The following is a work of erotic fiction and includes scenes of sexual
activity. It includes characters that are copyrighted by Fox TV. This story
is intended for the non-commerical enjoyment of fans and should be considered
a parody. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit will be made
from the distribution of this story.

Ally McBeal - Buried Pleasures (An Alternate Version) (f/f)
by Ann Douglas ([email protected])

"I'm not gay. I'm not even ashamed to admit I don't want to be gay, but...."
Ally McBeal said as she sat in her office at Cage, Fish and Associates.

"... you're curious." the young beautiful Asian woman sitting across from
Ally said as she finished her sentence.

Her name was Ling Woo, and like Ally, she was a lawyer at the Boston firm.
Originally she had been a client of another of the firms lawyers, Nelle
Porter, and had eventually joined the firm as well.

"Well it wasn't just that, Ling" Ally went on. "For whatever reason last
night... I had an... urge..."

She paused for a brief moment.

" kiss you."

Ling rose from her chair, leaning forward across Ally's desk. She looked into
Ally's eyes in a sultry voice and asked.

"Do you now?"

Not waiting for an answer, Ling turned and walked to the door. Ally watched
as she closed it and turned the lock. The sound of the bolt falling into
place was deafening.

Ally got up from behind her desk and met Ling halfway across the room. Her
thoughts went back 24 hours to when the both of them had sat right here, and
Ling had asked her if she had ever kissed another woman?

The reason behind Ling's question had been an erotic dream the Asian had the
night before. A dream in which she had kissed Ally.
_ _ _

"No, I haven't" Ally had answered. "At least not for real."

In the last two years, Ally had actually kissed two of the women at the firm.
One was Georgia Thomas, another of the firm's lawyers and the wife of Billy
Alan Thomas. Billy was also a lawyer at Cage and Fish, as well as Ally's
college lover.

She had also kissed Elaine Vassal, the firm's blond bombshell office
assistant. On both occasions the excuse for the kiss had been to scare away
unwanted male suitors by making them think Ally was bisexual or secretly a

When Ling had asked Ally's thoughts about her dream, the slim brunette was
unable to really offer any help. Ling guessed correctly that it was because
they really had never been good friends. The solution Ling decided, was for
them to become better friends. Starting with dinner last night.

So they'd had a nervous and awkward dinner at Jasper's. At first, it seemed
that they'd put this business of Ling's dream about kissing Ally behind them.
They'd both agreed that what they really wanted out of a relationship at the
end of a day, had been a penis.

No sooner had they decided to go back to just disliking each other, when Ling
noticed a group of men checking them out. Ally had said that she really hated
it when a guy came up to hit on her while his friends watched. In response,
Ling suggested that they have a little fun at their expense. Something that
would both arouse and frustrate them at the same time was the way she had put
it. Feeling a little wicked herself, Ally had agreed.

To the strands of "Pretty Woman" they had danced. Touching and swaying to the
music, Ally and Ling had been followed by every eye in the place -- both male
and female. More an erotic ballet than just a dance, it was a celebration of
two beautiful women totally into each other. Ally's heart still raced when
she thought of each time that Ling's hand had touched her. She still
remembered the soft brush of her long black hair, the sweet smell of her
perfume. Most of all she remembered the deep look of longing in the smaller
woman's dark eyes and those brief moments when their lips drew close, but
never connected.

Even when they had said goodnight outside of her building, Ally could see
that same longing in Ling's eyes. Ling had started to walk away, then turned
back and kissed Ally's cheek. The Asian lawyer had gone a few more steps,
then paused again, looking back over her shoulder. For a moment, the twenty
something brunette thought Ling might have reconsidered her invitation to
come up for coffee. Instead, the dark haired woman turned once more,
continuing down the street. Ally's eyes had followed her until she
disappeared around a corner.
_ _ _

"I've been thinking about it too." Ling said as she left the locked door
behind and walked toward Ally.

"You have... ?" Ally asked hesitantly.

"All day..." Ling replied.

