The Cast
Chelsea Brummet: 16
Jack de Sena: 14
Lisa Renee Foiles: 16
Christina Kirkman: 10
Shane Lyons: 14
Giovonnie Samuels: 17
Jamie Spears: 12
Kyle Sullivan: 14

Special guests: Britney Spears and Booker T

All That: On Air Sexual Dare
by Hamster (mf,ff-gang,Mg,gg,Fg,Mmff,inter,BDSM,oral,anal,voy,celeb,ncon)

All that was having the first viewers' choice `On Air Sexual Dare' and the
victims were the girls of `All That'. The girls were all naked and trapped
inside of large glass tubes, they looked terrified and humiliated.

"Welcome." Jack said on his microphone. "To The `All That On Air Dare'. All
of you out there voted on the sickest most disgusting, perverted things
you wanted to see happen to Chelsea, Lisa, Christina, Giovannie and Jamie.
(crowd applauses wildly) Why are we doing this to the girls? Well you see
are ratings are in the toilet and we have to do something. Our first victim
is Giovannie Samuels. Boys put her in the stocks and lock her up tight."

Giovannie was released from her glass tube dragged over to the center of
the stage by a pair of burly studio security guards who placed her head and
wrists in old-fashioned wooden stocks and locked her in tight.

"Shane would you like to do the honors?" Jack asked.

"I'd love to." Shane replied.

"Stop, please." She pleaded. "You can't do this to us."

"Wrong! Read your contract." Jack said angrily. "Shane please start the

Shane approached Giovannie with what looked like a cane. He raised it and
brought it down hard across Giovannie's ass. Giovannie screamed but the fans
loved it. Shane brought the cane down again across his ass again over and
over WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK! Giovannie was in tears and her big round
ass was crisscrossed with painful red welts.

"Please, please stop." She whimpered miserably.

"Hmmm maybe I should." Shane said to a chorus of boos. Shane raised his hand
for silence. "Don't worry I'm not finished with this juicy little black slut
yet. I'm just going to switch tools."

A stagehand handed him a shock stick. Giovannie couldn't see what was
going on because of the stocks, but the crowd's loud impassioned reaction
frightened her. Shane jammed the stick into her cunt and zapped. Giovannie
writhed and thrashed in her binds as she screeched hysterically. Shane
stopped shocking her so that he could drive the stick deep into her cunt
her began fucking her with it with deep rapid strokes, the girl moaned in
pleasure and soon began to cum and overflow with girl-juice. Shane unzipped
his pants and pulled out his stiff cock. After removing the shock stick he
replaced it with his cock. He began fucking her as he squeezed her firm
ass-cheeks and occasionally gave them a good hard slap.

"Say it, who's your daddy, who's your daddy slut?"

"Shane, Shane Lyons is my daddy fuck me hard Shane make me cum again. Oh yeah
SHAAAAAAANE!!!" She howled.

"Lets give Shane a hand everybody." Jack said as the crowd exploded in
cheers. "Next we have Lisa and Chelsea who will work the crowd.

Chelsea Brummet and Lisa Renee Foiles were dragged over to the crowd. They
struggled and screamed but could not get away. The guards handcuffed the two
teenaged girls then unceremoniously tossed them into the horny crowd. The
nearest fans spread their legs and soon enough each girl was taking a cock
in the ass and cunt. As they howled opportunistic people in the studio
audience shoved cocks in their mouths. The camera closed in on them as they
were savagely gang-raped by multiple horny men. Each time one of them came
in one of their orifices their cocks were replaced immediately by another.
The girls were fucked to the point of exhaustion and their bellies, cunts
and rectums were filled with cum. Soon the girls were covered from head to
toes in gooey cum.

"People, people please. We need them back now." Jack announced.

Disappointedly the crowd tossed the limp, spent girls back on stage. A
stagehand came by and hosed them down. Kyle and Jack grabbed Chelsea and Lisa
respectively and forced them to their knees.

As they received blowjobs from the exhausted teens they moaned and shoved the
girls faced deeper onto their cocks. They thrust in and out of the girl's
faces vigorously and the two hot teens knew it was in their interest to keep
them happy so they sucked on the cocks with all their might. Soon they came
down the girls' throats and filled their bellies with sticky cum. Jack then
ordered them to be replaced in their tubes. Christina's tube was opened and
little Christina Kirkman was dragged to center stage and then hung from the
ceiling by her wrists ankles and waist, Jack made his announcement.

"Christina's sexual partner will be our special guest former WCW heavyweight
champion Booker T." Jack announced.

