Alias/Buffy/Dark Angel/JAG/Tru Calling/Veronica Mars:
Serials' Catfight (FF,FFF,anal,catfight)
by Ade03 ([email protected])

Part 1: Me First!

Sarah McKenzie meets for the first time the new guest in the gym. She's
the secret agent Sidney Bristow and will help Harm for a couple of days
investigating on an officer suspected to be a spy. In this moment she's on a
treadmill. Sarah has to admit she's really fit and muscular: she's sure even
Harm has already noticed this... What does he thinks of her?

Sidney pauses for a moment her training and stretches her legs. She notices
that another woman is entered in the little gym and is working on her biceps:
she only knows her name, Sarah, having seen her talking with Harmon Rabb.
They seem to be close friends... Now that Sarah is not in uniform Sidney can
admire her gorgeous body, expecially her generous boobs.

Then, at the same time, both women decide to lie on the only bench for weight
lifting present in the gym.

"I'll stay for just 5 minutes," tells Sidney, "then I've got important things
to do."

"Me, too. I have important things to do. I'm not here on vacation!" replies
Sarah irritated by the tone of the secret agent.

"Do you really need to train your chest? Aren't those two big enough?" says
Sidney with a mocking tone.

Sarah can't tolerate such unrespectful behaviour from a guest and without
warning pinches Ms. Bristow's left tit. -Are you envious?" asks Sarah burying
her nails through the young agent's shirt. Another woman would have cried in
pain, but Sidney just grits her teeth and claws one of Sarah's fat breasts
with her right hand and her neck with the left.

"Hands off!" hisses Sidney Bristow.

"You first!" replies Sarah McKenzie.

"As you prefer!" yells Sydney using both hands to rip completely Sarah's
gym shirt. The official instinctively covers her mammaries, and once Ms.
Bristow's tit is free again the secret agent makes a step back and lifts a
leg to kick Sarah's face and make her fall on the weight lifting's bench.
"Are you happy now?" asks Sidney.

"Only when I see you plead for mercy!" answers Sarah standing up and running
like a bull against Sidney's waist. And like a good toreador, agent Bristow
dodges at the last second and puts one of her long legs on McKenzie's way.
But Sidney doesn't let her fall on the floor, being able to grab on the fly
her gym shorts, to rip away even them.

"This is not fair!" complains Sarah from her position on all fours. "Is this
your only way to beat another woman: trying to distract her by stripping her

This criticism, not completely wrong, hurts Ms. Bristow's pride, who takes
off her own shirt and shorts, remaining, as Sarah, only with a pair of white
silk panties. "Ok, my dear lawyer, the deal is this: when one of us decides
to give up, she'll take off her own panties."

Without answering, and with a battle roar, Sarah jumps again on Sidney, who
this time crouches down and braces the attacker's legs, lifts her up and
makes her beat the head on the ceiling; then she slams her face down on the
floor and start spanking her right ass cheek with full force, printing the
shape of her hand on Sarah's bottom.

"Stop, please!" screams the overpowered official.

"You know what you have to do!" reminds her the secret agent going on
splatting her sensitive skin.

"Ok, ok, I'll do it, let me go!"

Immediately Sidney stands up, crossing her arms, waiting. Slowly, Sarah
stands too, and keeping an angry gaze on Sidney strips of her panties and
trows'em to the agent. "You've won, for now, but this will cause you a lot
of..." she can't close her sentence because Sidney slaps violently her face,
grabs her hair and force her to kneel in front of her.

"You're really good at using your tongue. Let's try it on my pussy: lick it,

Part 2: Vampire Hunters Don't Like Dark Angels

Buffy Summers has used all her stalking abilities to enter in the house at
night through an open window. She's been told this is the place where lives
Max Guevara, a girl suspected by Willow to be a vampire. Willow has already
tried to capture her, but is ended in the hospital after the dark angel has
broken her ass with a baseball bat. Buffy is there even to revenge her

Max is in her bed with only her panties on, just woken up after a nightmare
where she dreamt to be raped by a gang of mutant boys with big mutant cocks.
She notices her panties are completely wet and stands up to change them. Then
she just puts on her leather jacket and goes in the kitchen to drink some
juice. It's there that she is attacked by a blonde girl with a stake in her

Buffy catches Max by her right wrist trying to immobilize her and plant the
stake between her tits, but the half naked girl uses her free hand to hit the
hunter and make her loose grip of the stake.

"Are you another vampire hunter?" asks the enraged Max, "Don't you stupid
girls understand that vampires don't exist?"

"Maybe you're not a vampire, but you sure deserve a good lesson!"

