Alias: Part 1 - Sydney's Capture (MF,MFF,pee,anal,tort,cons,ncons)
by Hamster

Sydney Bristow had been sent to find information on a geneticist who was
creating a plague that would turn humans into freakish mutants. Her prey Dr.
Uearom however had already known all about her and had set up a little ambush
for the pretty agent. Once Sydney had arrived at the warehouse where an
informant was supposed to meet her to discuss the sick doctor she was struck
in the neck by a dart. The world began to spin around her and she fell to the
floor unconscious.

She awoke to hear two men discussing her fate. Sydney was clearly locked in
a cell. She feigned sleeping so she could listen in on her captors. One of
them, King, wanted to have his way with her but the one the one called Stones
was against he idea.

"...No you retarded fuck-nut, you heard what the boss told Ice. He wants the
girl left unharmed. You want him to cut your dick off and anally rape you
with it?" Stones asked.

King waved away the idea.

"No, no it's OK. I'll just settle for one of those ugly middle-aged,
plus-sized hookers I'm usually stuck with." King sighed.

Sydney was already formulating a plan as she lie on the cot pretending to be
"out of it".

King and Stones took a few minutes to play paper, scissors, rock in order to
determine who would get stuck watching her first. After tying time, and time
again Stones finally managed to score scissors over paper.

Of course there was a twenty-minute discussion on why scissors beats paper,
as well as the rules and guidelines of the game. Stones walked away angry and
muttering something about a retard. King didn't know who Stones was talking
about but considering the things Stones was saying he had to be pretty dumb.

Usually the girls he hooked up with resembled Jerry Springer guests. You know
the type. Three teeth, three hundred pounds, reads the Enquirer and sees
Jesus in oil stains.

This girl was different, she had class. Not that King would know what class
was if it blew him out an airlock. He just figured she had it since Stones
always said the girls he hooked up with had no class and Sydney was the
opposite every girl he ever screwed.

He looked up from his magazine to take a quick peek at the real thing. His
eyes widened as he saw Sydney struggling to remove her skintight leather
pants. King's heart skipped two beats as he saw her shaved pussy. Sydney
gave King a sly smile as she sat on the pot. For whatever sick reasons he
was highly turned on as he listened to the trickling of her peeing.

Sydney grabbed her tits then squeezed and kneaded them while she peed.

"Mmmmm ohhhh I'm so horny." Sydney moaned. She stared right at him and licked
her lips. "Oh god I wish I had somebody to give me what I need."

With any luck King was as dumb as he looked, she thought.

"Umm uhh what do you need?" King asked.

Sydney let go of her tits and looked at him in disbelief.

"Too be fucked, dumb ass. You think you can do that?" Sydney said angrily.

"Oh yeah. Yeah sorry. Yes I can do that. Hey, wait are you trying to trick me
so you can escape?" He asked suspiciously.

"Err no, of course not." Sydney said.

"Good because I really want to have sex with you and I couldn't do that if it
was a ploy to get free." King said.

God, Sydney thought, King's mother should have eaten him at birth for the
good of the gene pool. King fumbled with the key cards excitedly then popped
one into the slot. The door popped and slid open then closed behind him
slowly. Sydney stood and placed a finger on her lips seductively. She made
her way to King who had already dropped his jacket. He quickly unbuttoned
his shirt.

Sydney stopped dead in her tracks. King had one of the hairiest and ugly
physiques Sydney had ever seen in her life. Sydney thought maybe he had some
bear DNA in him.

OK, Sydney thought, you got to do this, you can do this She told herself.
She pressed her sexy naked body against King's thrusting her tongue into his
mouth. This proved to maybe not have been the best idea. He tasted of "Tito's
Third Rate Cheap-Ass Tequila" and cigarettes. Her large firm round tits
itched from being mashed against his hairy chest. After recovering from the
funky taste she wisely broke the kiss and lowered herself to her knees. She
unzipped his pants and fished around eventually finding his trouser trout.

He actually had a decent size. You'd think he'd be more popular, she thought.
Sydney pulled out the cock and began slowly circling the cock head with her
tongue she kissed the tip of the rock hard prick gently. King's body quivered
with pleasure as Sydney's beautiful face bobbed up and down on his cock. King
grasped a firm hand full of soft silky hair as the girl made loud slurping
and sucking noises while licking and sucking his large shaft. Pleasure surged
through his body as the little hottie's tongue stroked and caressed his

"Yeah you like that don't you, you like sucking daddy's cock." King grunted.

'Whatever' Sydney thought.

Sydney broke off away from his cock only to bend over with her legs
semi-spread and her ass in the air while resting her arms and face on the

Taking his cue, King moved up behind her and put his stiff member to Sydney
sweet pussy lips.

"Oh yeah baby, tell daddy you want his man-meat in you." King said, gently
stroking his member to maintain his erection.

'What's up with this weird daddy shit?' Sydney wondered, did King have a
daughter he secretly wanted to bang?

"Oh yes please give me all your man-meat." Sydney moaned seductively.

