Ally McBeal: What A Day! (M/F,F/F,M/F+,mc)
by Anonymous

The elevator doors opened and Ally came storming out of them. Her pouty lips
were already set on don't bother me. It had been another sexually frustrating
weekend. One date and it was a complete bust. Why couldn't she find someone,
anyone? Elaine stood holding a cup of water in front of her office and Ally
could only glare. She stormed up to her grabbed the water and drank it all in
one swallow.

"Thank you, Elaine", Ally snapped.

"But wait, that was my new . . ." Elaine started to say but Ally slammed the
door in her assistant's face.

Ally settled into her desk and started to work on her case, when she began
to feel a little odd. Little queasy and a little aroused, but it passed.
Hmmm, must have been something I ate this morning, but Ally ignored it and
continued working. The morning pass slowly and she decided to drop in on
Billy to check on their latest case.

Ally opened her door and stalked past Elaine and headed for Billy's office.
She didn't knock and just stormed in. Seeing Billy madly fucking Georgia on
his desk rewarded her rude habits. She was appalled and started to try and
sneak out of the office. But then her body began to feel funny and she had
to turn back. It was really quite a sight to watch Billy stick his dick into
Georgia gorgeous tight pussy. Ally stared for a moment and then couldn't
believe her own body as she started to disrobe. She couldn't stay away as if
something was forcing her to join in the action. She stripped and came up
behind Billy. They still hadn't noticed that she was in the room. Georgia's
eyes suddenly flew open and she started to scream, but Billy took it as a
sign of his performance and quickened his pace. This took Georgia back into
the land of paradise and she just closed her eyes to enjoy the moment.

Ally wasn't really sure what to do. She had never participated in a
threesome, but she had to do something. She dropped to her knees placing her
face right between Billy's and Georgia's legs giving her an upfront view of
Billy's cock plunging in and out of Georgia's blond mound. Ally couldn't hold
back any longer and reached out with her hands to grab hold of Billy's ass.
She then licked out with her tongue and gently touched Billy's balls. He
groaned in pure pleasure and then shot up to see who was there. His eyes
almost popped out of his head when he saw Ally and he started to get up, but
Georgia grabbed his chest and begged him to continue, "No Billy, don't stop,
feels sooo good, don't stop. I don't care who's back there, just don't stop

Ally couldn't believe that she was doing this. She was sucking her former
boyfriend's balls and they were just coated in her most hated enemy's pussy
juices. She was appalled and turned on at the same time. Curiosity got the
better of her and she had to try licking Georgia. She had never been with
another woman and the chance was too good to pass up. She worked her way down
then tenderly licked out to caress Georgia's swollen pussy. Georgia groaned
in delight and again Billy picked up the pace. Billy started bucking wildly
causing Ally's hand to slip. Ally found her hand pressing against Billy anus.
She started to take it away, but he was clearly excited by it. She began to
play around a little bit and suddenly Billy roared in orgasmic pleasure. Ally
saw his balls tighten and then explode deep into Georgia. Georgia clung to
him and said, "No, net yet, I haven't cum yet. Billy please don't stop." But
Billy was done. His dick went limp and he rose to get up.

Georgia bucked her hips in frustration and started to rise in anger. Ally
could not stop herself and she pounced on Georgia. She had licked her before
why not go all the way. She forced Georgia back onto the desk and buried her
head in her mound. She began licking and sucking on her clit with an animal
desire. Georgia nearly screamed in pleasure and she grabbed Ally's hair
forcing her close. Ally was captivated by the odor and taste. She could taste
a hint of Billy's cum, but Georgia's juices were so delightful. She slurped
and sucked as hard as she could. Her pussy was a little distended from having
his cock in her and when she sat up Billy's cum began to run into Ally's
mouth. She couldn't stop and soon she was cleaning his cum from her pussy.
Georgia began face-fucking Ally and moaned as an orgasm took control of her
body. Ally slowed her pace and gently finished cleaning her pussy before she

They all stood there, naked as a new born baby before Billy finally spoke,
"All right, this never happened, let's pretend it was a dream and everyone
get back to work."

Georgia and Ally agreed and everyone was quickly back in their clothes and
they broke out of the office and returned to lives of the law. Ally headed
back for her office in disbelief. What did she just do? How could she have
done that? She changed her mind and headed for the unisex. She went to the
sink and washed her face when she heard a little noise. It was very quiet but
it sounded like a little slap. She dropped to the floor and scanned the
stalls. No one, but then she heard it again from the last stall. She stalked
down to the stall and kicked the door open.