Max at Buffy's words jumps against the slayer making her beat the head on the
nearest wall. For the hit Buffy loses balance for a second, allowing Max to
strike again directing a knee to her belly and then, as Buffy leans down to
ease the pain, hitting her in the face and making her collapse on the floor.

"Have you still any breath to menace me, silly blonde?"

"Bitch..." mutters Buffy, from her fetal position.

"I'd to use your own stake to finish you off, but I've got a better idea..."

Max opens a near closet and extracts a baseball bat, "This still smells of
your friend's ass, taste it!"

The grinning dark angel scours the tip of the bat on Buffy's lips and then
tries to shove it in her mouth. This is too much for the vampire slayer, who
suddenly catches the bat with both hands taking it off from Max's fingers
and kicks her crotch with her left leg. The strike is not so strong, but
sufficent to take Max by surprise and make her fall on her butt.

The genetically enhanced girl stands up again with incredible speed, ready to
recover the lost advantage. Buffy, aware to be slower, doesn't lose time
trying to get on her feet, but directs instead the bat with full force to the
crow haired girl's ribs. Max tryes to jump back, but the result is that the
impact reaches her naked right tit: hasn't it been attached to her body,
probably the violence of the hit will have sended the precious meat globe
half mile away. Miss Guevara falls on her knees and literally howls for the
pain as a flood of tears escape from her dark eyes.

"It's about time you cover that impudic two!" mocks Buffy watching Max
pressing her hands on the wounded breast. "Now are you ready for a home run?"
asks the slayer with no intention to let her the time to answer.

The strike of the bat reaches Max's neck making her fall limp on the floor.
Then, deciding to humiliate the dark angel, Buffy strips her completely and
carrying her on the shoulders goes out of the apartment and reaches the dark
alley between the building and the city morgue. There, under the only lamp,
Buffy lays Max with her open legs and ties a sign saying "Fuck me!!" over the
head of the passed out girl...

Part 3: The Corpse

At first Veronica Mars thought this was a brilliant idea. Which better way
for enter not seen in the obituary than hide herself in a black plastic sack
in the coroner's van? But now she was not so sure: two times she's been
roughly trown on metal barrows hitting her head and in the sack is so hot
that she has stripped completely shoving her dresses near her feet.

But the worst thing happens when a girl with a white overall unzip the sack
and says, "Veronica, you can put on your dress and come back home: the corpse
you are searching for is not here anymore." (She has saved his life just one
hour before).

Too surprised to care about her naked body Veronica come out of the sack and
asks, "Who are you? How do you know my name? How do you know I was hidden

"A lot of questions, girl! I'm Tru Davies and I know you because all this is
already happened yesterday...Oops! What am I saying?!" asks Tru to herself,
"I can't reveal my gift to this silly girl!"

"Happened yesterday? Are you mocking me?"

"Ooh, shit, I've got some work to do, my dear. Dress up and go away or I'll
spank your bare ass!"

"Just try to do it bitch and I'll..."

As Tru hears the word bitch directed to herself instinctively tries to slap
Veronica's face, but she stops her hand, ready to fight.

So Miss Davies uses the other hand and grabs a handful of Miss Mars' hair,
pulling to "convince" the younger woman to stay far from her. But Veronica
resists the pain and shots a punch to Tru's chin. Surprisingly the hit girl
doesn't scream in pain as Veronica has expected. "Was that a punch?" asks
Tru, "Deal with this!"

Tru directs her right fist to the naked girl's right eye. The impact sends
the young investigator again onto the barrow from which she stood up 30
seconds before. In a flash Tru is on her and shoves two fingers in her dry
pussy, paying attention to scratch for good with her nails the inner flesh
of Veronica's vagina. "Not a good idea to fight naked!" comments Tru with a
sadistic smile as the victim cries in pain.

She then uses her free hand like a hammer on Ms. Mars' young tits.

"Aah! no! please, stop, stop!" is the only thing the poor Veronica say,
unable to counter attack from her position.

"Do you really give up?" asks Tru grabbing her throat.


"Have you learnt to not deal with bigger women?"

"Y-yes, y-ou are stronger..."

"Ok, so do this for me: knock you out by yourself!"


Tru nods her head with a cruel smile and takes a bottle of ether from a
shelf. "Breath this!" she commands, opening the bottle.

"You are crazy!" protests Veronica.

"Do it!"


"Tsz, you're boring, silly slut!" Tru says pouring all the content of the
bottle on Veronica's face, making her fall asleep within seconds. Then,
she writes "fuck me!" on a piece of cardboard and goes in the alley behind
the morgue carrying Veronica Mars on her shoulders. But there she finds a
surprise: there is another girl doing the same thing she has in mind to
another naked passed out chick...