Ling went on to explain that she had told her friend Nell what had happened,
and that Nell had suggested that all of her curiosity might go away if she
went ahead and actually kissed Ally.

The two women stood there, looking into each other's eyes. Studying every
aspect of the other's face.

"Maybe we should..." Ally suggested, breaking what seemed like a long
silence. "...just to see what it's like."

"What do you think it would be like?" Ling asked.

"Soft..." Ally whispered.

"Soft..." Ling repeated in a whisper as well.

They stood there for another few moments, listening to the beating of their
hearts. Then, closing their eyes, their lips met.

Gently, their lips brushed against each other, soft flesh against flesh. Ally
reached up and ran her fingers through Ling's long black hair, stroking her
bare shoulders. Ling responded by running her fingers across Ally's back.
Their lips continued to play against each other for a few more long seconds.

"That didn't suck." Ling said lightly, her eyes still tightly shut.

"Not at all." Ally replied, slowly opening her eyes.

"One more...?" Ling softly suggested.

"Little one." Ally said in a hushed voice.

That little one, turned out to be a big one. As their mouths pressed against
each other, Ally felt Ling's tongue press against her lips. It was a moment
of decision for the young lawyer, one of those moments when desire and
opportunity come together. Without hesitation, she opened her lips and let
Ling's tongue pass between them.

Their kiss grew in intensity as the two lawyers began to explore each other's
bodies. Soft hands moved up and down, caressing warm flesh both covered and

"Should we stop?" Ling asked as they broke the kiss.

"Only if you want to." Ally replied.

"The door is still locked." Ling said.

Ally's smile grew larger.

They kissed again, this time wrapping their arms around each other. Through
the fabric of their clothes, Ally and Ling could feel their nipples grow hard
as they pressed their small breasts against each other.

Ally was wearing a long sleeve blouse with the first few buttons open, the
body shirt beneath it clearly visible. Ling slowly, sensually undid the
remaining buttons, easing off Ally's blouse when she was done. The tips of
Ally's breasts were very visible through the thin material. Ling reached out
with an outstretched index finger and ran it over each of them.

"Yes," Ally moaned softly. Her nipples had always been very sensitive.

Ling spread out her fingers in a wide arc, running them down Alley's tiny
mounds and across her stomach. She took hold of the edges of the taller
woman's shirt, then pulled it up and over her head. Ally stood there silent
and topless for a moment, feeling the cool breeze of the office's air
conditioning. A chilliness that made her small pink nips grow even harder.

Ling brought her hands again to Ally's breasts, running them again over the
bare skin. Her long nails leaving a faint impression in their wake.

Ally reached out with her own hands undid the clasps that held Ling's
strapless red dress in place. A few motions of her fingers and the dress fell
down around Ling's long legs. Like Ally, she was braless beneath it.

Also like Ally, Ling's deep brown nipples stood at attention in the cool
breeze. Tight, little beacons that quickly drew Ally's interest.

Ally's roommate, Renee, was a beautiful well-endowed black woman whom she had
seen naked many times. But never had she been so interested in another
woman's mounds as those before her.

Ally bent down and kissed Ling's breast, running her tongue across the dark
brown circles. Ling gave out a small moan in response. Ally took her time,
darting her tongue to and fro, tracing wide circles around the rigid nipples.
She tickled it with her tongue, then glided it between her lips once more.

Ling held Ally's head in place, running her fingers through her brown hair.
Never had she felt so excited as she did right now with a woman suckling at
her breast.

"Was this in your dream?" Ally asked as she turned her attention to Ling's
other mound.

"Oh yes, this and more." Ling moaned as the wetness of Ally's mouth engulfed
her once more.

Ling stood there, eyes closed, as she enjoyed Ally's tongue play on her
breasts. It was no secret that Ling and Richard Fish, one of the firm's
senior partners, were lovers. Ally wondered how her technique compared to
his. If it didn't match up, Ling didn't seem to mind.

