Alias: Sydney's New Case Part 3 (FF,M-dom,ws,humil,viol,oral,ncon)
by Aysha Regan ([email protected])

Sydney didn't sleep. She couldn't. Her training and paranoia wouldn't let
her body relax enough for sleep to come. She wasn't worried though. She'd
been trained to go without sleep for up to three days straight and still be
reasonably competent. The other girls didn't seem to sleep much either.
Some of them prayed. Some of them cried. Unlike the others though, Sydney
did eat. She knew that although the flavor was nothing to write home about,
the nutritional content of dogfood was enough to sustain a human. She also
knew that she would need to keep up her strength in the days the come if she
was going to live through the training process in order to be placed in
Saddam's harem. Her target was Saddam and she was determined to not let all
this torture and submission be wasted. She would be placed in Saddam's harem
and then she would kill the maniac.

Sydney looked up at the skylights and saw that dawn was approaching. False
sunrise was starting to let light into the hanger turned gymnasium. The
pressure on her bladder was growing stronger and she hoped the `Master' would
return soon so that the trainers would let them out of their cages to relieve
themselves and wash up. The acrid pungent smell in the hangar told Sydney
that at least one of her fellow captives had not been able to hold out
through the night. Probably the blonde former virgin in the cage next to
her. The girl had been crying all night long. Once Sydney tried to talk to
her but the guards watching over them shouted at her in Arabic and Sydney
knew that she would be better off keeping to herself.

The doors flew open and the five trainers walked in. Master was not with
them. The trainers all walked up to their respective slaves and unlocked the
kennel doors.

The blonde's trainer commented on the wet newspaper lining the kennel floor.
"Did my bitch go potty on her paper?" he said in an attempt at a cutesy
voice. Sydney thought it sounded more like a bad cartoon villain. "Good
little doggy," he continued.

Then he said something to the other trainers in an Arabic/Kurd mix that
Sydney had a difficult time following. From what she could gather, it
sounded like he said something about "one wet paper" and "less work."
She put the pieces together when the redhead's trainer opened her kennel
and told her it was time to "go potty." He then led her over to the
blonde's cage.

"Get on top," he said to the redhead and indicated that he wanted her up on
top of the blonde's kennel. Hesitant and wary, the girl complied with her
instructions and climbed up on top of the kennel.

"Go ahead," he said to her. "You won't be getting another chance." He then
stood there looking at her expectantly.

"You want me to pee on her?" the girl asked, the revulsion evident in the
sound of her voice. Sydney noted that the girl had a faint Australian

"Yes. Yes," her trainer answered. "Newspapers cost money. We will not be
wasting anymore than we have to. No go ahead."

Sydney looked around and saw that the other girls were all watching with
equal horror and fascination at the events.

"I can't," the redhead said.

The riding crop landed on the back of the girl's thigh with a loud smack.
"Squat down and go!" the trainer told her.

The girl quickly squatted down on top of the blonde's kennel. The blonde
girl looked up at her with such a pleading, frightened expression that
Sydney's heart broke for her. After a while the blonde girl cried out as
a stream of yellow urine sprayed down from between the legs of the girl
above her. The blonde tried to move out of the way, but the kennels were
so small that there really wasn't anywhere for her to go. So she turned
her face away as best she could as the stream of the girl's piss poured
down on her head, hair, back and ass.

The redhead did not look at the blonde as the trainer led her off of the
kennel and back to her hobby horse. "Straddle it," he told her, which she
did. He then faced her so she was looking at the blonde's kennel as
another trainer took the older brunette from her cage. The brunette with
caramel colored skin said nothing. She simply let herself be led over to
the blonde's kennel without complaint, climbed up on top without being
asked and opened up her bladder to pee all over the girl without a sound.

'How can she be so calloused already,' Sydney thought to herself. Then she
decided that her humanity was the one thing these bastards would not be
taking from her. She would not pee on this poor girl. She closed her eyes,
took a few deep breaths to relax and then peed all over her own kennel. Her
trainer smelled the acrid urine before he saw it. Then he cursed her in
Arabic and called out to his fellow trainers. The men came over, leaving
their captives caged or tied. Someone yanked open her kennel door and hands
grabbed her and dragged her out. Before she could stand or even gain her
balance, booted feet began kicking her in the ribs. Riding crops rained
down on her bare back. She was pummeled to the brink of consciousness. Her
trainer then grabbed her by the hair and yanked her body over so she was face
up. He held her hair tight so she couldn't turn her head as the four other
trainers undid their flies and whipped out their equipment. Sydney could
barely see from the disorientation of her beating but she knew what was
happening when she felt hot streams of piss hit her in the face and travel
down her body. She closed her eyes and mouth and tried to imagine she was
somewhere else.