Part 4: The Final Showdaown

"Faith!" says Buffy as she sees Tru, "what are you doing with that naked
girl and dressed like that?"

"What are you saying, who is Faith?" asks Tru in return, "But first of all,
what are you doing here?"

"Faith, you can't lie to me! Don't tell me you've become bad again."

"Listen, child, don't bother me, it's been a difficult day," cutting the
conversation short Tru puts down Veronica's body, "I'm going now."

"You don't go anywhere, Faith!"

Tru makes a step towards Buffy menacing with her finger, "Call me Faith
another time and..."

"Hey, you two!" yells a third voice.

It's Sidney Bristow, that after her "discussion" with Sarah McKenzie, two
days ago, has started investigating on some genetically enhanced people, part
of a secret project gone wrong: the clues has lead her to Max Guevara's
apartment, and from there in this alley...

"I'm searching for Max Guevara, do you know her?"

Buffy points a finger on the girl lying at her feet, "I'm sorry, but she
can't be much useful at the moment."

"What have you done to her?"

"None of your business, my dear," is the ready answer of Buffy.

"Infact," adds Tru, "we have some disagreements to resolve between us and
your presence is not required."

"I think someone is searching for trouble here..." comments Sidney putting
her hands on her hips.

"Yes, and it's you!" says Buffy, annoyed by the arrogant tone of the

"And you!" remembers Tru to the slayer.

"Well, Faith, it's better if we think about this slut first..." suggests
Buffy pointing at Sidney, not too sure she can beat alone the tall and fitted
new girl.

"Who is the slut?" asks a really angry agent Bristow.

"What have I told you about calling me Faith!?" Tru is even more angry with
Buffy, who at this point decides to attack her first, aiming at the nearer
and probably weaker girl: Tru. She approaches her and hits Tru's crotch with
her right knee, making her bent in two. Buffy is now ready to greet her with
a violent punch her face contorted for the pain when happens something
unespected: she feels her blonde hair being grabbed in a strong hold and sees
a hand doing the same with Tru's scalp. It's Sydney, who has sneaked near the
shorter girls and is now holding their heads with the intention to make'em
collide, and she does!

The impact is violent and the sound of the craniums echoes in the alley.
The next sound is the "thump" of Buffy's and Tru's bodies falling limp on
the ground.

"Already?" asks Sydney to the knocked out girls, "I'm too strong, I know..."
she adds with a smile, pinching one of her own nipples, as usual erected for
the excitement of the fight, "but I want to be sure you'll be submissive next
time you see me."

After she said that, she opens a bag she's carried with her extracting a set
of special dildoes used by special agents to sexually torture uncollaborative
witnesses. With fast and professional movements Sydney exposes the private
holes of her beaten foes, then uses her only pair of cuffs to block the
wrists of Buffy, the one clearly more trained in fight. Only when Sydney
violates with two buzzing dildoes Buffy's pussy and ass the vampire slayer
wakes up with an expression of pain and surprise, surprise that really soon
become pleasure.

"Oh, fuck... yess!" moans the blonde girl as a line of drool escapes from her
parted lips.

"Cheap whore!" comments Sydney "And now it's your turn, morgue girl," warns
the agent, with her cheeks and her cleavage red for the excitement.

Tru is slowly awakening, "Ok... you've won..." she murmurs weakly.

"Of course I have, bitch! Now do as I say or I'll tear away all your hair
with my bare hands! Get on all fours!"

Tru, still confused, obeys to Sydney's order.

"Nice ass, my dear.. but hey, your donut hole is not virgin!" Ms Bristow is
surprised but doesn't suspect nothing, and goes on with her goal, shoving the
first dildo in Tru's asshole.

And then what happens is a thing that even a trained agent like Sydney is
not able to do. Tru with a perfect control of her sphincter shoots away the
anal intruder, that rotating like a thrown knife ends between Sydney's teeth.

"Uhgllp!" protests Sydney, which surprise lasts long enough to give Tru the
time to strike. With her regained forces the girl kicks Sydney in the face
shoving completely the dildo in her mouth.

"I hope you've been trained in deep throating, slut!"

Sydney Bristow, ten seconds ago in complete domination, is now in complete
panic, with her hands around her neck, unable to extract the dildo from her
mouth and desperately trying to breath.

"Ugh, ach, hlp!" are the only sounds that come out of her aching throat, as
Tru starts treating the agent as she's done with Buffy. She rips away her
clothes, ties her hands behind her back with a bra and fills her intimate
holes with fuzzing dildoes.

Satisfied and horny for her victory, Tru masturbates watching the humiliated
girls at her feet.


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