Ally's breasts were smaller than Ling's but no less responsive as they
changed places and Ling's mouth now sought out Ally's most sensitive spots.
Ally had a number of lovers in her life, but she had to say that none of them
had felt as good as Ling. She guessed that old saying that only a woman
really knew how to please another woman might be true after all. That idea
brought an even warmer rush across her breasts when she applied it to the
more intimate parts of her anatomy.

Ally took a step back, undid her pants and dropped them to the floor. She
kicked them away as they came to a rest against Ling's dress. She took a few
more steps back and pulled down her plain while panties as well. As she sat
down on the edge of the desk, she tossed them to Ling.

Ling caught the panties and lifted them to her mouth, inhaling deeply. Ally's
panties were thick with the scent of her arousal. Ling's eyes moved back
across the room, until her gaze came to a stop at the real subject of her
forbidden dream. The thick brown patch of hair between Ally's legs. A now wet
mound that guarded the entrance to Ally's womanhood.

Aware of Ling's watchful gaze, Ally spread her legs in invitation. A
solicitation the panty clad woman didn't hesitate in responding to.

"Oh God!" Ally gasped as she felt the first touch of Ling's tongue against
her clit.

That first touch was immediately followed by a second and a third, each
causing Ally to shiver with lustful delight at the forbidden caress.

"Yes, Ling, eat me," Ally moaned. "Lick my pussy."

Ally reached down with her own hands and spread her pussy lips apart. The
image of her dream now brought to life was enough to send Ling over the edge.
She lapped at the tiny clit, moving her tongue quickly and deeply into Ally.

Ling ran her tongue against Ally's clit again and again, striking it with a
wanton desire that made Ally feverish as well. Feverish with desire for more
from this woman's tongue. She now understood the true nature of Ling's
dream. This was the kiss she had dreamed of.

Ling took the hardened clit between her lips and sucked on it, feeling Ally's
body respond to her efforts. She knew she was driving her lover insane with
orgasmic feelings. Looking up for a moment, she studied Ally as she sucked.
Ally was playing with her own small breasts, moaning and tossing her head
back and forth, keeping time with each new cascading wave.

The torrids crashing across Ally's small frame were reflected in Ling's own.
With her face pressed tightly between Ally's legs, Ling was free to use both
hands to attend to her own needs. There were few women as uniquely tuned to
their own bodies as Ling, and few could bring themselves to the edge of
orgasm as quickly. It wasn't long before both women were teetering on the

Then in a burst of fire, Ally came with sighs and squeals. Ling was rewarded
for her efforts with the nectar of Ally's orgasm. A sweet treat she savored
as her dream came true.

"Yes, yes, oh yes." Ally kept gasping as her body surrendered to the forces
radiating from her pussy.

Ally's eruption gave Ling what she needed to follow suite. Her own climaxes
were usually explosive, and this one was more so than most. But through it
all she never stopped licking Ally, reluctant to let go of her prize.

Eventually the fires in both women cooled. Wordlessly they cleaned up and
made themselves presentable. Ling quickly unlocked the door and left once she
was dressed. Ally waited a few minutes for her to make it back to her own
office. Then she followed her out the door and headed for the unisex bathroom
to clean up a little more.

Thankfully the office was pretty empty right now, most of the other lawyers
were in court. She made it to the door of the bathroom without notice, only
to almost collide with Elaine who was on her way out.

"Hi Ally." she said as she paused.

"Hello Elaine." Ally said as she continued past her.

It was then that Elaine caught a whiff of a familiar aroma. For a
self-proclaimed slut like herself, there was no mistaking it. It was the
scent of a woman who had just had sex. Elaine smiled and mentally checked off
which of the men in the office were in this morning, wondering which of them
might have been Ally's lover.

After she had washed up, Ally tried to put the events of the last hour into
perspective. Was she a lesbian? Was Ling? Or were they just two women acting
out a fantasy. She needed to talk to Renee, to ask her advice. Of course she
couldn't tell her the whole story. It would be enough to just tell her that
she and Ling had kissed. After all, that was what Ling had done when you
thought about it. A very special kiss.



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