was one very well-educated and well-fucked
young woman. And the graduation party the club threw for me, oooh! It makes
me dripping wet just to think about it! I ate cake from Mrs. Brooks' pussy
mound, while others scooped ice cream onto my ass and licked it off. I drank
champagne, but not before I had dunked every cock in the room in my glass.
And my graduation present was this beautiful exchange student from Norway
that I'd had my eye on. He was a tall, blonde, Viking, with a long, pink
lance that was capped with a beautiful purple head. He fucked me in my pussy
and ass, and then I rubbed cake on his cock and took him in my mouth to
finish him off. He tasted delicious! I tell you, you girls haven't lived
until you've tasted cake, ice cream, pussy, cock, and cum, all in the same
mouthful! And as a final farewell to Briarcliff, I was naked under my
graduation gown, and I managed to pull off a few silent cums during my
graduation ceremony. That's the real reason I'm smiling in the pictures of
the ceremony."

"Wow, Mom!" Maddie gasped as she shuddered and came again. "I never knew you
were such a firecracker when you were our age!"

"Oui," agreed Belle as she came too. "I thought sure we were in trouble when
you caught us, but I guess we didn't have anything to worry about."

"No, girls," Ally sighed happily. "You certainly didn't. And to commemorate
this joyous occasion, I had a special gift made for each of you."

Ally opened her briefcase and brought out two long, thin boxes, which she
presented to Maddie and Belle. Inside each box was a replica of Ally's
Briarcliff necklace.

"You can wear these around your neck, or, if you're feeling naughty, you
can wear them around your waist, so that the stone rests squarely on your

Ally and the girls slipped into their necklaces (around their waists, of
course) and a fresh round of licking and cumming ensued, as they helped each
other "adjust" them.

Needless to say, dinner was rather late that night.

All too soon, it was time for Belle to return home. Her flight to Paris left
rather early in the morning, so Ally stopped on the way to the airport and
got some donuts and juice. When they got to the airport, Ally parked her SUV
in a deserted corner of the huge parking garage, and they partook of their

"And now," said Ally as she finished her juice, "It's time for a proper

The windows of the car began to fog up as Ally, Belle, and Maddie shared
deep, tongue kisses and three pairs of panties went from dry to moist in an
instant. Ally kicked off her shoes and frantically squirmed out of her jeans
and panties. The girls copied her movements, and soon, all three were in the
large cargo space, licking and lapping to their heart's content.

When the alarm on Ally's watch beeped a few minutes later, Ally reluctantly
called a halt to their Sapphic hijinks, and they got dressed again.

"I am going to be naughty today, and not wear panties," Belle announced as
she pulled on her jeans.

"Sounds good to me," Ally agreed.

"Me too," Maddie added.

Before they headed to the terminal, they exchanged the panties they had been
wearing. Ally tucked Belle's jade green cotton pair into her purse, and Belle
took Ally's lavender satin thong and Maddie's polka-dotted cotton pair and
carefully packed them into her suitcase.

They made it inside just in time for Belle to make her plane.

"So, have you decided who you want to pop your cherry?" Ally asked
conversationally as they made their way back to their car.

"As a matter of fact, I have. There's this boy in my class, his name is
Terry, and he's really hot. I want him to do it, but I'm just not sure how
to bring it up..."

"Hm..." said Ally, a smile playing around her lips, "I think I might be able
to help you with that..."



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