She turned a bright red and Richard sat there with his pants down clearly
masturbating. "Ally, what are you doing, get out of here!!" Richard screamed.
Ally started to turn when her body took control again and she turned to him
with an evil grin. Richard had seen that smile before and suddenly his face
broadened into a huge grin. She entered the stall and locked the door. She
bent over and took his pulsing cock into his mouth. It was a little thing and
she was able to swallow it in its entirety. Richard moaned in delight and sat
back to enjoy a blowjob from his gorgeous employee. She sucked and bobbed her
head up and down. Then she released his cock from her lips and began to lick
it up and down. From the tip of his head to the base of his balls. Her red
lipstick and salvia covered his cock as she worked on him. She gently took
his balls into her mouth and began rolling them around with her tongue. Then
she placed her lips on his head and slowly took his cock all the way back
into her mouth. He couldn't hold back any longer and began to orgasm into her
mouth. She delighted in swallowing every drop and even sucked his limp member
for just a little bit more.

Ally started to get up, but when she turned around Richard grabbed her. He
pulled her tight little skirt up and ripped down her panties. He then stood
up and buried his still hard member into her sopping pussy. Ally nearly
screamed in pleasure. He began to fuck her doggy style in the stall. Ally
came once quickly as her passions from Georgia still carried over. Richard
was a mad man pounding away on her like a professional playboy. Ally was
lost in delight and didn't even notice when Richard licked his fingers and
inserted one, then two into her tight rosebud asshole. In fact, it was even
pleasurable. Richard took her moans as signs of acceptance and began to
lengthen his strokes until just his head was in pussy on every out thrust.
On the next back swing he pulled all the way out and shifted her hips down
placing his cock head against her anus. Ally started to protest, but what
could she do. Richard worked his stiff dick into her asshole and began to
butt fuck her. Ally was furious, but more so that she hadn't cum a second
time instead of having her ass hole fucked. Richard didn't take long in her
ass and soon he spurted his second load into her bowls.

She stood up and turned ready to yell at him when he said, "Bygones," and
exited the stall. Ally stood there mystified. She cleaned herself up in the
bathroom and then headed back to her office at a quick pace. Why was this
happening? When she headed back to her office Elaine approached her.

"Not now Elaine!" Ally snapped. But Elaine ignored her and followed her into
the office. They closed the door as Ally sat in her chair.

"What do you want Elaine? I am having a very odd day and I don't need to deal
with you right now!" Ally screamed.

"Snappish! But haven't you noticed that you have been feeling a little
odd? That cup you took from this morning was not water. It was my latest
invention. It causes the drinker to respond to any sexual advance. I call it
my guaranteed way to have sex on the first date. Do you like it?" Elaine

"You did what! No, I don't believe you. These have just been coincidences."
Ally countered. That is not possible. No drink would cause me to get in a
threesome with Billy and Georgia or suck Richard off in the bathroom. No,
that was just my loneliness.

"Oh really," Elaine purred. "Then resist me if you can." Elaine then began to
caress her breast. Gently rolling the nipple back and forth in her hand. She
dropped her dress off her right shoulder exposing her gorgeous fully formed
breast. Her nipples were very erect as she gently played with them.

Ally was livid. What was she doing? She started to yell at Elaine, but her
body took control again and she could not take her eyes away. She got up and
approached Elaine. She needed to touch her. Ally reached out and grabbed hold
of Elaine's large tit. She began to knead it and before she knew she was bent
over kissing and sucking on her nipple. Elaine nodded in satisfaction and
then dropped her dress to the floor. She eased Ally over the chair and sat
down. Ally kissed her breasts and then looked up and joined Elaine in a deep
French kiss. Their tongues entwined and danced in a sexual frenzy. Ally was
in heaven, this all felt so good. She tore herself away from the kiss and
began to work her way down Elaine's body. She kissed her tits, her stomach,
her thighs, and then ended up at her delightful pussy. Elaine's golden brown
pussy screamed sex. Clearly a very excitable organ, her odor was much more
potent than Georgia's was. Ally nibbled on her clit and was surprised to have
it grow. Elaine's pussy was very swollen and resembled an animal's pussy in
heat. Ally buried her head and began to suck and lick on Elaine.

Elaine moaned in delight. Ally was quite good, but she needed more. She slid
down to the floor. Ally looked up at her with her pouty lips, like what did I
do wrong. Elaine embraced and then rolled over onto the carpet. They kissed
some more and then Elaine spun Ally around into a 69 position. Ally gave a
delightful laugh and began to suck again. Elaine smiled and gently kissed
Ally's pussy. It was very dainty and very sweet smelling. She licked her clit
and worked her tongue all the way down her pussy. She was surprised to see
Ally's hole slightly opened from a fucking; but then again she did take the
drug. They sucked, kissed, and licked for several minutes and each has
multiple orgasms. On every Elaine orgasm she actually spurted her juices out
onto Ally's face. When they rose Ally's face was a slimy mess, but Elaine
pulled her close and licked her like a kitten. They dressed and Elaine left
the office.

Ally settled into her chair in disbelief. It was only noon and she had
already had sex three times. What a day!!


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