Booker's music played and he entered the studio. Booker remover his trunks
and approached the girl from behind. Christina stared back at the giant black
cock about to impale her cunt and screamed hysterically. Booker grasped the
girl's hips firmly with one hand and as the crowd cheered him on guided his
cock to the opening of her tight little virgin pussy. Booker forced the large
head of his enormous black cock into her tiny hole with great difficulty.

"NOOOOOOO PLEASE, It's too big it's going to split me in half!" Christina

"That's sort of the idea." Jack interjected.

With a massive effort Booker slammed his cock deep into her virgin cunt,
destroying her virginity. Poor Christina thought her eyes would pop out
from the pressure of the massive black cock that was violating her. Booker
began to ruthlessly slam into her over and over, pounding her pussy like a
carpenter with a hammer. The former WCW heavyweight champ was relentless
in his merciless, relentless fucking of the girl. He was not so much having
sex with her as he was using her to get himself off instead of his fist.
Christina's head whipped back and forth and she thrashed in her bonds.

She screamed till she was hoarse but Booker merely ignored her pleas. Finally
Christina passed out and Booker was fucking a limp body ragged until finally
he came to an orgasm. Booker flooded her with his seed cumming over and over
until it overflowed out her pussy. Booker T. did a celebratory spin-a-rooney.

Jack at this point released Jamie from her tube.

"Now Jamie you've seen what has happened to the other girls if you be a good
girl and co-operate we may go easy on you." Jack lied.

"W-What do you want?" Jamie asked nervously well you could clean Christina's
pussy up real nice for starters.

The frightened Jamie Spears nodded her consent. She was led to where
Christina was hanging limply. Jamie was then forced to kneel with her face
in front of the younger girl's cunt. Christina stirred with pleasure as
Jamie lapped up the tasty mix of girl-cum, sperm and virgin's blood. Soon
Christina's eyes opened and she was moaning in pleasure as Jamie's
inexperienced yet naturally talented tongue explored her young pussy. Her
battered little pussy reacted positively to the loving administrations of
Jamie's mouth. The crowd was chanting "MAKE HER CUM, MAKE HER CUM!" over and

Christina cried as the crowd roared its approval.

Jamie was rewarded by the oozing of delicious girl juices, which she
swallowed down.

"Well, well Jamie it seems that you have a very talented mouth. Believe me
we are going to put it to very good use." Jack announced. Jamie was led to
a table and strapped down face-up, and spread-eagle. "Introducing our very
special guest Britney Spears."

The crowd was cheering wildly and Jamie was staring in shock as Britney made
her entrance in a white leather skirt, go-go boots, and light blue top. She
bowed to the fans and hugged the male cast members then approached her
sister. She unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the ground on the way.

"No Britney, please what are you doing?" Jamie asked.

"Oh Jamie, Jamie there's something that you should know." Britney said in
parody of her own song. "I want your pussy right now!"

Britney pulled off her panties and straddled her little sister's face.

"No please Jamie, this is gross we're sisters please don't." The girl begged.

"Shut up and get to fucking!" Britney said as she slammed her cunt down on
the girl's face.

At first she did nothing but a when Jack lashed her across the pussy with a
whip she shrieked into her sister's cunt sending vibrations through her
sister that gave her pleasurable stimulation.

"You ARE going to stimulate your sister's pussy even if you do it by howling
in pain into it." Jack said.

With tears in her eyes poor little Jamie fought back her revulsion and began
to lick up and down her sister's pussy lips. Her tongue pushed its way into
her hole and Jamie began to tongue fuck her older sister. Britney was moaning
and groaning in pleasure as she rocked back and forth on her sister's face.
Britney tore off her top and began kneading her big boobs. Obviously there
was not a limp cock in the house. Britney bent down and began to eat her
little sister's pussy out. The two rocked back in forth in the `69' position.
As the two girls began to really get into their vigorous lesbian-incest
fuckfest Jack decided that it was time for the guy's cocks to be served. Lisa
and Chelsea were dragged out and forced into the doggy-style position. Jack
and Kyle both set the heads of their hard cocks to the girls cunts and began
to fuck them with much enthusiasm. Giovannie was having her asshole violated
by Booker T and Shane was getting a blow-job from Christina Kirkman.

"Oh yes, yes deeper, deeper." Britney cried. "Yes Jamie you cunt loving whore
I'm going to CUM YES!"

Britney began bucking on her sister's face as she climaxed. Soon everyone was
cumming and the studio was filled with the sounds and smells of mad sexual
climax. Jack kicked Chelsea off his cock and to the floor.

"Well that's are show. I'd now like to invite the studio audience to come up
on stage and have their way with the girls. Goodnight everybody."
_ _ _

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