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WARNING : The following story contains descriptions of sexual activities
and graphic language. This is meant for people over the age of 18.

The Secret World of Alex Mack

Chapter 2 : Ray & Alex (F/M)
by the Night Rider

"Hi mom" Alex said, bounding down the stairs with Annie in tow.
"Hi girls. How was your day?" asked Barbara Mack. She had just gotten
home from a long day at the office, and was super tired.
"Ok. I'm going to go over to Ray's house, alright?" Alex inquired.
"Sure honey. Be back by six for dinner" Barbara answered.
"Ok" Alex responded, and then grabbed her jacket and walked out the
front door.
As Alex walked to Ray's house, she thought about what had just
happened with her sister Annie. All of it seemed so sudden that she hadn't
gotten over all of it. Alex found herself rubbing her crotch several times
on the walk to Ray's. Alex thought about what she and any could possibly
do tonight, given the chance. A slight smile crossed her face as she
walked up to Ray's door and rang the bell. The door opened and Ray's mom,
Mrs. Alvarado came out.
"Hi Alex. Ray's upstairs. You can go on up" she said.
"Thanks Mrs. Alvardo" Alex replied and headed up the stairs.
Alex climbed up the stairs and turned down the hallway towards Ray's
room. The door was closed, but Alex just knocked on it lightly and went
inside. What she saw inside, surprised and scared the hell out of her
Ray was lying on the floor naked, save a towel wrapped around his
waist with a cut on his head. Alex immediately rushed over and checked to
see if her friend was alright. He started mumbling when she reached him.
"Oh geez Ray are you ok? Do you want me to call for help or
anything?" asked Alex
"No, no I'm ok . . . I just hit my head" Ray answered meakly
Alex helped Ray get to his feet, but when he did, Ray's towel fell
off. Ray didn't immediately grab for it, since he was still holding his
head to try and stop the blood coming from his wound. Since Alex was
standing in front of him, she admired what she saw. Ray finally saw that
he had lost his towel and reached down and wrapped it back around his
"I guess you have seen every part of me now" Ray joked
"Yeah" Alex replied
Secretly Alex thought about what she had just seen. After having had
sex with her sister only an hour or so ago, 'why not go at it with Ray?'
she asked herself.
"Can you turn your head or something so I can get some clothes on,
Alex?" Ray asked
"Huh, oh yeah, sure" Alex said and turned around, her back facing
Ray, but she had other plans.
As Ray turned around and dropped his towel, Alex slowly turned back
around and made a bold decision. She went over to Ray and turned his head
towards her and kissed him full on the mouth, sending her toungue into
Ray's mouth. Ray was rather stunned, but immediately drank up her kiss,
sending his toungue probing into her mouth. When they broke, Alex pulled
her t-shirt over her head.
"I've never done this before Alex." Ray said
"Neither have I. Seems that good friends should learn important stuff
like this together. Right?" Alex replied
"Who am I to argue with the girl with superpowers" Ray laughingly
Ray reached back and undid the clasp of Alex's bra, letting it fall
to the floor. Alex then reached back and undid the buttons on her skirt.
Alex then reached down and pulled off her shoes and the slipped her
panties down, revealing her beautiful pussy. Ray, being in a little stupid
when it came to girls, knelt down and slowly traced the outlines of Alex's
pussy. A small gasp escaped Alex, and Ray knew that he had the right idea.
Ray started to lick the outer lips of Alex's cunt. Alex leaned back
against a wall so that she wouldn't fall over and knock her head against
the furniture like Ray had earlier.
Ray continued to lick at the lips of Alex's cunt, and Alex placed her
hands on top of Ray's head, to get a better sense of balance. Ray slowly
moved his toungue inside Alex's pussy, eliciting a moan of plessure from
Alex. Ray spend up his licking of the soft insides of Alex's pussy, making
Alex start to buck her hips a bit and started groaning softly. Ray's
toungue activities also started to make Alex glow a bit. Ray noticed it
and took it as a sign that he was on the right tack. Soon, Ray's efforts
brought Alex to a crashing orgasm, with cum streaming out of Alex's sweet
snatch, most of which Ray gobbled up, tasting the salty/sweet taste of it.
The side effect of it though, saw Alex literally glowing with pleasure
after Ray had eaten her out.
"Ray that was great" Alex said "Now it's your turn"
Alex and Ray moved over to Ray's bed, where Ray sat at the edge of
it, with Alex on her knees on the floor. Alex slowly took Ray's cock in
her hands, and it soon become fully erect. Alex gasped at Ray's seven inch
cock, mainly because it was the first real time she had seen a guys dick.
Alex slowly took Ray's dick into her mouth, slowly licking the head. Alex
continued, wrapping her toungue around Ray's cock. Ray groaned softly at
the pleasure being brought by Alex. It was his first real sexual
experience with a girl, and it was great as far as he was concerned. Alex
continued rolling Ray's dick around in her mouth, and then started bobbing
her head up and down, throating Ray's seven inches, giving him the best
blow job of his life. Ray's groans became louder, and Alex sped up her
pace. Soon Ray shot his load into Alex's mouth, but Alex managed to
swallow almost every drop of the salty/sweet cum. All that was left was a
little bit dribbling at the corner of her mouth, but a quick lick with her
toungue fixed that. Ray layed back recovering from the most memorable
experience of his life, so far.
When Ray recovered, Alex said "I want you to fuck me Ray. I want to
you to be my first."
"Give me a few minutes to recover first. Like you said, good friends
should learn important stuff together." Ray replied
After a few minutes, Ray's cock was as hard as ever and Alex got on
all fours down on the bed, spreading her legs wide so that Ray could
easily access her glorious pussy. Ray came up behind her and slowly eased
his cock into Alex's pussy. Alex moaned softly at the new sensation. Ray
slowly pulled out and pushed back in again, this time though, he came up
against Alex's hymen.
"Go ahead and break it Ray. I've got to break it sometime. It'll
probably hurt, but what we do after that should block out the pain." Alex
Ray pulled back again and rammed into Alex's cunt, breaking her hymen
with just a quick popping noise. Alex gasped, but was alright. Ray again
pulled back and slowly started pumping his dick into Alex's pussy. Alex
began moaning, holding onto the sides of the bed for support. Ray
gradually picked up his pace and continued to ream Alex's tight cunt. Soon
Alex's moans turned to groans of pleasure as she began to glow slightly.
Ray knew that Alex was about to cum, so he picked up his pace even more,
slamming harder into Alex, youthful force behind each blow. Alex's groans
got louder and soon she started bucking her hips back against Ray's cock.
Alex's glowing intensififed and Alex could feel a crashing orgasm about to
"I'm gonna cum, Ray. Harder . . . fuck me harder" Aex whispered
between panting breaths.
Ray's pace picked up even more and Alex's orgasm hit. Wave after wave
of pleasure raced across her body. As Alex flopped down on the bed, Ray
pulled his cock out and started to jack himself off. Ray too soon came and
shot his load across her breasts. They lay there for awhile, since neither
had the strength enough to get up. When they did, Ray was the first to
crawl over and lick clean Alex's breasts. Alex leaned over and gave Ray a
soft kiss and both of them got up and crawled over to pull their clothes
on. Just as Alex was pulled her bra back on, Ray said "I hope this doesn't
hurt our friendship or anything Alex. I still like you as a friend".
"Don't worry Ray" Alex said as she pulled her t-shirt back on "This
just brought us a whole lot closer to each other. I'll see you tomorrow in
morning before school right?"
"As always" Ray answered
"Great" Alex said, picking up her jacket "See you tomorrow morning"


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