"You want to be a hero, huh girl?" her trainer said as her let go of her
hair. The other men grabbed her by the arms and hair and sat her up right
facing her trainer. Her trainer was undoing his pants now. "Open your
mouth," he told her. Sydney kept her mouth closed. Then her arms were
twisted around behind her back and her hair pulled so her neck craned back
as far as it would go. When she felt something sharp digging into her
nipples she opened her mouth to cry out in pain. That's when her trainer
pissed in her mouth. "This is what happens to heroes," he called out to
the other girls as he emptied his bladder into Sydney's open mouth. Sydney
felt some go up her nostrils and felt a sting as pee worked it's way under
her eyelids.

When her trainer had emptied his bladder in Sydney's face the other men
dropped her to the hardwood floor. "Get that fat cow over here," her trainer
said to one of the other men. The man hurried over to the Texas girl's cage,
unlocked it and dragged her out of it. "Have you gone to the bathroom yet,
cow?" Sydney's trainer asked her.

"No sir," the frightened girl said as her arm was twisted behind her back.

"Then go now," Sydney's trainer said to her. Another man stepped over to the
Texan and she was positioned straddling Sydney's face. Sydney looked at and
saw the girl's dark haired pussy behind lower down to her face. Although she
had certainly been attracted to a few women I her life, Sydney had never been
with a woman sexually. Therefore this was her first close-up look at another
woman's genitalia. Despite the mistreatment and the knowledge of what was
about to come, Sydney felt her pussy get wet as the Texan girl squatted her
pussy inches from Sydney's face. Sydney looked up at the girls face. She
was crying with fear as their eyes met. Sydney tried to mentally tell her
it was okay. That she didn't blame her, but she knew the she didn't have
telepathy. Then one of the trainers slapped the Texas girl across the face.

"Go cow!" the girl's trainer shouted at her. "Or else you'll switch

The girls cried some more. Closed her eyes and tried to force herself. She
opened her eyes, looked down at Sydney and mouthed the words "I'm sorry" as a
fat stream of hot piss trickled down onto Sydney's face. The urine was quite
yellow and acrid as it splattered all over Sydney's mouth and nose and
trickled down her neck and into her hair. The Texan peed for what seemed
like hours and Sydney wondered how long the girl had been holding it in.
When she was finally done, the girl started to get up but the men put their
hands on her shoulders and forced her back down.

"Now lick her clean, hero," Sydney's trainer told her and Sydney felt a
shudder of excitement pulse through her body. This was it, she thought to
herself, her first taste of pussy. She paused to savor the moment. The
trainers took this as a sign of hesitation and Sydney felt something sharp
dig into her nipples again. This time it didn't go away but kept its sharp
constant pressure on her now erect nubs. Sydney stretched up her neck;
stuck out her tongue; and lapped up her first taste of piss covered pussy.
It didn't matter that the Texas girls still had urine on her lips or that
there were some kind of clamps digging into Sydney's nipples or that five
men and three captive girls were watching. This was Sydney's first pussy
and she absolutely loved it. The Texas girl let out a stifled moan of
pleasure as Sydney dug her tongue into ever crack and fold she could find,
cleaning the girl thoroughly as order and secretly trying to savor the
moment. Despite the large ass cheeks now straddling her face, Sydney's
limited grasp of Arabic allowed to hear one of the trainers say "I think
she likes it." She then heard a couple of the others laugh. She knew she
should stop and play the part of the frightened unwilling captive but she
was enjoying this too much. And judging from the Texans reactions so was

Then the heft Texan was yanked off of Sydney and her trainer yelled out
"Enough! You are here to learn how to pleasure your men, not each other."

Sydney's heart sank as the Texas girl was lead away from her, back over to
her own kennel and horse. Sydney was dragged to her feet and saw the other
girls looking at her with mixed expressions of sympathy and horror. Sydney
flushed remembering how much she had been enjoying herself under these
conditions. Sydney was lead over to her hobby horse and told to straddle
it as the redhead had. She saw the other girls being put in the same
position and wondered to herself what was next.


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