Grabbing a handful of long silky hair he drove his cock home and began
enthusiastically pumping her like a crazed sex demon. Sydney thrust backwards
to meet his strokes. Delighting in the squishy noises he was making as he
furiously fucked her. Sydney was screaming her head off, partly from his
fucking, partly from the fact that the ass hole was pulling really hard on
her hair.

Just as his strokes where becoming most frantic, King yanked Sydney off the
bed by her hair. King forced her to her knees in front of his rock hard
member. Sydney quickly figured out what he had planned as his stiffie stared
her in the face.

"Oh no, I'm not getting a facial. No way that's too gross." Sydney said as
she tried to get up.

"Shut up and get on your knees. Daddy knows best." King grunted.

'Again with the fucking daddy shit?' Sydney thought.

King forced her to her knees and before she knew it there was a loud splat
and a ton of white gooey mess shot at his face. She was temporarily blinded
since a bunch of it splattered her eyes and, to her dismay, as she screamed
a good amount shot in her mouth. Her face was completely hosed down and some
even spilled onto her firm round tits. He obviously had his cock and nuts
genetically enhanced, cause he shot more goo than a cumming rhino.

Sydney angrily spat out sperm and wiped it away from her eyes. When she
opened them she saw King laying unconscious on the cell's floor. The pig
hadn't even thanked her for the thrill. Sydney quickly stole King's
keycards. She peeked into the hallway then locked King in the cell.

As soon as he turned around she came face to face with a tall, bald man
wearing sunglasses. The man also wore very thick leather gloves and had a
sneer on his face as he surveyed Sydney. She had no time to react as he
sprayed her face with something that made her dizzy and caused her world
to spin.

When she once again awoke she was naked and suspended facedown from the
ceiling on chains connected to cuffs on her wrists, ankles, and a belt at
her waist. It took her a minute to orient herself to the strange and
humiliating situation. The man that she had been sent to find before she
was captured stepped around her into view.

"My name is Dr. Uearom, Ms. Bristow. Of, course you already know that you
little spying whore." Uearom said this just before bringing a lash down
painfully across her ass.

"AHH Dammit you son of a bitch!" She screamed.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk is that any way to talk Sydney?"

"What do you want? You've obviously kept me alive for a reason." Sydney

"Ah yes you see I need to have my own spy inside your little agency. Please
allow me to introduce you to Sydney2." Uearom said.

A woman identical to Sydney in every way stepped into view.

"Now that you have served your purpose as DNA donor for my obedient little
clone I am afraid that I have no further need for you." Uearom said.

The Sydney-clone looked at Syd and licked her lips lustfully. "Oh, please
doctor couldn't we have a little fun with her first?"

"Well I suppose we it would be a waste if we didn't wouldn't it?"

Sydney struggled and swore and protested as she realized the humiliation that
they planned to subject her to this caused her to swing ion her chains, which
elicited mocking laughter from her clone and the doctor.

Syd2 crawled under Sydney and stuck her mouth to Sydney's hanging boobs. Syd2
licked and sucked at the nipples while Uearom made his way behind Sydney he
unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock hard cock. He gave Sydney a good
hard slap on the ass before spreading her cheeks and sticking his member to
her tight anal opening. Syd2 bit down hard on Sydney's nipple, making her
howl like a banshee. Uearom was driving his cock deep into her ass making her
fly back and forth and causing her boob to get tugged painfully by Syd2's
teeth who maintained their vice grip. Uearom continued to pound her ass until
he felt the pressure build in his meat and he filled her bowels with his
steamy load.

Sydney was already in tears when Uearom said, "Keep her busy while I get my
special friend." Uearom said.

As Uearom walked away Syd2 grabbed Sydney's hair and forced Sydney's face
into her cunt.

"Now, your tongue better go really deep or you'll be sorry, slut." Syd2 said.

Sydney obeyed immediately as she feared painful reprisal from her captor.
Sydney's tongue flicked and darted at the juicy cunt that was identical to
her own. Syd2 felt her body shiver with excitement and pleasure. The tongue
burrowed into her pussy making her gasp.

"Yes, oh yeah my little whore, just like that." Syd2 moaned.

Sydney continued to eat out her evil clone that ground her cunt into Syd's
face as she screamed obscenities. Her sticky, glistening cum shot all over
Sydney's face just as Uearom arrived with what appeared to be a fireworks

"Mmmm glad your back doc, I just finished with the little slut." Syd2

"She's not going to like this part very much. Not that I give a danm." Uearom

Uearom rammed to cold hard fireworks rocket into her cunt, it was large and
it stretched her cunt out painfully. Tears flooded from her eyes and she
screamed desperately as Uearom began pumping it in and out roughly. Uearom
fucked her with the rocket until she began to shake and moan signaling that
she had finally cum. With that Uearom lit the rocket and stepped away from
her quickly. Sydney began to panic; she was going to be blown up! She
struggled and screamed in vain as the fuse burned and she felt the little
flame approach her pussy then KA-BOOM!!! Sydney's cunt was scorched as she
screamed and thrashed in her chains before falling limp and unconscious.

To be continued...
_ _ _

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